Gunther, Ernest Frederick

Lieutenant Colonel E. F. Gunther
QOR Museum photo

Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Frederick Gunther, VD was born 13 February, 1862 in Toronto, Ontario to Egmund Gunther and Mary Gray Staunton. He served during the Northwest Rebellion 1885 and was the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, The Queen’s Own from 1906 to 1911.

Gunther joined K Company of the Queen’s Own in 1878 at the age of 16. Progressing through the ranks quickly he was Sergeant by 1882 and gazetted to 2nd Lieutenant in 1883. By 1885 he was Lieutenant and Commanded K Company during the North West Rebellion and was at the Relief of Battleford, (24 Apr), and operations against Chief Big Bear’s Band (June-July).

By 1889 he was gazetted Captain and in 1894 he was instrumental in the production of the Illustrated Historical Album of the QOR. He spent a number of years as Adjutant and was awarded the Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers’ Decoration in 1902 and gazetted Major the next year. In 1906 he was gazetted Lieutenant Colonel and appointed as Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, a position he held until his retirement in 1911.

Lieutenant Gunther (far left bottom) on return from the Northwest Rebellion 1885 QOR Museum photo

Gunther was a graduate of Upper Canada College and was a Fire Inspector in civilian life. He married Ina Hinman Hills in 1911, they had one daughter.

After relinquishing Command of the Queen’s Own they moved to British Colombia, he died 13 February 1940 at the age of 77 and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery with Ina and their daughter, Plot HORN2 09-039-0005.

Timeline of Military Service:

  • 1878, Private in K Company;
  • 1882, Sergeant, K Company;
  • 1883, 11 Sep, gazetted 2nd Lieutenant;
  • 1884, 2 May, gazetted Lieutenant;
  • 1885, NW Rebellion, Lieutenant E Gunther, OC K Company, Relief of Battleford, (24 Apr), Operations against Chief Big Bear’s Band (June-July);
  • 1889, 27 Sep, gazetted Captain;
  • 1894, created Illustrated Historical Album of the QOR;
  • 1895, 21 Apr 1895, Captain Gunther appointed Acting Adjutant;
  • 1897, 3 Jul 1897, Captain Gunther appointed Adjutant;
  • 1899, 27 Sep, gazetted Brevet Major;
  • 1901, 6 Feb, Lieutenant James George appointed Adjutant;
  • 1902, 1 Feb, awarded Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers’ Decoration;
  • 1903, 22 Sep, gazetted Major
  • 1906, 10 Apr, gazetted Lieutenant Colonel
  • 1906, 1 May, promoted to LCol and appointed as CO 2nd Bn (pg 375);
  • 1911, 3 March, relinquishes command to LCol R Rennie;
  • 1911, 14 March, retired
(Brevet) Major E. F. Gunther with his North West Canada Medal (between 1899 and 1902) QOR Museum photo

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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