Lance Corporal J. G. Organ receives Queen’s Commendation for Bravery

On the 20 March 1964, Lance Corporal Joseph Gerald Organ was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct by the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General G. Walsh, CBE, DSO, CD at a special ceremony held at Work Point Barracks.

The award was a result of LCpl Organ’s quick thinking and action during grenade throwing practise in Germany in 1963. When a soldier from the RCASC [Royal Canadian Army Service Corps] accidently dropped a live grenade in the throwing bay supervised by LCpl Organ, the latter shouted “Get Out” and at the same time forced the soldier out of the bay and to the ground behind the protection wall. His quick action undoubtedly saved a fellow soldier from serious injury or death. LCpl Organ is presently serving with 1st Battalion as a Section Commander in the Assault Pioneer Platoon of Support Company.

The Powder Horn, 1964

3 thoughts on “Lance Corporal J. G. Organ receives Queen’s Commendation for Bravery”

    1. Hi Ed . Good to see you’re kicking. We both served with Gerry in Assault Pioneers in Cyprus 1965. Gerry gave me one of his oak leafs
      to keep as keepsake. Gerry was a great NCO.

      1. Hi back Bill; Great to hear from you. I did not see your post but my daughter did. I am in Hamilton Ont. Went into Correctional Services for 31 years. Retired in 2002 and did a bit of travelling until $ all gone. Gerry and I did the Martins Mound gig together. Towards the end of tour I got put into clerking with Don Ethell. Got home to big surprise and decided to get out. Send me info on those who are still around or not. All the best to you. I remember well some of our Keo days or nights. All the best Ed

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