OPERATION SAFARI was the mission name for Task Force Sudan (TFS), Canada’s contribution to the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

Then Major Sandi Banerjee deployed to TFS in November 2006 and redeployed in July 2007.

TFS’s mandate was to contribute to UNMIS. During Banerjee’s time there, the UN steadily grew: first being responsible for enforcing and administering the peace between the north and south of Sudan. Once demobilization had occurred, the UN oversaw a referendum on southern autonomy.

Since Banerjee’s deployment, South Sudan has become it’s own country, however the instability remains along all of it’s borders. The second mandate was to absorb and empower the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) and stabilize Darfur.

He was able to take part in both missions while there, and travelled extensively in and outside the region in the course of his duties.

You can read more about OP SAFARI on the Canadian Forces website.

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