Riflemen of the Queen’s Own who served in the South Africa Campaign 1899-1900

Thirty-four Riflemen of the Queen’s Own volunteered for service with the First Canadian Contingent. Most of them served with 2 (Toronto) Company the 2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry (RCRI) created specifically for the contingent from Militia units across Canada. Captain Barker was Company Commander of 2 Company and a former Rifleman, Lieutenant-Colonel William D Otter, commanded the Battalion. Three Riflemen died and six were wounded in action. Where soldiers have biography pages on this site they are highlighted, Companies the soldiers belong to in the Queen’s Own are listed in the second column.

Last Name, Rank, Given Names QOR Co. Notes
Allen, Private Carleton Woodford J Coy WIA* Cronje’s Laager 17 Feb 1900
Anderson, Private FT E Coy  
Barker, Captain Rybert Kent  C Coy Comanding C Co. 2nd RCRI
Beattie, Sergeant Albert J Coy died of Enteric Fever 14 Apr 1900
Bird, Private Bernard Martin D Coy  
Blight, Private Walter Stansfield G Coy died of Enteric Fever 15 Apr 1900
Cozzens, Private Harry Alex F Coy also 2nd Contigent, 3rd CMR*
Dixon, Sergeant Harold Wm A H Coy  
Eakins, Private George R D Coy  
Ellis, Private George Spencer G Coy  
Hector, Private Frederick Thomas D E Coy  
Hewitt, Sergeant William Hamilton H Coy  
Hoskins, Corporal Ralph Wyatt H Coy  
Igelstrom, Private Fred Walker J Coy  
Jackson, Private Charles Ernest E [1]   KIA at Paardeberg 18 Feb 1900
Jordan, Corporal Joseph A Coy  
Jordan, Private James    
Kennedy, Private James A Coy WIA at Paardeberg 18 Feb 1900
Kidner, Private Reginald Wm A Coy  
McGiverin, Private William Lorimer J Coy WIA at Paardeberg 18 Feb 1900
Playfair, Private Stuart Bryce    
Redway, Private Edgar Henry A Coy  
Rooke, Private William James G Coy  
Seager, Private John A Coy also 2nd Contigent, 6th CMR
Stewart, Private Malcolm MacKenzie J Coy  
Tomlinson, Private Charles F Coy  
Ussher, Private John Fredrick H   WIA at Paardeberg 18 Feb 1900
Vanderwater, Private Wm Maurice   WIA at Paardeberg 18 Feb 1900
Ward, Private Sherwell Maswood F Coy WIA at Paardeberg 18 Feb 1900
Weir, Private Frederick Eugene F Coy  
Williams, Bugler Douglas Frank Bugles also 1902 Contigent, 2nd CMR
Wilson, Private Norman Waring G Coy  
Young, Private Henry F Coy  
Young, Private Robert Malcom F Coy  


CMR is Canadian Mounted Rifles,

WIA is Wounded in action

[1] Jackson, a member of the Queen’s Own, tried to enlist with the contingent for South Africa but was rejected because his arm didn’t show any vaccination marks. Somehow though he was able to enlist after joining the Haldimand Battalion.


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