United Nations India-Pakistan Observer Mission 1965-66

The United Nations India-Pakistan Observer Mission (UNIPOM) operated from 20 September 1965 to 22 March 1966. UNIPOM was established in accordance with Security Council resolution 211 (1965) of 20 September 1965, to supervise the ceasefire along the India-Pakistan border (except in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, where the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) operated) and to oversee the withdrawal of all armed personnel to the positions they held before 5 August 1965.

You can read more details of the UNIPOM mission on the CF Directorate of History and Heritage website.

With only 48 hours notice from Canadian Forces Headquarters, Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Captain Harry P. Williams-Freeman, CD of the Regimental Depot, was airborne for duty with UNIPOM on 26 September 1965.

Also posted to UNIPOM was then Major Thorold “Boom” Marsaw, who would later command 1st Battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles from 1969-1970.

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