Adjutant – “Usually a senior captain (sometimes a major). As the commanding officer’s personal staff officer, he was once in charge of all the organization, administration and discipline for a battalion or regiment, although now the bulk of administrative work is carried out by the Administrative Officer.”

1st Battalion

  • 1970 – 1st Battalion – Captain W. Ratz

2nd Battalion

Regimental Depot

  • 1 Mar 1954 (?) to Nov 1954 – Captain “Kip” Kirby
  • Nov 1954 to 23 Mar 1965 Captain J. R. Schmitz, CD
  • 23 Mar 1965 to ? – Captain Paul Zmean, CD

Regimental Headquarters

  • 13 Aug 1968 to 15 Sep 1970 – Regimental Adjutant Captain W.G. Mountain, CD

3rd Battalion

  • 1964 – 3rd Battalion – Captain P. S. Peevers
  • 2012 – Captain Adam West

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