Historical Timeline

Please note: This timeline is a work in progress and we continue to update as we record more information from published references and our archives. It includes dates of events, activities and operations for the Queen’s Own Rifles and the units it perpetuates for the Canadian Expeditionary Forces specifically the 3rd, 83rd, 95th, 166th, 198th and 255th Infantry Battalions.

However for detailed information about day-to-day life, you can view transcriptions of the 3rd Battalion, CEF War Diaries.


Wherever possible we document the sources of our information for each date in [ ] following each date. Sources are listed below:

  1. History of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada: A History of a splendid regiment’s origin, development and services including a story of patriotic duties well performed in three campaigns, Captain Ernest J. Chambers, 1901
  2. The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, 1860-1960: One hundred years of Canada,  Lieutenant Colonel W.T. Barnard, ED, CD, 1960
  3. Regimental Website: www.qor.ca
  4. Regimental Standing Orders 1965
  5. PH “YYYY” – The Powder Horn was published as an annual chronicle of QOR life from 1960 to 1969/70.
Note regarding date format: You may from time to time see a date written as for example, “25/26 February”. This is standard military format which indicates action which took place over the night of February 25 and the early morning of February 26.

One thought on “Historical Timeline”

  1. The Timeline entry for June 1, 1957 states that Maj Creighton was Depot CO from 1957 until the Depot closed down in 1968. This is incorrect. Maj JL McCulloch replaced Maj Creighton as Depot CO in Aug 1962. (Powder Horn, 1962, p.9)

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