QOR Officers at the Battle of Ridgeway

The following is a list of the officers in command of the battalions and companies which formed Lieut.-Col. Booker’s column, all of whom were present at the battle of Lime Ridge (or Ridgeway) and took part in the action:–


Major Chas. T. Gillmor in command.

No. 1 Company

No. 2 Company

No. 3 Company

  • Captain J.B. Boustead
  • Lieutenant James H. Beavan
  • Ensign Wm. Wharin

No. 4 Company

  • Captain John Douglas
  • Lieutenant Wm. Arthurs
  • Ensign John H. Davis

No. 5 Company

No. 6 Company

  • Captain G.M. Adam
  • Lieutenant Wm. C. Campbell
  • Ensign T. A. McLean

No. 7 Company

No. 8 Company

  • Captain L.P. Sherwood
  • Lieutenant John O’Reilly

No. 9 (Trinity College) Company

  • Acting Captain Geo. Y. Whitney

No. 10 (Highland) Company

  • Captain John Gardner
  • Lieutenant Robert H. Ramsay
  • Ensign Donald Gibson


"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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