Power, John J. J.

Lieutenant Colonel John J.J. Power, CD
Lieutenant Colonel John J.J. Power, CD

Lieutenant Colonel John J.J. Power, CD was born in Brockville, Ontario. He joined the 32nd Locating Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery. This unit later rebadged to the Brockville Rifles.

John’s civilian employment then took him to the Maritimes for a few short years and he had a break in military service. Upon his return to Brockville, he rejoined the Brockville Rifles where he was commissioned and ultimately served as adjutant during its centennial.

His civilian career moved him to Toronto where he transferred to The Queen’s Own Rifles. He spent eight years with George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology before embarking into his own business.

During this time with the regiment he commanded Buffs Company and took the regimentally tasked company from last place to first place out of thirty-two units in a five-year period. This tasking was known as the Force Mobile Command role.

Major Power and Major Paul Hughes ran a preparatory programme for the garrison officers heading for the Command and Staff course.

Power was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Commanding Officer of the regiment on 8 June 1975.

During this time arrangements were made to strengthen our relationship with our Allied regiments in England. To this end, a contingent of NCOs and other ranks were sent to train with the Royal Green Jackets in Germany, England and Wales. In Canterbury seven officers, representing the regiment, participated in parading with and the laying up of the Colours of The Buffs.

The regiment was still able to place third in infantry competitions and arrangements were made with Casa Loma for a summer guard in period uniforms for daily sentry duty. This eventually became a summer guard for the Provincial Parliament. Communications and support were strengthened with both the 1860 and Upper Canada College Cadet Corps.

The Big Two newsletter and The Rifleman publication committees were formed to improve communications for former serving members and other supporting people.

Lieutenant Colonel Power handed over command to Lieutenant Colonel W. (Bill) Wilson on 23 April 1978.

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