Lindsey, Charles Bethune

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bethune Lindsey, DSO
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bethune Lindsey, DSO

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bethune Lindsey, DSO was born on November 23, 1889, son of G. G. S. Lindsey, K.C.

He attended Upper Canada College (1901-1907) where he was a member of the Cadet Corps and received his BA from the University of Toronto in 1914. He served in the Kootenay Rifles before joining the Queen’s Own.

At the start of WWI, he was working for Wm Davies Co. Ltd. as an accountant.

Charles married Wanda Casimira Gzowski (grand-daughter of Casimir Gzowski) and had a son George Roy Gzowski Lindsey, who volunteered for the Royal Canadian Artillery during WWII and after being instructed about the recently discovered radar, was posted to the UK into the British Army Operational Research Group.  George spent his post war career in the Defence Research Board and the Department of National Defence.

Charles died in 1975.

Service Record

  • October 13, 1909 – Enlisted as a Rifleman in Queen’s Own Rifles
  • October 15, 1909 – Appointed Provincial Lieutenant
  • 1910 – Proceeded to England for Army Maneuvers
  • 1911 – Appointed Lieutenant in Coronation Contingent which proceeded to England for the Coronation of George V
  • November 13, 1914 – Attested for service with the CEF with the QOR Company of the 19th Battalion and proceeded overseas
  • February 10, 1914 – Promoted Captain
  • October 16, 1915 – Appointed to Brigade Bomb Section, 4th Canadian Division
  • September 19, 1916 – Attached to 3rd Brigade Headquarters
  • October 6, 1916 – Staff Captain with 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • October 9, 1916 – Promoted Major
  • April 9, 1917 – Mentioned in despatches
  • April 17, 1917 – Appointed GSO3 , 3rd Canadian Division
  • June 4, 1917 – Awarded Distinguished Service Order (Vimy Ridge)
  • July 23, 1917 – Mentioned in despatches
  • August 15, 1917 – Brigade Major 11th Infantry Brigade
  • July 15, 1918 – Appointed GSO2, 4th Canadian Division
  • December 12, 1918 – Return to 11th Infantry Brigade
  • February 13, 1919 – Re-appointed GSO2, 4th Canadian Division
  • February 15, 1919 – Awarded Bar to the Distinguished Service Order (LG p 2364) (Arras)
  • July 9, 1919 – Discharged from Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • July 11, 1919 – Mentioned in despatches (as per discharge certificate)
  • November 10, 1919 – Transferred to Active Reserve and appointed Officer Commanding “A” Company, 2nd Battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
  • February 28, 1921 – Appointed Second in Command, 2nd Battalion, QOR
  • ? – Appointed Second in Command, 4th (Reserve) Battalion, QOR
  • July 1927 – Appointed Commanding Officer, 4th (Reserve) Battalion, QOR
  • December 7, 1932 – Transferred to Active List, QOR and seconded for duty as Brigade Major, 6th Infantry Brigade
  • May 6, 1935 – Awarded King’s Silver Jubilee Medal (George V)
  • 1937 – Appointed to Canadian Coronation Contingent and proceeded to England for Coronation of King George VI and awarded Coronation Medal
  • 1937 – On Reorganization, appointed to command QOR Regimental Depot
  • May 28, 1940 – Appointed Major, Canadian Army and recruited 2A Company, Veterans’ home Guard of Canada, later re-designated #3 Company, Veterans Guard of Canada. (This was the first company to be formed in World War II)
  • July 1941 – Appointed Officer Commanding and O/A Detention Barracks, Military District #2, Camp Bordon
  • September 1942 – Appointed Second in Command, 1st Garrison Battalion
  • October 1943 – Appointed Officer Commanding Veteran Guard Group (3 companies) guarding vulnerable points in Niagara Area
  • June 1944 – Promoted Lieutenant Colonel and appointed special representative to District Officer Commanding Military District #2
  • December 10, 1945 – Returned to Reserve Status

The Archives of Ontario hold the Mackenzie-Lindsey family fonds which included papers from Lieutenant Colonel Lindsey.

His medals hang in the QOR Museum.

First World War attestation paper of Major C. B. Lindsey, DSO
First World War attestation paper of Major C. B. Lindsey, DSO

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