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Battle Honours

Battle Honours - New - 5colours
Battle Honours of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. Because Rifle Regiments don’t carry Regimental Colours, they are displayed on the drums.  © The Crown in Canada

These are the Battle Honours of The Queen’s Own: (The most important engagements, where the fighting was fiercest and the casualties the heaviest, are printed in italics)

NORTH WEST CANADA, 1885. SOUTH AFRICA, 1899-1900. THE FIRST WORLD WAR: Ypres, 1915, ’17; Gravenstal; St. Julien; Festubert 1915; Mount Sorrel; Somme 1916; Pozieres; Flers-Courcelette; Ancre Heights; Arras 1917, ’18; Vimy 1917; Arleux; Scarpe 1917, ’18; Hill 70; Passchendaele; Amiens; Drocurt-Queant; Hindenburg Line; Canal du Nord; Pursuit to Mons; France and Flanders 1915-1918.

THE SECOND WORLD WAR: 1939-1945; Normandy Landing; Le Mesnil-Patry; Caen; Carpiquet; Bourguebus Ridge; Faubourg de Vaucelles; Falaise; Quesnay Wood; The Laison; Bouglogne 1944; Calais 1944; The Scheldt; Breskens Pocket; The Rhineland; Waal Flats; The Hochwald; The Rhine; Emmerich-Hoch Elten; Deventer; North-West Europe 1944-1945.


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  1. 1989- Cpl Demaine was the first member of the regiment to serve in the South Africa region since the Boar War.
    1991- Cpl Demaine and Shannon are sent on the arial delivery course so as to be able to support the air movement tasking.
    1992- Mcpl Frank Demaine and Cpl Mark Shannon were deployed to Peace Keeping Operations Cambodia to work as part of UNTAC.
    1996 Members of the QOR participated in the Marine Corps international parachuting competition in Rhode Island, USA. QOR members consisting of Mcpl Chris Nobrega, Geoff Myers, Cpl Bret Lockhart, Sgt Frank Demaine and two others from 32 Brigade, MWO Jim Fancy (Hatsy Ps) and some dick Major from Intelligence. Our team won Top foreign team out of about 600 jumpers. The stories of our adventures during the competition were legendary and written about in the Rifleman magazine.


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