WWI Resources

Perpetuated Battalions

Six Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) battalions of the First World War are perpetuated by The Queen’s Own Rifles. All were commanded by QOR Officers however only the 3rd Battalion saw active service and the rest were disbanded in England to provide reinforcements to front line battalions including the 3rd.

Nominal Rolls

These searchable nominal rolls issued with Militia Orders in 1915, includes service number, rank, name, previous military service, name of next of kin, address of next of kin, country of birth, and date and place taken on strength.


Below are links to twelve surviving letters sent by CSM Lawrence D. Pridham with the 166th Bn and 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (and late of the Queen’s Own Rifles) to his uncle William Pridham. Throughout them you will find references to his brother Hal – Harold who was a lawyer out west – and to Mr and/or Mrs R.A. who were his parents in Winnipeg. A number of the letters include notes to pass on the letter to other relatives. You will also notice that many of the envelopes have been reviewed by military censors and resealed with a tape stating “OPENED BY CENSOR”. Only one letters appears to have information erased by the censor – on page 2 of 15 February 1917.

We also have four letters from Lieutenant Felton Pickering Behan, 3rd Battalion, CEF, written to his mother in Mimico.

1917 Letter from Sergeant John Lutton to his future wife Annie Deyell

See the transcription of the 6 May 1917 letter from Major Herbert Gourlay Wickens reporting on the 2nd Battle of Ypres.

 Personal Diaries

Lawrence Pridham was also a prodigious diarist and made entries almost every day, some with his friend Doc. It appears that he then sent these home to his family, who he cautions not to share with anyone who is not family, lest he get court-martialed for providing information what would normally be censored in letters.

Elmer Garfield McKay wrote a diary on his service with the 3rd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

3rd Battalion, CEF War Diaries


The following are just a sampling of Queen’s Own Rifles soldiers who served during the First World War († indicates killed in action or died of wounds):

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