Ryerson, George Crowther

Captain George Crowther Ryerson (HU 125317) Son of Maj. Gen. G. Sterling Ryerson, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205388166

Captain George Crowther Ryerson was born 21 October 1883 in Toronto, son of Major General Dr. A. G. Stirling Ryerson, College Street, and the eldest of four brothers who all attended Upper Canada College. His early education was received at the Model School, and he entered the UCC in 1898 at the age of 14.

Four years later he went to the University as a student in the Faculty of Applied Science. After three years at Varsity his passion for life in the open, which was always one of his chief characteristics, led him to spend a year in the lumber camps of Northern Ontario. In 1906 he returned to Toronto and went into the real estate business with the firm of Stinson and Hollwey. Two years later he formed with Mr. W. G. Mitchell the firm of Mitchell & Ryerson, insurance brokers, and at the time the war broke out the firm had built up a large and lucrative business.

His military career began in 1908 when he obtained a commission in the 10th Royal Grenadiers, and he held the rank of captain in that regiment when he offered his services for the First Canadian Contingent. He was given command of a company in the 3rd Battalion, and on reaching France was promoted to Major. At the battle of Langemarck he was moving forward from a trench with a detachment of reliefs when he was struck by a rifle bullet and died about half an hour afterwards.

This great world-war was always the overshadowing thing on his horizon, and for years he devoted a great deal of his spare time to the necessary preparations for it. At times he seemed to have a premonition that when the war came it would cost him his life, but he always seemed ready to make the sacrifice. His death was such as he would have chosen, but by his death the Empire has lost a loyal, big-hearted, gentle-minded, brave, strong son.

Primarily from the College Times (Summer 1915) pg. 9-10

See UCC Remembers Profile for more references on G.C. Ryerson.

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