War Diaries 1945

Thanks to Master Corporal Graham Humphrey for all his hard work at transcribing these diaries and adding photographs and routine orders in the appropriate places!


  • The 6 or 8 digit number following the date is the unit’s grid reference (i.e. map location) at the start of that day.

2 Jan 45 Page 1

Dec 30- Jan 17, 1945

Jan 4 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Fair and cold

0800 Rifle coys sent out recces to look for new positions. Enemy mortars were active during the mornings, particularly on “A” Coy’s sector.

1635 Considerable enemy shelling in OLGA III area from 1635 hrs to 1655 hrs.

1637 “C” Coy report snipers in “K” House area. 3” Mortar was brought to bear, sniping activity ceased.

1800 Contact patrol to contact N Shore R at 764586 from “C” Coy.

1800 Standing patrol to contact “B” Coy to contact “D” Coy, R de Chaud at 742566 every two hours during darkness.

2240 Enemy Mgs in vicinty “K” House MR 771518 were unduly active at 2240 hrs. Enemy MG’s were active during the night.

  • Projected patrols 4-5 Jan Appx 17
  • Patrol report 4-5 Jan Appx 18
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 19

Jan 5 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Fair and cold – slight snowfall.

0500 Mortar fire on “C” Coy area from 65 degrees to 68 degrees left.

1044 Heavy German Arty Piece firing on N Shore Regt [North Shore Regiment] from 84 degrees. German Arty was unusually active on our front all morning. The guns are believed to be of medium calibre.

1730 Enemy MG firing on OLGA III area from a bearing of sixty five degrees.

1800 Standing Patrol from “B” Coy to contact “C” Coy R de Chaud [Régiment de la Chaudière] at 742566 every two hours.

1800 Standing patrol from “C” Coy to contact N Shore Regt at MR 761583 every two hours.

1935 Strange light reflections were seen in the sky by OLGA III approx 8 – 10 miles away bearing 8- degrees. Horse and cart noises were heard during the night by OLGA II. Bn sector was fairly quiet all night except for the usual sporadic MG fire and mortar fire.

  • Projected patrols 5-6 Jan Appx 20
  • Patrol report 5-6 Jan Appx 21
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 22

5 Jan 45 Page 1

5 Jan 45 Page 2

5 Jan 45 Page 3

Jan 6 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Fair and Cold

1125 MG fire on “A” Coy Area from bearing 40 degrees. Enemy mortars were active all morning on “A” and “D” Coy areas.

1800 Standing Patrol from “B” Coy to contact “C” Coy, Regt de Chaudiere at 742566 every two hours.

1800 Standing Patrol from “C” Coy to contact North Shore Regt at 761583 every two hours. At last light “D” Coy sent out patrol to MR 77065676 to establish listening post. “A” Coy sent out patrol to hay stack MR 77065640 to establish a listening post.

  • Projected patrols 6-7 Jan Appx 23
  • Patrol report 6-7 Jan Appx 24
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde appx 25

Jan 7 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Misty and cool with some snow

0325 Between 0325 hrs and 0326 hrs Olga three reported considerable MG fire on their area from 145 degrees and 53 degrees.

0730 “D” Coy’s two patrols returned without encountering any enemy.

0800 “B” Coy started 50% stand to. Considerable enemy mortar fire in the Coy areas throughout the day. R.C.E. Personnel laying mines in “D” Coy area had to quit work until dark as their activities brought down enemy fire. The Coy’s are continuing work on communication and crawl trenches and also improving their dugouts.

1800 Standing Patrol from “B” Coy to contact Regt de Chaudiere every two hours. Standing Patrol to contact North Shore Regt every two hours.”D” Coy standing Patrol to establish listening post in copse SW of DEN HEUVEL. “A” Coy Standing Patrol from “A” Coy to establish listening post at hay stack at MR 766562.

  • Projected Patrol reports 7-8 Jan Appx 26
  • Patrol report 7-8 Jan Appx 27
  • Amendment to 4.2 Mortar trace Appx 28
  • “I” Summary #6 3 Cdn Div Appx 29

7 Jan 45 Page 1

7 Jan 45 Page 2

Jan 8 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Cold and misty, limited visibility.

0700 “D” Coy patrols in, no enemy encountered. The Coys are preparing to move back about 800 yds to the rear of their present position. The present position will be used as outpost and will be occupied at night only. 1600 Harrasing fire brought down on enemy positions in front of “D” Coy. Some fire returned by enemy, most of the shells landing in 17 Platoon area. No Casualties.

1800 Contact patrols from “B” Coy to contact “C” Coy every two hours.

Standing patrols to contact N Shore R and the R de Chaud every two hours.

Standing patrol from “A” Coy to establish listening post at 773564.

Standing patrol from “B” Coy to establish listening post at 77125760.

2300 Remainder of night fairly quiet. Enemy patrols have been fairly active in this sector.

  • Interrogation report Appx 30
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 31
  • Projected patrols 8-9 Jan Appx 32
  • Patrol report 8-9 Jan Appx 33
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 34

Jan 9 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Cloudy and Cold with some snowfall.

0400 Coys all on the move to their new positions along edge of NEDERRIJKSCHE WOOD. New dugouts and trenches are being prepared so there will be enough to keep the men busy for a few days. The men will be able to move around in their new positions, something they couldn’t do before, except at night. Also they will be able to get shaved and cleaned up, a job that was almost impossible in the old positions.

1800 Standing patrols to contact N Shore R and R de Chaud every two hours.

Standing patrol to establish listening post in vicinity 770574 – 770572

2000 Stove pipe in 8 Platoon HQ got overheated and set fire to the straw in the building doing considerable damage to the roof. Strangely enough it failed to bring down any enemy fire.

  • Projected patrols 9-10 Jam Appx 35
  • Patrol report 9-10 Jan Appx 36

9 Jan 45 Page 1

9 Jan 45 Page 2

9 Jan 45 Page 3

Jan 10 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Cloudy and cold with ground mist.

The Coys are still pretty well occupied fixing up their dugouts and making themselves as comfortable as possible. The men are in much better spirits now that they are able to get three meals a day and are able to move about. Plans have been made for approx 35-40 men from the Bn to go to the Bde rest centre in NIJMEGEN every day. Here they get a bath and clean clothes, their meals and see a movie. It’s the little things like this that do so much to help boost the men’s morale.

Enemy activity has increased considerably in the area, mostly in the form of fighting patrols of anywhere from fifteen to thirty-five men in strength.

1800 Standing patrols to contact N Shore R and R de Chaud every two hours.

Recce patrol to 77205638 in preparation for fighting patrol tomorrow night.

2000 “A” Coy puzzled about report of 10 man patrol wandering about in the Bn lines. Patrol turned out to be one from “B Coy which had lost its way.

Considerable enemy MG fire during the night.

  • Projected patrols 10-11 Jan Appx 37
  • Patrol report 10-11 Jan Appx 38
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 39

Jan 11 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Clear and cold

0600 “B” Coy called on “D” Coy to send a “Jeep” up to their area to evacuate two men from “B” Coy and a Jerry prisoner which they had picked up during a scrap with an enemy patrol.

The whole sector here remains fairly quiet during the day, most of the activity being at night when you can move around a little more freely without being seen.

5 Platoon HQ had a little excitement when their hut caught on fire, damaging the wall paper, and burning some of Capt Hogarth’s equipment.

1800 Standing patrols to contact N Shore R and R de Chaud every two hours.

2000 LT Gauthier and 12 OR’s from 14 and 15 platoons started off on their “snatch” patrol to capture a P.W. From vicinity 772563.

“D” Coy had a general stand to when some of the trip flares in their area were set off, but later they believed that possibly these flares had been set off by a rabbit or a cat.

  • Projected patrols 11-12 Jan Appx 40
  • Patrol report 11-12 Jan Appx 41
  • Amendment to patrol , Ser 202 Appx 42

Jan 12 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – clear and Mists

0300 Lt Gauthier’s “Snatch” patrol returned to “C” Coy lines after a brush with an enemy patrol.

1100 Signs of enemy activity on “A” Coy front but nothing developed.

The mild weather today is melting the snow and some of the Coy’s Dugouts are leaking.

The men are still being sent to the brigade rest centre every day and are enjoying their few hours away from the front.

1100 The mortar crew were enjoying themselves by popping bombs at a Jerry who was digging a trench under one of the gliders on our front, needless to say he didn’t get much digging done.

1700 Brigadier J.A. Roberts, DSO , commander of 8 Cdn Inf Bde, visited the Bn area and inspected the mens dugouts and quarters while they were having supper. “C” Coy were wondering if the extra doughnut on the menu was for the Brigadiers visit, or if the cooks had suddenly become soft hearted.

1800 Standing patrols to contact N Shore R and R de Chaud every two hours.

Standing patrol of one officer and 15 OR’s to establish firm base at X-rds 76205606.

2000 Contact maintained every two hours with the Royal Regt of Can.

  • Projected patrols 12-13 Jan Appx 43
  • Patrol report 12-13 Jan Appx 44

Jan 13 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Mild and Clear

0800 13 Platoon of “C” Coy took over from 9 Platoon of “A” Coy to allow them to go to the Bde rest centre in NIJMEGEN.

Front is quiet today, the usual odd bit of mortar and MG fire being the only sounds to buck the stillness.

1800 Standing patrols to contact N Shore R and R de Chaud every two hours.

Standing patrol of one officer and 10 OR’s to establish a firm base at road junction 76205606 and to ascertain enemy dispositions and strength in area.

2130 15 Platoon of “C” Coy had a stand to when two of their trip flares were set off, but nothing happened and remainder of night was quiet.

  • Projected patrols 13-14 Jan Appx 45
  • Patrol report 13-14 Jan Appx 46
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 47

13 Jan 45 Page 1

13 Jan 45 Page 2

Jan 14 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Cold with ground mist

0900 15 Platoon of “C” Coy takes over “A” Coys place wile they go to spend the day in NIJMEGEN.

1400 “A” Coy recce patrol to X-rds at MR 76185606 and from there to house at MR 76205599. There were no signs of occupation.

1800 Standing patrol to contact N Shore R at 742566 every two hours during the hours of darkness.

Standing patrol to contact R de Chaud at 761583 every two hours.

Night was fairly quiet except for spasmodic MG fire.

  • Projected patrols 14-15 Jan Appx 48
  • Interrogation report 3 Cdn Div Appx 49
  • Patrol report 14-15 Jan Appx 50
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 51

Jan 15 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Fair and cold

0700 17 Platoon brought in three German prisoners, two were wounded. One of our A/Tk guns knocked out an enemy MG post at 1400 yds, with six rounds.

1800 Standing patrol to contact R de Chaud at MR 761583,

Enemy mortar fire was unusually active on our front today, however there were no casualties.

  • Projected patrols 15-16 Jan Appx 52
  • Patrol report 15-16 Jan Appx 53

Jan 16 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Mild with Ground Mist

0900 Recce party from S.D.& G. Arrived to recce our positions. They are scheduled to take over from us tomorrow. Coys are preparing for move.

1800 Standing Patrols to contact R de Chaud at MR 761583.

  • Projected patrols 16-17 Jan Appx 54
  • Patrol report 16-17 Jan Appx 55

16 Jan 45 Page 1

16 Jan 45 Page 2

Jan 17 1945 – HUIZE RHATIA 75015657

Reveille – Fair and cold

0900 Enemy activity very quiet during the morning. Bn preparing for move to area KAPEL.

1410 “B” Coy leave for new area after being relieved by S.D.&G’s. Arrived new area at 1510 Hrs.

1500 “D” Coy relieved, and left for new area.

1545 “C” Coy leaves for new area, arrive at 1700 hrs.

1900 “A” Coy arrives new area.

The remainder of the evening was spent cleaning up billets. The K of C [Knights of Columbus] has drawn up an entertainment schedule, so life here should be pleasant. Companies are to start training tomorrow morning.

BHQ situated at MR 736604.

  • Traffic trace, 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 56
  • Projected patrols 17-18 Jan Appx 57
  • “I” Summary No. 62 – 3 Cdn Div Appx 58

Jan 17, 1945

Jan 18 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair and cold

0730 Breakfast

0845 Coy parades, some prepare for bath parades, general clean up. Canteen to be open from 1200 hrs to 1330 hrs and 1730 hrs to 2130 hrs.

1430 Pay parade and beer parade, every one received two bottles of good ale.

1800 Cinema held by K of C in auditorium.

  • Entertainment Schedule Appx 59.

Jan 19 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Cold with ground mist

0845 Coy parades consisting of rifle drill, lectures, P.T., weapon inspections, etc.

1430 Cinema – “Two Girls and a Sailor” in auditorium.

  • Entertainment Appx 60

19 Jan 45 Page 1

19 Jan 45 Page 2

19 Jan 45 Page 3

Jan 20 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair and Cold

0845 Coy parades

1430 “C” Coy marches off to cinema and saw “Shine on Harvest Moon.”

1900 Sergeants Dance held in Officers Mess was quite a success, despite the scarcity of women.

2000 Cinema show held in auditorium by K of C. [Knights of Columbus]

Jan 21 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair and cold

1000 Voluntary Church parade, R.C. Parade at 1100 hrs.

1900 Support Coy and “BnHQ” Mens Dance, held in Winter Gardens, NIJMEGEN.

Cinema Show held in auditorium by K of C – “Murder in Thornton Square.”

21 Jan 45 Page 1

21 Jan 45 Page 2

21 Jan 45 Page 3

Jan 22 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair and cold

0845 Rifle Coys out on route marches.

1200 Officers Mess Dinner – attended by Brigadier J.G. Spragge, LCol S.M. Lett, and Major CO Dalton who introduced the new officers to the mess. Others who attended were LCol T E Sisson, 2 Cdn Corps, LCol Harris, SHAEF, Col Ferquarson, DADOS, LCol J E C Pangman, Essex Scottish, Col McClain, P.A. Army Commander. In all there were 64 Officers present, making it a success.

1900 “C” and “D” Coys Mens Dance held at Akkutanstraat. Beer was served. All vehicles were back by 2315 hours.

QOR Nijmegen-22Jan45 QOR Nijmegen2-22Jan45 QOR Nijmegen 2 Jan 45

22 Jan 45 Page 1

Jan 23 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair and cold

0845 Coys on route marches.

1200 V.D. Pictures. Bn move to R.R.R. Area has been cancelled.

1400 Show by K of C in auditorium from “C” and “D” Coys, “Murder in Thornton Square.”

Jan 24 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair and cold

Training for Coys consisted mainly of arms drill and lectures.

1430 Show by K of C

1700 “Canadian Army Show” in Canada Club.

24 Jan 45 Page 1

24 Jan 45 Page 2

Jan 25 1945 – KAPEL 736604

Reveille – Fair, Somewhat milder.

0900 “A” Coy sent on guard duty at Corps HQ.

1345 Bn moves to area NEBO. Bn situated at MR 72305274. Boys are quite comfortable being billeted in houses. Move was difficult as roads were very slippery.

Jan 25, 1945

Jan 26 1945 – NEBO 72305274

Reveille – Fair and cold

0845 Coys were firing small arms and PIAT’s this morning.

Afternoon consisted of route marches.

1700 One bottle of beer was issued toe very man.

1900 Cinema show by K of C.

Jan 27 1945 – NEBO 72305274

Reveille – Cold and Ground mist.

0845 Coys carry on with usual syllabus.

M.O. Checking Bn for symptoms of diphtheria.

1900 Cinema by K of C.

27 Jan 45 Page 1

27 Jan 45 Page 2

27 Jan 45 Page 3

Jan 28 1945 – NEBO 72305274

Reveille – Cold and ground mist.

0845 Coys beginning “Toughening up” exercises.

Life is pleasant here with a show every night, and canteen operated by K of C. Billets are very good.

Jan 29 1945 – NEBO 72305274

Reveille – Fair and Cold.

0845 Coys carry on with training. Officers recce to new area UBBERGEN.

1200 Bn packing up preparing for new move.

1900 Show held by K of C.

29 Jan 45 Page 1

29 Jan 45 Page 2

Jan 30 1945 – NEBO 72305274

Reveille – Fair and Cold – Roads very bad.

0600 Bn ready to move to UBBERGEN

0815 BnHQ arrives new area MR 735617.

0930 Coys arrive new area. Billets are quite good with electric lighting, running water, etc.

The afternoon consisted of a refresher in battle drill for the coys.

Jan 30, 1945

Jan 31 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Fair and mild – Ice melting.

0845 Rifle Coys are firing weapons and doing battle drill. Meals are to be taken out to the coys individually.

31 Jan 45 Page 1

31 Jan 45 Page 2

Feb 1-8 1945

Feb 1 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Fair and Cold

0830 Roads are still very bad, sixty men from “C” Coy are assisting the English troops shovelling snow. The latest rumour in “C” Coy, is tradespay for everyone.

1030 “A” Coy move their HQ again owing to a losing battle against a leaking roof.

1500 Coys have medical inspection, followed up by inoculation, then pay parades.

1 Feb 45 Page 1

1 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 2 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Fair and Mild

0630 “C” Coy are out shovelling snow again. The remaining coys are checking deficiencies of kit followed up by Plt training.

1330 “D” Coy have street fighting this afternoon, all objectives taken as per schedule.

1800 Twenty-five men from “D” Coy allowed to attend show at Canada Club “Allied Cocktails”. It was an excellent show, but men had to walk, owing to vehicles being grounded after 2030 hrs every night.

Feb 3 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Cloudy with rain.

0900 Fifty men from “D” Coy go to Engineer Dump MR 72136222 for fatigues. Bren gunners from companies are zeroing Brens at ranges, remainder carry on with training.

1330 “C” Coy street fighting at BERG EN DAL. The presence of many types of equipment and hundreds of tanks in the NIJMEGEN area has started man ferocious rumours. Field Marshall Sir Bernard Law Montgomery was seen in town this afternoon.

3 Feb 45 Page 1

3 Feb 45 Page 2

3 Feb 45 Page 3

Berg en Dal feb 3, 1945

Feb 4 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Fair and Mild

1000 RC and Protestant church parades.

1030 Fifty men report to engineer dump at 7213622 for fatigues.

All ranks must be in Coy lines at 2030 hrs until 0700 hrs next morning, unless on duty.

1400 Officers “O” Group at BnHQ.

Feb 5 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Cloudy and mild, rain.

0900 Coys have arms inspection. Maps and photographs issued to Coys. An operation seems imminent.

2000 BnHQ – have cinema run by K of C “Lady, Let’s Dance”, was held in hospital across from BnHQ.

  • “I” Summary – 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 5
  • Air Targets Appx 6

Feb 6 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Cloudy with Ground Mist

0715 “B” Coy leaves for Div HQ area to work on roads. Remainder of coys practice house clearing.

1730 Limited number of men attend cinema at “Winter Gardens” NIJMEGEN.

  • Vehicles for Op Veritable Appx 7

6 Feb 45 Page 1

6 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 7 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

Reveille – Cloudy with rain.

0830 Coys briefed on coming operation “Veritable” by coy commanders. Following this, Plts briefed by Plt Commanders on their individual roles.

1100 Brigadier S.B. Roberts visits B.H.Q.

1200 Water rising very high in area east of NIJMEGEN, should be on B.H.Q’s doorstep in few hours.

2030 British heavy bombers in Cleve area, sky well lit up by fires.

  • Routes & timings for Veritable Appx 8
  • Operation Order and Amendment “Vertiable” Appx 9

7 Feb 45 Page 1

Feb 8 1945 – UBBERGEN 735617

“D” Day Op “Veritable”

0500 Coys preparing for move to Assembly Area Factory buildings Square 7663.

0530 Arty harassing fire begins to assist North Shore Regt and R de Chaud on Phase 1.

1200 Coys leave for Assembly area Square 7663 via river dyke.

1430 All coys now situated in Assembly Area. No enemy activity except for sporadic MG fire from north side River Waal. Tac. BHQ situated at MR 755644

1900 No orders received to move, coys are ordered to post guard and bed down for night.

  • Trace, Report Lines, etc. “Veritable” Appx 10
  • Pre-arranged air targets Appx 11
  • Information on routes Appx 12

8 Feb 45 Page 1

8 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 8-9, 1945

Feb 9 1945 – Assembly Area Factory Square 755644

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

Water has receded slightly during the night.

0845 “A” Coy moves up to Embarkation Area MR 754627, after NSR have embarked. Coy is embarked by 1000 hrs, and capture five prisoners before reaching start line.

0900 “C” Coy prepare for embarkations, debark at 1210 hrs, and cross S.L. In direction of MILLIGEN. “C” Coy will approach MILLIGEN from North Side, owing to change of plan by Col S.M. Lett. Coy arrives northern outskirts of MILLIGEN after meeting no opposition and taking ten prisoners.

1430 “A” Coy arrives in MILLIGEN meeting no opposition, and contacts “C” Coy. “B” Coy at objective in MILLIGEN at 1530 hrs, meets no opposition, captures one PW and two civilians. Coy assembles in area ship yards in MILLIGEN and takes up defence role. “D” Coy house clearing according to plan.

  • Minefield trace Appx 13
  • Mortar fire plan Appx 14
  • Admin orders “Veritable” Appx 15
  • RCA task table & Amendments Appx 16
  • Arty trace Appx 17
  • Illumination areas in Sp 7&8 Cdn Inf Bdes Appx 18
  • O.O. 29 “Veritable: Appx 19

Millingen 9 Feb 1945 close up

Feb 10 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

0530 Town of MILLIGEN and area very badly flooded owing to enemy blowing dykes. BHQ situated at MR 83666421.

1200 Water rose five inches in the last three hours, and is still rising. Coys moving to higher ground.

1630 “C” Coy moves to town of BEMMEN, GERMANY, Square 8563, encounter no opposition except civilians who are immediately ordered to stay in their homes.

  • Map NIJMEGEN (East) 1/25,000 Appx 20
  • Map MILLIGEN 1/25,000 Appx 21
  • Map NIJMEGEN (East) 1/25,000 Appx 22
  • Cap CALCAR 1/25,000 Appx 23

Feb 10-22, 1945

Feb 11 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cloudy with rain.

0800 Water risen two and a half feet during night, making movement in this area impossible without boat. “B” Coy is moving to area MR 86486182.

0830 8 Plt, “A” Coy took two PW (wehrmacht) this morning, PW apparently wandered into Coy lines. “A” Coy to take over “B” Coys old position. NSR to take over “B” Coys responsibility. “B” Coy has taken over many LMG posts beside the river, they afford an excellent view of the river. Arty fire is brought to bear on MR 843654, presumed enemy movement of vehicles.

2130 Contact patrol to NSR. All coys on fifty percent stand to until first light.

  • Map MILLIGEN, D.F. 1/25,000 Appx 24

Feb 12 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Fair and mild

0630 Royal Engineers are smoking the dyke in this area, making it very difficult to observe enemy activity on other side of River Waal. Situation quiet on Coy sectors at present, supplies in ducks arriving regularly.

12 Feb 45 Page 1

12 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 13 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cloudy with ground mist.

0800 Fifty per cent coy stand-to replaced with two men guard. 12 Plt “B” Coy take a German Civilian into custody, who had apparently been living on island on “B” Coys front. Island was inspected, nothing found.

1245 Five Dutch Civilians cross Rhine River in Boat waving white flag. They were taken and held by “A” Coy for investigation. Impossible to see across other side of dyke in some areas, owing to very heavy smoke laid down by Royal Engineers.

1455 MG 42 firing at “B” Coy Area.

2020 “B” Coy area was shelled, no casualties. NSR to evacuate to mainland, “A” and “B” Coys to withdraw on 13 Feb remainder on 14 Feb. QOR of C with under command “B” Coy C.H. Of O. To hold Bde Area.

2037 Enemy artillery active on MILLIGEN area, 10 seconds time of flight. Enemy movement of vehicles seen on dyke 85648663. “A” Coy at MR 83896458, “B” Coy at MR 86486192, “C” Coy 85166347, “D” Coy 84156434.

Feb 14 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Mild and Cloudy.

0730 BHQ moves to Burgomasters office in MILLIGEN MR 8366421.

0745 Approx three hundred enemy shells land in MILLIGEN area, direct hits on 8 Plt “A” Coy HQ. Sgt C. Webber, Provost Sgt, and Capt Bean, 2 i/c “C” Coy were killed in this barrage. Tug boat seen on river so Bn on hundred per cent stand to immediately.

0900 Stand down.

1200 “D” Coy moving to take over position from NSR at KEKERDOM Square 8164. ChofO to take over “D” Coys Sector.

1330 “D” Coy arrives KEKERDOM.

2130 Two boat loads of civilians across River Wall from enemy lines.

14 Feb 45 Page 1

14 Feb 45 Page 2

14 Feb 45 Page 3

14 Feb 45 Page 4

Feb 15 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cold and wet.

0800 Water receding slightly. Captain and Sgt (Belgian) arrive from AMCOT to interrogate civilians we have in custody. The majority of the platoons are ignoring compo these days, as fowl and beef (on the hoof) are plentiful.

1055 Enemy MG 42 firing on “B” Coy area, Coy retaliated with Bren Gun.

15 Feb 44 Page 1

15 Feb 44 Page 2

15 Feb 45 Page 3

15 Feb 45 Page 4

Feb 16 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Mild with Ground Mist

0800 Water still receding slightly. It is evident this morning that enemy barge activity took place during the night as two of their barges are resting on the river off MILLIGEN.

1030 MG 42 firing on “B” Coy area. CH of O retaliated with Vickers, enemy MG was not heard again. Royal Engineers have stopped smoking the dyke. Water has receded low enough, to make it possible for platoons to move back into houses.

16 Feb 45 Page 1

16 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 17 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Mild and Cloudy

0700 Fifty percent stand to discontinued.

0930 Barge was seen by “A” Coy on Rhine River floating towards Nered Rhine. All available small arms fire was brought to bear, setting it on fire.

Feb 18 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cold and Cloudy.

0100 An enemy patrol, believed to have been seven or eight men strong, infiltrated near 9 Plt “A” Coy position. It was shot up and it is believed casualties were inflicted.

1130 MG 42 fired approx three hundred rounds in area of “B” Coy.

1310 11 Plt position was shelled, no casualties.

1600 Our O.P.s report our arty falling short into ship yard.

1610 “B” Coy area was shelled very heavily.

18 Feb 45 Page 1

Feb 10-22, 1945

Feb 19 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cloudy and mild

0025 Number of trip flares and booby traps were set off in area of Dyke. “A” Coy opened up with LMG and rifle fire.

0910 Enemy MG 42 wounded one man in “B” Coy.

1755 Boat seen on River Rhine, so LMG fire was brought to bear. No fire came from boat, but MG 42 retaliated from other side of river.

1643 A man from 7 Plt “A” Coy who was walking along dyke, was shot through heel by sniper on the other side of River Rhine.

Feb 20 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cloudy and mild.

0900 Bn is ordered to return to area UBBERGEN via buffalos to BEEK.

1130 “A” and “C” Coys will not move today.

1220 “B” and “D” Coys embark on buffalos for BEEK after being relieved by elements of 43 Br. Div.

1430 “C” Coy area was shelled considerably three or four 8.8 CM guns, “C” Coy HQ received direct hit.

1530 “B” and “D” Coys reported back at BEEK and leave for their old positions at UBBERGEN, in area NIJMEGEN.

1700 “A” Coy reports that barge fired at yesterday was sunk in river, west of MILLINGEN. Movement was observed on it.

20 Feb 45 Page 1

Feb 21 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Cloudy with rain.

0001 “A” Coy shelled very regularly every 20 minutes.

0930 “A” Coy embarks on buffalos for BEEK, by 1600 hrs they are back in old positions in UBBERGEN.

1030 “C” Coy embarks for BEEK. Command taken over by 43 Div.

Feb 22 1945 – MILLIGEN 83666421

Reveille – Fair and mild.

0015 Coys are all settled down for a good night’s sleep, but no such luck. Bn receives orders to move.

0330 Coys prepare to move on TCV’s.

0540 Convoy leaves area NIJMEGEN and proceeds via GROESBEEK, through REICHS WALD FOREST, on road recently constructed by Royal Engineers. Then through CLEVE, DOWSBRUGGEN, and arrives at destination area ROLAND, GERMANY.

BHQ situated at MR 932514. “A” Coy at MR 930511; “B” Coy 926510, “C” Coy 922522; “D” Coy at MR 929505; “Sp” Coy 927503.

Feb 22-25 1945

Feb 23 1945 – ROLAND, GERMANY 932514

Reveille – Fair and Cold.

0800 Coys commence general clean up. Weapon inspections.

1330 Afternoon consisted of sports and P.T. Not one house in area has escaped being hit by our arty, giving proof of the effectiveness.

1445 Field Marshall B L MONTGOMERY visited this area today.

Feb 24 1945 – ROLAND, GERMANY 932514

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

1500 “O” Group at BHQ for Coy Comdrs.

  • Trace RCA operation Blockbuster. Appx 25

24 Feb 45 Page 1

24 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 25 1945 – ROLAND, GERMANY 932514

Reveille – Cloudy and Mild.

0800 Coys preparing for coming operation “BLOCKBUSTER”.

1900 Coys leave concentration area for Assembly Area MR 962465, arrive 2030 hrs.

  • Arty Trace, Phase I Appx 26
  • RCA Task Table #1 BLOCKBUSTER Appx 27

Feb 25, 1945

Feb 26 1945 – ROLAND, GERMANY 932514

0400 “D” and “B” Coys cross S.L. “D” Coy advances to objective QUEER, where they are counter attacked savagely by enemy paratroops from objective OLD. Enemy attack was unsuccessful. “D” Coy reports that they have no platoon commanders left.

0845 Tanks report that CHICKEN is clear of enemy. “A” Coy on objective OLD at present, ask for fire on targets, 3311, 3313, 3314.

0850 “B” Coy moving to area “OLD”, having trouble from enemy snipers. Sunray asks “A” Coy if they can support friends on right with fire.

0925 M10’s firing on “A” Coy position. Fighting in the darkness was very vicious, and also confusing.

0930 Our M10’s leave to support Bn on our right flank.

1445 “D” Coy reported at ROOSTER. All coys to stand fast on ROOSTER and OLD until further instructions are received. During the attack enemy mortar and arty fire was very intense, and owing to darkness, house clearing was very difficult. Two Stretcher Bearers from “C” Coy were taken prisoner, and were not released for four hrs. Until a friendly tank forced their captors to relinquish hold on them. Bn received approx 100 casualties in the action but left in its wake, fields littered with German dead. No. Of PW taken was very hard to estimate owing to speed of attack but must have been at least 300, including many paratroops. Coys dug in present positions, 50 percent stand to all night.

  • Map CLEVE, 1/25,000 Appx 28
  • Map XANTEN, 1/25,000 Appx 29
  • Message concerning civilians Appx 30
  • Shellreps and mortareps Appx 31
  • Map UDEM, 1/25,000 Appx 32

Feb 25-26, 1945 closeup

Feb 27 1945 – KIRSEL, GERMANY 003437

Reveille – Cloudy and mild.

1100 Coys move to area KIRSEL and dig in. BHQ MR 003437. Coys holding line from MR 005433 to MR 007437.

Took over from A & S Hrs [Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders].

27 Feb 45 Page 1

27 Feb 45 Page 2

Feb 28 1945 – KIRSEL, GERMANY 003437

Reveille – Cloudy and mild.

0700 Bn on two hour notice to move. Coys improving their positions, and general clean up of weapons, etc.

1500 Rocket Projectors move into our area and open up in support of attack on our front. A trying experience for those who did not know of their presence. Coys are ignoring compo again, as surrounding country has an abundance of livestock.

March 1 1945 – KIRSEL, GERMANY 003437

Reveille – Cloudy and cold.

0800 Coys still in area KIRSEL. 8 Cdn Inf Bde in reserve Second Div who are on edge of HOCHWALD forest.

1800 Bn assembles in area BHQ, KIRSEL for second party. OP “BLOCKBUSTER”. British rocket projectors are still active on our front.

  • Summary – Catwire fence Appx 5
  • Amendment – Location Statement Appx 6

1 Mar 45 Page 1

1 Mar 45 Page 2

March 2 1945 – KIRSEL, GERMANY 003437

Reveille – Cloudy and cold.

0200 Bn moves to Assembly Area sq 0040. Ref sheet UDEM and digs in.

  • Location P.W. Cage 3 Cdn Inf Div 7

March 3 1945 – GRID REFERENCE 0040

Reveille – Cloudy and cold.

0700 “C” Coy moved towards S.L. Area. UDEMERBRUCH in rear “A” Coy. “A” Coy runs into anti personnel mines and opposition consisting of small arms and mortars.

1000 “D” Coy moves to S.L. In reserve of “B” Coy with three tanks in support and commences house clearing. Very heavy enemy mortar and arty fire on leading company’s front.

Cleaning of woods BALGERWALD was very slow owing to infiltration tactics. “D” Coy arrives first objective at approx 1600 hrs and digs in MR 043382. “C” Coy on left flank could not proceed owing to “D” & “B” Coys meeting opposition, so “C” Coy digs in with “A” Coy for the night.

  • Appx “A” & Trace “P” for BLOCKBUSTER Appx 8
  • Location Statement Appx 9
  • Location Statement – 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 10
  • Location Bde P.W. Collecting Post Appx 11
  • Target list Appx 12

March 3-5, 1945

March 4 1945 – BALGERWALD, GERMANY 043382

Reveille – Fair and cold.

0800 Enemy shelling bn Positions very heavy with multiple barrelled mortars and 88 mm guns. Bn is to clear remainder of woods.

1300 Companies have first hot meal since beginning of attack. Roads are very poor owing to incessant rain making it impossible to get rations and supplies up to company areas on schedule. Quartermasters are resorting to horse and buggy transportation, sometimes even this was not successful owing to stubborn disposition of horses in this neighbourhood.

1600 Clearing remainder of woods begins. “A” Coy reaches objective MR 06053824 at 1730 hrs meeting no opposition. The coy had 8 wounded during the entire operation but took 45 Pws and killed approx 60 enemy during second part of OP “BLOCKBUSTER”. “C” Coy arrives objective after encountering enemy MG and Mor fire. “D” Coy arrives objective 058380 after successfully using PIATS on enemy MG 42’s. “B” Coy arrives MR 059389 after encountering light enemy small arms fire. There was heavy enemy shelling during night.

1900 Ninth Cdn Inf Bde moves through our position and clears area SE of Forest BALBERGER WALD.

  • “I” Summy 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 13
  • Map UDEM 1/25.000 with Arty targets Appx 14
  • Map XANTEN 1/25,000 with Arty targets Appx 15
  • Map UDEM 1/25,000 with Bde axis of advance Appx 16

March 5 1945 – BALBERGER WALD, GERMANY 04603850

Reveille – Cloudy with rain.

0800 BHQ at MR 04603850. “A” Coy – 06053825, “B” Coy 05903890, “C” Coy 05783800, “D” Coy – 05503810. Enemy still shelling area heavily.

2000 Bn moves to SDG position in front of BALBERGER WALD to area BOGEL KATH. Ref Sheet XANTEN MR 063378.

  • Map XANTEN 1/25,000 with Bde Axis of advance Appx 17
  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 18

5 Mar 45 Page 1

5 Mar 45 Page 2

March 6-11, 1945

March 6 1945 – BOGEL KATH, GERMANY 063378

Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

0800 New positions are an improvement, compared to old ones in forest. Bn is in buildings and farm produce is plentiful. BHQ at MR 063378, “A” Coy – 062378, “B” Coy 067372,

“C” Coy 058375, “D” Coy 055373.

March 7 1945 – BOGEL KATH, GERMANY 063378

Reveille – Fair and mild.

0800 No enemy shelling on area during the night. Coys cleaning weapons and maintenance on vehicles. Roads are still very bad, and showing no signs of improvement.

  • Air photographs of BALBERGER WALD forest. Appx 19
  • Control of German civilians Appx 20

7 Mar 45 Page 1

7 Mar 45 Page 2

March 8 1945 – BOGEL KATH, GERMANY 063378

Reveille – Cloudy with rain.

0800 Coys doing general clean up, and have arms inspection. 8 Cdn Inf Bde are in reserve at present time.

  • “I” Summary 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 21

8 Mar 45 Page 1

8 Mar 45 Page 2

March 9 1945 – BOGEL KATH, GERMANY 063378

Reveille – Cloudy and cool

0800 Bath parades at SONSBECK.

1400 Show held in barn opposite BHQ “Sensations of ’45”.

Companies having practice shoots with 2” mortars and PIATS.

  • C.M. INTELLIGENCE Summary Appx 22

March 10 1945 – BOGEL KATH, GERMANY 063378

Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

0800 Major H.E. Dalton, 2 IC, visits companies to talk on last operation and praises companies on their showing on last operation.

0200 Coy Comd’s “O” Group at BHQ.

1630 Bn receives orders to be on one hour’s notice for moving.

10 Mar 45 Page 1

10 Mar 45 Page 2

March 11 1945 – BOGEL KATH, GERMANY 063378

Reveille – Fair and cool.

0300 Bn vehicles form up in convoy in preparation of move to REICHSWALD Forest. Coys travel in TCV’s.

0400 Convoy leaves area BOGELKATH and travels north through BALBERGER WALD forest along railroad tracks, via UDEM, KEPPELN, HALVENBOOM, MATERBORN to REICHSWALD Forest. Convoy arrives at destination at 0730 hrs and all coys commence building dug outs. BHQ at MR 635504.

March 6-11, 1945

March 12 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

0630 Reveille – Fair and mild.

0800 Coys parade and carry on with trg syllabus. Dugouts and huts of many weird and wonderful shapes, are making their debut in the bn area.

1800 Show by K of C “Ministry of Fear” and beer issue of two pints per man.

  • Study Periods – 8 Cdn Inf Bde Appx 23

12 Mar 45 Page 1

12 Mar 45 Page 2

12 Mar 45 Page 3

12 Mar 45 Page 4

March 12-28, 1945

March 13 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

0630 Reveille – Fair and mild.

0800 Coy parades. Maintenance on vehicles especially jeeps and carriers, which bore the brunt of the last operation.

1400 Pay parades to exchange Dutch currency into German.

1800 Show by K of C “Ministry of Fear”.

  • Narrative Phase 1 BLOCKBUSTER Appx 24

March 14 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

0630 Reveille – Fair and mild. The bn was awakened by the bugler this morning for the first time in a good many months.

0800 Coy parades in preparation for Brigadier J.A. ROBERTS, DSO, visit this afternoon.

1600 Bn is inspected by Brig J.A. ROBERTS, DSO, Comd 8 Cdn Inf Bde. He talked to the majority of the men during the inspection which lasted two hrs and commented on the last operation.

1800 Cinema by K of C “Ministry of Fear”

  • Notice to Civilian Population Appx 25

14 Mar 45 Page 1

14 Mar 45 Page 2

March 15 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

0800 Coys parade and carry on with trg syllabus as laid down.

1330 Coys on route marches and bath parades.

1800 Show by K of C “Dark Waters”.

  • “I” Summary 3 Cdn Inf Div Appx 26

March 16 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

0800 Coys Parades. Inspection of weapons by RCOC.

1330 Coys on route marches,”D” Coy – Practice “Coy in the attack” in their area with tank support.

1800 Show by K of C “Dark Waters” held in the open.

  • Map CLEVE 1/25,000 Appx 27

16 Mar 45 Page 1

16 Mar 45 Page 2

March 17 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair and mild.

0800 Coy parades. Coys firing 2” Mortars at range and commence construction of rifle ranges.

1800 Show by K of C “Dark Waters”.

  • Lessons learned “BLOCKBUSTER” Appx 28

March 18 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Cloudy and mild.

0930 Protestant Church parade held in BHQ area.

0945 RC Church Parade.

1230 Coys send limited number of men in trucks to spend day in NIJMEGEN.

1800 Show by K of C. Canteen selling chocolate bars etc.

  • Message from C in C Appx 29

18 Mar 45 Page 1

March 19 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Cloudy and mild.

0800 Coy parades. Bn jeeps looking spick and span in their new coats of paint. Coys issued with sniper jackets which beside being good camouflage are quite serviceable and waterproof.

1800 Show by K of C – “Dark Waters”.

March 20 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair & Mild.

0800 Coy parades. Route marches, bath parades. CSM Martin, CC, of “A” Coy awarded DCM.

1330 Coys practising attacks with co-operation of tanks. Briefing room established in BHQ area, for future operations.

1800 Show by K of C “My Pal Wolf”.

20 Mar 45 Page 1

20 Mar 45 Page 2

March 21 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

0800 Coy parades. Painting of bn vehicles completed today.

1800 Show by K of C “My Pal Wolf”.

March 22 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair & Mild.

0800 Coy schemes “Co-operation of tanks and infantry”. Maps & air photographs issued to coys for coming operation.

  • Target list “PLUNDER” Appx 30

March 23 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair & Mild.

0800 Coys cleaning weapons and equipment.

1400 ENSA show held in BHQ area for all ranks.

  • 4 Cdn Div Pepper pot trace Appx 32
  • Arty Targets “PLUNDER” Appx 31

23 Mar 45 Page 1

23 Mar 45 Page 2

March 24 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair & Mild.

0800 Bn on 12 hrs notice to move. Coy Comds begin briefing plans for role in coming operation. Word is received that 41 HIGHLAND Div have crossed Rhine River at REES AND MET ONLY moderate opposition.

1200 Bn vehicles receive serial numbers for purpose crossing Rhine River as number of vehicles to be taken on operation is limited. Coys commence packing.

24 Mar 45 Page 1

March 25 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair & Mild.

0800 Bn still on 24 hr notice to move. Coys packed up in preparation, so carry on with trg.

1800 Show by K of C. “May Pal Wolf”.

March 26 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair and Mild.

0800 Bn on 24 hr notice to move. Coys firing brens & rifles at ranges.

1800 Show by K of C.

26 Mar 45 Page 1

26 Mar 45 page 2

26 Mar 45 page 3

March 27 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

Reveille – Fair and mild.

0800 Bn on six hrs notice to move. “A” Ech to accompany bn on move to REES area.

1200 Recce sent to REES area.

1600 Bn receives orders to move. Rifle Coys to travel in TCV’s.

March 28 1945 – REICHSWALD FOREST, GERMANY 635504

0200 Convoy forms up in bn area, in REICHSWALD FOREST; SHEET 4202, 1/25,000.

0230 Convoy leaves area, and proceeds via CALCAR to REES, crosses RHINE RIVER over LAMBETH BRIDGE, then moves NW from REES to field at MR 055537 SHEET REES 1/25,000.

0700 Coys dig in and breakfast is served. Weather is Fair & Mild. The surrounding area has been very heavily bombed by Allied aircraft, as there isn’t many buildings left intact.

1600 Bn leaves present area and proceeds to area DORNICK sq 0157 SHEET 4102.

1700 Bn convoy arrives “A” Coy MR 007586, “B” Coy 017587, “C” Coy 012583, “D” Coy 014583,

BHQ 013584. Supper is served and bn digs in for the night.

  • SHEET 4203 CALCAR 1/25,000 Appx 33
  • Marshalling areas, 1/50,000 Appx 34
  • SHEET 4204 REES 1/25,000 Appx 35

March 28, 1945

March 29 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 013584

0630 Reveille – Fair & Mild. This area was shelled considerably during the night by enemy arty.

1200 Bn on ½ hr notice to move.

0200 CO’s Recce to Cdn Scots in EMMERICH area.

1445 C & A coys move along dyke road to Cdn Scots area, and reach destination MR 987606 at 1630 hrs. Defence positions are taken up and supper is served.

2200 Area is shelled by our own 25 pdrs. One casualty resulting. BHQ now at MR 982605 Sheet 4102.

  • Report lines “PLUNDER” SHEET 4103/4 Appx 36

March 29, 1945

March 30 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 982605

0400 Very heavy enemy arty shelling in this area. Counter attack from north has been reported.

0430 Shelling ceased. Stand-to until 0700 hrs by all coys.

1830 North Nova Scotia Highlanders arrive in this area.

1900 Coy Comds “O” Gp at BHQ at MR 982605 sheet 4102.

2130 Coy “O” Gps for Plt Comds.

  • Sheet EMMERICH 4103 1/25,000

30 Mar 45 page 1

30 Mar 45 page 2

March 31 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 982605

0200 “A” Coy moves through “C” Coy to take first objective, no opposition as yet. Bn proceeds NORTH WEST of EMMERICH, mostly bush clearing.

0400 24 PW taken, majority of prisoners were from 858 Gren Regt and had been stationed in Arnhem.

1415 Coy Comds “O” Gp at BHQ.

1520 Leading coys cross start line. Enemy sniping very active, making advance very slow. Coys reach objectives with aid of tanks and flame throwers.

1630 NSR passes through on our left flank. “A” Coy at MR 953623, “B” Coy at 956622, “C” Coy 944627, “D” Coy 954619. Tac HQ 965608, Rear BHQ 465605. “Sp” Coy HQ 954561. This area was shelled very heavily by enemy mortars during night.

  • SHEET 4102 – 1/25,000 Appx 38

April 1 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 965608

Reveille – Fine and Clear.

During the night B,D, and C Coys all moved through A Coy area on to the HOCHELTON feature, also NSR who were to take out the town of ELTON 910652 (Sheet 6). B Coy set up HQ at 941647 and C and D Coys in the area of RITBROEK 935652. A Coy then passed through to HOOGEHEIDE, MR 930600. No enemy were encountered and the Coys dug in.

1600 “O” Gp at BnHQ. Recces have driven ahead for a long distance and have met no opposition. We are to follow 7 Bde in TCV’s in a mad dash to contact the enemy.

2300 By this time all Bn was in the marshalling area ready to move off.

  • Part I Orders Appx 1
  • Part II Orders Appx 2
  • Offr Fd Returns Appx 3
  • OR’s Fd Returns Appx 4
  • Map CLEVE, Sheet 6, 1/50,000 Appx 5
  • Counter-Mortar Int. Summary No. 108 Appx 6
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 7
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 8

April 1-3, 1945

April 2 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 928667

0015 The convoy moved off led by tanks of the SHERBROOKE FUSILIERS. But we soon bogged down after crossing the German-Netherlands border. The 7 Bde had met opposition beyond KILDER 970718 (Sheet 4003 DOETINCHEM 1/25,000). At approx 0300 hrs the Bn was told to bed down for the rest of the night. We spread out among the buildings along the road in square 9571 (DOETINCHEM Sheet).

0800 “O” Gp. Our job now to push on through 7 Bde and go on towards LAAGKEPPEL MR 963787 (DOETINCHEM Sheet).

1030 We moved off on foot to our start line at WEHL 951748 (DOETINCHEM Sheet). Before reaching there, we were held up by the leading Coys (C and D) coming under mortar and S.P. Fire at 947735. But, aided by the tanks, this was soon silenced. The rest of the march into WEHL was without incident.

1315 The Bn started their attack, going through the R.R.R, C Coy going NORTH on the main road and B Coy to the right of the road. C Coy immediately ran into trouble from an enemy S.P. The tanks after considerable manoeuvring managed to remove this menace with their 17 pdrs. Both Coys then easily got on to their objectives. B Coy had a little trouble from snipers, which was soon dealt with. But C Coy were not as fortunate. As soon as they were on their objective, the area was laced with mortar fire and S.A. Fire. Their supporting tanks came up and dealt with this trouble. The Coy had 12 Casualties.

1400 A and D now moved out, A to go through C, and D to go through B. On the road A Coy ran into mortars and snipers, but the troops of tanks with them blasted a path. They reached their objective and consolidated. An enemy mortar position was overrun during the advance and the weapons were captured intact. D Coy passed through B and against very light opposition they reached the objective. The Coys were now in positions, A 956773, B 961754, C 953755 and D 962765 (Sheet DOETINCHEM).

75 PW’s were taken.

1900 N.S.R. Passed through the Bn and turned left through A Coy to exploit to the OUDEIJSSEL.

  • Map DOETINCHEM, 1/25,000 Appx 9

April 3 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 954755

0130 B Coy moved through A Coy and advanced to the OUDE IJSSEL in the SOUTHERN outskirts of LAAGKEPPEL. Here they found the bridge had been blown.

0630 B Coy relieved by R de Chaud. During the night, the part of LAAGKEPPEL to the NORTH of the river had been cleared by the BLACK WATCH of the 2nd Div.

0900 B Coy again took over the river bank from the R de Chaud.

1400 The rest of the Bn was ferried across the river in assault boats by B Coy. There we took billets in the WESTERN end of the town. The people gave us a great reception and very few men slept on bare floors that night.

2300 The Bailey bridge across the OUDE IJSSEL was completed and the vehicles moved over.

  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 10

3 April 45 page 1

April 3-5, 1945

April 4 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 961787

0700 Reveille. Clear and warm

The Bn spent the morning resting and cleaning their weapons, while plans were made for our next move.

1300 The Bn started out again. C and D Coys leading. Our new plans called for C Coy to occupy RODENBURG 924840 and D Coy to go to HOEFKEN 931833 (Both sheet 3903). A Coy to EEKHORN 927853 and B Coy ZWAARTE SCHAAR 920833 (Both sheet 3902). The only trouble encountered on the move was by A and C Coys, who came under fire from an enemy S.P. Gun on the other side of the IJSSEL river and mortar fire from RHA 899853 (Sheet 3902). Each of these coys had 4 casualties.

During the night B and D Coys had some fairly heavy shelling but no casualties.

BnHQ was set up at 946825 (Sheet 3903).

  • Map STEENDEREN, sheet 3903 1/25,000 Appx 11
  • Map DOESBURG, Sheet 3902 Appx 12
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 13

4 April 45 page 1

4 April 45 page 2

April 5 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 946825

0300 D Coy moved up and occupied EMMER 925860 (Sheet 3903). This was done with no opposition and completed by 0500 hrs. A fairly quiet morning was spent, though there was an odd mortar bomb coming over.

1230 “O” Gp. Plans were laid for an attack that afternoon on the bulge on the EAST bank of the IJSSEL.

1530 D Coy, taking advantage of enemy trench systems that had been abandoned, occupied the farm buildings t’HUISWEERD 914857 (Sheet 3902). There was no opposition. Meanwhile A and B Coys using other abandoned trench systems, moved into position. A Coy to attack RHA 899853 and B Coy to attack PIPLURE 907837. B Coy didn’t get very far before 11 and 12 plts were pinned down by intense mortar and MG fire. 10 Plt came forward and gave them covering fire to withdraw back to ZWAARTE SCHAAR. They had four casualties (1 Officer killed and 3 OR’s wounded). A Coy led by 9 Plt went into their series of trenches, which were full of water, and followed them around to the outskirts of RHA. There was quite a lot of sniping and mortaring but the trenches gave them good cover.

2000 The end of the trenches was reached and 9 Plt led off into town. It was getting night time but there was plenty of light from burning buildings. Our 6 Pdrs had set them on fire earlier in the day. 8 Plt took out the first group of houses against furious resistance. One feature of this resistance was the extensive use of Bazookas. Our own weapons were in very bad shape from the mud encountered in the trenches. 7 Plt now went in and two sections got into a house near the centre of the village. Here they were counter-attacked and cut off from the rest of the Coy. Sgt Caverly got through and gave the story to the O.C. A Coy now got orders to withdraw to their original positions. Some more of 7 Plt came back and the Coy withdrew. The final count of casualties was 5 wounded, Five killed and six missing. Major Hogarth was wounded in the arm.

  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 14

April 6 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 946825

0600 C Coy having taken over from A Coy, the latter moved back to C Coys old position. A Coy had to get their weapons in shape and re-equipped.

1200 B Coy was shelled at dinner and had three men wounded. Our mortars, 6 pdrs and tanks gave RHA a good dusting off during the night. There was word of a move that night, but nothing definite about times.

  • Counter-Mortar “I” Summary No. III Appx 15
  • DALTON Force Appx 16
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 17
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 18
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 19

April 6-9, 1945

April 7 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 946825

0600 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

1130 Recce party of R.C.D., 1st Cdn Corps arrived and we got ready to move.

1430 Bn embussed and had a fast ride NORTH to a reserve area EAST of ZUTPHEN. BnHQ being in an old mansion at 975949. The Coys had a good rest, which they needed. It was a very quiet night.

  • Map ZUTPHEN, Sheet 3803, 1/25,000 Appx 20
  • Counter-Mortar “I” Summary No. 112 Appx 21
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 22
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 23

7 April 45 page 1

7 April 45 page 2

April 8 1945 – EAST OF ZUTPHEN 975949

0700 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

Quiet morning. “O” Gp at 0900 hrs.

1330 The bn, with the exception of D Coy took over from the S.D.&G. Highrs in the town of ZUTPHEN. D Coy were at MR 949924. The Bn was in a defensive role, also acting as police.

1900 D Coy position was shelled fairly heavily but fortunately there were no casualties. The people of ZUTPHEN gave the Bn a royal welcome.

  • Counter-Mortar “I” Summary No 113 Appx 24

April 9 1945 – OPERATION PLUNDER MR 946825

0700 Reveille – Bright and Cool.

During the morning, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands visited ZUTPHEN and received a great ovation.

1000 Voluntary church parade for the Coys in town, which was well attended.

1300 The festivities in town were cut short for the Bn as at this time we once again moved. Embussed in TCV’s and had a fast ride to MR 969055.

1530 Here we took over from the R.W.R. In front of DEVENTER. In our area was a former Gestapo concentration camp. Ten Dutchman had been shot there just before the R.W.R. Got there. Many of the Bn visited the area.

There was some shelling during the night. Casualties were B Coy four wounded, and C Coy 2 wounded.

  • Map BATHMEN 3703, 1/25,000 Appx 25
  • Counter Mortar “I” Summary No. 114 Appx 26
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 27
  • Report lines and Ref. Points, 3 Cdn Inf Div Appx 28
  • 7 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 29

9 April 45 page 1

9 April 45 page 2

9 April 45 page 3

9 April 45 page 4

April 9-13, 1945

April 10 1945 – NEAR DEVENTER MR 969055

0400 A Coy moved up to SNIPPLING 945072, to take the bridge there. They came under very heavy fire. 8 Plt got on their objective and were violently counter-attacked and cut them off from the rest of the Coy. A runner managed to get back to Coy HQ to say that Sgt Fox and the rest of the Plt had been captured. Later some of them got back and the final score was 15 missing.

1000 The Plts of C Coy moved up and strengthened the right flank of A Coy.

1330 A Coy area was heavily shelled from the other side of the river. They had 2 men killed and two wounded.

1900 “O” Gp at BnHQ and plans were made for establishing a bridgehead over the canal.

  • Counter Mortar “I” Summary No. 115 Appx 30

April 11 1945 – NEAR DEVENTER MR 969055

0005 C Coy, with no preliminary barrage, crossed the canal at 944070. It was a complete surprise to the enemy and the Coy consolidated without casualties. The Coy took fifteen P.W.s.

00300 The R.R.R. Passed through C Coy and went on to clear out DEVENTER. C Coy then withdrew to their original positions.

1200 More P.W.s [Prisoners of War] were taken out of cellars in the area during the morning. From other P.W.s it is learned that in yesterdays fracas with 8 Plt, that there was one killed, two wounded and nine prisoners from that Plt now in Jerry Hands.

1300 The Coys started to move into DEVENTER to take over from the R.W.R. We arrived in position at 1400 hrs and received a tremendous welcome from the population. Our duties in the town was policing and contact patrols. Curfew was to be at 2130.

1600 BnHQ and rest of Bn vehicles arrived and BnHQ was set up at 924077 across the canal from the railway station. The Coys were confined to their own Coy areas. Fraternization was quickly started. Billets were good and everybody got a good nights sleep.

  • Map DEVENTER Sheet 3702, 1/25,000 Appx 31

11 April 45 page 1

11 April 45 page 2

April 12 1945 – DEVENTER MR 924077

0600 Reveille – Stand to till 0630. Fine and warm.

0900 The Bn started to go on badly needed bath parades, by Coys.

1400 The K of C put on a show in town for 1/3 of the Bn at a time.

1630 Orders are received to get ready to move on again. More Germans have been pulled out of the cellars during the day.

The 1st Cdn Inf Div have crossed the IJSSEL further SOUTH of us. Our A/Tk Plt were sent to aid them and word is received that they have knocked out an enemy tank.

1915 “O” Gp at BnHQ. Orders are that we are to be prepared to move at any time.

2000 No move tonight but we are to be prepared to move early in the morning. So we get another evenings collaboration. There was a party that night in the Officers Mess which was attended by the GOC, 3 Cdn Inf Div.

  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 32
  • 3 Cdn Inf Div “I” Summary Appx 33
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 34
  • Counter Mortar “I” Summary No. 117 Appx 35

April 13 1945 – DEVENTER MR 924077

0400 Reveille – Weather warm and dry.

0500 Everything ready to move off.

1030 The Bn loads on to TCV’s and start off.

1130 Arrive at the area of 964133.

1200 Recce party leave for new area and dinner is served. We are to be ready to move on by 1500.

1530 The Bn again embus and move off again. We go to the area of 988298. Here we are to stay for the night and move on again early in the morning to cross over the IJSSELCHE CANAL.

During the day Major Dunkelman returned to the unit and took over D Coy again.

  • Map BATHMEN sheet 3703, 1/25,000 Appx 36
  • Map RAALTE sheet 3603, 1/25,000 Appx 37
  • Map HEINO sheet 3503, 1/25.000 Appx 38

April 14 1945 – NEAR IJSSELCHE CANAL MR 988298

0630 Reveille – Clear and Cool.

0930 “O” Gp at BnHQ and the Recce party leave for a new area EAST of ZWOLLE.

1200 Our travels start again. We load on TCV’s and start off at a fast clip. Plans are changed and our recce party’s work is all for nothing. ZWOLLE has fallen without a shot and we are to keep on going. It is like our old jaunt through France. Cheering people and waving flags in every town and village. One thing which interested everybody was the traditional Dutch costumes worn by some of the older people, mostly women. Their headdress in particular catching the eye. The padre, during one half, talked three women into posing for a snapshot.

1730 After passing through MEPPEL, recently liberated, we go on to NIJEVEEN for the night. BnHQ at MR 946612. The rest of the Bn in a small area around them. We are at present in a non-tactical role, so only a small guard is mounted and the remainder get another good nights sleep.

  • Map DALFSEN 3403, 1/25,000 Appx 39
  • Map MEPPEL 3303, 1/25,000 Appx 40
  • Map HAVELTE 3203, 1/25,000 Appx 41
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 42
  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Summary Appx 43

Dave, Lorne Brunton, Don Gibson, Dave Saunders, and Lou Yaffe Meppel, Holland Apr. 45

April 14, 1945

April 15 1945 – NIJEVEEN MR 946612

0630 Reveille. Rained all night and still hasn’t stopped. However as the morning went on the weather cleared up but still very cool.

0800 Recce party leaves and we get ready to move again. The chase is really on and the roads are jammed with out traffic.

1300 We start off again and head for STEENWIJK. Now we leave the province of OVERIJSSEL and enter FRIESLAND. The usual welcome is met with in STEENWIJK. By the orange ribbons we meet it looks like a celebration of the Glorious 12th in Canada. We passed through WOLVEGA 8276 and eventually arrived in HEERENVEEN 7886.

1730 We are to stay in HEERENVEEN for the night, so the Coys get settles in billets around BnHQ which is at the station 776867. The people again give us a great welcome and the Boys spend an enjoyable evening. The K of C put on a show from A&D Coys in A Coy area.

  • Map STEENWIJK 3203, 1/25,000 Appx 44
  • Map WOLVEGA 331, 1/25,000 Appx 45
  • Map JOURE 325, 1/25,000 Appx 46

April 15, 1945

April 16 1945 – HEERENVEEN MR 776867

0530 Reveille – Clear and cool.

0630 “O” Gp at BnHQ. The Bn is to go on TCV’s towards the causeway across the ZUIDER ZEE, until the enemy are contacted. The recces have met no opposition so far. But the enemy is known to be trying to evacuate from the posts around the ZUIDER ZEE.

1200 The enemy were contacted by B Coy in the village of WONS 451011. There was a brisk exchange of shots but the enemy withdrew and B Coy occupied WONS without casualties.

1400 A Coy now passed through B Coy but soon came under fire from snipers and arty. The tanks with A Coy attempted to get them through but were forced to fall back. Flame throwers did manage to deal with some of the snipers. There was still plenty of opposition, so the coy consolidated at the bridge at 443026.

1800 D Coy had occupied the village of WITMARSUM 478030 without opposition. But C Coy had encountered stiff opposition in their advance on KORNWERD 428012. They were going ahead slowly and had no casualties yet. Patrols are sent out ahead and at approx 2100 hrs it is reported that the village is clear.

  • Map DENHELDER 2 A 1/100,000 Appx 47
  • Map LEEUWARDEN 1 A 1/100,000 Appx 48
  • Map ZURIG 313 1/25,000 Appx 49

16 April 45 page 1

16 April 45 page 2

April 16, 1945

April 17 1945 – NEAR WONS MR 451010

0100 At 0100 hrs C Coy had moved into KORNWERD and occupied the place.

0330 C Coy were ordered to go to the dyke in the area of 4201, while A Coy were to take over from them in KORNWRD. On the dyke C Coy was to make a firm base for further operations.

0800 Around this time both A and C Coys went into action against several small groups of the enemy who were attempting to get away on bicycles. They were badly shot up, all being either killed or wounded. D Coy also put on a shoot, with supporting arms, against PINGJUM 460048.

0900 B Coy sent a patrol out to GODUIM 438031. They returned to say that this place was clear, so the coy moved off with tank support to take out ZURIG 430044. 1200 B Coy reached their objective. They were subjected to some fairly heavy shelling on the way, but no SA fire. The town being occupied with no opposition there. D Coy had meanwhile set out for PINGJUM and were now closing in for the kill. They encountered plenty of SA fire but, with the aid of tanks, they reached the outskirts of town. 18 Plt took over the lead and Lt Hancock walked out ahead and called on the enemy to surrender. His effort was successful and the remnants gave themselves up. The enemy commander and two of his aides attempted to escape and were shot and killed.

1530 Sgt Taylor and two men from C Coy, went out to bring in some Germans who were waving a white flag. As soon as they came into the open, an MG 42 opened up near the flag and Sgt Taylor and Rfn Colville were wounded.

There was no further incident during the night except a little shelling.

  • 3 Cdn Inf Div “I” Summary Appx 50
  • Defence Plan, ZUIDER ZEE Causeway (GERMAN) Appx 51

17 April 45 page 1

April 16-18 1945 Mini

April 18 1945 – NEAR WONS MR 451010

0700 Reveille – Fine and clear.

0900 At 0900 hrs a patrol from D Coy brought in 45 P.W.’s. The 45 had been out looking for somebody to surrender to.

1030 C Coy, after a preliminary barrage, put in an attack on the end of the causeway 430027. They met with no opposition. Some guns were fired on them from the causeway but no damage was done. There was considerable enemy equipment left behind on their objective. 3 quadruple 20 mm AA, 3 single 20 mm AA, 3 HMG, 3 Hotchkiss MG, 2 5 cm A/Tk guns, 3 Hispanos and numerous rifles and LMGs and bazookas.

1300 The N.S.R. Had taken out the port of MAKKUM and that finished German resistance on the EAST side of the ZUIDER ZEE.

1800 “O” Gp. Tomorrow the Bn is to move back to police a large area near here.

  • Operation “PLUNDER” Appx 52

18 April 45 page 1

18 April 45 page 2

April 16-18 1945 Mini

April 19 1945 – NEAR WONS MR 451010

0600 Reveille. Fine and clear. Recce party left to look over new area.

0800 The Bn loaded on TCV’s and at 0830 we moved off.

1130 We were all settled in our new areas. BnHQ being in JOURE 691876, A Coy also in JOURE 691875, B Coy at LEMMER 645740, D Coy at SCHERPENZEEL 745722 and Sp Coy at HEERENVEEN 782868. C Coy was at WOLVEGA 824689. A round trip of all the coys was nearly 60 miles. The civilians in each place gave everybody a royal welcome and billets were quickly arranged. An Officer’s Mess and a Sergeants Mess were set up and we all prepared to spend a good time. Our work in this area is to be mainly contact patrols and policing.

19 April 45 page 1

19 April 45 page 2

April 19-21, 1945

April 20 1945 – JOURE 691876

0700 Reveille. Find and clear. A good night’s rest had been had by the Bn. The morning was spent in getting settled for a few days stay. The K of C Supervisor arrived and made arrangements for shows and dances.

1300 Our hopes for a stay are dashed. We are to move on again tomorrow. And it is to be a long move.

1800 Recce party from The Toronto Irish, 5 Cdn Armd Div arrive to take over from us.

2100 “O” Gp at BnHQ.

April 21 1945 – JOURE 691876

0530 Reveille – Cloudy and Cool. Recce party left at 0600.

0830 TCV’s loaded and at 0900 we started off. Our route is to HEERENVEEN-LEEUWARDEN-GRONINGEN_WINSCHOTEN. The last named at MR 5305. We are to pick up guides to take us to our area.

1500 Arrived in WINSCHOTEN and find plans are again changed. We have to go further than was at first thought. The roads are in bad shape. The enemy in retreating has cratered the roads and blown bridges. EAST of WINSCHOTEN we cross into Germany. Here we met one Polish Armd Div.

2030 We arrive at our final destination RHEDE MR 682964. Here the cookers are quickly set up and a meal is served. BnHQ is in an old Hitlerjugend Kintergarten.

The Coys are in the immediate vicinity in the defensive role.

  • Map M 1 GRONINGEN WEST, 1/100,000 Appx 53
  • Map M 1 GRONINGEN EAST, 1/100,000 Appx 54
  • Map ASCHENDORF 2909, 1/25,000 Appx 55

April 21, 1945

April 22 1945 – RHEDE 682964

0600 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

The morning was mainly spent in maintenance of vehicles and weapons.

1300 “O” Gp at BnHQ followed by another one at 1600 hrs. The job set for 8 Cdn Inf Bde is to take the RHEIDERLAND peninsula, across the river EMS from EMDEN.

1730 marching troops set out for assembly area at BRUAL MR 687017.

1830 Arrived at assembly area and immediately moved off to DIELE MR 718030, now held by the N.S.R. From there D Coy moved into their first phase. They met with no opposition and moved into their objective MR 721042. B Coy moved through them and occupied the village of STAPELMOOR MR 724048 without opposition.

2345 C Coy then went through the X-rds at 719058 also meeting no opposition. A Coy immediately passed through to the buildings at MR 719062 also without opposition. However both coys were shelled after they obtained their objectives. There was no casualties.

  • Map L 1 EMDEN 1/100,000 Appx 56
  • Map NIEUWE SCHANS 2809, 1/25,000 Appx 57

22 April 45 page 1

22 April 45 page 2

22 April 45 page 3

April 22, 1945

April 23 1945 – RHEDE 682964

0200 At 0200 hrs C Coy moved into HOLTHUSEN, again with no opposition until they had consolidated. Then there was shelling and sniping. One man of C Coy was killed.

0330 B Coy now passed through A and C Coy and took out the X-rds 717068 without opposition.

0700 D Coy now passed through the other Coys and completed the final phase. This being the securing of the X-rds at 734069. They met some snipers, who were quickly eliminated. One man from D Coy was killed. They were in position by 0900 hrs. During the day a large number of French, Russian and Polish P.W.’s were released by us. They had been working on the farms in the neighbourhood. Some had been in captivity singe 1939. All were very happy.

[The two soldiers killed on this day were Lance Corporal Irvin Chollette and Rifleman Wilbert Charles McCombs.]

1400 “O” Gp at BnHQ.

2100 The Bn moved into a concentration area between WEENER 7408 and BUNDE 6810.

2300 “O” Gp and plans are made for following day.

  • 8 Cdn Inf Bde SITREP Appx 58
  • Map WEENER 2810, 1/25,000 Appx 59

April 23, 1945

April 24 1945 – BETWEEN WEENER and BUNDE MR 712093

0500 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

0600 By 0600 the Bn was ready to move but plans are changed and all go back to their billets.

0730 Major Pickup, C Coy, was injured by being crushed between a Crocodile and a carrier. The extent of his injuries are, as yet, unknown. Later in the morning A and C Coys moved off but A Coy returned. C Coy went on to 752144. They met a few snipers who cause a little trouble but no casualties. 8 P.W.’s were taken.

2200 “O” Gp at BnHQ.

2359 C Coy move on towards DITZUMER VERLAAT.

  • Map DITZUMER VERLATT, 2709, 1/25,000 Appx 60

24 April 45 page 1

April 25 1945 – BETWEEN WEENER and BUNDE MR 712093

Against very little opposition, C Coy took their objective, Rd Junction 694183 and B Coy went through to Rd Junction 688183.

Gravestone of Sergeant Howard Arnold Jones, aged 21
Gravestone of Sergeant Howard Arnold Jones, aged 21

0700 A and D Coys now went through to DITZUMER VERLAAT 686184. They met some snipers and fairly heavy shelling. A Coy had three wounded, D had four killed and three wounded. One of those killed was Sgt [Howard Arnold] Jones who was acting as CSM. C Coy was also heavily shelled during the morning. They had two men wounded. Also they had two different HQ’s burnt out. The third one that they took over was lucky.

1400 A patrol from A Coy returned to report that the bridge at 686184 was blown. The coy then moved off to cross the stream.

1600 A Coy was unopposed and established a bridgehead. The HQ being at 685188.

2200 “O” Gp at BnHQ.

25 April 45 page 1

April 25-may 1, 1945

April 26 1945 – DITZUMER VERLAAT 686184

0600 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

During the morning the village was shelled by heavy calibre guns. No casualties.

1200 D and B Coy passed through A Coy. B Coy to go to POGUM 6825. They met some snipers who caused a short delay. However they were soon eliminated.

1300 D Coy, going to DITZUM 6924, had reached MR 687209. Here both D and B came under very heavy shell fire. This slowed them up, but they kept on going. C Coy moved up behind them and stopped at MR 685213.

2200 “O” Gp at BnHQ.

  • Map EMDEN 2609, 1/25,000 Appx 61

26 April 45 page 1

26 April 45 page 2

April 27 1945 – DITZUMER VERLAAT 686184

0030 The advance continued and there was no opposition. Both B and D Coys were on their objectives by 0300 hrs. Over 200 P.W.’s surrendered in DITZUM and POGUM.

0900 C Coy on looking over their area found four 10.5 cm guns and four 12.8 cm guns. They were in fairly good shape, except for two 10.5’s.

1500 Orders came for the Bn to move back to a rest area. The offensive in the RHEIDERLAND peninsula had been successfully completed. Our losses have been extremely light and we have taken a large number of P.W.’s.

2359 By this time the whole Bn was in the area around BnHQ at 696115.

  • Aerial Photos of RHEIDERLAND Peninsula. Appx 62
  • 3 Cdn Inf Div “I” Summary Appx 63

April 28 1945 – RHEIDERLAND PENINSULA 696115

0700 Reveille – Cloudy and Cool.

The day was spent very quietly. There was bath parades during the morning.

1830 ENSA show in A Coy lines. They have a very large barn, well suited as a theatre. It is almost big enough to seat the whole Bn.

2100 Party and film at the Officers Mess.

28 April 45 page 1

28 April 45 page 2

April 29 1945 – RHEIDERLAND PENINSULA 696115

0700 Reveille – Rain and cool.

1000 The K of C put on a show, Phil Baker in “Take It Or Leave It”. There was also voluntary church parades for the coys. After dinner there was bath parades.

1500 Another show put on by K of C “Donald O’Connor in “Patrick the Great”. There was a second showing of the same film at 1830. After which it was shown at the Officers Mess.

29 April 45 page 1

April 30 1945 – RHEIDERLAND PENINSULA 696115

0630 Reveille – Rain and cool.

The Coys did some training and were given lectures during the morning. The weather cleared for a while, then rained harder than ever.

1330 The rain was still heavy, so the barns in the neighbourhood were pressed into service as lecture rooms for the Coys.

1900 Film by K of C in A Coy area. Peter Lorre in “The Mask of Demetrios.”

2100 Also shown in Officers Mess. Word was received of probably move tomorrow.

  • 3 Cdn Inf Div “I” Summary Appx 64


0700 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

0800 A number of reinforcements for the Bn arrived.

1300 A Coy supplied a work party of 1 Sgt and 26 OR’s to help the RCE lift mines near the bridge over the EMS.

1900 “O” Gp at BnHQ. The Bn is to cross the River EMS in the morning and move to a concentration area near HESEL.

  • Part I Orders Appx 1
  • Part II Orders Appx 2
  • Officers Field Return – AFW 3008 Appx 3
  • OR’s Rd Return – AFW 3009 Appx 4

1 May 45 page 1

1 May 45 Page 2


0500 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

The vehicles were soon loaded and the Bn was ready to move.

0830 Men were all in TCV’s and we moved off through BUNDE 6810. Crossed the River EMS at MR 792138. Passed through LEER 8115. This town had taken quite a pasting. Now the civilians were just beginning to emerge from their cellars.

1200 Arrived in HESEL 905236. The road from LEER to HESEL had been badly cratered by the retreating enemy. A large number of aerial bombs had been used and some were still lying beside the road. Our old friends, the Polish Armoured Div, was once more encountered. They were heading in the general direction of WILHELMSHAVEN.

1300 “O” Gp at BnHQ. The coys settled down in a fairly tight formation around BnHQ. In the afternoon a venturesome Fokke-Wulfe roared low over the town. He was possibly on recce, but no more trouble came.

  • Map AURICH, 1/50,000 . No. 71 Appx 5
  • 3 Cdn Inf Div “I” Sum Appx 6May 2, 1945

May 3 1945 – HESEL 905236

0600 Reveille – Rain and cool

The Bn was ready to move by 0700, but it was postponed for a while.

0800 The Coys crossed the S.L. And moved NORTH and BAGBAND 9128. BnHQ being at 914287. The Bn was on one hour’s notive to move on again.

1300 “O” Gp at BnHQ. Now on ten minutes notice to move.

1500 The Coys started to move NORTH again towards ULBARGEN 8931. We reached there wtihout any trouble, except cratered roads. Then kept on moving. A half was made for supper, after which the march continues.

1930 The Coys finally stopped for the night. BnHQ at MITTE GROSSEFEHN 889335. A Coy at 892333, B Coy 888339, C Coy 886338 and D Coy 886347. D Coy had one casualty from an enemy sniper. The bridge across the canal at 889339 was blown just as D Coy were approaching it. There was some desultory firing during the night but no damage. Two more of D Coy were injured by a 4.2 mortar bomb which fell short.

3 May 45 Page 1

3 May 45 Page 2

May 3, 1945

May 4 1945 – MITTE GROSSEFEHN 889335

0600 Reveille – Fine and clear.

0100 At 0100 D Coy had crossed the canal without further opposition and were now at 889340. B Coy went on before first light and passed through D Coy at 0310 hrs and went out to OSTERSANDER 855363.

0630 OSTERSANDER was cleared without opposition. 14 Pws were taken.

1200 C Coy moved out to attack X-rds 873369.

1330 C Coy was pinned down by S.A. Fire just short of objective. Supporting arms went into action and cleared a way for the Coy. Two of our men were killed [Riflemen George Albert Fryday and and Melvin Charles Smith were the last QOR soldiers to be killed in action] and one was wounded.

1500 C Coy were all on their objective. This is believed to be the last attack in N.W. GERMANY. Shortly after C Coy took the X-rds. LCol Haurumz of the WEHRMACHT came in with a white flag to negotiate surrender and he was followed a few minutes later by the Burgomaster of AURICH.

1530 The order has now come through that we will not fire on the enemy unless we are definitely being attacked. Rumours of a general surrender in this area are being circulated.

1900 The greatest news since D Day is officially announced. All German troops in N.W. Germany, Denmark, Holland and the islands on the coast have surrendered unconditionally. There is no celebration but everyone is happy.

  • Narrative, Part IV PLUNDER Appx 7

May 4, 1945

May 5 1945 – MITTE GROSSEFEHN 889335

0600 Reveille – Rain and cool.

We will probably stay here today and move tomorrow to our occupational zone.

0800 “O” Gp at BnHQ. B Coy moved back to MR 889339. The rest of the Coys stay where they are. There was Coy parades during the morning.

1500 The Bn paraded to the church at MITTE CROSSEFEHN 887334. Maj Dalton (Acting CO) gave a short talk on the present situation, our future role, the Pacific war and return to Canada.This was Maj Dalton’s first appearance in a pulpit, he should go a long way as a preacher.

1530 On the conclusion of the speech there was a voluntary church service. The R.C.’s had theirs at Bde. Very few Protestants left the church, they stayed for the THANKSGIVING SERVICE. Hon Capt Mowatt took the service. It was followed by Holy Communion.

  • Order of Thanksgiving Service for Bn. Appx 8

5 May 45 Page 2

May 6 1945 – MITTE GROSSEFEHN 889335

0700 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

The only activity in the morning was around radios. Everybody wants news of the other fronts. There is much speculation as to how long the rest of Germany and Norway will hold out.

1330 Recce group leaves to look over the new location that we are going to tomorrow.

1800 Film at BnHQ by K of C. Very poor attendance. Most of the Coys are too far away.

6 May 45 Page 1

6 May 45 Page 2

6 May 45 Page 3

May 7 1945 – MITTE GROSSEFEHN 889335

0500 Reveille – Cloudy and cool.

The Bn was ready early, to embus. We started off at 0800 hrs. It is a big area that we have to occupy. BnHQ is at PHILLIPSBURG 840189, A Coy at HOLTLAND 898203, C Coy also in HOLTLAND 895205, B Coy at NORTMOOR 884170, D Coy at LEER 817147.

1000 The Bn was all in position and they immediately began clearing up. This area had been fairly heavily hit but enough buildings were secured to give the men a fairly comfortable place to live. An Officers Mess and Sgts Mess was set up.

1800 A Regimental Guard was mounted at BnHQ by B Coy. This was the first in a long time and was carried out well.

7 May 45 Page 1

7 May 45 Page 2

May 8 1945 – PHILLIPSBURG 840189

0700 Reveille – Fine and clear.

An early announcement on the radio caused much speculation in the Bn. This may be VE Day. Winston Churchill is to speak at 1500 hrs and the King at 2100 Hrs.

0900 Coy parades. The rest of the morning was spent making the billets more comfortable. The K of C arrives and places are fixed for films. A Ech is with us now and we will soon have B Ech also. Thus the Bn will soon be all together again for the first time since we left England.

1330 Sports by most of the coys. There was also films at B Coy, “The Mark of the Whistler”. It is to be shown tongiht and tomorrow to the rest of the Bn.

1500 Everybody who could, got around the radios to listen to Winston Churchill. It is big news. The German High Command has surrendered unconditionally.

2100 We again gather at the radios to listen to HM King George broadcast to the Empire.

  • Victory Message from Gen Crerar. Appx


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