83rd Battalion QOR CEF

83rd Battalion (Queen’s Own Rifles) CEF

  • 83rd Battalion Badge
    Badge of the 83rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force

    Inscription on Badge: 83 – Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada – Overseas Battalion



  • Mobilization Authorized: August 4, 1915
  • Trained:
  • August 19, 1915 to October 30, 1915 – Niagara Camp
  • November 5, 1915 to April 25, 1916 – Riverdale Barracks, Toronto
  • Embarked: April 28, 1916 at Halifax – S.S. Olympia
  • 83rd Battalion Nominal Roll and 1st Reinforcement Draft
  • Disembarked: May 6, 1916 at Liverpool
  • Training Camp: West Sandling, England
  • Disposition: Principal drafts to 3rd Battalion, 4th and 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles.
  • Disbanded: June 4, 1917
  • Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Reginald Pellatt (QOR of C)
  • Strength on leaving Canada – 35 officers, 1,085 other ranks; previous draft sent on September 25, 1915: 5 officers, 250 other ranks
  • Perpetuation: May 1, 1920 (GO 66/20)
83rd Battalion CEF at Niagara-on-the-late in 1915 – Archives Canada photo

4 thoughts on “83rd Battalion QOR CEF”

  1. Is there any way I can be sent or purchase a copy of the 83rd Battalion gathered on the steps (WWI) on the website? My great grandfather Roy Kallar will be in the shot, but I can’t see the photo close enough…

  2. Is there any possibility of including the nominal rolls of this unit? I realize this might be a bit of a task.

    Just wondering

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