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Researchers should note that Military Service Records for members of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada are held at the Library and Archives Canada.

Lists of Honorary Officers, Commanding Officers, Medical Officers, Bandmasters and Bugle Majors, and Regimental Sergeant Majors, and some Adjutants, can be found on the Appointments page.

Individual Profiles can be found below.
Active service and special appointments indicated in (parenthesis).
† indicates killed in action or died of wounds or disease while on duty.



  1. Adamson, Russell K. (WWII) †
  2. Alderson, Christopher (Fenian Raids 1866) †
  3. Alexander, Gordon R. (WWI, WWII, RSM) †
  4. Alexander, Percy Norman (WWI, Battalion Commanding Officer)
  5. Allan, William Donald (WWI, Commanding Officer 3rd Bn CEF) †
  6. Atkins, G. Frank (Sergeant Major)
  7. Andrunyk, Stephen F. (Reg Force)
  8. Auld, James Alexander Charles


  1. Baird, Charles Hamilton (Northwest Rebellion)
  2. Bamlett, Bruce
  3. Banerjee, Sandi (Afghanistan, Commanding Officer)
  4. Barker, Rybert Kent (South Africa, WWI)
  5. Barnard, William J. (Commanding Officer)
  6. Barnard, William Thomas (WWI, Second World War, Commanding Officer)
  7. Barnes, Jack (WWII, RSM)
  8. Bayley, John (Bandmaster)
  9. Beattie, Albert (South African War) †
  10. Behan, Felton Pickering (WWI)
  11. Bell, A. W. (Sergeant Major)
  12. Belzile, Charles (Reg Force)
  13. Berry, Walter Wimble (WWI – Australian Imperial Force)
  14. Bettridge, William George (WWII)
  15. Biggs, Stanley (WWII)
  16. Blake-Forster, Alfred. B. (WWI, Regimental Sergeant Major)
  17. Blanchard, George Percy (WWI, RSM)
  18. Brand, Steve (UN Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Commanding Officer)
  19. Brinkworth, G. A. (RSM 2nd (Reserve) Bn WWII)
  20. Brittain, A. E. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  21. Brown, Lester (WWII)
  22. Bruce, W. Roy E. (Bugle Major, Reg Force, 1st Bn)
  23. Bryce, George (Fenian Raids 1866)
  24. Budden, Brian W. (RSM)
  25. Burroughs, Thomas Frederick (WWII, RSM 3rd Bn)
  26. Butler, E. A. (Sergeant Major)
  27. Byatt, John Sydney  (RSM, Bugle Major)


  1. Caldwell, Brendan (Honorary Colonel)
  2. Cameron, Donald (WWI, RSM, 83rd Bn)
  3. Cassels, Richard Scourgall (Northwest Rebellion)
  4. Chadbolt, Donald David (WWI) †
  5. Chambers, John James (WWII) †
  6. Chan, Robert (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  7. Clark, Ernest (WWI) †
  8. Cockburn, George Angus (WWI) †
  9. Cooper, Charles Edwin (WWI, RSM, 3rd Bn) †
  10. Cooper, Henry Sloane (WWI)
  11. Cosens, Aubrey (WWII, Victoria Cross) †
  12. Cowling, Richard L. (Honorary Lieutenant Colonel)
  13. Crean, John Francis Matthew (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  14. Creighton, George (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  15. Crighton, Maurice (WWI, son RSM G Creighton)†
  16. Crowther, William Beverly (WWI) †
  17. Cunningham, Patrick (Regimental Sergeant Major, Fenian Raids, North West Rebellion)
  18. Curry, Walter Eyre (WWI) †


  1. Dalton, Charles Osborne (WWII)
  2. Dampier, John Lawrence (WWII)
  3. Danson, Barnett J. (WWII)
  4. Davies, John Henry (Northwest Rebellion)
  5. Defries, Mark B. (Fenian Raids 1866) †
  6. Delamere, Joseph Martin (Fenian Raids, Northwest Rebellion, Commanding Officer)
  7. Delamere, Thomas Dawson (Fenian Raids)
  8. Deroche, Hammel Madden (Fenian Raids)
  9. Demmy, William (WWII, Regimental Sergeant Major 2nd Battalion, Depot, Regular Force)
  10. Deuce Horn (Mascot of the 2nd Battalion, Regular Force)
  11. Dickson, James (WWII, Bugler)
  12. Dunkelman, Benjamin (WWII)
  13. Dunlop, Edward Arunah (WWII, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel)
  14. Durie, William Smith (First Commanding Officer)


  1. Eakins, George (WWI, Regimental Sergeant Major)
  2. Elliot, Henry C. F.  (WWII, Reg Force, Commanding Officer)
  3. English, John A. (Reg Force)
  4. Ethell, Donald S. (Reg Force, Croatia, Bosnia)


  1. Fahey, William (Fenian Raids)
  2. Fidge, Jack Milton (WWII) †
  3. Figa, Joshua L. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  4. Firlotte, Robert Bruce (Regular Force)
  5. Forin, John Andrew (Northwest Rebellion)
  6. Forin, Peter McLaren (Northwest Rebellion)
  7. Forwood, Thomas Watt (WWI)
  8. Foster, George M. (WWII, RSM)
  9. Fotheringham, John M. (Commanding Officer)
  10. Fotheringham, John Taylor (WWI)
  11. Fowler, William Stanley (Regular Force)
  12. Fox, Harry, MBE (WWII, RSM)


  1. George, Harold Wayne (Regular Force) †
  2. George, Hugh M (Sergeant Major)
  3. Gibson, John Morison (Fenian Raids with 13th Battalion)
  4. Gibson, Ralph B. (WWI, WWII, Battalion Commanding Officer)
  5. Gillmor, Charles Todd (Fenian Raids, Commanding Officer)
  6. Good, Harry Cyril (WWI, RSM)
  7. Gordon, James Neil (WWII, Commanding Officer, Honorary Colonel)
  8. Grant, Edward Leslie Nicholas (WWII) †
  9. Green, Herbert James (WWI)†
  10. Greet, William Henry (Died in England after 1910 Bisley Meet)
  11. Griffith, W. J. (RSM 2nd (Res) Bn WWII)


  1. Hadley, Jack (WWII)
  2. Haider, Leslie Frank (WWI) †
  3. Halliwell, John Earl (Northwest Rebellion)
  4. Hamilton, Robert Baldwin (Commanding Officer)
  5. Hampton, C. J. (WWII, RSM 1st Bn, Reg Force)
  6. Hampton, Percy Reginald (WWI – Royal Flying Corps, Commanding Officer, WWII)
  7. Harris, Freddy (WWII) †
  8. Hartnell, Edwin Wesley (WWII, RSM)
  9. Hearn, John Henry (WWII, Reg Force)
  10. Herman, Arthur C. (WWI) †
  11. Hester, Doug (WWII, Bugler)
  12. Hewgill, Percy William (Acting Sergeant Major, Northwest Rebellion)
  13. Hewitt, W. H. (Sergeant Major)
  14. Hicks, Lawrence (Larry) George (Adjutant)
  15. Hoare, Perry James (Reg Force, Cyprus) †
  16. Hodge, Megan (Director of Music)
  17. Holland, Michael L. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  18. Holmes, Walter (Honorary Colonel)
  19. Hopkins, Ernest Eames (WWI) †
  20. Houston, Arthur Stewart (WWI)
  21. Hughes, Paul F. (Honorary Colonel)


  1. Ingles, George Leycester (WWI) †


  1. Jackson, Rolph (WWII)
  2. Johnson, Stanley Frederick (WWI) †
  3. Johnston, Baptist Leonard (WWI, POW, Battalion Commanding Officer, Colonel of the Regiment)


  1. Kelly, Shaun (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  2. Kennedy, John D. (First World War, Regimental Sergeant Major)
  3. Kennedy, Warring G. (Sergeant Major)
  4. Kenny, Emily M. (Bugle Major)
  5. Kerr, George Fraser (First World War, Victoria Cross)
  6. Kirby, Christopher de Lavelle (Reg Force)
  7. Kirkpatrick, Arthur James Ernest (First World War, POW, Commanding Officer)
  8. Klacza, John (Second World War) †
  9. Knight, Francis William (


  1. Lakey, Francis (Fenian Raids 1866) †
  2. Langmuir, John William (First World War – CEF & RFC, Commanding Officer)
  3. Le Vesconte, Robert Cleugh (First World War – 166th Bn CEF, Acting Commanding Officer)
  4. Lewis, Allen Lewis (First World War)
  5. Lewis, Samuel (First World War)†
  6. Lindsey, Charles Bethune (First World War, Second World War)
  7. Lithgow, Charles H. (Reg Force, Commanding Officer)
  8. Luscombe, Nicholas John (Second World War) †
  9. Lutton, John (198th Bn)
  10. Lyne-Evans, Josiah (First World War 3rd Bn CEF)


  1. MacDonald, Alexander Edward (First World War, Medical Officer 3rd Bn and QOR)
  2. Macdonald, Hugh John (Fenian Raids, Red River Rebellion, Northwest Rebellion)
  3. Macdonald, William Campbell (Northwest Rebellion)
  4. Macdonell, Ian McLean (First World War, Commanding Officer)
  5. MacDowell, Thain Wendell (First World War, Victoria Cross)
  6. MacKendrick, Harry C. (First World War, Second World War, Commanding Officer, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel.
  7. MacKenzie, Lewis (Reg Force, UN, Bosnia)
  8. MacKintosh, Walter Hugh Victor (First World War, RSM)
  9. Maloney, John B. (1867 third Sergeant Major)
  10. Marsaw, Thorold “Boom” (Korea, Commanding Officer)
  11. Martin, Charles Cromwell (Second World War)
  12. Martin, John “Jack” (Second World War)
  13. Martin, Paul (RSM)
  14. Mason, Douglas Herbert Campbell (First World War)
  15. Massey, Vincent (First World War)
  16. May, William H (First World War)†
  17. Matheson, Hugh (Fenian Raids) †
  18. McCabe, Harry (RSM)
  19. McCabe, Howard (Reg Force, UN)
  20. McCallum, Russell George (Second World War) †
  21. McClain, John West (Second World War, Commanding Officer)
  22. McClelland, Thomas James (Fenian Raids)
  23. McCrae, John (South African War, First World War) †
  24. McEachren, Malcolm (Fenian Raids) †
  25. McIver, Murdock Glenn (Second World War, Commanding Officer)
  26. McKay, Elmer Garfield (First World War)
  27. McKell, Samuel Corrigan (Northwest Rebellion, Sergeant Major)
  28. McKenzie, Malcolm (Fenian Raids) †
  29. McKinlay, Archibald Reid (Fenian Raids)
  30. McLeod, K. H. (RSM 1st Bn Reg Force)
  31. Meagher, Joseph (Second World War)
  32. Medland, Frederick Ross (First World War) †
  33. Medland, Richard Dillon (Second World War, Korea)
  34. Mercer, Malcolm Smith (Northwest Rebellion, First World War, Commanding Officer) †
  35. Mewburn, John Harriman (Fenian Raids) †
  36. Michell, William Charles (First World War, Battalion Commanding Officer)
  37. Miller, Albert A. (Northwest Rebellion, Commanding Officer)
  38. Mitchell, William George (First World War, Commanding Officer 166th Battalion)
  39. Moore, James Patrick (Second World War, RSM 3rd Bn)
  40. Moore, Robert Edward Elgin (First World War, Master Tailor)
  41. Morris, Stanley E. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  42. Morrison, Joseph (Reg Force, Germany)
  43. Morrow, George Graham (Second World War – RCAF)
  44. Muir, Alexander (Fenian Raids)
  45. Mulrooney, Frank P. J. (Commanding Officer)
  46. Muntz, Herbert Gerard (First World War) †


  1. Naylor, G. A. (Second World War, RSM 2nd Bn, Reg Force)
  2. Needler, George Henry (Northwest Rebellion)
  3. Nickson, Orson Allen (Second World War)
  4. Nobbs, Henry Gilbert (First World War, POW)
  5. Nolan, David (First World War, 3rd Bn CEF, RSM)


  1. O’Halloran, Donovan (Bosnia, RSM)
  2. Oliphant, Alexander M. (Piper Major, Fenian Raids)
  3. Oronhyatekha (aka Dr. Peter Martin)
  4. Otter, William Dillon (Fenian Raids, Northwest Rebellion, South African War, First World War, Permanent Force, Commanding Officer)


  1. Pangman,  George Francis Case (Second World War)
  2. Parson, Gordon Walter (Second World War) †
  3. Parsons, Harold Stuart (First World War – 58th Bn & RFC, Battalion Commanding Officer)
  4. Patterson, Scott F. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  5. Pellatt, Henry Mill (Commanding Officer)
  6. Pellatt, Reginald (WWI, Commanding Officer)
  7. Peuchen, Arthur Godfrey (Battalion Commanding Officer)
  8. Pirie, James Henry (Northwest Rebellion)
  9. Pitts, Herbert C. (Korea, Reg Force, Commanding Officer)
  10. Pope, Nicholas Ernest (Reg Force)
  11. Porter, W.A. (Sergeant Major)
  12. Power, John J.J. (Commanding Officer)
  13. Pridham, Lawrence Ducharme (WWI, 166th Bn & 4CMR) † [includes several letters]
  14. Pryer, Donald A. (Commanding Officer, HLCol, HCol
  15. Purvis, William James (WWI, RSM)


  1. Ragen, Amos (WWII) †
  2. Ramsay, William (Sergeant Major)
  3. Redway, Edgar Henry (South African War)
  4. Reeves, Albert Robert  (WWI, 166th Bn CEF, RSM)
  5. Rennie, Robert (WWI, QOR & 3rd Battalion Commanding Officer)
  6. Roberts, Frederick Sleight, 1st Earl Roberts (South Africa, Honorary Colonel)
  7. Robinson, Neville Arthur (Robbie) (Reg Force, WWII and Korea, Commanding Officer)
  8. Royce, George Cooper (WWI, 255 Battalion Commanding Officer)
  9. Rogers, Joseph Bartlett (WWI, 3rd Battalion Commanding Officer)
  10. Rooney, William John (Battalion Commanding Officer)
  11. Ross, Donald Colin (Northwest Rebellion)
  12. Rowbotham, H. C. (Rusty) (Reg Force, 1st Bn, RSM)
  13. Rutherford, Charles Smith (WWI, Victoria Cross, WWII)
  14. Ryerson, George Ansel Sterling (Fenian Raids 1870, Northwest Rebellion, South African War, WWI)


  1. Sampson, Gordon Alexander (First World War)
  2. Sankey, Villiers
  3. Sarossy, Andrew L. (Bosnia, Afghanistan, Regimental Sergeant Major)
  4. Scrutton, Edward (WWI, Regimental Sergeant Major, 95th Bn CEF)
  5. Scrutton, Samuel Thomas (WWII)
  6. Serjent, Henry  (WWI, Regimental Sergeant Major, 255th Bn CEF)
  7. Shannon, Mark (Bosnia, Afghanistan, Regimental Sergeant Major)
  8. Sharpe, John (Reg Force, Cyprus, Ghana)
  9. Simpson, John Montgomery (Second World War) †
  10. Simundson, Erik R. C. (Regimental Sergeant Major, Deputy Commanding Officer)
  11. Smith, Harry Eden (First World War)
  12. Smith, James F. (1866, third Sergeant Major)
  13. Smith, James Herbert “Herb” (First World War)
  14. Smith, William (Second World War)
  15. Smith, William D. (Fenian Raids 1866) †
  16. Spragge, John Godery (Second World War, Commanding Officer 1st Battalion (Active Service) on D-Day)
  17. St. Denis, Peter M.R. (Afghanistan, Commanding Officer)
  18. Steffler, James Harold (WWII) †
  19. Stevenson, Lawrence N. (Reg Force, Honorary Colonel)
  20. Strange, Frederick William (Medical Officer, Permanent Force, Northwest Rebellion)
  21. Strathy, Colin Morris Ardagh (WWI)
  22. Strathy, James Gowan Kirkpatrick (WWII, Colonel of the Regiment)
  23. Swift, Charles (Fenian Raids, North West Canada, Bugle Major)


  1. Taylor, Robert (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  2. Tempest, William Fairbanks (Fenian Raids) †
  3. Thompson, Joseph Boyce
  4. Thorburn, James (Fenian Raids, Surgeon)
  5. Thorn, J. O. (Sergeant Major)
  6. Thorn, John Reginald †
  7. Turnbull, Norman John (WWII)
  8. Turquant, Aubrey de Vere Arnold (WWI) †


  1. Van der Smissen, William Henry (Fenian Raids)
  2. Van der Smissen, William Victor Henry, son of Van der Smissen, W. H. (First World War) †


  1. Wansbrough, Cuthbert Cole (First World War, Battalion Commanding Officer)
  2. Welsh, Anthony R. (Commanding Officer
  3. Wickens, Herbert Gourlay (First World War) †
  4. Williams, Douglas F. (South African War, First World War)
  5. Williams, Frederick (First World War, 3rd Bn CEF, RSM)
  6. Wilmot, John S. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
  7. Wood, Frank Herbert (First World War, POW, Battalion Commanding Officer)
  8. Wright, Charles “Silas” Seymour (First World War)


  1. Young, George Sherwood (Second World War) †

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"