Kennedy, James

Lieutenant J Kennedy c1910
QOR Museum photo

7356 Lieutenant James Kennedy was born 8 February 1872 in Belfast, Northern Ireland to Robert Kennedy and Elizabeth Hutchinson. Emigrating to Toronto, Canada in 1881 James enrolled as a Private in number 1 (A) Company of the Queen’s Own Rifles in 1893. By 1897 James was promoted to Corporal and in 1899 he volunteered for active service in the South African war as a Private. In early 1900 James took part in the actions at Paardeburg and Cape Colony. He was slightly wounded in the arm at Paardeberg and invalided to England during that summer.

Upon return to Canada, James resumed his career in the Queen’s Own and was promoted to Color-Sergeant of A Company by 1902. In 1908 he was commissioned and retired from service as a Lieutenant in 1910.

In his civilian career he was a Postal Clerk, in 1910 James married Emma Jane Galsworthy, they had two children. James passed away on 20 March 1931 in Toronto.

Private J Kennedy during the South African War
QOR Museum photo

Timeline of Military Service:

  • 1893-94, Kennedy, Pte J, A Coy Nom Roll;
  • 1896-97, Kennedy, Cpl J, A Coy Nom roll;
  • 1897-98, Kennedy, Pte J, A Coy Nom Roll;
  • 1898-99, Kennedy, Pte J, A Coy Nom Roll;
  • 1899, 23 October, Toronto, enlisted for service in South Africa, 2nd Special Service Battalion RCR;
  • 1900, 18 February, Wounded in Action, arm-slight, Paardeberg;
  • 1900, 6 June, invalided to England;
  • 1900, 31 August, discharged from active service;
  • 1901-02, Kennedy, Sgt JB, A Coy Nom Roll;
  • 1902-03, Kennedy, Col-Sgt J, A Coy Nom Roll;
  • 1908, 30 May, Commissioned to Lieutenant in 7 Company;
  • 1909, qualified as Captain;
  • 1910, Lieutenant, F Company.

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