• Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada – The official regimental website
  • Casa Loma – Former home of Major General Henry Pellatt and current location of the Queen’s Own Rifles Museum and Archives

Ten City of Toronto Historical Museums

  1. Colborne Lodge – A restored 1837 regency villa located in High Park.
  2. Fort York National Historic Site – Toronto’s birthplace and Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings.
  3. Gibson House Museum – Visit an 1851 family farmhouse to get a glimpse into Toronto’s rural past.
  4. Historic Zion Schoolhouse –  Travel back to 1910 to experience an unforgettable school day in this beautifully restored, one-room schoolhouse.
  5. Mackenzie House –  The 1858 home of Toronto’s famous rebel and first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie.
  6. Montgomery’s Inn – Enjoy the hospitality of an 1847 country inn.
  7. Scarborough Museum – Discover rural life from the 1850s to 1900 in Scarborough’s Thomson Memorial Park.
  8. Spadina Museum: Historic House and Gardens – Take in the beauty of one of Toronto’s finest mansions and tour its restored Victorian and Edwardian gardens. (Next door to Casa Loma and the Queen’s Own Rifles Museum.)
  9. Todmorden Mills Heritage Site – A fascinating collection of early industrial buildings in the Don River Valley.
  10. York Museum – A collection of artifacts representing the history of York.

Ontario Military Museums

Canadian Military Museums/Resources

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  1. Looking to have my Grandfathers grave entered in “OTHER INTERNATIONAL CEMETERIES” He served QOR as Sgt. Died while serving in Germany June 1, 1966, Buried in Werl Germany at the Canadian Military Cemetery. Sgt. L.W. Kirby SB87943


  2. I was a member of the QOR from 1956-1961. I would like to buy a blazer with the QOR badge, plus a tie. Where can I shop for these items?


  3. I have a table lighter that belonged to my father. (He was in QOR for 10 years) It is a suit of armor – says First Battalion Germany 1960-1963. The top of the suit of armor pops open & it used to light from there.

    One of my children got hold of it, popping it open & it will close, but won’t stay closed & flips open. I would like to know if there’s some way to close it again.I’d love to be able to display it again.

    Thank-you in advance!


  4. Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this. Is there any place I could find a place to buy a Queens Own Rifles service ring , I lost one and would like to get new one ,so I can leave to my Grand daughter.


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