Timeline: 1925-1949

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22 May – New Regimental Standing Orders written


22 June – A detachment from The Buffs led by Captain H. de R. Morgan arrived to pay a fraternal visit to the QOR [2] p130

26 June – The Regiment and many notables paraded at Sir Henry Pellat’s country home in King to celebrate his Regimental Jubilee (50 years) [2] p130

August – Then QOR Lieutenant J.G.K. Strathy reports on his parachute jump from an AVRO biplane as part of a Pilot Officer course at Camp Borden. [QOR Archives]

Regimental trip to Ottawa [2] p129


Regimental trip to Brantford [2] p129


27 July – Her Majesty Queen Mary graciously consented to become Colonel-in-Chief [2] p131

Regimental trip to Niagara [2] p129


8 May – Honorary Colonel General Sir William Dillon Otter, KCB, CVO, VD and first adjutant of the QOR, died. This was followed a few days later by a fully military funeral. [2] p132

22 August – Major General Sir Henry Mills Pellatt is appointed Honorary Colonel [2] p136

11-13 October – Regimental trip to Buffalo hosted by the 17th Regiment of Infantry, US National Guard, including participation in the 50th Anniversary of Edison’s discovery of the incandescent lamp [2] p129


Provided Guard of Honour of the Royal Winter Fair [2] p129


18 October – Cross of Sacrifice at St. Paul’s Anglican Church (Bloor St, Toronto) is dedicated [2] p133


13 March – The Shrine containing The Book of Remembrance is dedicated at St. Paul’s Anglican Church (Bloor St, Toronto) [2] p133


Military Tournament held [2] p129

Regimental trip to Galt [2] p129


5 May – Silver Jubilee of His Majesty King George V – 15 members of the regiment receive Silver Jubilee Medals [2] p134

10 October – To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Regiment, a detachment of fourteen QOR departs for a visit to The Buffs led by Lieutenant Colonel P. R. Hampton, returning 11 November. [2] p132

  • Captain J.G.K. Strathy
  • Lieutenant J.M. Delamere
  • Company Sergeant Major J.H. Adams
  • Company Sergeant Major B. Couchman
  • Company Quartermaster Sergeant W.T. Gildner
  • Sergeant R.H. Wallace
  • Sergeant F. Bryant
  • Sergeant M.D. Thompson
  • Sergeant E.T. Harshman
  • Sergeant LG. Smith
  • Corporal F.C. Lennox
  • Corporal H. Fox
  • Corporal W.W. Harrison


7 February – Special parade for the proclamation of the accession of King Edward VIII [2] p134

Regimental trip to Lindsay [2] p129

September – The Vickers Gun Team under Lieutenant H. R. Downie took first place in the Canadian Infantry Association Competition.

15 December – 1st and 2nd Battalions amalgamated (General Order 162/36) [2] p375


15 April – Regimental Headquarters disbanded (General Order 162/36) [2] p375

12 May – Coronation Day of King George VI was celebrated by a Garrison Parade in Queen’s Park. The Canadian Coronation Contingent had one QOR member – Sergeant F. A. Steele [2] p134


8 March – Major General Sir Henry Mills Pellatt dies two months after his 80th birthday [2] p135

9 March – Major General Robert Rennie is appointed Honorary Colonel [2] p136

11 March – Sir Henry’s military funeral is attended by thousands [2] p135

Military funeral of Major General Sir Henry Pellatt at the University Armouries, Toronto
Military funeral of Major General Sir Henry Pellatt at the University Armouries, Toronto

22 May – His Majesty King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Toronto and the Queen’s Own had the privilege of providing the Guard of Honour at their departure from Union Station.  The Guard led by Major W. L. Bryan with Lieutenant C. O. Dalton and Second Lieutenant E. A. Dunlop, consisted of 100 men and both bands in full dress. During the visit the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel I. M. Macdonell was presented to His Majesty and the regiment also lined part of University Avenue for the Royal Procession [2] p136

Video of their arrival

10 September – Canada declares war against Germany


10 August – Duchess of Richmond drops anchor in Botwood harbour and 1st Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada disembark on their first “overseas” posting (as Newfoundland wasn’t part of Canada yet.) [2] p146

1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada - change of Quarter Guard at Gander, Newfoundland in 1940
1st Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada – change of Quarter Guard at Gander, Newfoundland in 1940
3rd Mortar Platoon at Gander Airport, Newfoundland, 1940
3rd Mortar Platoon at Gander Airport, Newfoundland, 1940


1 December – Lieutenant Colonel F. G. Rolph becomes Commanding Officer of the Regiment


15 May – Colonel J. W. McClain, OBE, ED take a reduction in rank to become Commanding Officer replacing Lieutenant Colonel F. G. Rolph [2] p283

9 June – First D-Day Memorial Service held at St. Paul’s Church (these services continued until 1959) [2] p283

23 June – 4th Battalion, QOR of C returns home from Europe and are properly welcomed [2] p283


19 May – Lieutenant Colonel William T. Barnard, ED, CD replaces Lieutenant Colonel McClain as Commanding Officer [2] p344

Fall – Queen’s Own provided an Honour Guard commanded by Captain R. D. Medland, DSO for Lieutenant Governor Ray Lawson at the Royal Winter Fair

25 October – WOI Harry Fox, MBE retired as Regimental Sergeant Major and was succeeded by WOI J. Barnes [2] p283

Late Fall – A painting of the D-Day landing, 6 June 1944, by Mr. Orville Fisher, a Canadian war artist, was unveiled in the Officers’ Mess. [2] p283 (This now hangs in the Regimental Museum at Casa Loma)


17 December – Major General Robert Rennie CB, CMG, DSO, MVO, VD, 10th Commanding Officer, died in his 87th year. At the request of the family, the funeral was private. [2] p284

6 thoughts on “Timeline: 1925-1949”

  1. Love reading these QOR pages I had a very good friend From Victoria B.C. his name was Jack Cockrell Whom landed on Juno Beach not on June 6 but on June 7 He passed away now

  2. I have a copy of my grandfathers discharge certificate, pictures of the medals he earned, as well as photos of him. date take unknown, but he served int he Q.O.R from September 28th 1943 – August 29th, 1945.

    i have been informed that he was in charge of blowing up rocket trailers, tho he didn’t know that is what they were at the time. he was captured and taken to Stalag 13, he never really talked about his time there.

  3. I recently came into posession of a watercolour painting of a mounted officer of the 2nd Life Guards by F G Rolph and wondered if this might be the same person as the Lt Col F G Rolph cited in this page? I have also come across a further reference to a member of the board of the Ontario School of Art. I am adding 2 and 2 together here and hoping I am coming up with 4 . Can anyone confirm?

  4. I found a picture in my father’s paper’s of the QOR of Canada at a ‘Depot’ of the same name, presumably in Calgary, taken by E W Cadman Oliver #51 . None of the names on the back are familiar, and my father, while born in Calgary, served in the RCNVR 1941-45. Any ideas where I can find more information? The uniforms appear to be post WW II.

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