Hewitt, W.H.

Col-Sgt WH Hewitt 1905 (c)
Colour Sergeant W. H. Hewitt, 1905

Sergeant Major W. H. Hewitt joined the Queen’s Own in or before 1894, spending the majority of his career in H Company. He was promoted to Corporal in 1896, Sergeant in 1899, Colour Sergeant in 1905 and in 1907 was promoted to Staff-Sergeant and appointed as Sergeant-Major of the Battalion. In 1908 he was commissioned to Lieutenant at which rank he attended at least one Course of Instruction of Infantry (Subaltern). He is last listed on the Paylist of March to November 1910 as Lieutenant still part of H Company.

Hewitt was awarded the Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal for 20 years of service. He is listed as attending the 35th Annual Sergeants’ Mess dinner at the Queen’s Hotel in Toronto in 1925.

Timeline of Service:

  • 1894, listed as Private, H Coy, paylist;
  • 1896, listed as Corporal, H Coy, paylist;
  • 1899, listed as Sergeant, paylist;
  • 1901, listed as Sergeant, H Coy, paylist;
  • 1902, listed as Sergeant Hewitt, paylist;
  • 1903, listed as Sergeant Hewitt, paylist;
  • 1905, listed as Colour Sgt, H Coy, paylist;
  • 1906, listed as Colour Sgt, 3 Coy, paylist;
  • 1907, listed as Sgt-Maj, paylist;
  • 1908, listed as Lieutenant Hewitt, paylist;
  • 1908, Mar-Apr, Lt Hewitt is listed on a certificate as attending Training of Military Instruction;
  • 1909, March, April, listed as passed Garrison Class of Instruction, Infantry;
  • 1908, Apr-Oct, listed as Lieutenant, paylist, H Coy;
  • 1910, Mar-Nov, listed as Lieutenant, paylist H Coy;
  • 1925, attended 35th Annual Sergeants’ Mess dinner at Queen’s Hotel;
  • Unk, awarded Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal

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