Regimental Sergeants Major

The list of Regimental Sergeants Major, (known simply as Sergeant Major until 1908), is nearly complete however we’ll continue to try our best to fill in the gaps.  From 1 May 1906 until 15 December 1936 the Regiment expanded to 2 battalions and by 1908 the term Regimental Sergeant Major came into use for the first time and separate Sergeants Major were appointed for the 1st and 2nd battalions. During both WWI and WWII and from 1954 to 1970 there were multiple battalions and we are working towards a complete listing.

QOR Sgts Major 1860-1908

QOR Sgt Majors 1908-1937

World War One (Canadian Expeditionary Force Battalions)

3rd (Toronto) Battalion

Reinforcement Battalions

Post World War I

World War Two

1st Overseas Battalion

2nd Reserve Battalion

3rd (Active) Battalion

Post World War II

1st Battalion (Regular)

  • Mar 1954-Sep 1958 – WOI H. C. (Rusty) Rowbotham, CD
  • Sep 1958-Jul 1962 – WOI (later Capt) C.J. Hampton, CD
  • Jul 1962-65 – WOI K. H. McLeod, CD (Commissioned during 1965)
  • 1966-67 – WOI J. Lang, CD
  • 1968-13 May 1969 – CWO J. Lang, CD
  • 13 May 1969 – 26 Apr 1970 – CWO W. H. Carlton, CD

2nd Battalion (Regular)

  • Oct 1953 to Jan 1954 – WOI G. E. Miller, CD
  • Jan 1954 to Jun 1955 – WOI W. Demmy, DCM, CD (to Depot)
  • Jun 1955 to Jan 1961 – WOI (later Capt) D. Page, CD
  • Jan 1961 to Nov 1963 – WOI G. F. Collings, CD
  • Nov 1963 to Aug 1965 – WOI G. A. Naylor, CD (to Depot)
  • Aug 1965 to 1967 – WOI F. J. Thomas, CD
  • 1968 to – CWO R. J. Thomas, CD

Regimental Depot (Regular)

  • Apr 1954 to May 1955 – WOI K. Byron, CD
  • Jun 1955 to Sep 1958 – WOI W. Demmy, DCM, CD
  • Sep 1958 to Jul 1962 – WOI H. C. Rowbotham, CD
  • Jul 1962 to 29 Aug 1965 – WOI (later Capt) C. J. Hampton, CD
  • 29 Aug 1965 to ? – WOI G. A. Naylor, CD
  • 1966 to 1967 – WOI F. J Thomas, CD
  • 1968 to 2 Dec 1968 – MWO V. J. Ramsbottom, CD

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

How the rank of Sergeant Major looked throughout our history:

montage rank


1897 Newspaper Article on the QOR Sergeants' Mess
1897 Newspaper Article on the QOR Sergeants’ Mess

Thorn, JO Sgt Maj 04659

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  1. Great webpage for historical information! The title of your page should read, “Regimental Sergeant’s Major”. the current spelling is incorrect.

    1. Just noticed Kent Stewart’s comment on spelling. There should be no apostrophe in “Sergeants”. That would be a possessive form. The correct plural is as it appears: “Regimental Sergeants Major”.

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