1910 Nominal Roll on Leaving Toronto for Aldershot


Colonel Pellett Sir H. M., A.D.C., “In Command”

Lieutenant Colonel Mason P.L. (2nd in Command)
Major Peuchen A.G.
Major Rennie R.
Major Thorn J.O.
Captain Butcher W.P. (Transport – RCR)
Captain George J.  (Adjutant)
Surgeon Captain Goldsmith P.G.
Surgeon Captain Winnett F.
Honorary Captain The Reverand Dr. Lloyd J.P.D.

Sergeant Major Brittain A.E. (Regimental Sergeant Major)
Warrant Officer Timpson G.J. (Bandmaster)
Col. Sgt. Giles W.G. (Pioneers)
Col. Sgt. Morgan T.T. (Quartermaster-Sergeant)
Col. Sgt. Rose A. (Orderly Room Sergeant)
Sgt. Passmore H.E. (Orderly Room)
Sgt. Salvaneschi J.C. (Quartermaster’s Stores)
Sgt. Scovell A.G. (Quartermaster’s Stores)
Sgt. Slaght J.O. (Quartermaster’s Stores)
Sgt. Bug. Taylor R.W. (Bugle Band)
Sgt. Trull T.E. (Stretcher Bearers)
Cpl. Rouse P.L.  

Pte. Bannen R.J.
Pte. Cussion R.W.
Pte. Cussion T.
Pte. Ellingsworth C.
Pte. Mills W.V. 
Pte. Pattie W.G.
Pte. Shields J.
Pte. White F.

Sgt. Savage C.
Sgt. Fricker W.
Cpl. Jones T.B.
Cpl. Pye C.
Pte. Alderson J.B.
Pte. Beck G.
Pte. Bowman A.
Pte. Clarke W.
Pte. Coghill J.M.
Pte. Cook R..J.
Pte. Devonshire A.
Pte. Duncan A.
Pte. Fisher A.
Pte. Fricker F.W.
Pte. Graham A.
Pte. Graham W.
Pte. Gray A.
Pte. Kaley J.
Pte. Kelk H.W
Pte. Matthews T.
Pte. McClure J.A.
Pte. McDonald L.M.
Pte. McGillicuddy J.
Pte. McMahon W.
Pte. Miller J.M.
Pte. Montgomery G.
Pte. Pratt J.W.
Pte. Ratclyfe F.A.
Pte. Rooney W.L.
Pte. Rowntree E.B.
Pte. Runge M.
Pte. St. John W.C.
Pte. Taylor P.
Pte. Timpson B.J
Pte. Varley F.

Cpl. Fox C.J.
Cpl. Montgomery A.A.
Pte. Barker W.
Pte. Burrows A.R.
Pte. Cameron A.
Pte. Cann J.
Pte. Chandler F.
Pte. Clarke L.
Pte. Downard E.
Pte. Lillie G.
Pte. Montgomery W.
Pte. Secord F.
Pte. Townsend W.

Pte. Allcok A.A.
Pte. Bates F.W
Pte. Cruikshank W.D.
Pte. Flood W.
Pte. Griffiths W.
Pte. Holland W.
Pte. Judges H.V.
Pte. Lloyd W.E.
Pte. McIntosh R.K.
Pte. Rave E.W.
Pte. Skaith J.B.
Pte. Spence H.V.

Capt. Higginbottom G.M.
Lt. Crowther W.B.
Lt. Lannoy E.E
Col. Sgt. Johnson E.H.B.
Sgt. Aeddock S.A.
Sgt. Evason U.E.
Sgt. Waters A.J.
Cpl. Coulter A.K.
Cpl. Greaves .A. V.
Bug. Harrad G.
Pte. Bateson G.W
Pte. Brenchly R.
Pte. Brookes
Pte. Calhoun R.
Pte. Carnyn W.
Pte. Cartwright E.D.
Pte. Charlebois W.J.
Pte. Dodson G.W.
Pte. Dunn H.M.
Pte. Eyre C.G.
Pte. Fennell E.A.
Pte. Fisher McA.
Pte. Fleming W.
Pte. Gardner F.
Pte. Gentleman E.J.
Pte. Gibson A.
Pte. Gilbert R.
Pte. Gilbert J.
Pte. Giles F.S.
Pte. Godwin R.C.
Pte. Graham T.W.
Pte. Gray J.W.
Pte. Greenfield S.
Pte. Hay J.
Pte. Henderson J.B.
Pte. Henlett R.C.
Pte. Hooper T.
Pte. Hunter E.J.
Pte. Jenkins F.W.
Pte. Martin G.
Pte. McConney G.E.
Pte. McKnight W.
Pte. Milburn C.A.
Pte. Milding A.J.
Pte. Nettleton E.
Pte. Newsome J.A.
Pte. Perry F.T.
Pte. Reddick A.V.
Pte. Shoebridge G.J.
Pte. Sloan G.
Pte. Smith R.M.
Pte. Spring G.J.
Pte. Stewart H.L.
Pte. Stewart W.
Pte. Stinson F.J.
Pte. Stockton T.
Pte. Suddaly E.R.
Pte. Trenwith F.D.
Pte. Trolley F.C.
Pte. Verral E.R.
Pte. Warren A.
Pte. Weir A.
Pte. Wilson J.W.
Pte. Woodland S.C.
Pte. Young W.A.

Capt. Mitchell W.L.
Lt. Curry W.E.
Lt. Scott S.W.L.
Col. Sgt. Moore R.E.E.
Sgt. Graham W.J.
Sgt. Norrie W.N.N.
Sgt. Wass C.A.E.
Cpl. Butler E.A.
Cpl. Haight W.J.
Cpl. Harrison W.
Cpl. Pettam F.W.
Bug. Fry S.L.
Bug. Hanbidge E.F.
Pte. Attwell A.
Pte. Attwell R.
Pte. Bartlett J.B.
Pte. Brown J.R.
Pte. Bushell A.J.
Pte. Butler S.
Pte. Cable G.W.
Pte. Carroll A.V.
Pte. Challes A.J.
Pte. Cochrane J.M.
Pte. Coulter A.M.
Pte. Creber G.W.
Pte. Davidson B.F.
Pte. Dent J.
Pte. Doyle R.
Pte. Fugard P.
Pte. Hamilton R.C.
Pte. Gates W.G.
Pte. Gerry W.B.
Pte. Green C.W.
Pte. Gunn C.
Pte. Hill R.W.
Pte. Hodge B.A.W.
Pte. Homewood C.R.
Pte. James P.E.
Pte. Jones B.
Pte. Kerr J.
Pte. Lee M.C.
Pte. Lawlor A.
Pte. Luke M.F.
Pte. Macdonald A.H.D.
Pte. McQuillan R.J.
Pte. Newton P.E.
Pte. Palmer A.B.
Pte. Powed J.
Pte. Powed R.
Pte. Ramm H.J.
Pte. Richards F.E.
Pte. Robbins A.C.
Pte. Rooney J.E.
Pte. Rowley H.S
Pte. Sharpe W.T.
Pte. Skene A.S.C.
Pte. Skimson A.C.
Pte. Simpson T.J.
Pte. Steel F.A.
Pte. Sutherland J.R.
Pte. Thompson H.G.
Pte. Web J.F.
Pte. Webster B.
Pte. Wilcockson W.
Pte. Wilson J.
Pte. Winsor C.G.

Capt. Michell W.C.
Lt. Medland F. R.
Lt. Muntz H.G.
Col. Sgt. Robertson J.C.
Sgt. Brookes A.W.
Sgt. Kiuk W.F.
Sgt. Minns W.B.
Cpl. Clipperton W.H.
Cpl. Feldstein L.C.
Cpl. Freeman G.E.
Cpl. Roddick R.
Cpl. Bug. Taylor W.R.
Bug. Gardiner F.J.
Pte. Blachford A.F.
Pte. Broad C.O.
Pte. Brokenshire L.
Pte. Burger F.
Pte. Bourke H.M.
Pte. Bumer G.M.
Pte. Cameron W.G.
Pte. Campbell A.P.
Pte. Clarke E.
Pte. Cook E.W.
Pte. Couchman G.
Pte. Dibble R.G.
Pte. Dickes F.
Pte. Dymond G.A.W.
Pte. Fenson G.W.
Pte. Fisher F.R.
Pte. Gifford E.
Pte. Good W.C.
Pte. Graves F.W.
Pte. Gray E.C.
Pte. Guscott F.F.
Pte. Guy F.J.
Pte. Hammond W.C.
Pte. Hayes F.J.
Pte. Henderson F.A.
Pte. Herbert H.A.
Pte. Hume W.E.
Pte. Ibbotson J.W.
Pte. Lanphier J.
Pte. Latter J.S.
Pte. Levu W.J.
Pte. Lucas A.
Pte. McCallum S.D.
Pte. McDonald W.
Pte. McEvoy J.W.
Pte. Minns W.R.
Pte. Mulvey C.D.
Pte. Osborne F.
Pte. Randall S.
Pte. Samuel W.H.
Pte. Short G.E.
Pte. Smith A.C.
Pte. Speers A.M.
Pte. Stephen A.
Pte. Terry B.J.
Pte. Thomas G.D.
Pte. Walsh W.J.
Pte. Watt J.
Pte. Wilks C.R.
Pte. Wooley J.E.G.
Pte. Young H.F.

Capt. Royce G.C.
Lt. Forwood T.W.
Lt. Miller H.W.
Col. Sgt. Purvis W.J.
Sgt. McLelland J.W.
Sgt. Parton W.
Sgt. Rooke J.W.
Cpl. Gay A.F.
Cpl. Hartman W.E.
Cpl. New H.W.
Cpl. Scott E.
Bug. Ayre E.A.
Bug. Wiman J.E.
Pte. Andrews G.H.
Pte. Ashdown A.V.
Pte. Barkholder A.F.
Pte. Blarney J.
Pte. Campbell D.
Pte. Cook F. L.
Pte. Cook R.G.
Pte. Coulter J.J.
Pte. Cowling C.E.
Pte. Daniels H.
Pte. Dent R.E.
Pte. D’Esierre P.B.
Pte. Elliott F.E.
Pte. Frank R.W.
Pte. Giddens E.A.
Pte. Gillies F.W.
Pte. Graham A.
Pte. Hall E.L.
Pte. Hayes C.
Pte. Henderson H.V.
Pte. Hoban R.
Pte. Howard L.
Pte. Irving W.
Pte. Jackson O.G.
Pte. Kelly L.G.
Pte. Law O.J.
Pte. Lepper W.
Pte. Little T.C.
Pte. Littlewood B.
Pte. Mantle W.F.
Pte. Martin S.
Pte. McGowan J.E.
Pte. McLean N.
Pte. McRae J.A.
Pte. Ormsby R.J.
Pte. Owens R.
Pte. Peters E.A.
Pte. Phillips R.
Pte. Pue P.E.
Pte. Sluman G.N.
Pte. Sowrey W.
Pte. Stonehouse G.S
Pte. Street W.J.
Pte. Tausted R.
Pte. Tellet C.
Pte. Thompson G.A.W.
Pte. Tunstead R.
Pte. Waller F.J.
Pte. Watkins E.J.
Pte. Whiteoak W.H.
Pte. Whyte R.
Pte. Winson F.

Capt. Kirkpatrick A.E.
Lt. Johnston L.B.
Lt. Lindsey C.B. 
Col. Sgt. Madell H.H.
Sgt. Downing T.W.
Sgt. Gilchrist G.W.
Sgt. Hutchinson T.R.
Cpl. Doericott T.A.
Cpl. Eddes A.G.
Cpl. Enright M.J
Bug. Corin N.E.
Bug. Powell H.
Pte. Astin L.
Pte. Austin J.L.
Pte. Baker F.
Pte. Baker H.L.
Pte. Ball H.D.
Pte. Boswea H.G.
Pte. Brown G.M.
Pte. Brown P.T.
Pte. Chambers A.
Pte. Clarke G.
Pte. Connolly R.
Pte. Corin C.W.A.
Pte. Coude L.
Pte. Deans J.W.
Pte. Dougherty G.W.
Pte. Dougherty R.
Pte. Gordon W.
Pte. Graham W.
Pte. Hadley G.J.
Pte. Jewson P.
Pte. Jullott C.J.
Pte. Kirk C.D.
Pte. Lean F.S.
Pte. Lindner W.M.
Pte. Lock E.
Pte. Macdonald W.
Pte. Mains D.A.
Pte. Martin F.
Pte. McCoomb F.
Pte. Melville R.
Pte. Muir W.J.
Pte. Parker F.V.
Pte. Partridge E.N.
Pte. Pettit W.H.
Pte. Pollock J.M.
Pte. Raynor E.G.
Pte. Richardson N.G
Pte. Samuel W.
Pte. Sanders W.H.
Pte. Scott E.J.
Pte. Scott F.G.
Pte. Scott G.
Pte. Seitz C.J.
Pte. Sharpe W.J.
Pte. Smith E.G.
Pte. Street F.E.
Pte. Taylor A.M.
Pte. Thornton S.A.
Pte. Wyatt F.M.
Pte. Young G.E..

Capt. Pellatt R.
Lt. Gzowski R.M.
Lt. Suydam H.C.
Col. Sgt. Wickens H.G.
Sgt. Nevill R.A.
Sgt. Rooney W.
Sgt. Frith W.
Cpl. Anderson W.F.
Cpl. Cumming G.D.
Cpl. Lyall L.B.
Cpl. Scott B.F.
Bug. Ashley W.H.
Bug. Peer W.J.
Pte. Abbott H.F.
Pte. Baker H.B.
Pte. Ball A.F.
Pte. Bathurst J.A.
Pte. Bond H.S.G.
Pte. Brown E.M.
Pte. Clifton W.P.
Pte. Cosgrave L.M.
Pte. Coulter A.W.
Pte. Davison J.A.
Pte. Dennehey E.L.
Pte. Farrington A.P.
Pte. Foote H.W.
Pte. Frith H.H.
Pte. Gentleman W.R.T.
Pte. Hatton W. McA.
Pte. Henshaw F.R.
Pte. Holland G.A.
Pte. Hogg J.W.
Pte. Hoole G.B.
Pte. Horsey C.M.
Pte. Huycke W.F.
Pte. Johnston D. J.
Pte. Jones G.L.
Pte. Kelley N.P.
Pte. Lee C.T.
Pte. Lefroy W.
Pte. Long S.
Pte. Lyall C.R.
Pte. Mairs M.W.
Pte. McDonald J.A.
Pte. McFeeley E.C.
Pte. McIntyre W.J.
Pte. McLaughlin H.J.
Pte. Munro H.E. 
Pte. Muntz E.P.
Pte. Norris E.G.
Pte. Parker H.
Pte. Payne G.N.
Pte. Pinder E.M.
Pte. Probin C.F.
Pte. Qua N.C.
Pte. Rice M.B.
Pte. Secord H.F.
Pte. Sime A.W.
Pte. Sinclair I.M.
Pte. Stewart W.L.
Pte. Stickney W.G.
Pte. Sutcliffe C.E.
Pte. Swift H.I.
Pte. Tucker H.G.
Pte. Webber C.S.
Pte. Wright W.A.

Capt. Band S.W.
Lt. George R.K.
Lt. Massey C.V. 
Col. Sgt. Macdonald M.D.
Sgt. Barnum H.G.
Sgt. Davis R.N.C.
Sgt. West G.M.
Cpl. Elton A.R.
Cpl. Goodman A.N.C.
Cpl. McLaren J.F.
Cpl. Richardson H.G
Cpl. Samuel C.V.
Bug. Faragher W.H.
Bug. Newdick F.N.
Pte. Armstrong W.
Pte. Arnold F.
Pte. Bellmore J.
Pte. Blackwell W.R.
Pte. Boyd P.B.
Pte. Bryant W.F.
Pte. Chalkley R.W.
Pte. Cole A.W.
Pte. Cooner W.S.
Pte. Cox E.B.
Pte. Currie J.M.
Pte. Dillon W.A.
Pte. Douglas T.W.
Pte. Esten G.P.
Pte. Evans R.
Pte. Forsyth R.H.
Pte. Gillies G.
Pte. Gurnett A.S.
Pte. Hally R.A.
Pte. Hughes H.W.
Pte. Jones G.G.
Pte. Lobb M.E
Pte. Mantle B.
Pte. Mackechnie H.L.
Pte. Mackenzie G.I.
Pte. McColl M.
Pte. McCormack A.E.
Pte. Meikle W.
Pte. Mole G.A.
Pte. O’Connor E.L.B.
Pte. Paulin H
Pte. Plummer R.B.
Pte. Porter C.
Pte. Richardson W.A.
Pte. Robinson H.
Pte. Rossen W.P.
Pte. Sheppard H.L.
Pte. Sherman J.R.
Pte. Spencer J.A.
Pte. Tate M.N.
Pte. Thomas W.
Pte. Thomson C.A.
Pte. Thomson W.G.
Pte. Waltho C.J.
Pte. Whittemore F.M.
Pte. Winterbury W.
Pte. Wood A.V.

Capt. Allan W.D.
Lt. Lawrence A.R.
Lt. Smith H.E.
Col. Sgt. Murton N. E.
Sgt. Molesworth G.N.
Sgt. Sibbald J.P.M.
Sgt. Young L.R.
Cpl. Clarke J.P.
Cpl. Holman H.A.
Cpl. Olley H.R.
Cpl. Ricketts N.H.
Bug. Montgomery A.H.
Bug. Unsworth F.
Pte. Addison F.G.
Pte. Andras E.R.
Pte. Argue G.W.
Pte. Bell W.L.
Pte. Bell W.H.
Pte. Berry H.G.
Pte. Brazill R.H.
Pte. Brown J.N.M.
Pte. Buller J.R.
Pte. Campbell W.D.
Pte. Carmichael M.J.
Pte. Corbett A.V
Pte. Domelle J.H.
Pte. Dudley R.G.
Pte. Ellis H.H.
Pte. Ford W.H.
Pte. Forson E.A.
Pte. Gibson C.D.
Pte. Gordon H.R.
Pte. Gregory A.C.
Pte. Halliwell M.A.
Pte. Hargreaves F.
Pte. Johnston R.B.
Pte. Joy D.G.
Pte. Keovin G.E.
Pte. Kerr H.G.
Pte. Lee S.D.B.
Pte. Legale G.I.
Pte. Lester A.G.
Pte. Lester W.N.
Pte. Machell H.E.
Pte. Machell Maurice Irving
Pte. MacKenzie G.L.B.
Pte. MacLaren J.A.
Pte. Martin A.N.
Pte. Molland C.E.
Pte. Morris P.R.
Pte. Moorhouse V.H.K.
Pte. Murphy A.J.
Pte. Porter A.S.
Pte. Powell A.H.
Pte. Pratt H.
Pte. Ready E.C.
Pte. Riggs R.R.
Pte. Ryerson J.E.
Pte. Scott E.A.
Pte. Scroggie J.
Pte. Sewell A.V.
Pte. Sheppard E.C.
Pte. Thompson D.L.
Pte. Tyrwhitt W.R
Pte. Wallace H.E
Pte. Young C.M.

4 thoughts on “1910 Nominal Roll on Leaving Toronto for Aldershot”

  1. Thank you for putting this information on line. I have a grand uncle John Coffey BURROWS who went to King George’s coronation in 1911. I see an A.R. BURROWS on this list under Pioneers. (not related that I know)
    Would the list, or any other information on the persons who went to England in 1911 for the coronation?
    Thank you for any guidance you can give.
    Mary Clairmont
    Hamilton, Ontario


    1. Mary – I don’t know what the original source for this information was, but the Regimental History published in 1960 states

      “A small detachment of Q.M.S. J. T. Dempster, Sgt. G. H. Gilchrist, Sgt. H. H. New, Sgt. R. A. Nevitt, Sgt. F. H. Pittam, Sgt. J. F. Stewart, CpI. E. A. Butler, Rfn. F. G. Adderson and Rfn. B. M. Clerk was authorized to represent the regiment at the Coronation of King George V to be held on 22 June, 1911. ”

      Are you sure he went with the QOR?


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