1940-1943 Regimental Standing Orders for the 1st Bn QORofC in the Second World War

Regimental Orders by Major MacKendrick E.D. Comd 1st Bn QORofC
Camp Borden, Ontario 12 July 1940

Dress, Officers & Other Ranks

Extract C.A.S.F. R.O.521

  1. The collar of the battle dress may be worn open on all occasions during the summer season.
  2. The regulation Khaki shirt will be worn with battle dress. The wearing of various coloured shirts and collars is not permitted.
  3. Other ranks will not wear ties
  4. The collar of the blouse may be lined to protect the neck.
  5. The ribands of orders, decorations, and medals will be worn in undress, service dress and battle dress in the prescribed manner.

Battalion Orders Serial 753 – “W” Force Major Barnard W.T. Adjutant, Serial 753

Gander/Botwood, Newfoundland 10 Sept 1940

  1. DressIn future straps of steel helmets will be worn under the chin.

Regimental Orders by Major MacKendrick E.D. Comd 1st Bn QORofC

Camp Sussex, N.B 11 mar. 1941

Wearing of Chevrons on Greatcoats

Chevrons will be worn on both arms of greatcoats in the following manner: – above the elbow, the points of the 1 bar chevrons 9 inches, the 2 bar 9 ½ inches, and the 3 bar 10 ½ inches from the top of the sleeve, point downwards.

Regimental Orders by Major MacKendrick E.D. Comd 1st Bn QORofC

Camp Sussex, N.B. 21 dec 1940

Dress – Winter Order

Attention is drawn by the Bde. Major to the following Bde. Orders.

(a) Winter caps will be brought into wear for all purposes with effect from 27 Nov. 1940

(b) Greatcoats and/or overshoes may be worn in camp and on training parades at the discretion of Officers Commanding units.

(c) Until further orders greatcoats and overshoes will be worn on all parades both training and ceremonial at which more than one unit is present.

(d) Greatcoats will be worn on all occasions in “Walking-Out Order” on duty in the town of Sussex and on leave or pass until further orders. Overshoes may be worn at discretion of Officers Commanding units in “Walking-Out Order”.

Wearing of Winter Caps

Winter caps will be worn squarely on the head. (Bde. Order 176)

1st Bn QOR of C

Exercise “Crump” 30 June 1942


Denim (Shirt sleeves will be worn, jacket carried in packs) Battle Order no nets on helmet – Gas capes will not be taken – Respirators haversacks will be covered by sand bags.


No reserve rations will be carried. Packs will be taken containing 1 Blanket and Great Coat. G1098 arms, ammunitions and tools will be taken.

15 Dec. 1942 Standing Orders and Instructions

3. Dress


(a) All officers on joining the unit will provide themselves with field service uniform, green F.S. Cap, officer pattern greatcoat, badges, etc. In accordance with Cdn. Army Dress Regulations. The Second in command of the Bn. Will be responsible for the dress of Officers. It is essential that officers dress is uniform throughout the regiment; the turn out of the officers is another indication of the standard and discipline of a unit. All officers will resport to 2 i/c on joining to see if their kit comes up to regimental requirements.

(b) Officers will wear black anklets and boots and black ties with battledress, in field service dress, black shoes and socks, black tie and F.S.Green.

 Other ranks

(a) Soldiers will, whether on dity or off duty, endeavour to turn out smartly dressed. Their appearance will at all times reflect favouraby or otherwise upon themselves and their unit. At no time will unauthorized orders of dress be worn. Properly fitted, worn and kept clean, the battle dress is not an unattractive order of dress.

(b) Trinkets, watch chains, unauthorized badges, combs, pens etc. Will not be worn with battldress in such a manner as to show.

(c) Medal ribbons will be worn by those entitled to them. Medals will not be worn during the period of war.

(d) When the battle dress blouse is worn, braces will be used to hold up the trousers. The blouse will be securely buttoned to the waist of the trousers otherwise there will be a tendency for blouse to ride up on the back.

(e) A red whistle cord will be worn on the left shoulder by all officers, warrant officers and sergeants.

(f) Personal markings on clothing will consist of rank, name and number and will only be placed on uniforms and equipment where it will not show when worn.

(g) Field dressings and identity discs will be carried by all ranks at all times.

(h) The hair will be cut short and all ranks will shave once a day. This applies equally to the field.

(i) Some of the irregularities noticed in the dress of the Cdn. Corps are as follows:

The wearing of canvas shoes when walking out. The battle dress blouse undone at neck, except when marching easy. Men either without F.S. Cap or carrying it under shoulder strap.

(j) Badges

On joining the unit each man will be provided free with regt. Badges, cap, shoulder badges Q.O.R., Canada and Div. Patch also cap F.S. Green. From then on he will be held responsible that he is always in possession of these articles.

(k) The F.S. Cap green will not be worn when on duty with troops, but will be only worn off duty, church parades or when walking out.

(l) On privilege leave civilian dress may be worn but while in uniform the same standard and uniformity of dress is demanded when on leave.

(m)All guards, details, piquets, etc., will be inspected for dress before proceeding to their duties. The coys will assure themselves that no man leaves the camp or billet unless he is properly dressed.

(n) From time to time specialists will be aurthorized to wear badges. In the first instance they will be issued free. The following personnel are authrozied to wear badges – cooks, drivers, signalmen, drivers mechanic and bandsmen.

(o) Chin straps and regimental flashes will be worn on the left side of the helmet.

(p) Good conduct Stripes are awarded after two years good service and are worn on the left arm below the elbow.

  1. Order of dress

Uniformity of dress is to be stressed at all times.

(a) Battle Order

Battle Dress – anklets
Steel Helmet (With of without net as ordered)
Web Equipment (braces to be worn)
Respirator (slung over right shoulder under waistbelt. Mounted personnel will wear respirator at alert)
Water Bottle (on right side)
Haversack (with ground sheet or gas cape as ordered)
Sword under left arm
Gas cape (on shoulder if ordered)
Entrenching tool
G1098 ammunition.

(b) Marching Order

As above except – pack carried in place of haversack.

Haversack slung at left side.
Respirator at “Alert Position”.

(c) Fatique Order

Battle dress, denim and boots.

Other equipment as ordered

(d) Church Parade Order

Battle Dress and anklets.
F.S. Green Cap.
Respirator and helmet (if ordered)

(e) Guard and Picket Order

Battle Dress and anklets
Steel Helmets
Skeleton web
Respirator at “alert position”
Gase Cape (rolled on shoulder)
Detector sleeves

(f) Walking Out Order

Battle Dress
F.S. Green Cap
Anklets – (may or may not be worn).
Black shoes and socks may be worn by those in possession of them in lieu of boots.

(g) Drill Order with Pouches

Steel Helmet
Web braces, belts & pouches
Sword at left side of the belt
Battledress and anklets

(h) Piquet Order

F.S. Khaki cap
waistbelt and sidearm
Battledress and anklet

  1. Kit – With due regard to circumstances and cleaning material available with equipment will be kept clean – brass will not be polished

(a) Haversack – will contain normally

Mess tins
Emergency Ration
Unconsumed portions of days ration in ration bag
Knife, fork and spoon
Cardigan when not worn.
1 pr. Of boot laces
Waterproof sheet or cape anti-gas under flap of haversack
1 pr. Of socks

(b) Pack – will normally contain

Cap comforter
F.S. Cap
Towel and soap

  1. Respirator

Respirator and haversack complete contain
haversack with sand bag covering
Face piece, head harness, tube, containers
6 eye shields
1 tin anti-dim and cloth
Cottom Waste
2 prs gas dectectors shoulder
1 identity disc red attached to base of tube where it joins containers
1 pamplet anti-gas

Carrying of Respirator – R.O. 2543:

Repsirators will be carried on the following occasions

(a) At all times in field service marching order unless otherwise ordered by the commander. A Commander may decide after consideration of the local military situation that the improvement in fighting efficiency obtained by not carrying the respirator outwighs the risk involved.

(b) At any time when ordered by the CO

(c) On picquets and guards

  1. After orders notifying a state of emergency have been issued

(e) All ranks while absent from their stations will take their respirators with them, but need not carry them except on the occasions detailed above

(f) Unless otherwise ordered, respirators will be carried in a slung position, over the right shoulder, haversack on left side

  1. Cape Anti-Gas – Will containers

Cotton waste

1 tin ointment anti-gas

1 hood anti-gas

When not in use it will be hung up unrolled. It may be carried rolled under the flap of the haversack, rolled on the shoulder or on the back of the waist belt as ordered.

1st Bn The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada 11 Apr 43

Care of Kit and Equipment

A.W.L.S. – C.O.C. Will collect kit and equipemt and turn same over to C.Q.M.S. In the event of the soldier being S.O.S. As a deserter C.Q.M.S. Will then deliver kit to R.Q. Stores.

SICKNESS – When a man is admitted to unit sick bay; he will turn surplus kit over to C.Q.M.S. For retention.

LEAVE – men proceeding on leave will deposit surplus kit with C.Q.M.S.

HOSPITAL – In the event of a man being despatched to hospital, he will take all his G 1098 kit, with exception ammuniton, with him.

(To be appended to Bn Standing Orders)


Sub-Para-Dress Regs

  1. BERETS, Khaki, GS Canadian PatternOTHER RANKSBerets will be worn with the leather band parallel with the eye-brows and the slack pulled down over the right ear. Under no circumstances will they be worn pulled down on the back of the head.
  2. BADGES CAPThese will be worn immediately above the left eye. The badge will be backed by a 2 1/2” X 2 1/2” square of rifle green flannel. This square will be sewn to the beret, the lower edge flush with the top of the leather band. Wearing a beret without the badge will be considered a breach of dress regs. Badges may be worn without backing until such time as backing is issued.
  3. WALKING OUT DRESSWalking out dress will either be FS Green or Berets until further notice. FS Khaki will NOT be worn under any circumstances.OFFICERSBerets will be worn the same as for Other Ranks.


    The cap badge will be the collar badge. The badge will be backed by a rifle green backing conforming to the shape of the Maple Leaf and 1/8” larger, this complete, will be worn over a red flannel backing and conforming to the shape of the Maple Leaf and 1/8” larger than the rifle green backing but sewn on to the beret. Wearing the berets without the badge will be considered a breach of Dress Regs.


    F.S. GREEN ONLY. FS Khaki will on NO account be worn.

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