Commanding Officers

The following is a list of Commanding Officers of the Queen’s Own Rifles Regiment and Battalions:

Perpetuated Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

3rd Battalion (Toronto Regiment)
83rd Battalion (Queen’s Own Rifles)
95th Battalion
166th QOR Battalion
198th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Buffs
255th Battalion

The Queen’s Own Rifles Colonel Commandants

From 1916 to 1937,  when the regiment consisted of two militia battalions in Toronto, the regimental commander was known as the Colonel Commandant.

First Battalion Commanding Officers

Second Battalion Commanding Officers

Third (Reserve) Battalion

Fourth (Reserve) Battalion

Fifth (Reserve) Battalion

  • March 1932 to at least October 1935
    Major E. M. Watts

Sixth (Reserve) Battalion

  • March 1932
    Lieutenant Colonel Sidney W. Band, VD
  • October 1935
    Lieutenant Colonel H.E. Rooney, VD

Reserve Regimental Depot

Single Reserve Battalion
(On Dec 15, 1936 the 1st and 2nd Battalions were combined to form a single battalion.)

1st Battalion (Active Service)

2nd Battalion (Reserves)

  • 10 Jul 1940 to 9 May 1945
    Lieutenant Colonel B. L. Johnston OBE, VD
  • 10 May 1945 to 21 Nov 1945)
    Lieutenant Colonel H. G. Barnum MC, ED 
  • 22 Nov 1945 to 30 Nov 1945
    Lieutenant Colonel F. G. Rolph

3rd Battalion (CASF)

4th Battalion (CAOF)

  • 8 Jun 1945 to 25 Dec 1945
    Lieutenant Colonel J. N. Medhurst OBE, ED
  • 26 Dec 1945 to 10 May 1946
    Acting Lieutenant Colonel R. A. Gauthier

Post War Reserve Battalion

1st Battalion – Regular Force

2nd Battalion – Regular Force

Regimental Depot – Regular Force (Calgary)

  • 1 Mar 1954 to 15 Oct 1955
    Major C. D. Rehill CD
  • 16 Oct 1955 to 31 May 1957
    Major C. J. Doerkson CD
  • 1 Jun 1957 to 29 Aug 1962
    Major D. M. Creighton CD
  • 30 Aug 1962 to 2 Dec 1968
    Major J. L. McCulloch CD

3rd Battalion – Reserves

2 thoughts on “Commanding Officers”

  1. I was with, Colonel Neville Arthur Robinson, in 1966 1967 in Calgary ,and I consider that he was the BEST CO that I ever had during my 35 years of services in the Canadian Armed Forces. I was the only Postal Clerk with the batallion then, approximitely 900 mens and he use to say, Cpl Lavigne I know your the only one of your trade but if someone gives you a hard time my door his alway’s open just come in.

  2. Not sure this is the right place to be but I was at Ridgeway today and wanted to commend the unit for the exemplary showing they performed.

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