Smith, William

Sergeant William Smith MM landed with “A” Company on Juno Beach, Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

He was awarded the Military Medal for his actions that day and the recommendation is provided below”

“A Company was an assault company during the landing at Bernieres-sur-mer on June 6, 1944. No. 9 Platoon was detailed to knock out a supposed machine gun post on the right of the company landing. Shortly after the platoon was committed to this action, Sgt Smith’s platoon commander became a casualty and was knocked out of the fight and the platoon suffered severe casualties.

Being pinned down by heavy mortar and machine gun fire, Sgt Smith although himself wounded, show great leadership and ability by laying down return fire and rendering what turned out to be a strongly held position ineffective against the landing of other troops on the beaches. He organized his platoon until its fire effectively neutralized the fire of the enemy position. Had he not done so it would have been impossible to land the next company on the peach as this point.

When his platoon was finally relieved he led it back to the company rendezvous and stayed in action until ordered by his company commander to report for medical treatment. His actions throughout were inspirations to all ranks.”

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