War Diaries 1942

Thanks to Sergeant Graham Humphrey for all his hard work at transcribing these diaries and adding photographs and routine orders in the appropriate places!


Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 1 Jan 1942

1130 No parades Bn took day as a holiday except for necessary fatigues.

Sgts Mess at home to officers. Brig J.P.U. Archambault attended.

Pt I Daily Orders

Pt II Daily Orders

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 2 Jan 1942

0900 Trng included 1 plt per rifle coy on Battle Drill.

Order received limiting use of M.T. Vehicles holidays Mon, Wed & Fri 25% of M.T. Off roads at all times. Orders issued to conserve rubber and petrol.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 3 Jan 1942

0900 Trng in accordance with syllabus.

1430 QOR of C defeated N. Shore R. 5 – 1 in opening game of 8 C.I.B. Soccer league.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 4 Jan 1942

1000 Church parade in accordance with H.M. The King’s request for united prayers for victory.

Capt Milne and Lt Dunlop put on grenade demonstration for Home guard.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 5 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued with 1 plt of each coy on Battle Drill.

6 OR’s taken on strength from 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit these are first reinforcements to join unit in England.

Work on 300 yrd range on Park started under I.O.

Lt R.W. Sawyer left on 4 day camouflauge course at Tunbridge Wells.

1500 Boxing practise for Bde Tournament 13,14,15 Jan ’42.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 6 Jan 1942

0900 Two members of 8 C.I.B. Defence plt taking Battle Drill with unit.

1750 Bus service to East Grinstead started. Arranged by CO due to restrictions imposed by Cdn Corps to save petrol and rubber.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 7 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued. Capt Richard Malone brother of Lt A.V. Malone, Sigs offcier attached for 8 week period.

1330 Bde Boxing committee meeting under Major Hachey, N Shore R for Bde Bouts 15 and 17 Jan.

Lt C.N. Bradshaw left on two day Messing Course under Cdn Corps “G.”

Field Return of Officers

Field Return of Other ranks.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 8 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued on Platoon basis.

300 yd Rifle Range on Pippingford Park nearly completed by coy working parties.

Capt A.G. Cherrier went to Junior Staff School Oxford.

Duty Officers on two day instead of one day tour of duty.

Lt P.T. Parkhouse, Royal Engineers, attached for rations and quarters while in charge of work on camp.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 9 Jan 1942

0900 Platoon Training continued.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 10 Jan 1942

0900 Interior economy and Platoon training. Both parade books kept by Plt.

CO, LCol H.C. MacKendrick, E.D. Attached to S.E. Command for one day while attending Camouflauge Course.

Nine OR’s T.O.S. From 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit.

Pumphouse and pipes to ablution huts frozen.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 11 Jan 1942

1000 Voluntary Church service in Recreation Hut, Chaplain Hon. Capt. J.C. Clough.

1100 R.C. Church parade Recreation Hut, Chaplain Hon. Capt. Hickey NSR.

Major J.E.C. Pangman attached to C.T.S. For all purposes while attending CMHQ D&M Regimental Officers Course.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 12 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued with emphasis on battle drill.

Rank and file placed under stoppages of 1 shilling 6 pence for barracks damges at Aldershot.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 13 Jan 1942

0900 trng continued in accordance with syllabus.

Weather getting quite cold.

Sick parades abnormally large due to flu.

Rifle range completed.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 14 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued in accordance with syllabus.

Snow storms broke out all over England clocking some roads and slowing railway traffic.

1830 Semi final of 8 C.I.B. Boxing championship.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 15 Jan 1942

0900 Trng impeded by continuous snow storms.

2Lt F.L.J. Martin taken on strength from 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit.

1830 QOR of C boxing team defeated N.S.R. Team 44 points to 13 points to win 8 C.I.B. Boxing championship at Isle of Thorns.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 16 Jan 1942

0900 Heavy snow storm continued, tying up railway traffic completely in some parts of the country.

Trng in accordance with syllabus.

Capt J.M. Delamere SOS to 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit.

Capt AC O’Brien 2RF attached as Unit Umpire.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 17 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued. Storm abated, highway traffic clear.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 18 Jan 1942

1000 Church parade Recreation Hut, Hon Capt JC Clough Chaplain.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 19 Jan 1942

0900 Trng in accordance with syllabus.

Brig KG Blackader MC, ED, took over 8 CIB.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 20 Jan 1942

0900 Trng continued. Recce of new area at Pulborough made by 2ic Major J.G. Spragge.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 21 Jan 1942

0900 Trng on Platoon basis.

Ground still covered with snow.

Difficulty in coaching firing due to poor visibility and cold.

7 OCTU candidates tried examinations. Candidates were: B63559 CSM Score SS, B83530 Sgt Williams K., B63975 A/Sgt Virtue R.A., B64019 L/Sgt Rayner G.D., B63676 L/Sgt Salmon H.P., B63522 L/Cpl Macleod K., B64448 Rfn Bean H.G.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 22 Jan 1942

0900 Practise in general preparation for a rapid move made on “Stand To” It is now understood move will be made to concentration area about 15 March.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 23 Jan 1942

0900 Trng in accordance with syllabus.

1830 QORofC Champions of 8 CIB defeated Regina Rifle Regiment boxing team 17 to 14 points in semi final of 3 Cdn Div boxing championships at Isle of Thorns.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 24 Jan 1942

0900 Pipes which had been frozen burst putting all but No1 ablution hut out of order. Water supplied from water trucks while repairs being made.

Eighty OR’s on sick parade due to the flu.

2030 Dance held in Pippingford Park Officer’s Mess.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 25 Jan 1942

1000 Voluntary church service in Recreation Hut, Chaplain Hon Capt JC Clough.

Lt EA Dunlop and Capt JM Milne continued their Home Guard grenade school.

Quite a few all ranks have received a great deal of hospitality from the people of the district.

Bn now Div duty unit for one week.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 26 Jan 1942

0900 Bn being on Div duties approximately 300 men are on fatigues and trng is on a restricted basis.

Brig KG Blackader visited unit lines.

Capt RM Caldwell RCAMC replacing unit MO Capt MacLaren who is on 7 days privilege leave.

Capt Milne, LT Sawyer, Lett, Dunbar and Dampier on Div umpire school.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 27 Jan 1942

0930 Major WT Barnard OC HQ Coy left unit to take up position with CMHQ. Major Barnard was Adjutant of this unit for 14 months after mobilization and was one of the most capable officers in the Battalion. Major FLJ Grout OC “C” Coy took over comd of HQ Coy.

“B” Coy under Lt E.A. Dunlop left on 3 day scheme to Pulborough.

“I” Section made one day recce of Pulborough concentration area.

Dance held for HQ Coy OR’s in Recreation Hut.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 28 Jan 1942

0900 Bn advised Lt Gen Montgomery CB, DSO, Comd SE Command to visit Bn with GOC 3 Cdn Div and Comd 8 CIB 1000 hrs 29 Jan.

Firing on range curtailed due to lack of repairing materials for targets.

Trucks are on the road a great deal as Bn is Div duty unit.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 29 Jan 1942

1000 Lt Gen Montgomery CB, DSO, Comd SE Command accompanied by his A/Dc Capt Trumbell Warren 48 Highlanders of Canada was met at entrance to Bn lines by Maj Gen CB Price GOC 3 Cdn Div, Brig KG Blackader 8 CIB and Lt Col HC Mackendrick OC QOR. Lt Gen Montgomery stayed for an hour and had the 2ic and Coy Comds and Adjutant introduced to him.

1715 Meeting of Mess committee. New committee elected for following quarter. President Major JEC Pangman, V/PMC Captain SC Heyes, Secretary Lt AI Matheson, Assistant Secretary HE Dalton and Lt NR Pilcher.

1830 QORofC boxers champions of 8 CIB after having beated representatives of 7 CIB met North Nova Schotia Highlanders for boxing championships of 3 Cdn Dic Comds of 7,8 and 9 Brigades and Ocs QORofC and NNS Highlander attended at the Hall, Isle of Thorns, Ashdown Forest. The QORofC won by one point after having to default two matches QORofC team:B74554 Rfn Rocks HM 125 lbs, B68048 Rfn Shilson WH 135 lbs, B64109 Rfn Bloom LE 135lbs, B64505 Rfn Feldman L 135 lbs, B64268 Rfn Moss A 147 lbs, B64477 Rfn Hodge JW 147 lbs, B66079 Rfn Buckle LE 147 lbs, B63909 Rfn Balsom CJ 147 lbs, B38172 Rfn Bodner W 147 lbs, B66113 Rfn McHale M 160 lbs, B66090 Rfn Reed DP 160 lbs, B63673 Rfn Gemmell GT 160 lbs, B64192 Rfn Cross AP 175 lbs, B63713 Rfn JG Ross Heavyweight. Seconds Cpl Kavanagh, Rfn J Ramage, Trainer Rfn AHS Williams. Sports Officer Hon Capt JC Clough, unit chaplain. The team also won the Col Hewitt challenge trophy. Which was presented by Maj Gen CB Price GOC 3 Cdn Div.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 30 Jan 1942

0900 Trng still interrupted by Corps fatigues. Commanding officer, Intelligence, Officer, Coy Comds and lt WE Fes made recce of coy posns in concentration area heavy downpour. Billeting in area was also checked.

1430 Grenade demonstration by “B” Coy under Lt EA Dunlop and Sgt H Barr.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 31 Jan 1942

0900 CO left for lecture on tanks by Lt Gen DQ Martel in Brighton.

0930 Coy Comds meeting.

1015 Meeting 2ic and CQMS on improving interior economy especially with regard to cleanliness of lines, parading for meals and supervision at meals.

1115 Rules laid down by 2ic to CSMs on cleaning of huts, tatoo reports, guards etc.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 1 Feb 1942

1000 hrs Church parade to NAAFI Recreation Hut. Chaplain JC Clough Hon Capt.

1530 Practice of Bn boxing team for bouts against 48th Highlanders of Canada in Cdn Corps championship.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 2 Feb 1942

0900 Trng in accordance with syllabus.

1600 Bde O Gp in connection with Beaver II Exercise 3,4 and 5 Feb. This exercise which is to take in whole Cdn Corps includes skeleton Bn Hqs.

Part I Daily Orders

Part II Orders

Field Return of Officers

Field Return Other Ranks

Movement Order Beaver II Exercise

Letters received by Regt thanking for contributions to Blind Babies.

Sunshine House-East Sussex Education Committee and a party given to poor children of District.

0900 Meeting of new mess committee

Trng principally on basis of handling etc. Of live grenades and weapon trng.

1321 Skeleton Bn HQ moved by MT to Broomershill and set up at Borough Fm 1600 hrs Bn HQ consisted of CO, Adj, IO, Sigs Offr, RSM, “A & Q” Umpire Maj Gen Pangman and 23 Ors including “I” Sec Personnel Drs, one cook, MT drivers, Sigs personnell, one clerk, and batmen and RMPs.

1900 QORofC boxing team champions of 3 Cdn Div met 48th Highlanders of Canada champions of 1 Cdn Div in Cdn Corps semi finals in symnasium of Royal Sussex Regt Barracks Chichester. The 48th Highlanders won by 8 bouts to 6. In order to fill in specified weights which QOR were short Rfn GA Murray, H Brassard and SA James fought after trng for only day only. Rfn JF Ross though only a lightheavyweight – fought heavyweight to fill out team. His bout was stopped on accout of an injury to his ear received in an earlier fight. Capt JC Clough, Bn Sports officer was i/c team Capt AC O’Brien former Imperial Army middleweight champion acted as one second, Rfn J Ramage was other second and Rfn AHS Williams as trainer. The team who put up an excellent fight though losing 8 bouts to 6 consisted of the following:

Bantamweight – Rfn SA James HQ Coy

Featherweight – Rfn H Rocks “D” Coy

Rfn WH Shilson “B” Coy

Lightweight – Rfn L Felman “C” Coy

Rfn LE Bloom “B” Coy

Rfn GA Murray HQ Coy.

Welterweight – Rfn A Moss “D” Coy

Rfn W Bodner HQ Coy

Rfn L Buckle “A” Coy

Rnf H Brassard HQ Coy

Middleweight – Rfn M McHale “C” Coy

Rfn D Reed “B” Coy

Rfn G Gemmell “B” Coy

Light heavy – Rfn AP Cross HQ Coy

Heavyweight Rfn JF Ross HQ Coy

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 3 Feb 1942

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 4 Feb 1942

0600 Breakfast for Bn HQ on exercise Beaver II. Weather very cold.

0900 Grenade demonstration and training scheme by Lt EA Dunlop.

Major RM Hudson acting OC in absence of OC and 2ic on Beaver II.

1745 Bde O Gp on Beaver II at 1 Cdn Div HQ.

2130 Bn HQ made night move to the Chantry, Storrington, Sussex.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 5 Feb 1942

0500 Breakfast before stand to.

0700 Bde Gp Beaver II CO and IO then made recce with Lt SM Lett who was acting as Mot. CO 3 CIB on exercise.

0900 Trng continued. D Coy returned from two day scheme at Pulborough.

1330 Beaver II exercise completed. Bn HQ returned to camp.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 6 Feb 1942

0900 Trng continued in very cold weather. Blizzards made driving very difficult.

1800 Cocktail party followed by dinner in offr’s mess at Pippingford Park for Brig KG Blackader new comd 8 CIB.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 7 Feb 1942

0900 hrs Trng and interior economy.

1100 Coy Comds meeting. Trng will commence at 0830 hrs commencing 9 Feb. Rifle Range is to be repaired. Maj Geo Pangman to be range offr.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 8 Feb 1942

0610 Fire broke out in Bn Orderly Room caused by orderly lighting fire with petrol. Explosion destroyed a great many records, office equipment and other stores. B63503 S/Sgt Fowlston was badly burned in attempting to put out fire. Fire was got under control quickly by B63573 Cpl J Henderson unit fire marshall. Demonstration of spigot mortar, hip firing and sticky grenades put on for 17 Bn Sussex Home Guard by Capt JM Milne, Lt EA Dunlop and 5 ORs from B Coy.

1000 hrs Voluntary church service. Hon Capt JC Clough, Chaplain.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 9 Feb 1942

0830 Training on both individual and collective basis with ABC rating of all riflemen. Parade put forward 1/2 hr, due to earlier morning light. Junior NCO course to be run by Adjt and RSM on basis 3 from each rifle coy, 1 Bn HQ and 5 from HQ Coy.

1700 Meeting mess committee.

2000 Demonstration of R/T on 18 sets by Sigs Offr.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 10 Feb 1942

0830 Trng continued including sec and plt as well as individual trng on T.O.E.T. Basis. OC and Major RM Hudson left on privilege leave. Major JG Spragge in comd with Maj JEC Pangman as 2ic. Capt MacLaren left on short course RCAMC.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 11 Feb 1942

0830 Trng continued.

1330 TEWT under Capt AC O’Brien, 2 RF unit umpire on anti panzer IA for Bn on MT move.

1930 Bde O Gp exercise syndicates representing HQ 8 CIB, QOR, R de C, NSR syndicate under Maj JG Spragge Maj JEC Pangman acting 2ic Lt RD Medland, Adjt, Lt AI Matheson, IO.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 12 Feb 1942

0830 Trng continued including demonstrations by “I” Sec on Handling etcof PW.

0900 Bde O Gp at South Downs near Lewes.

1330 Demonstration by Capt AC O’Brien and Lt L J Dampier showing effect of sticky type, 68 and 36, incendiary A/Tk rifle and Bren gun on armour plate, brick walls, iron locks, etc. Capt Caldwell, RCAMC returned to 14 Fd Amb on return to unit of Capt D MacLaren unit MO.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 13 Feb 1942

0800 Maj Spragge absent at fougasse and minefield demonstration Maj JEC Pangman A/OC.

0830 Individual and collective trng continued.

1330 Weapon demonstration continued for R de C Hon Guard and other units. A Coy at Polburough on recce of posns.

2015 Lecture on Sussex for Bde officers at Memorial Hall Danehill by Admiral Beamish. Unit Orders for Guards and Sentries.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 14 Feb 1942

0830 Trng and interior economy. Bn Orderly Room again ready for use after fire due principally to work done by Res under Lt PJ Parkhouse.

2100 Dance held in offr’s mess.

Plan of Mandora Barracks, Aldershot.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 15 Feb 1942

Lt CN Bradshaw sent on AA defence course Field firing by B Coy at old Lodge.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 16 Feb 1942

0830 Trng continued with on plt of each coy on individual trng including TOET review using live rounds and two plts on collective trng. A great deal of work has been done on patrols, grenades of different types, battle drill and field firing. Junior NCO school started under Adj and RSM. Field firing by A Coy and I Sec on proposed range East of old Lodge. Lt JI Mills left for battle drill school.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 17 Feb 1942

0830 Trng cont’d.

Two German speaking personnel sent on Div interrogation course. CO and Major Hudson returned from leave. Billeting recce of Pulborough area made by “I” Sec Recce of HQ Coy area made by OC HQ Coy carrier offr and TO.

1500 Cloth model TWET for co-operation of tks and infantry by Capt AC O’Brien, 2 RF IQ test of all member of Bn continuing under Lt JR MacIntosh, CMHQ staff.

1530 3rd Cdn Div individual boxing championships helf at Isle of Thorns. Rfn AP Cross lost a close decision in the lightheavyweight class. Rfn Shilson won in the featherweight preliminary and Rfn GA Murray in the lightweight class. Corps G exercise Victor II which is inclusive to Bde Hqs is being carried on in concentration areas. 70 Ors RE moved to unit lines for quarters only. The detachment under lt Parkhouse is working on camp.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 18 Feb 1942

0730 A & B Coys went to Eastbourne for scheme with Royal Armoured Corps of tk and infantry combined tactics. QM and IO met representatives of 8 CIB SAQC and 3 Cdn Div RCE at Pulborough concentration area. It is impossible to billet quarter or to put bn under canvas in area 5039 I” map 133 as suggested. Billets and cover can only be found in small spots some distance apart. Need of camouflage is imperative as role is operational. Decision is made to refer to 3 Cdn Div for ruling.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 19 Feb 1942

0830 Trng cont’d. In individual trng “piecework method” used which rewards smartness on part of men. Maj JG Spragge left on Senior Officers Course. Maj RM Hudson acting 2ic. Lt PJ Parkhouse, RE moved into officers quarters Chelwood Vetchery. MT holidays now Mon and Thurs of each week.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 20 Feb 1942

0730 CO IO Coy and Plt Comds left camp to meet GOC 3 Cdn Div Maj Gen CB Price and Brig KG Blackader comd 8 CIB at Codmore Hall Stane Street at 0900 hrs.

GOC & Brig inspected each sec and every A/Tk gun and Mg posn of QORofC defensive posn including B and C Coy R de Chaud, 105 A/Tk Bty and 2 Plts CH of O (MG) under comd in Pulborough area.

Bty Comds 105 A/Tk Bty and 11 Fd Bty and Coy Comd CH of O were also present. General defensive posn pulled in with reduction of Bn task as result of inspection. GOC finished inspection at 1500 hrs and then proceeded to NSR and R de Chaud posns. The whole inspection lasted till dark and covered several miles on foot across country.

0830 Trng on task work continued with regard to individual trng. Work being covered including TOET review with live rounds, battle drill, field firing, range practises, sniper firing practise, P tactices including Plt in withdrawal and attack, O Gps and TEWT’s for officers. Junior NCO school under Adj and RSM assisted by unit umpire, IO QM and CSMs, signal school for reinforcements and personnel for I Sec Carrier Plt and Mortar Plt Trng of 100 per cent reinforcements for carrier and mortar practise in 2” mortar firing by plt mortar men.

1930 Semi-finals of 3 Cdn Div Individual Boxing championships. The following personnel of the Bn entered.

Featherweight Rfn H Rocks “D” Coy

Rfn WH Shilson “B” Coy

Lightweight Rfn GA Murray HQ Coy

Welterweight Rfn W Bodner HQ Coy

Lightheavy Rfn AP Cross HQ Coy

Rfn JF Ross HQ Coy.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 21 Feb 1942

0830 Trng and interior economy.

1330 QM Capt Bawden and a 2ic Maj RM Hudson made recce for camp site outside of square 5039. they located an excellent site NW of Codmore Hill at 490405 approx.

While the Bn is exactly at War Establishment with regard to officers difficulty is experienced due to a constant number being away on leave, sick or on course, with help being given to the Hom Guard (17 Sussex Bn) and often special duties being necessary for demonstrations, umpiring, etc. Offrs are subject to double duties.

1900 3 Cdn Div individual Boxing finals were held at isle of Thorns, Chelwood gate, Rfn H Rocks, QORofC won the featherweight and B63713 Rfn JF Ross the lightheavyweight championship.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 22 Feb 1942

0900 Holy Communion Recreation Hut.

1000 Church parade. Hon Capt JC Clough, chaplain.

1100 Roman Catholic parade champlain Hon Capt Hickey, NSR.

1330 OC and B & D Coy comds made recce of Pulborough area.

Clipping re Capt JM Milne QOR of C from Toronto Daily Star 12 Jan ’42.

Clipping Toronto Globe and Mail 12 jan ’42 on Bn’s new camp in England (Pippingford Park)

Clipping Toronto Glove and mail 9 Jan ’42 Commando trng showing photo of Lt EA Dunlop B Coy, Syllabus Regt NCO School.

Toronto newspaper clipping regarding appointment of (LCol) Judge Ian Macdonell former OC of QORofC as Vice Chairman Ontario Civilian Defence Committee.

Letter addressed to LCol HC MacKendrick OC QOR of C from Maj Gen RV Alexander GOC Pacific Command.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 23 Feb 1942

0830 Trng continued with emphasis on Coy MT packets convoys and anti-panzer IA. Capt AC O’Brien, RF unit umpire found unconscious in his bed and sent to military hospital Horsham.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 24 Feb 1942

0830 Trng in anti-panzer IA using carriers as tks and thunder flashes as bombs.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 25 Feb 1942

0830 Special range practises for snipers under IO Particular attention paid to route marches, two inch mortars and a/tk bombs by rifle coys.

1930 Bde O Gp TWET OC LCol MacKendrick A/Brig, Maj Kelly Bde umpire were Directing Staff. Maj RM Hudson A/OC Maj JE Pangman a/2ic Lt RD Medland Adj Lt AI Matheson IO.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 26 Feb 1942

0745 Bde O Gp made recce of Pulborough Bellinghurst Bucks Green Bn area of Arun R.

1100 Bde o Gp discussion under a/Brig LCol HC MacKendrick.

0830 Coy and Plt trng continued.

1300 OC 2ic IO made recce with Maj A Rutherford RCE of Pulborough area camp site.

2200 ENSA entertainers after show for Ors in NAAFI Recreation Hut guests of officers mess.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 27 Feb 1942

0830 Trng continued. RCE advise 120 men needed for 2 weeks on Pulborough Camp. Capt WE Bawden and lt RW Sawyer after going to Mackelsfield to complete arrangments for visit of one rifle coy and band to be guests of Mr GW Weston advised that Mr Weston had been obliged to cencel entire visit.

1900 Lectures started in German.

1930 Rfn JF Ross and H Rocks advance to semi-finals in Cdn Corps individual boxing championships in Brighton.

2000 ENSA show at Recreation Hut.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 28 Feb 1942

0830 Trng and interior economy.

0900 OCTU candidates of 8 CIB parade by Bn IO to Cdn Corps rear HQ for selection Board. QOR of C candidates Sgt Cirtue B63975 A Coy, B63530 Sgt K Williams HQ Coy, B63522 L/Cpl K Macleod Bn HQ, B64448 Rfn HGW Bean D Coy.

2110 B64465 Rfn JC Handrahan B Coy killed by English civilian hit and run driver while walking near RAP on Wych Cross-Nutley Rd. This was the first fatality in the regiment since mobilization.

2300 60 cwt driven by Rfn J Payne returning from East Grinstead overturned on East Grinstead-Forest Row Rd. B64050 Arthur Jackson D Coy spare driver riding in the front seat was instantly killed while B64330 Rfn Brownlee was seriously injured in the eye and ribs. Rfn K Earley B63959 showed great presence of mind in immediately going to Forest Roy and advising police, military authorities and ambulance B63618 Sgt Forbes C Coy sent casualties to Hospital Lingfield for treatment and inspection and promptly placed picquets on highway until civilian police took over. Duty offr Lt AV Malone was up entire night reporting to 8 CIB gathering evidence, sending off MO and collecting details.

One inch maps 125 Tunbridges 124 Guildford 133 Worhting marked as to present locations.

Gp photos taken at Mandora Barracks Aldershot of A B C D HQ Coys and Bn HQ.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 1 March 1942

0900 Muster parade

0930 Battalion parade and CO’s inspection.

1000 Church parade – Recreation Hut – Chaplain Hon Capt JC Clough.

Lt TE Parkinson were convened on the accidental deaths of Rfn Handrahan JC and Rfn Jackson A killed 28 Feb 42.

Capt WR Robertson appointed GSO CRU.

Capt JM Milne, Lt NR Pilcher named for instructors to return to Canada.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 2 March 1942

0830 Trng included practise on “action stations” and transfer from B to A2 to A1 Ech which necessitated an analysis of plt and coy stores and ammunition from the point of view of Rifle coys completed 19 mile route march.

Inquest held in East Grinstead on deaths of Rfn Handrahan and Jackson. Preliminary hearing.

1930 Coy Comd meeting in connection with Leapfrog exercise Thurs and Fri 5 and 6 March.

Attention of all ranks was brought to the fact that the petrol, oil and rubber situation is serious and economy must be exercised. It was also pointed out that the food situation is worse than before and that the prospects for next year are not as good as a year ago.

CO visited 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit.

Part I Daily Orders

Park II Orders.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 3 March 1942

0700 100 men under Lt EA Dunlop, RW Sawyer and NR Pilcher left for Pulborough area to work on camp site under RCE direction. Work is principally laying 2500 feet of pipe, digging drainage ditches and weeping tiles.

100 men reported to Lt PJ Parkhouse RE for completion of work on Pippingford Park Camp. These fatigues seriously deplete the personnel available for trng especially as they are in addition to normal fatigues and take precedence over trng except Bde exercises.

Lt CN Bradshaw appointed Assistant Adjutant.

Major VA Gianelli returned to unit from tour of duty at 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit.

Capt RBG Macdonell joined 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit after tour of duty at HQ 3 Cdn Div.

Lt WE Fess acting as MCO at Bde.

1400 Cpl K Macleod had reboard for OCTU at HQ 2 Cdn Div Heathfield.

Several shows a week have been arranged at NAAFI by Mr. TW Monahan Aux Services Offr.

Route March Movement Order 2 march.

Sgt Russell of Nutley Police advised Bn HQ that an English civilian suspected of the hit and run killing of Rfn Handrahan 28 Feb 42 had been arrested.

Capt JM Milne, Capt RC Clarkson, Lt NR Pilcher recommended as instructors to return to Canada.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 4 March 1942

0830 100 fatigues for Pulborough called off till Leapfrog exercise finished.

Training continued.

1100 Bn parade formed up in square for service for B64465 Rfn Handrahan JC and B64050 Rfn Jackson A. The coffins draped in Union Jacks were on an 60 cwt truck in the centre of one side of the square guarded by the firing parties. Hon Capt JC Clough unit Chaplain and Hon Capt Hickey RC Chaplain NSR read services. As they truck carrying the bodies moved off the Battalion presented arms and the officers saluted. The firing parties and pall bearers made up of the friends of the deceased rifleman got into the convoy. Lt RD Medland Adjutant, Lt EA Dunlop “B” Coy and Major GFC Pangman accompanied the funeral party to Brookwood Cemetery Aldershot where burial of the bodies was made in the Canadian section.
Capt JM Milne, Capt RC Clarkson and Lt NR Pilcher received orders to return to Canada as instructors and Lt DA Keith to return to Canada to the JAGS department. Twelve NCOs were also to be sent back as instructors: B24091 CSM Rowell CF, B64320 Sgt Barr H, B64064 Sgt Weeks A, B24025 Sgt McLaughlin CM, B63707 Sgt Phillips JW, B64241 A/Sgt Chellew EJ, B63638 L/Sgt Hitchman A, B63546 A/Sgt Conkrite GA, B63620 L/Sgt Bell CB, B24033 Cpl Day GW, B64250 A/Cpl Johnston R, B64205 L/Cpl Smith JB, B64191 L/Cpl Bell CM.

1600 Bn “O” Gp at HQ 8 CIB CO QORofC accompanied by IO.

2200 Bn “O” Gp given movement order to concentration area East of Ditchling and approx 2 Mi North of Downs.

Bde Movement Order.

Iron rations issued and orders given in case of both actual and “Leapfrog” air attacks.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 5 March 1942

0500 Reveille

0718 MT column crossed Bn SP.

0730 Bn crossed Bde SP.

0948 Bn arrived concentration area in Blackbrook Wood and dispersed to coys areas TCV’s from 62 Cdn Gen Tpt Coy dispersed and came under Bde Comd. Coy guides from advance party under acting 2ic major RM Hudson whom met SC at 0700 hrs and led coys to areas.

FO Max Charlesworth 11 Fighter Squadron Kenley Airport on 4 days attachment to unit and one Sgt RAF accompanied Bn.

1030 I Section made recce of rds to and tracks upon Downs with assistance of Carrier Platoon.

1300 Bn “O” Gp on receipt of message stating Bde “O” Gp 1520 hrs. Bde Comd gave orders for night attack by NSR followed by dawn attach by QOR recce made by Coy and Plt Comds.

2100 Bn “O” Gp.

Capt Milne, Capt Clarkson, Lt Pilcher and 12 NCOs left for NETD en route for Canada as instructors. It was understood by the Bn that Capt Milne would be promoted to Major and Lt Pilcher to Captain.

Lt DA Keith A&Q learner at HQ 3 Cdn Div who is returning to Canada to JAG’s department is to get his captaincy.

During the absence of Bn on “Leapfrog” exercise Major W Taylor OC Camp. While it was deemed advisable to limit rear party to 30 men due to light and excused duty men and men coming from and going on privilege leave number exceeded 100.

On “Leapfrog” LCol HC MacKendrick was OC, Major RM Hudson acting 2ic Lt RD Medland Adj, Lt AI Matheson, IO. RQMS Wice acting QM; Sgt Bradley Acting TO; Capt SC Heyes acting OC HQ Coy; Capt HR Downie acting as OC A Coy; Lt WE Fess Mot CO to 8 CIB; Capt Douglas MacLaren MO; Hon Capt JC Clough padre; Sgt King acting Sigs Offr.

Due to the offrs and NCO’s leaving for Canada and number of umpires supplied by Bn. L/Cpls in some cases acting as Plt Comds.

Maj JEC Pangman was chief umpire 8 CIB and the following acted as unit umpires Maj FLJ Grout, Lt HE Dalton, Lt CN Bradshaw, Lt JN Gordon, Lt JHK Booth, Lt FLJ Martin and several NCO’s.

Lt L Dampier went to Sigs Offrs School.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 6 March 1942

0200 Breakfast served.

0315 Bn and Al Ech went by route march to FUP. Al sticking to minor roads to Downs and Bn climbing steep track.

0500 Arrived FUP.

0602 Crossed pt SL behind NSR.

0715 Leapfrogged through NSR with D&C leading over SL.

0800 Captured objective. It was bitterly cold with a high wind and snow. Both 11 and 18 sets where on the whole very satisfactory.

0930 Bde O Gp fiven orders for route back after posns consolidated.

Present were HQ 8 CIB, QORofC, NSR, R de Chaud, 105 A/tk Bty, 1st Fd Regt, C Coy ChofO (MG), 14 Fd Amb,62 Cdn Tpt carrying coy.

1130 Bn passed Bde SP TCV’s took wrong rd and were 13 mins late. A2 Ech met convoy going opposite way on a narrow road and arrived at camp 1 1/2 hrs late. B Ech under Bde comd went by a different route.

With no 18 set with B Ech it seemed advisable to have QM with Bn HQ when B Ech under Bde Comd.

1400Major GFC Pangman on board at Take over R de Chaud. Lcol Jules Chauinard being succeeded by Major Gavin Power.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 7 March 1942

0830 Trng and interior economy.

Instructions and Movement table “Leapfrog” exercise 5-6 March.

Syllabus of Trng 9-14 March.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 8 March 1942

1000 Voluntary Church parade.

1200 Bn “O” Gp on Trng. PO Deachay RAF Fighter Command attached to unit for 4 days attended.

It was announced that Sgt Virtue, Sgt Williams and Rfn Bean were successful in OCTU selections.

Lt RA Harris attached 8 CIB as Corps Learner left for Adv HQ Cdn Corps.

Capt DJ Le Quesne is to return to unit to act as comd “B” Coy. Capt HR Downie to Comd “D” Coy in Major GFC Pangmans absence as instructor SEC Inf Coy Comd School east Lavington for three months.

Lt FLJ Martin left on Junior Officers Course.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 9 March 1942

0830 18 Mile route march under coy arrangment. TOETs carried on in morning by “A” Coy and range firing by 3 and 4 Platoons.

PO John Denihay 11 Fighter Gp RAF and Flight Sgt RAF shown trng administration and organization of Bn.

1630 Address by CO to Officers, NCOs and driver of Bn on urgent necessity of conserving petrol and rubber.

1800 Meeting of Mens Mess Committee with Major Hudson in the chair.

Lt PJ Parkhouse RE in charge of work on Pippingford Camp left on three week course to Deveral barracks, Ripon Yorks. Lt GWF Fairboirn relieved him on work at camp.

Capt HR Downie transferred from “A” Coy to comd “D” Coy.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 10 March 1942

0830 Trng continued.

1200 Bn “O” Gp covering night scheme at 1930 hrs. Mt move Wed afternoon 11 Jan and Syllabus of trng. It has been laid down by 8 CIB that trng will include 20 mile route march night schemes.

1630 Meeting of Bde Gp umpires and officers to discuss “Leapfrog” scheme carried out last week.

1900 Bn “O” Gp for night scheme which consisted by attack Brig KG Blackader and Capt DJ LeQuesne attended.

The following NCOs were SOS to NETD (Non Effective Transit Depot) wef 4 March 42 to return to Canada as instructors B63653 L/Cpl Kenn J., B66045 A/Cpl Argall WC, B64191 L/Cpl Bell CM.

3 Cdn Div Arty scheme over Ashdown Forest in vicinity of camp. RHQ 13 Fd Regt at Chelwood Vetchery, RHQ 14 Fd Regt at MI hut in camp.

“D” Coy at pulborough working on new camp site.

Carrier Platoon under Capt Heyes and lt JI Mills set off on 3 day hardening scheme.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 11 March 1942

0830 Trng almost washed out with “C” Coy supplying 40 men and having an additional 40 standing by as fatigues for Res on present camp, with demands for 400 for new camp at Pulborough.

HQ Coy to handle camp fatigues.

1430 Skeleton MT move, air attack laid on by 11 Fighter Gp RAF had to be cancelled due to bad visibility.

Battalion Movement Table.

2000 Bde “O” Gp to study lessons learnt during Leapfrog exercise.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 12 March 1942

0700 Party of 100 went to Pulborough continuing work on new camp.

0830 Trng seriously curtailed by large fatigues here and at Pulborough.

1300 Two new officers Lt JG Price, JD McLean, PC Osler, R Fleming and TH Staunton and 12 Ors arrived from 3 Cdn Div Inf Reinf Unit. Lt TE Parkinson returned to unit after operation. Lt OA Nickson left on three week mortar course.

1600 RAF 11 Fighter Group put on coverging attack on camp announced that “I” Section would be increased from 1 Officer, 1 Sgt, 2 Cpls, 4 Rfn, to 1 Officer, 1 Sgt, 3 Cpls, 24 OR’s.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 13 March 1942

0830 Large parties again went down to Pulborough under Lt WD Stewart in continuing work on new camp.

Trng practically at a standstill except for specialist pls who have Bn fatigues to do.

Firein bracken on East side of hill near Rifle Ranges started by smoke bombs by Mortar Plt.

B64102 Rfn Hardacre B, who was boarded out of A Coy while in Newfoundland returned to A Coy via Reinf Unit.

This was the first warm day here in 1942.

1900 Movie at Recreation Rm put on by Aux Services.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 14 March 1942

0830 Trng resumed principally by specialist pls.

Carriers came back from three day hardening scheme on South Downs.

PO Maxwell 11 Fighter Gp RAF attached for 3 days to Bn.

Major VA Gianelli on his return from 3 Cdn Div Reinf Unit attached to 11 Fighter Gp. RAF 4-8 Mar on exchange, Lt SM Lett 8-12 march, Maj FLJ Grout 12-16 Mar.

Arrival of 5 new offrs will mean privilege leave for offrs can be resumed when landing leave of new offrs finished after further reinforcement offr arrive from OCTU.

1130 Coy Comds meeting. 1 Plt formed each coy supplying 5 men except A which is to supply 6.

Tpt cut to minimum to save petrol and rubber. Extra messing harder to attain. Soap and clothes for offrs now rationed.

1700 Movies for OR’s in NAAFI hut.

A/2 ic had sicussion with NAAFI district Mgr over poor food & supplies being served.

Field Return of Offrs.

Field Return of Other Ranks.

Due to very poor arrangements, lack of information and long drawn out schedule by 3 Cdn Div sports offr QOR boxers withdrew from Div team championships for Corps title.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 15 March 1942

0900 MC school for offrs under TO.

1000 Church parade

1100 Bn parade on football field.

1400 Movie put on by Aux Services offr in Offr’s Mess.

Complaints on NAAFI resulted in appointment of new manager and promises of improvement.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 16 March 1942

0700 Working party of 300 men went to new camp at Pulborough.

0830 Trng of men not on fatigues continued.

Bn I Sec increased to 1 Plt; 1 Offr 1 Sgt 3 Cpls 24 Rfn.

PO EB Tainton and Sgt Wilkinson RAAF. Kenley Wing 11 Fighter Gp attached to unit for four days.

CO left on 4 day gas course at Salisbury.

Maj RM Hudson A/OC Maj VA Gianelli A/2 ic.

Junior NCO school resumed.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 17 March 1942

0830 Trng restricted due to large number of fatigues it is necessary for Bn to supply.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 18 March 1942

0830 1 Plt on range for Sniper school.

NCO school continuing under Adj and RSM. Very heavy rain.

Additional list of NCO’s names submitted as instructors in Canada.

Lt CN Bradshaw advised he was to report to CMHQ 19 Mar as staff learner.

1930 TEWT under Brig KG Blackader and Maj Kelly 8 CIB umpire on night attack.

Maj RM Hudson A/OC Adjt IO and coy comds were present.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 19 March 1942

0500 Whole Bn including batmen, orderly rm clerks on fatigues on orders 3 Cdn Div. 550 men employed. Unit Tpt provided. Fatigues included shifting stoves, loading rubble.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 20 March 1942

0830 Fatigues continued. All Bn trng including NCO school washed out.

Maj JG Spragge paid unit a visit on his three day leave from Senior Offr School.

LCol HC MacKendrick returned from 3 day gas course.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 21 March 1942

Bn again had to supply 550 men for fatigues for whole day.

Weather has been slightly colder with intermittant rain and heavy fogs.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 22 March 1942

0900 Offrs MC school under Lt HE Dalton.

1100 Voluntary church parade.

OC transferred to #1 Cdn General Hospital for operation.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 23 March 1942

1123 Bn past SP embussed on move to concentration area near Petworth for 8 CIB exercise “Hardener”.

1600 Arrived concentration area. Supplies and men drawn in field and set up after dark from B Ech.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 24 March 1942

0530-0630 Stand to.

1130 Bde O Gp.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 25 March 1942

0045 Move embussed to Assembly Area in Storrington.

0230 Breakfast and rum ration.

0330 Route march to FUP at Chantry Hill.

0445 Arrived FUP.

0515 Zero Hr Bn crossed SL 11 Fd Bty, 1 tp 105 A/Tk Bty, 1 Plt ChofO (MG)

1 Sex 16 Fd Coy RCE under comd.

QOR on right flank, R de Chaud, left flank, NSR in reserve.

0600 B & A Coys captured objective Harrow Hill, Enemy counter attack successful as supporting arms did not arrive at objective in time for consolidation.

Counter attack by remnants coys supported by Fd Bty MGs and carriers hold Harrow Hill and consolidated.

1130 Exercise Hardener ended.

1530 Bn embussed on TCV’s at Patching Hill picked up A Ech at Washington where A Ech was fed into column. B Ech was brigaded during entire exercise and moved by itself.

Maj RM Hudson Comd Bn during exercise.

1800 tail on Bn column returned to unit lines at Pippingford.

Lt TE Dalton, TO had his back slightly hurt when he was thrown from his motorcycle while leading A Ech to feed it into Bn MT coln.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 26 March 1942

0830 Breakfast, morning spent on interior economy as no weekend leave was granted 20-22 Mar due to fatigues.

Sqdrn Ldr Hodgson RCAF attached for 4 days.

Six Offrs attached from Reinf Unit. Lt AJ Greathed returned to the unit from 3 Cdn Reinf Unit. The following graduates of OCTU joined the regiment as offrs: Lt RA With, Lt RC Blue, Lt J Arger, Lt DK Hazzard, Lt H McRae. All were formerly NCO’s of 1 Bn QOR of C.

1330 1st Parade. Carriers and Tpt continued maintenance.

Lt DK Hazzard posted to D Coy, Lt RC Blue to C Coy, Lt AJ Greathed to A Coy, Lt H McRae to B Coy, Lt R With to HQ Coy.

Operation Order 8 CIB scheme “Hardener” 23 March.

Operation Order 8 CIB scheme “Hardener” 24 March.

Maj JE Pangman left for 4 days attachment to 11 Fighter Gp RAF.

Lt WE Fess returned from 4 day Camouflage Course SE comd Tunbridge Wells.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 27 March 1942

0830 Unit trng resumed.

1400 Maj RM Hudson A/OC, IO Lt WE Fess, OC D Coy; Lt JHK Booth OC C Coy, Lt JI Mills OC Carrier Plt; Lt EA Dunlop OC B Coy made recce of Cowfold and Storrington areas for 7 CIB scheme “Rosina”.

Scheme to be on Coy basis as each coy will represent a Bn of enemy. Carriers attached to B Coy, scouts, snipers, cooks and stretcher bearers to each coy.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 28 March 1942

0830 B Coy scouts left for Cowfold Area.

1130 D Coy & Coys move off embussed for South Downs to take up posns for 7 CIB scheme “Rosina”.

Maj Hudson and Capt Malone set off for Myrtlegrove Farm near Patching to set up skeleton Bn or Bde coordinating HQ.

OC returned from No 1 Cdn General Hospital, Horsham.

Lt WE Fess appointed unit camouflage offr.

Movement table for 7 CIB scheme “Rosina” 28 Mar.

Capt HR Downie, Capt SC Heyes, Lt SM Lett left on privilege leave wef. 27 Mar.

Bn advised taht Maj WT Barnard appointed GSO 3 CMHQ wef 27 Mar.

Lt AJ Greathed and Lt DK Hazzard TOS wef 27 March.

Capt WE Bawden senior officer in camp.

1500 B Coy scouted and attacked 7 CIB assembly areas on exercise “Rosina”.

D& C Coys attacked recce parties 7 CIB.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 29 March 1942

0330 7 CIB attack started. C & D Coys acted as enemy holding defensive posn in scheme “Rosina”.

0630 B Coy counter attacked.

1600 Scheme “Rosina” ended.

As Bn on exercise it was not possible to hold Bn church parade on Empire Day of Prayer.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 30 March 1942

0300 As TCV’s were not laid on from Div for return journey from South Downs near Storrington Bn did not arrive back till early morning but spent several hrs on Downs waiting TCV’s.

Morning parades cancelled to give men chance to sleep and clean equipment.

1330 First parade I Plt started scout and sniper school including map reading for NCO’s from coys.

Lt RW Sawyer as Unit Camouflage Offr left for 4 days attachment to RAF Kenley.

Maj JEC Pangman returned from 4 day attachment to RAF.

B63530 Sgt Williams K and B63975 Sgt Cirtue left for NETD to return to Canada for OCTU.

B66032 Sgt Stone HQ Coy to return to Canada as instructor.

Lt WE Fess rptd to 8 CIB as Mot CO.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 31 March 1942

0830 Trng resumed.

1630 Discussion for all offrs of 8 CIB Gp at Memorial Hall Davehill on scheme “Hardener”.

Muster parade held by Coys.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 1 April 1942

Unit training continued including range firing.

0830 National Petrol Emergency declared for month of Apr. Bn’s limited to 3000 gals a month for all purposes.

Lt E B Smeed RMR of 3 Div Personnel Selection Team attached together with 2 Ors.

Lt T A Staunton & Lt P C Osler left on Landing Leave.

Part I Orders Appx 1

Part II Orders Appx 2

Syllabus of Trng Appx 3

Capt DJ LeQuesne former adjt returned from tour of duty as liason offr at HQ 8 CIB.

Capt LeQuesne appointed adjt Lt R D Medland adjt appointed 2 i/c “D” Coy.

Lt W E Fess appointed liason offr 8 CIB.

O Gp at 8 CIB.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 2 April 1942

0830 Plt and Coy trng continued. OC still at 1 Cdn Gen Hospt.

2000 8 CIB under notice for “stand to” due sighting of Paratrooper concentration at Cherbourg. Carriers plus one coy kept ready to move on 30 min notice.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 3 April 1942

0830 Good Friday was not observed as a holiday for army.

Trng continued including route marches and deployment after attack by tks. Men wating to go to church excued parade. 1 Plt and NCO course continued.

Brig Blackader visited Bn lines.

Carriers and duty coy stood to from dark to dawm.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 4 April 1942

0830 Trng and interior economy held during morning.

Lt Col H C MacKendrick officially boarded “E” category.

Maj R M Hudson appointed Temporary Commander QOR of Canada.

Maj Spankie succeeded Maj Menard as BM 8 CIB.

2100 Dance held in officers mess at Pippingford Park.

Carrier Plt and Duty Coy standing to. 8 CIB was first formation to stant to on information re paratroops.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 5 April 1942

0800 & 0900 hrs Easter Day. Holy Communion.

1000 Bn Church Parade.

Lt J D MacLean left on D&M Regt Offrs course.

Capt Heys, Capt Downie & Lt S M Lett returned from privilege leave.

Bn & O Gp re Div exercise “STARTER”. This exercise on skeleton basis down to coy comds.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 6 April 1942

0600 Skeleton Bn left by M.T. On exercise “STARTER” to Action Stations. This was first Div exercise ever held by 3 Cdn Div.

0830 Trng of Bn continued including 20 mile route march.

2350 Skeleton Bn returned to unit lines from exercise “STARTER”.

“Stant To” re paratroops ended.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 7 April 1942

0830 Coy and specialist trng continued.

Lt R Fleming left on landing leave.

1400 Conference Bn Ios at 8 CIB.

2000 Bde O Gp re probailty 7&8 CIB will relieve 1 & 2 Cdn Div on South Coast.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 8 April 1942

0830 Trng in accordance with syllabus.

0900 Maj Hudson Temp Comd, QM IO Sigs O and Coy comds made recce of Black Watch area at Wellingdon, Jevington, Beachy Head, Royal Regiment area in Eastbourne and RHLI area at Hasting which QOR of C will take over.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 9 April 1942

0830 Trng included. 11 trng filmes on aircraft and lectures to coys on aircraft recognition and identification of German uniforms by IO. Uniforms lent to Bn by 3 Cdn Div.

Bn sent 8 umpired on 7 CIB exercise “FLAP”.

C Coy chasing three huns 17402 N Censor No 264840 England 1943
C Coy chasing three huns 17402 N Censor No 264840 England 1943 – QOR Museum photo

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 10 April 1942

0830 Trng consisted of all day route march for coys plus specialist trng including Sigs & I Plt schools.

Lt RA With appointed assistant IO.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 11 April 1942

0830 Trng continued. Petrol restrictions now prohibit use of MT for recreation of any kind and ven tpt of personnel to and from railway.

Brig K G Blackader and BM inspected unit lines.

Maj Gianelli, Pangman; Capt Malone, Lts Lett, Sawyer, Mills, Booth & Dunbar returned from umpiring 7 CIB exercise “FLAP”.

Maj Grout and Capt HR Downie; Lts H McRae, O A Nickson, R With, R S Blue, R D Medland, D K Hazzard and AJ Greathered left to umpire 2 Div exercise “Thistle”.

At the inquest held 10 Apr in East Grinstead a verdict of manslaughter against an English civilian was brought in with regard to the death of Rfn Handrahan 28 Feb ’42.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 12 April 1942

1000 Voluntary Church Parade.

1130 Coy Comds meetings

1445 Lecture “Whitehall” on the “War at Sea”. One offr per unit attended.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 13 April 1942

0830 Trng continued with most coys doing 20 mile route march.

IQ test of Bn nearly completed.

1200 Lt Col H C MacKendrick returned from hospital to say good bye to Bn.

1700 OC said Good bye to Sgts and Wos in Sgts mess.

1845 OC inspected regiment, presented boxing trophies won by team in Bde & Div and made farewell speech. Bn was drawn up under Maj R M Hudson, Temp Comd, in close colum of coys on football field.

Bn then marched past and LCol MacKendrick took salute for last time.

2000 mess dinner at Chelwood Vetchery for OC Maj Spragge could not attend as he was on Senior Officers School. Band played outside during dinner.

Majors W T Bernard, J McClain, Lts C N Bradshaw, R A Harris, W E Fess, Hon Major Cecil Stuart attended the dinner.

Memo on 3 Cdn Div exercise “Starter” 6-7 April Appx 5

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 14 April 1942

0830 Trng continued.

1600 Bn O gp re exercise “Conqueror”

Capt R S Malone attached from 8 CIB SOS on being appointed Staff Capt. 1 Arm’d Bde 1 Arm’d Div.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 15 April 1942

0100 Reveille

0230 Bn moved from camp by MT on exercise “Conqueror”.

0630 Arrived Action Stns Pulborough.

1400 Bn moved by MT to Cowdray Pk.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 16 April 1942

0200 Bn moved by MT to North Marden Wood.

0830 Bn route marched to FUP near Mid Lavant.

1230 Bn crossed SL.

1540 Conqueror “close fire”

Maj Spragge rejoined Bn.

2350 Bn arrived back at Pippingford Park.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 17 April 1942

0930 Bn resumed trng Maj J G Spragge appointed OC Bn.

Maj R M Hudson appointed acting 2 i/c

1000 Bde O Gp re move to coast.

1330 Sports afternoon and interior economy.

Lt R W Sawyer transferred to Directorate of Intelligence CMHQ.

A large mail arrived from Canada. The mails have been fairly regular averaging about on or two every two or three weeks.

Out of the original slate of officers 15 have left Bn. Maj W L Bryan was boarded and is now OC Army Trades School and Hamilton. Lt Col H C MacKendrick is boarded “E” and is returning to Canada. Capt R B G MacDonnel is now at 3 CDIRU where Lt AG Alley now Capt is sports officer. Capt (now Major) J M Milne Capt RC Clarkson, Lt (now Capt) N R Pilcher returned to Canada as instructors. Lt T E Sisson returned to take Staff College Course at Kingston and Lt (now Capt) D A Keith to JAGs Dept at Ottawa. Maj W T Barnard, Lt CN Bradshaw and RW Sawyer have gone to CMHQ. Lt W E Fess to 8 CIB. Lt RA Harris while not on original slate having joined Jan 1941 went to Bde and then to Corps Lt IRF Wilson to 3 Cdn Div and Maj G F C Pangman to DS SECO School at Lavington.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 18 April 1942

0830 On orders from Brig trng restricted to work connected with move to coast when 7 and 8 CIB relieve 1 & 2 Cdn Div.

1600 Bn O Gp re final details of move. Adv party for B & C areas Eastbourne and Jevington left under QM.

Pippingford Park, Sussex, England 19 April 1942

0600 Reveille advance 1/2 hr to allow for loading MT.

0700 Breakfast Accomodation stores moved to coy mess huts and locked up.

As there was no room on unit tpt for kit bags due to necessity of carrying all G1098 equipment they were licked in one hut per coy.

1000 Head of Bn route marching past SP at Nutley.

1030 A2, B ech plus carriers and mortars left for Bivouac area at Tylehurst Wood.

1315 A1 Ech carrying tea for noon meal at Vert Wood left camp.

1500 Marching Bn reached Vert Wood 13 1/2 miles from Pippingford.

1600 Head of BN past SP.

1815 Bn reached Tylehurst Wood 6 1/2 miles from lunch area and a total of 21 miles from camp.

2000 Unit visited by Comd 8 CIB.

Hastings Det “A’ Area, England 19 April 1942

0900 The Det Adv Party left Pippingford Park under comd of Major J E C Pangman arriving in Hastings 1100 hrs. RHLI had not at that time had definite orders to move.

Maj Panmgna with Lt AJ Greathed, Lt HS McCrae, Lt RA With & Cpl Waddel and “I” Plt Corporal made a Recce of the area including the coast defence Bty & OP Fairlight area & Billets.

Det HQ was formed under Maj J E Pangman Officer commanding Det with LT R A With as Acting Det Adjutant & Cpl Dalzell GE B66059 as Det Clerk.

The RHLI received orders to move.

Line of march QOR Bn, England 20 April 1942

0630 MT left for Willingdon to unload & to return to Polegate to left Det to hastings

0830 Bn past SP.

0930 Bn reached Polegate and Det was picked up by MT.

1020 Bn RHR lines.

1400 Meeting of all B & C Area Offrs at mess to go over operational role under Maj Spragge’s direction. Offrs made recce of B & C areas.

1600 QOR offically took over anti-raid responsibilities of Black Watch at Forston Buling Gap and Beachy Head and Royal Regiment of Canada at Eastbourne.

Offrs liaised wtih RAF at Friston Airport 342 CD Bty at Wish Tower, Eastbourne.

Hastings Det , England 20 April 1942

0800 “B” Coy Duty Coy. The RHLI moved out & the Billets were prepared for incoming Det Tps under the supervision of Maj Pangman. Tpt arrived at 0800 hrs from the Bn overnight bivouac with stores & equipment. After unloading it returned to the Bn RV at Polegate where it embussed “A” Area Det Troops & transported them to Hastings.

Lt RA With and one NCO met the Bn at Polegate at about 0930 hrs and continued to Willingdon for liason purposes with Bn HQ.

The Det spent the remainder of the day in recce, becoming familiar with its operational Role and settling in.

Mr. Monahan, Aux Services Offircer arrived from Willingdon to arrange entertainment.

Willingdon, England 21 April 1942

0830 hrs Trng resumed. In spite of 70 men being treated for bad blisters on the march down only 7 rptd for sick parade.

Maj Benjamin OC B Coy 21 Sx. H.G. Liaised with Bn on anti-raid precautions at Eastbourne.

Maj J.G. Spragge promoted Lieutenant Colonel Commanding QOR of C wef 16 Apr.

2000 Col Spragge, 2ic and IO covered Eastbourne posns.

Hastings Det , England 21 April 1942

0830 “A” Coy Duty Coy.

Training syllabus carried out. Bathing parade for men at White Rock Baths.

Lt JN Gordon and Lt AW Dunbar left Det for Umpire Duty.

Lt Fleming and joined Det after Home Guard Instruction duty.

Capt J. Clough, Colonel Spragge, Major Taylor & Lt A Nickson visited Detach & made recce of positions in “A” Area or carried out their respective duties.

Mr. Monohan returned to Willingdon Maj Gen Price GOC 3rd Cdn Div accompanied. By Brigadier Blackader & Staff visited Detach HQ – “A” Coy – “B” Coy & “A” Area positions. Also Fairlight area.

“A” Coy carried out a night tank practice the Company & Attachments being moved by MT to a point close to Fairlight to test the speed at which a Company could take up its positions in an emergency.

Maj Grout, Capt Downie, Lts Gordon, Dunbar & Stewart left to umpire Beaver IV 1 & 2 Div exercise.

Officers Discuss plans England 1942
Photo from Toronto Telegram 21 Mar. ’42 – QOR Museum Photo
Lt looking at the English Channel 1942
Photo from Toronto Telegram 21 Mar. ’42 – QOR Museum Photo
Photo from Toronto Telegram 21 Mar. ’42 – QOR Museum Photo

Willingdon, England 22 April 1942

0830 C Coy offrs formed own mess.

Training in part consisted of familiarizing offrs, nco’s and men with responsibilities and areas.

OC liaised with 342 CD Bty and 7 Bn The Buffs 37 Army Tk Bde. RAV.

1845 Mess dinner at offrs mess for first time with Col Spragge as OC.

During day bath parades started to civic baths in Eastbourne.

Hastings Det , England 22 April 1942

0830 A & B Coys carried on with training syllabus and duties – “B” Coy being Duty Coy CB after 2100 hrs.

Det “I” Sec made itself familiar with routes to Fairlight & other points including the 360 BD Bty RA & OP.

Lt R Fleming who had been on exercise with HG rejoined “A” Coy at the det.

Willingdon, England 23 April 1942

0830 Situation at both Det and Bn is that one coy is on duty supplying fatigues and is CB at night. Duties change every 24 hrs CB is from 1 hr before dusk to 1 hr after dawn.

Tpt sufficient to lift one coy stands by.

All leave for offrs cancelled until 27 Apr and from 10-15 May.

Warning order received that Bn will go to tented camp at Pulborough 48 hrs after return to Pippingford park.

Maj Benjamin of HG liased again with Bn.

OC and 5 offrs invited to dinner at 7th Bn The Buffs.

1430 D Coy shown Churchill tks by 7 Bn The Buffs RAC.

Hastings Det , England 23 April 1942

“A” Coy as Duty Coy was CB after 2100 hrs. Training syllabus carried out.

“I” Sec cont’d Recce work. Visit from Capt MacLaren MO.

Mr. Monohan Aux Services Offr visited Det & showed a movie at “Hold Regis” one of the “A” Coy billets, in the evening. Tea was served to the men afterwards by CAS.

Willingdon, England 24 April 1942

0715 OC, 2ic, QM, TO Lt JI Mills went on recce to Pulborough area.

0830 D Coy set off on all day attack and defense scheme firing live rounds.

0900 HQ Coy bath parade to civic baths.

Telephone call from Hastings Det stating they had been bombed and machine gunned from the air but there were no casualties. This was the first time the Bn has been under fire in any way since war was declared.

1000 Message from Bde ordered Bn to be ready to move by 1600 hrs today. Former instructions were to remain here until relieved by 2 Cdn Div 27 Aprl.

1600 Bde O Gp Corps scheme Beaver III ended early and 8 CIB to return to permanent camps

Zero hour being 0900 hrs 25 Apr.

QOR to pass SP 1100 hrs 25 Apr, to hand over responsitibities vs raids to Black Watch 0800 hrs 25 Apr.

1600 QOR advised that it would not move to Area Z Pulborough for eight weeks but would take over from Regina Rifles Regiment at Lindfield 5 May.

QOR vacated billets of Black Watch.

1700 Black Watch returned from Beaver III

QOR took up bivouac in Hampden Park.

21 HQ advised of change over.

1930 Bn O Gp at Hampden Park.

Hastings Det , England 24 April 1942

9845 While Det Parades were being held two German planes, flying very fast and low passed over “A” Coy. Two bombs were dropped causing several civilian casualties, one falling very close to “Glenroyde” Hotel where part of “B” Coy is quartered. Windows were broken & houses on the Sea Front machine gunned. Many windows broken by concussion from the A/A fire. The planes 2 ME 109s circled & flying away across the English Channel. No damage was done to our Tps or Tpt.

0945 B64057 Rfn Bowles NA acting as Duty DR was returning from a message when he hit a lamp post in St. Helen’s Park Road receiving serious injuried to his left knee & hip. He was at once taken to the 11 Fd Amb reported possible compound fractures.

1045 The Det received a warning order to be prepared for a possible move at 1600 hrs.

All possible preparations were therefore made.

Capt Clough CCS visited the Det.

Mr. Monohan returned to Willingdon.

“B” Coy Duty Coy.

Det received orders to vacate RHLI Billets but remain in area with guard responsiblities until 0800 hrs 25 Apr 42. Arrangements were made wehreby som eof the men stayed in Billets while others were acommodated in the Blackland Parish Hall.

Bivouac Hampden 25 April 1942

0600 Reveille

0700 Breakfast

0800 Hand over of anti-raid responsibilities to Black Watch and Royal Regiment of Canada.

1000 Al A2 & B Ech fed into TCV’s.

1050 QOR Det fed into QOR Bn convoy at Bn SP.

1100 Bn convoy past Bde SP.

1230 Bn returned to Pippingford Park.

1300 Hot Lunch served at camp.

1600 Bde O Gp Bn to move to Pulborough leaving Pippingford 1500 hrs 30 Apr.

Coys to train affiliated HQ until 17 Sx Bn in present area. 6-21 June which means returning to this area and establishing coy or smaller tented camps.

Beaver IV exercise slated for period 6-12 May.

Adv Party to go to Pulborough 27 Apr.

Page of photographs from Toronto Telegram 21 Mar. ’42.

Hastings Det. Pippingford Park Nutley, Sussex 26 April 1942

1030 Bn church parade.

C Coy HG trng at Isle of Thorns included lectures demonstrations, trng in Spigot mortar and motion pictures.

Rifle Coy Comds and IO liaised with their opposite numbers in 17 Sx Bn HG. Re syllabus of trng selection of camp sites and adm arrangements for period of HG trng by Field Army 6-21 June.

Lt JI Mills made recce of tent area at Pulborough.

Hastings Det. Pippingford Park Nutley, Sussex 27 April 1942

0830 Trng under coy arrangments resumed.

1000 Adv party under lt JI Mills left for Pulborough.

1930 Meeting of all offrs and talk by OC on trng.

2100 Quarterly meeting of mess committee. New mess committee to consist of Maj RM Hudson as PMC, Capt HR Downie as VPMC, Lt WD Stewart as secretary, Lt Hugh McRae and Capt Clough chaplain as ex officer member.

2200 Offrs mess entertained cast of show put on for men.

Lt FLJ martin returned to unit and was posted.

Hastings Det. Pippingford Park Nutley, Sussex 28 April 1942

0830 Coy & Plt trng continued.

OC left to visit 3 CDIRU at Borden re offr replacements.

All syllabic and adm arrangments for HG Trng completed by noon.
Tracing of Hastings occupied by QOR Det 20-25 and Operation Orders Appx 11

Letter from Sunshine House for Blind Babies tahnking for contribution from men. Appx 12

Adv Party Movement Order to Aarea Z 27 Apr. Appx 13

Tracing of Eastbourne and Operation Orders QOR Bn 20-25 Apr. Appx 14

Pippingford Park Nutley, Sussex 29 April 1942

0030 Fires broke out in forest near WychCross Chelwood Gate Rd. Whole Bn under comd OC turned out and put out fires.

Fires stated in several different places and as one was put out another started in most cases some distance up wind.

As fires obviously incindiary armed patrols were put on as well as fire beaters.

8 CIB and Provost Coy advised. Provost Coy and NSR stood to.

Recce made in daylight but no evidence found though smoke generators were picked up in area of fire.

0500 Last fire squads reported all clear.

0830 All trng cancelled in preparation for move.

0900 Coy Comds meeting re move though to date only a warning order received.

1600 Bn “O” Gp re move to Pulborough as definite move order received from 8 CIB.

1730 A reported parachute coming down near HQ 8 CIB Danehill turned out to be a captive balloon that had broken loose.

Adv MT with trng stores sent to Pulborough Area Z.

1900 Fires again broke out in same area as in earlier hrs. This was thought to be due to fire remaining underground.

A plt from A Coy under Lt AT Greathed successfully put it out.

0500 Reveille

0600 Breakfast and clean up of whole camp. Last equipment packed on MT.

0825 TCV’s arrived.

0835 Head of column left Pippingford Park.

QM completed hand over to 1 Bn RCE Corps Tps.

Lt Gordon, Medland, Staunton remained behind to go on Battle Drill School.

0900 Head of coln past SP.

1145 Bn reaced Pulborough Camp map ref 490403. Chichester & Worthing 1 inch sheet.

1315 Hot lunch served. Camp had been put up by Lt TE Parkinson PNR offr and lt JI Mills OC adv party.

1500 Bn “O” Gp. Lt WE Fess LO 8 CIB and Capt Frank Storey Sigs Master visited camp.

All trucks unloaded, men allocated to tents and equipment stowed.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 1 May 1942

0830 Training continued and settling into new camp. Improved of Lines carried out.

Major JEV Pangman former of OC of “A” Coy became acting 2ic Bn.

Major RM Hudson former acting 2ic became OC “A” Coy.

Capt SC Heyes former Commander of No. 4 Platoon became 2ic of “D” Coy.

Lt AV Malone former commander of No. 1 Platoon became 2ic of “A” Coy and Ass. Adjt.

Lt RA With became acting Intelligence Officer.

Lt JL Dampier transferred from “D” Coy to No. 1 Platoon HQ Coy.

Lt JI Mills became Commander of No 4 Platoon HQ Coy.

Lt J Arber transferred from “C” Coy to No 4 Platoon HQ Coy as 2ic.

Lt TA Staunton transferred from “B” Coy to “C” Coy.

Lt RD Medland transferred from “D” Coy to “B” Coy as 2ic.

Lt J Price became assistant Transport Officer.

Entertainment arranged by CAS attended by all ranks in Pulborough.

Part I Orders Appx 1

Part II Orders Appx 2

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 2 May 1942

0830 Unit training continued.

Lt J Price left to attend a course at Borden, Hants.

Lt AI Matheson left Bn to take up duties as IO at 8 CIB. Lt RA With took over duties as Bn IO.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 3 May 1942

0900 The Bn Church Parade moved out of Camp and marched to St. Mary’s Church in Pulborough.

The Regiment was welcomed to the the Church and Parish by the Rev. Frost, Vicar of the Church.

The Service was conducted as usual by Capt. JC Clough. The RC Church parade was held separately.

Lt HE Dalton returned from leave.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 4 May 1942

0830 Training continued. Companies are marching regularly in order to condition the men in readiness for schemes expected in the near future.

Capt. Scott and Army Welfare Officer visited the Unit.

Lt RCS Blue left for a 48 hr. Leave.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 5 May 1942

0830 Training continued and 558 showered in Mobile Bath Unit (RCOC) between 0830 hrs and 1200 hrs.

1930 CO, 2ic, Adj, IO, and Coy Comds attended a meeting in connection with scheme Beaver IV at 8 CIB. Reports of one of our bombers having been shot down in this vicinity reached the Unit but no authentic reports available.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 6 May 1942

0830 Training continued.

The first Formal Mess under LCol JG Spragge and in this camp was held.

CO called a meeting of Coy Comds at 2100 hrs. This was attended also by Adj, 2ic, IO, and A/RSM Fox.

Lt RCS Blue returned from leave. Lt JL Dampier returned from SI (Inf) Course.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 7 May 1942

0830 Unit training contd. Preparations being made for moving out for scheme “Beaver IV.” Men rested during afternoon.

2100 CO called “O” Group.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 9 May 1942

0045 The Bn moved into positions for embussing by Coys. TCV’s drew into their respective positions.

0102 The MT Column moved out of the Camp, which the Pioneer Plt commanded by Lt TE Parkinson had constructed, after a brief period of occupation. This was the first time the Unit had been under canvas since Newfoundland. It was very fortunate in having perfect spring weather with no rain.

This was the first day of RSM H. Fox’s new acting rank, he having taken the place of RSM G. Alexander who left 7 May ’42 for 3rd CIRU – Both have seen long service with the Regiment.

Cowdray Park, Sussex

0230 The Transport arrived in the Bde Concentration Area and was led into positions by Companies by the guides of the Advance Party. The necessary guards & patrols were posted and the Bn quickly settled down to sleep.

1000 The CO and IO attended a Bde “O” Group.

The remainder of the day was spent in performing necessary duties & resting the men. The weather still remained perfect. Many of the men stripped to the waist & lazed in the sun. They will probably have to sleep in the rain before long. This spell of ideal weather has lasted several weeks & is bound to break during a scheme. Preparations were made for an early departure on 10 May.

Area “Z” Pulborough, Sussex 10 May 1942

0500 Reveille

0630 The Unit moved out with TCV’s headed for Bn HQ established and Rifle Coys in defensive position in surrounding area.

1400 The CO & IO looked at Coy positions.

1700 The CO held Bn “O” Group. About this time it started raining. The farmers needed it for their much needed crops but the Army did not & in plain language said NO.

2330 The Bn moved off by MT.

Scaynes Hill, Sussex 11 May 1942

0130 Considerable difficulty was met with as the MT entered the Wood which it was to park owing to the softness of the ground after the rain. It was found also that the wood was not as large as shown on the map owing to part having been cut.

Major Grout who was in charge of the advance party had selected two separate woods merely to be used if the main one became overcrowded. It was found necessary to use this extra space. Practically no sleep was had as a result.

1200 The Companies were in an Assembly Area near CHALEY and during the afternoon moved out to locate the enemy to the East. It was though they might be encountered in large numbers but as it turned out only small forces were discovered. Our Carriers clashed with a small force of the enemy Carriers. A prisoner was taken & interrogated by us but little useful information resulted. Our tps were withdrawn suddenly by TCV & on foot.

1700 Practically the whole of the Bn back in the Concentration Area. The CO was called to a Bde “O” Gp.

1730 Bn “O” Gp. Orders given for a move.

2115 The Bn moved again. This time on foot.

Fletching, Sussex

1130 The Bn moved into its area & the troops were 1 able to get some sleep

Firle Park, Sussex 12 May 1942

0500 Bde “O” Group was attended by CO and IO but as little information could be given at that time they were told to be ready for another call at any time.

0800 Another “O” Group given orders for a march to the Caost.

0915 The Unit marched out on foot by a route leading through HAMSEY and LEWES for SEAFORD. The Road ahead was blocked by “Blown” bridgaes & roads ahead under “heavy Artillery fire” The only way to reach our objective was to climb the Downs & cross them. It was a hard climb over after a hard day’s march. The transport had to make a long detour to the WEST before it could cross.

Seaford, Sussex 12 May 1942

2330 A Meal was given to the men. By this time all were badly in need of food & rest.

Rum was issued to some Companies – Our First issue.

2400 Bde “O” Gp attended by CO & IO. Orders were received for a river crossing and an “attack” on FRISTON Airport.

Exceat Bridge, Chuckmere River, Sussex 13 May 1942

0130 The River was crossed & attack carried out successfully. The attacking Coys spent the remaining time before daylight on the Downs in the rain and BHQ was established at WESTDEAN on the East side of the River.

0800 Everbody was pretty well exhausted by this time but rum in the tea at breakfast half an hour’s sleep made a great difference to the general outlook.

1030 Bde “O” Group. Orders to attack and destroy the remaining enemy on the Downs towards Eastbourne with the aid of tanks. Enemy resistance completely collapsed & the worne out troops were spared further movement. Orders to stand by were given.

Friston, Sussex 13 May 1942

1600 The Bn drew into a Concentration Area where the news reached the troops that “Beaver IV” had ended. The news that the QOR was to be reliev the 1 RHR (Black Watch) for amonth was made public. Blistered feet & fatigue were forgotten and the men who all knew something of the billets they were to take over got busy cleaning themselves up.

Ratton Wood Willingdon, Sussex 14 May 1942

0830 Major Pangman left with the advance party to take over Black Watch billets.

1145 The Bn marched off for WILLINGDON.

1330 While the turnover of billets was being completed the troops were fed and allowed to rest.

1900 The take over was completed and The QOR moving in.

Willingdon, Sussex 15 May 1942

0830 The Billets taken over by the Bn met with the great approval of all ranks. The Unit set about settling down to such comfortable quarters with enthusiasm & hoped that the big scheme “Tiger” might not materialize, or at very least, hoped it might be delayed. A forlorn hope!

Willingdon, Sussex 16 May 1942

0830 the time was spent chiefly in straightening out the Regiment’s affairs. After sleep less nights & constant marching the rest & shelter & facilities for cleaning bodies, clothes & equipment proved very welcome. The idea of having to go out on alonger & harder scheme so soon after “Beaver IV” seams not to raise any great enthusiasm.

1330 the CO took a recce party to the top of the Downs where the Unit Battle stations lie. Brigadier Blockader was present.

Willingdon, Sussex 17 May 1942

0930 Church Parade.

1000 Service in St. Elizabeth Church, Willingdon. Capt Clough conducted the service after the Rev. Hamilton, Vicar, had welcomed the Regiment to the Parish.

Major Stewart preached the Sermon & afterwards lunched at Bn HQ Officer’s Mess at Ratton Wood.

Willingdon, Sussex 18 May 1942

0830 Parades in Coy areas. Preparations for the scheme “Tiger” being made. All are guessing at the time & day. All seem reconciled to its inevitability.

2000 A meeting was held with Home Guard officers present at “Ratton Wood.” Tentative plans were laid for the training of HG personnel by the Regt upon its return from “Tiger.” The Home Guard seemed pleased at the prespect of the willing co-operation promised by the QOR of C.

Willingdon, Sussex 19 May 1942

0830 The CO called a meeting of Coy & Detachment Comdrs & discussed what seemed probable moves & other matters relating to the scheme “Tiger”.

1000 CO & IO attended Bde O Gp at Crossway Ho. Upper Dicker where Bde has its HQ. On the return trip to Bn Area they made a quick Recce of Abbott Wood alloted to the Bn in the Bde Concentration Area. It was found that a large portion of this wood has been felled & that true pictures was not given by the map.

1215 CO called a Bn “O” Group following which all concerned dashed madly off to arrange for the movement of troops & evacating of Billets. The IO whose whole morning had been occupied ran round in small circles for a short time but managed to get himself organized & eventually with the help of good NCO’s to restore order out of chaos.

1400 Maj Pangman, 2ic went forward as advance party to plan Coy areas in the Bn Concentration Area. Billets were turned over to the incoming “Wolf” force & the Bn moved to RATTON WOOD close by to await marching orders.

1700 CO held an “O” Gp.

2340 MT began moving into column.

2400 MT moved off for SP (0020 hrs) on route to Bde Concentration Area.

Ratton Wood Willingdon, Sussex, 20 May 1942

0035 The first of the foot roops moved off in order to pass the Start Point at 0100 hrs.

0130 Mt. Moved into Concentration Area guided into respective positions by Advance Party.

0335 The marching tps moved into Area and BN HQ established. After a short time spent in settling into Coy area many lay down in their greatcoats, blankets not being in use during the scheme, and slept.

0500 A good breakfast was served which was missed by some who failed to wake for it. On awakening & hearing that the rather uncommon dish boiled eggs had been on the menu their chagrin was great.

0530 The Bivouac area was spread with sleeping troops & well camouflaged vehicles. Later the fog lifted & the sun shone through the Oaks to reveal the tired unshaven faces of sleeping men in the mass of Bluebells which covered the ground under the trees. A strange contrast.

1130 Lt Fess (QOR of C, MCO at Bde liaised with the Bn.)

1600 The CO & IO attended Bde O Gp at “The Priory” UPPER DICKER to which point Bde has moved.

Confinement to the lines was lifted and a percentage of the troops allowed to move in a less restricted but still limited area. Most of the men went as far as the local Inn and drank the place dry.

Ratton Wood Willingdon, Sussex, 21 May 1942

0830 In view of the hard marching ahead the CO ordered as much rest as possible for the Bn. In consequence breakfast was later than usual. Rain fell during the night but most of the men had forseen the likelihood and constructed shelters with their groundsheets. Sentries reported the sound of bombing at some distance and at times flashes hit the sky. They thought it came from one of the coast towns. It was reported that an enemy plan was brought down off Beachy Head yesterday. A number of “Hit & Run” raids have been made along this part of the coast lately.

0945 The CO with a party left on a Recce of ground we expect to occupy to during our march East against Kent.

1330 Recce Party returned with report that no enemy had been encountered nor any sign of them found.

Lt W Fess came from Bde during afternoon with liaison matters.

1630 The CO held Bn “O” Gp for the night move to the next Concentration Area.

1900 Major Pangman left with Advance Party for the new area to guide the Bn in MT & Coy positions.

2000 After serving with QOR of C for 19 years Lt JHK Booth left the Unit to join No 1 Dental Company at ANGMERING-ON-SEA.

2315 MT passed Bn SP on the Road to Bentley Wood. The remainder of the Bn prepared to leave.

Bentley Wood, East Hoathly, Sussex, 22 May 1942

0010 All the Tpt with the exception of the MO’s lorry had left. The evening was fine with a good moon which started some of the men singing in the usual “harmony” whilst others hurled mocking insults at their efforts. They were tired of waiting about by the time the order to prepare to move was given and willingly prepared for the march.

0020 The Bn moved off marching in the now unusual formation of column of route with an interval of 50 yards between platoons as ordered by Bde. A safe formation at night with no enemy aircraft about & much easier to march in than single file. Mr. Monohan, the Auziliary Services Officer, met the column during a half with his tea car and handed out much appreciated tea and biscuits.

0400 the column split up and Coys were led in by their guides to their positions. The transport had arrived ahead & was already parked & the personnel settled. The foot troops quickly settled down to sleep, some oversleeping breakfast time as usual and regretting it later.

0500 Breakfast and afterwards rest for the troops for the remainder of the day except for the carrying out of normal camp duties.

1800 the CO called on “O” Group and issued orders for the night’s move.

2230 The transport moved out and the foot troops settled down to await their time to move.

Roeheath Chailey, Sussex 23 May 1942

0120 The remainder of the Bn moved out on foot for the last lap before reaching the Corps Concentration Area.

0515 The Bn moved into its area in the Cdn Corps Concentration Area and was dispersed to Coy areas. Breakfast was quickly finished & the men settled down to rest for the day.

1100 The CO and IO attended a Bde “O” Group.

1430 The CO, Coy Cmds & IO with one umpire and Lt Gondor of the CH of O made a recce of the first line to be held in the coming move towards Kent. This line is known as “MONTREAL” line.

1700 Rain started & continued heavily all night. Luckily the farm at which the Unit was bivouaced was large with large barns and buildings in which most of the men were able to sleep. Observation Posts were established on the “Montreal” line but were withdrawn at dark.

Roeheath Chailey, Sussex 24 May 1942

0700 Observers were again out on Montreal line. Breakfast was eaten & apart from necessary guard & patrol duties etc. The men were able to rest & clean up after the rain though the camp remained wet & muddy all day.

1400 The CO & IO attended a Conference at Bde.

1700 The CO called a Bn “O” Gp.

2100 The men were fed late as this was likely to be their last square meal for several days. Preparations were made for the night move. This was a large scale affair with all supporting arms involved and took considerable organising.

2300 troops & transport moved off in one column. The QOR was leading Unit in 8 Bde Gp. The 8th the leading Bde in the 3rd Division. In consequence the accurate timing of the 7th & 9th depended largely on the punctuality of the 8th. This means a hard march at a stiff pace to achieve success. Success was achived in as much as the Dispersal Point was passed with time to spare.

Great Bainden Mayfield, Sussex 25 may 1942

0545 Bn HQ Established. Observation Posts appointed & guards posted while vehicles were camouflaged & breakfast prepared. The men who were not immediately on duty were soon in their blankets in corners sheltered from the strong wind. Aircraft activity was considerable as the sun rose. Planes circled at low altitudes & great speed as they searched the ground for information of the opposed forces of Kent & Sussex. During the morning dive bombers attacked the position & “casualties” were sustained. Aircraft remained active all day.

1400 Information came in regularly of enemy movement but up to this time no actual contact had been made by the QOR. This state remained for the rest of the day.

Great Bainden Mayfield, Sussex 26 may 1942

0430 Stand To.

0530 Breakfast followed by the day’s work of recce patrols, manning positions with an occasional brush with the enemy.

1700 Rain set in again which lasted on and off all day. Many prisoners came in; some had no rain capes & had not eaten for some time. Difficulty was met with in their evacuation. Spirits were generally low owing to the bad weather and discomfort of wet clothes & blankets.

2000 The CO who was at Bde called the IO to a Bde “O” Group. “B” Coy had to take over a sector of the line in place of a much larger composite force consisting of detachments of 3 other units. This part of the line was held overnight by patrolling. The Coy had brushes with the enemies patrols but the night passed without any serious trouble.

Great Bainden Mayfield, Sussex 27 may 1942

0830 No drastic change in the position. A number of prisoners were taken & vehicles captured. For a short time the weather was windy but fine. Later, however the rain returned. By this time all were resigned to the discomfort of being wet & cold. Sleeping in damp clothes & putting on wet boots & socks at stand to became one of the most unpleasant parts of the day. The good reputation of the English climate was getting was soon discredited. The spell of perfect weather seemed to have good for good.

1200 The Bn marched out for WISKETTS WOOD via Shover’s Green.

1500 Soon after arriving the enemy was reported close at hand but nothing was seen of him by the unit.

1600 Bde “O” Gp.

1730 Bn moved again after a quick supper.

2200 Soon after arriving rain set in & the Bn turned in quickly. The Carriers made recces before dark & brought in one prisoner. The enemy seemed fairly close at hand.

Rectory Goodhurst, Sussex 28 May 1942

0400 The CO had been in touch with Bde during the early hours of the morning. The result was an order to be ready to move in 50 minutes.

0500 The Bn marched out without breakfast but nor sorry to leave amiserable bivouac.

0700 Breakfast was eaten soon after arriving. Three motor cycle prisoners of the 11th Armoured Division who apparently had been on short rations gladly became the Regiment’s guests for breakfast. During this move the MT was delayed by a blown bridge but quickly made up the lost time. Many Canadian troops were moving by various routes in pursuit of the withdrawing enemy.

1200 The CO held an “O” Gp & issued orders for the move out.

1430 The bn marched out on what turned out to be the hardest march it had experienced since mobilization. Many men dropped out with bad feet to be picked up by what transport was moving with the Column.

Great Chard Ashford, Kent 29 May 1942

0230 the Bn at last reached its destination everybody exhausted after 12 hrs of marching without food. The last meal had been a light one at midday on 28 May. Unlike the enemy who according to reports from prisoners were short rationed, the QOR had been well fed up to this point considering the supply difficulties. The distance for the day’s march was estimated at about 35 miles.

0330 Although no previous recce had been made of the area to be occupied a large barn was found for A Coy – HQ Coy except the personnel still with the separated Tpt and for BHQ. The other Coys were able to get some sleep in their Coy areas. This was short & unsatisfactory sleep as they had to stand to at the usual hour.

0430 Stand to. It was hard to get the weary men out of their warm beds in the hay.

1100 Breakfast.

1200 The CO held an order group. Orders were given for the attack on ASHFORD.

1315 “D” Coy was the first to move to attack positions.

The Bn suffered many “casualties.” “A” Coy was almost completely “wiped out”. A large percentage of BHQ was “killed”. The “Corpses” enjoyed baths, showers, shaves & mich needed rest. BHQ – A Coy and the HQ personnel present were very fortunate in being at an old moated house in which was billeted a bomb demolition squad whos hospitality was good to meet with. Showers, Baths and all assistance were willingly offered. At about 0345 hrs just after the Bn arrived Lt Catt rose from his bed & supplied beer to the Colonel & one or two other officers of the regiment. Some of the men were amused by an English soldier whos dangerous job was handling huge unexploded German time bombs. He informed them that he was a non combatant and as he wanted to see some action seriously considered transfer to an Active Unit.

ASHFORD proved to be very strongly fortified town & the attack failed. Aircraft was active at very low altitudes. During the late afternoon the fighting seemed to reach a standstill. Rumours of a late move spread so the troops now well trained in being prepared, became busy getting ready to move at short notice.

2330 Reports of enemy movement out from ASHFORD came in so recce patrols were sent out and all troops stood to.

Maplehurst Kent, 30 May 1942

0100 No sign of enemy movement in the immediate Bn area was found and everybody stood by to move.

0130 The bn moved out. It turned out to be the longest march of the scheme and the day one of the hardest.

0615 The Bn moved into an area in a wood near MAPLEHURST. Breakfast was eaten soon after arrival & the camp settled down to rest hoping for an unbroken spell of sleep.

1100 The CO & IO were called to a Bde “O” Group where orders were issued for a further move. The unexpectedness of the order created some serious difficulties but all were quickly active and ready.

1430 The Bn left for the long second part of the day’s march. Much transport of both the English & Canadian armies was moving and proved a serious hindrance several times during the march & caused delay. On route it was learned that the scheme had officially ended. News well received.

2230 The march ended with an estimated credit to the Bn of 37 miles for the day. Owing to the traffic congestion the cooker trucks which were sent ahead to prepare food for the men went astray thus frustrating good management.

Tidebrook Wadhurst, Sussex 31 May 1942

0100 Food was given to the men who had managed to stay awake for it. Many had not, so the die hards had more than they could eat & went to their beds in the barns & outside completely exhausted but well fed.

1100 Breakfast was served and followed by everybody having a thorough clean up as possible. The day was spent in resting & only necessary duties were carried out. The Bn ended a busy month of moves and schemes hoping for a more settled month of June.

Appendix No. Volume XXIV 1-31 May

1 part I Orders 1 May 42

2 Part 2 Orders 1 May 42

3 Field return – Officers 8 May 42

4 Field return – other ranks 8 May 42

5 Exercise “Beaver IC”

Movement Orders 8 May 42

6 Bn Training Syllabus

4-9 May 9 May 42

7 Ex Tiger movement order #1 19 May 42

8 Ex tiger Order of Battle 19 May 42

9 Field Return – Officers 22 May 42

10 Field Return – Other Ranks 22 May 42

11 Field Return – Officers 29 May 42

12 Field Return – Other Ranks 29 May 42

13 Snapshots at farewell dinner for LCol H C MacKendrick 31 May 42

Tidebrook Wadhurst, Sussex 1 June 1942

0700 Reveille

0800 Breakfast. Acheerful scene amongst the barns and out houses of a large prosperous farm. With exercise “Tiger” ended the weather naturally became perfect once more. Spirits were high as all had the feeling that a hard job well done lay behind and comfortable billets in a famous maintenance tasks were carried out & the MO kept busy attending to damaged feet.

1400 The CO held a meeting & gave tentative orders for the last lap of the homeward march.

1445 The Advance Part left for Willingdon. It became apparent that it would have to wait a considerable time before the take over could be made.

1600 The CO held a Bn O Group. The Bn after two days of ease was keen to finish the march home & get settled.

Part I Orders Appendix I

Part II Orders Appendix II

Records of Exercise “Tiger”Appendix III

Beaver IV and Beaver V Appendix IV

Exercise “Conqueror” Appendix V

Exericise “Starter” Appendix VI

Tidebrook, Sussex 2 June 1942

The Bn moved off on its march of 28 miles. Some thought this the hardiest march of all. The weather was hot, the roads hard and the feel still tender which might have accounted for the thought. Throughout the scheme the CO’s dogged example of endurance, in spirit the extra loss of sleep he suffered throught “O” Groups and his many responsibilities, must have encouraged many to stick it out behind him in the column. He had high praise for many of his men who, though at the end of their tether, stubbornly refused to give in by falling out. A two hour rest was has in the middle of the day at a place where feet could be bathed.

1330 The Advance Party carried out the take over of Billets.

1845 The thoroughly exhausted but contented Bn marched into its area. One of two thorugh off their equipment and fainted. Most, reluctant at the effort, bathed their feet & lomped the short distance to the NAAFI for refreshments. A good meal was served immediately after the Bn marched in. The Advance Part & rear party had everything ready for the men in order to save the last straw of having to carry kit bags, etc from storage.

2100 AA fire was heard & flak seen during analert over the Downs close to the Bn area.

2400 An officer reported having seen bombing at Hastings as he walked home from an evening in Eastbourne. His sobriety was questioned but later reports proved him correct.

Willingdon, Sussex 3 June 1942

0830 Parades. The day was devoted to the many tasks of getting settled & bathing Coys in Eastbourne.

1900 Formal messes were held followed by a gathering in BHQ Mess at Ratton Wood and a Coy Comdrs meeting in the garden. Capt I Wilson visited the BN during the evening & was given a very warm welcome.

Willingdon, Sussex 4 June 1942

0800 The CO left to attend a conference on Exercise “Tiger” at the Capitol Theatre Tonbridge, Kent.

0830 Parades & the carrying on of a Bn performing a defensive roll on the coast. Air raid alarms were heard as usual but no hostile aircraft seen.

1400 A Recce party from the “I” Sect went out to investigate the positions of the fields of land mines in the beach defences and also beach invasion beach lights. These mine fields were found to be well fenced with barbed wire & marked with warning sings. For the most part the mines could not be seen but in places the beach shingle had shifted causing them to be exposed. It seemed that to cross these fields even in daylight an invader would have a perilous task. Miles of tubular scaffolding, tangled barbed wire, tank blocks & mines eemed to form a formidable rampart to the towns & countryside within their protection, especially as to reach them invasion craft would have to run the gauntlet of fire from land, sea and air & also sea mines. Gunfire at sea was heard during their recce & two destroyers were seen in the haze far out. Despite the peaceful surroundings of Down & wood & blossom filled gardens enemy territory very close.

2000 LCol Tarrant of the 21st Sussex Home Guard visited the CO to discuss the training programme to be carried out by the Regiment for the Home Guard.

Willingdon, Sussex 5 June 1942

0830 Parades & training by Coys.

1030 Brig K Blackader & Lt Fess called in to see the CO.

1400 The CO & IO left for Eastbourne to contact the Police with whom the Bn has to liasise in connection as it was hoped that arrangments might be made to open a strip of beach for the RAF in this matter. The Officer in Command of this particular area was not in favour of bathing in this place as he felt it might draw the fire & bombs of “Hit & Run” raiders. Bombs might hit the large hotels on the waterfront in which RAF personnel is billeted and cause heavy casualties. In a recent raid a hit was scored on one of these hotesl killing four Airforcemen. Had the raider scored hit 20 minutes earlier 250 men would have been in the part of the building completely demolished by the bomb.

The wiring in the tubular scaffolding was found to be in poor condition. Rust and the drag of the heavy shingle in rough weather had caused the damamge. The wiring in behind the actual beach would be a deadly obstacle in itself if covered by fire.

The beach lights for use in the event of a landing on the beach were looked at. They were thought to be in need of attention but there seems to be some doubt as to who is responsible for their maintenance.

2000 All the Officers met at “Ratton Wood” Mess to hear the CO’s explanation of exercise “Tiger” as given at the Conference on 4 June 41 by LGen Montgomery CB, DSO. Points which had at the time seem unreasonable were explained and became resonable.

Willingdon, Sussex 6 June 1942

0830 Bn duties carried out as usual. The CO gave the morning off to all men who had completed the last hard lap of the march home from exercise “Tiger.”

0945 The CO, 1ic and IO went into Eastbourne on further business with the Police. Information regarding liaison with other Police Officers was had from the Liaison Officer, Sgt Philips.

1330 The afternoon was spent in training the 21st Sussex Home Guard. This was done by Coys working with their opposite numbers. C Coy of the Home Guard moved into a Bivouac area with C Coy QOR of C. Maj Gianelli, OC C Coy QOR greeted the Home Guard and introduced Lt Lett, the chief instructor from the Coy for the period of training, who explained the syllabus. Battle drill demonstrations were given by Lt Lett and Demonstration Plt from the QOR Coy. Supper was eaten in the Bivouac area. B Coy QOR demonstration Plt provided a demonstration of “Searching for Fire” with live ammunition and “Battle Inoculation”. The HG were put in trenches and fire laid down over their heads. The HG took rather a poor view of this as it was explained that they already knew what it felt like to have bullets overhead from Rifle Range practices. This type of training was carried out by all Companies.

1930 Most of the Officers who were free of duty attended a Dance in Alfriston in aid of a War charity. The officers on duty were envious of those free to go until next morning brought to light the fact that “high pressure” auctioneering for the good cause had brought prices as high as 2-15-0 pounds for a bottle of ordinary Sherry and 2-10-0 pounds for one dozen eggs. No complaints were heard however, and everybody seemed to have had a good evening.

Willingdon, Sussex 7 June 1942

0900 Training of the Home Guard continued. “C” Coy Demonstration Platoon put on a demonstration of Battle Drill and of attacking a strong point using live ammunition. This demonstration was done well & met with the praise of the HG. Battle Drill was practised by the HG with the use of live ammunition. Scouting & Patrol methods of stalking were demonstrated. They were taught in a competitive way which besides being instructive caused a great deal of amusement to both sides. Wood clearing demonstrations were held by the Demonstration Plt. The Weekends exercises were finally practised by the HG under the supervision of their own Officers & NCOs.

1600 The Chief Director of the Home Guard, Lord Bridgeman arrived to inspect the 21 Sx Bn. He was pleased to see them receiving training which could be put into practical use in emergency. All Coys carried out this type of training in different localities.

2100 The Day’s training ended.

Willingdon, Sussex 8 June 1942

0830 Bn Parades & duties carried on as usual.

Acting on the CO’s order the Coys started a daily hardening exercise in order to keep up the physical condition gained during “Tiger” & so as to be prepared for any strenuous demands that sudden emergency may demand. This consisted of hard walks daily across country & on the roads.

Maj JEC Pangman was attached to HQ – 8 CIB to be acting Bde Major during the absence of major Spankie BM – 8 CIB.

Willingdon, Sussex 9 June 1942

0815 The CO left to go to 2nd Echelon.

1115 LCol Floode of the South Eastern Command visited the Unit area with Major JEC Pangman A/BM & looked over the Bn Battle Stations on the Downs above Willingdon. Rfn Crane of C Coy was hit in the knee by a ricochot from a rifle. Luckily this was not serious. He made no more fuss than he would have done for a Deerfly bite.

Willingdon, Sussex 10 June 1942

0845 The Bn marched into Eastbourne to see German War Film in the “Picturedrome” Cinema. These films became a trifle boring as they fairly naturally showed constant German successes including Dunkirk. The boredom was cause by the fact that the films are old & the times portrayed out of date. Since those bad days we have fathered strength (as we inevitably shall) & have given Jerry quite a lot to think about.

1430 The CO inspected HQ Coy & BHQ.

1945 Formal Mess was held at “Ratton Wood” Brig K Blackader & The Bde Staff Captain, Captain Griffith were guests. After dinner Officers of the Rifle Coys came for the usual gathering.

Willingdon, Sussex 11 June 1942

0830 Coy parades & duties carried out as usual.

1930 Training of 21 Sx HG continued.

Willingdon, Sussex 12 June 1942

0830 Usual parades & duties throughout the day. The air raid sirens are heard frequently but enemy planes are not often over Eastbourne. The cause of these alerts is probably regular enemy air recces in the vicinity. Convoys of coastal craft have been frequent in the English Channel passing Beachy Head. They may excite the curiosity of enemy aircraft.

1930 Training of 21 Sx HG continued.

Willingdon, Sussex 13 June 1942

0830 Companies paraded usual Saturday morning tasks of internal economy were carried out by Coys.

1400 Weekend training with the 21 Sx HG started. Not all coys took part but such training as Lectures on Tank Destruction, Patrols and Weapons was carried out. Lt JR McIntosh, RCA re-joined the Unit as an attachment for Personnel Selection Duties. Major C. Dalton, QOR of C and Lt Cotteril from 3 CDIRU visited the Bn.

Field Return of Officers Appendix 9

Field Return of Other Ranks Appendix 10

Willingdon, Sussex 14 June 1942

1000 HG training continued. A demonstration was held by the Intelligence Section on camouflage for snipers & scouts which was studied not only by the HG “I” Section but by their “C” Coy also. Coys were exercise in attacking & clearing buildings and woods. Spigot mortar, rifle & other weapons were demonstrated & fired. Clearing of Paratroops was practised. Also night patrols.

The QOR of C “I” Section with the HG “I” Sect as students arranged & carried out operation. Although this was held at the top of the Downs above WILLINGDON ricochettes were screaming overhead from the “under fire Battle Drill” going on below which lent an uncomfortable touch of realism.

Lt CN Bradshaw & Lt RW Sawyer both QOR from CMHG spent the day with the Bn.

An entry appeared, written by one of the “I” Section, in a log written daily in the “I” Office: “Composite Platoons, QOR of C under Maj Grout attended a Parade at the Cricket Field, Eastbourne. A World wide Ceremony held on this day by all the Free Nations to pray for Victory. (Alittle less praying & a little more fighting might do the trick!) “This was a UNITED NATIONS Day Parade.

Willingdon, Sussex 15 June 1942

0830 Parades & Training.

Maj RM Hudson left on the first lap of his journey back to Canada.

Three Coys received their pay. Pay day as ever is one of the bright spots in Army life. The simple pleasures seem to be today as they were in Kipling’s day. The following extract in the same record for today. “Weather fine – A day of rejoicing (The day of reward for one’s labours) Pay Day – The Regiment usually toils dilligently in the vineyard on the evening of this day”. A certain amount of truth lies in this statement but it is a fact that the Regiment has a name for good behavious and generally speaking even on Pay Nights there is little or no trouble.

Willingdon, Sussex 16 June 1942

0830 Training & Parades. The I Section made a recce of Cow Gap. This is a path leading from “Falling Sands” which is a beach close to the Light house at the foot of Beachy Head. The path leads to the cliff top near one of the Radio Location Stations & is considered to be vulnerable point and one that needs further strengthening against possible enemy sea born raids. A German E boat is reported to have been off Beachy Head at night recently. The Section carried the recce to Burling Gap and the roads into Eastbourne. These roads are mostly good and would permit troops to be moved quickly by transport in event of emergency.

At BURLING GAP the wire was found to be in poor condition.

1930 Home Guard training continued.

Maj JEC Pangman returned from duty at 8 Cdn Inf Bde.

Willingdon, Sussex 17 June 1942

0830 Parades by Coys as usual. Bath parades were held by Coys.

1130 The CO called a meeting of Officers in connection with Exercise “FOX”. This is the exercise to be held in Eastbourne area where the QOR will be “fighting” the 21 Sussex Home Guard.

1330 The CO went to 1 Cdn Corps in connection with the coming skeleton Exercise “KITTEN” and repairing of wire round the mine field. Sgt Arnold of The Eastbourne Police was met and wiring round mine fields looked at near the Coast Guard Station. This was found to be in poor condition and dangerous as people could very easily get inside the danger area. Beach lights were also inspected and one motor started and light tested. Maintenance work has been done and the lights appeared to be in good order.

1900 Gormal Mess was held by BHQ Mess in “Ratton Wood”.

Willingdon, Sussex 18 June 1942

0830 Parades & Training.

1400 The CO. A/Adjt, IO, Signals Sgt and a skeleton staff of “I” Sec & Sigs Plt left on an exercise. This exercise called “KITTEN” was a recap of the withdrawl from ASHFORD – KENT of the SUSSEX force during scheme “TIGER” when certain congestion of Mechanised Forces & Infantry occurred during the withdrawal. It was felt this congestion could be eliminated so an exercise was called for the test with withdrawal again.

1700 The small coloumn arrived at “SINGLETON” the property occupied by the English Demolition Troops at which the Bn had Bivouaced during “TIGER” when ASHFORD was found to be impregnable by the SUSSEX Force.

Darkness comes at about 2330 hrs at this time of year with 2 hours of Daylight Saving. As a result no withdrawal even in theory, as this was, could occur until after darkness had fallen.

Along one side of the drive into the house were a number of large, unexploded German bombs which had not been there during the Bn’s previous visit. Many of these had fallen on CANTERBURY during the recent raids on that old city.

Willingdon, Sussex 19 June 1942

0020 The IO and the one HCO and one Rifleman who comprised the “I” personnel left ahead of the remainder of the party to make a recconnaisance of the next bivouac area during the withdrawal. This was at CRANBROOK COMMON near CRANBROOK 0 KENT. The night was overcast & very dark. As a result difficulty was experienced on the unfamiliar roads, with much reduced vehicle lighting, in finding the way. The Advance Party arrived at its destination however & was followed by the Main Party.

0230 The Party settled into bivouac and with the exception of the signaller on duty at the #11 set prepared for a few hours sleep.

0300 The party “turned in”.

0700 Breakfast & continuation of duty. This consisted chiefly of duty at the #11 set sending theoretic progress of advance & receiving messages & listening in to any information of value on the air.

1000 Bde had moved and the Bn had in theory reached a point sufficiently withdrawn from BHQ to move so trucks were quickly loaded and another move made.


1030 The Party arrived but shortly after arrival word was received by wireless from Bde that the Exercise was completed so rapid preparation was again made & a meal eaten before departure.

1130 The CO left to attend a short meeting at Bde in his station wagon. The remaining 3 vehicles also left on the return journey to WILLINGDON.


1345 The 3 vehicles arrived back in the Bn Area followed shortly afterwards by the CO.

1930 Maj Pangman arrived from Bde.

2000 the CO called a meeting of 2ic, Coy Comds and the IO to give final instructions for Exercise “FOX” in which the QOR is scheduled to attack the 21 Sx Home Guard Defensive positions in EASTBOURNE.

2230 Three Coys (A B & D) moved out over the Downs for the Assembly area at JEVINGTON accompanied by 15 of the “I” Plt personnel.


2320 The firse Coy arrived followed closely by the remainder of the “Force.”

2400 The bivouac had settled down to sleep with its few vehicles in place and the men stretched out in their blankets & greatcoast in the grass at the foot of the Downs close to JEVINGTON. “C” Coy who were scheduled for a night sea borne attack on EASTBOURNE on 20 June & HQ Coy who with the exception of #4 Plt who carriers are billetted in JEVINGTON did not move.

Jevington, Sussex 20 June 1942

0800 Breakfast. During the morning the men stayed in bivouac or moved into the village of JEVINGTON to the Carrier Plt lines where they were able to wash and shave.

1130 Major Pangman who was in command of the QOR Coys during the Exercise arrive din the Bivouac area. He had stayed in WILLINGDON overnight in order to be present at the Umpires’ Conference.

1400 Maj Pangman left by Carrier on a recce.

2300 The Coys started moving out to perform their night recce patrols. The bivouac area was patrolled by “I” Sect men and a few “A” Coy men as the area was practically deserted.

2230 Maj Pangman & IO were picked up by Maj Benjamin, 2ic 21st Sx HG who was Chief Umpire. Beachy Head was the destination from which point it was hoped to witness something the QOR “C” Coy’s attack by sea on Eastbourne beach. “C” Coy was to be assisted in this by the Coast Guard who provided a craft for the attack. This was a fishing boat and was described as being none to safe when heavily loaded with two sections plus their arms. the remainder of the Coy “Landed” in theory and attacked the beach, cutting wire in places & attacking posts at the Redoubt, West Bandstand & other points. The attack was said to be successful but would not have been had the HG placed patrols along the wired at dark. Beach lights were used successfully but could not be used directly along the beaches for fear of showing too much to an enemy E Boat reported off shore.


0830 BHQ and the HQ Coy men not out on “FOX” carried on normal duties.

1000 A meeting of Umpires was held.

2345 The 21st Sx HG thinking the whole of the Bn was still in the Willingdon billets attacked BHQ in Willingdon but were eventually convined that the Rifle Coys had moved out to a bivouac area so ceased their nocturnal disturbance and departed.

Training Syllabus Week ending 20 June ’42 Appendix 11

Jevington, Sussex 21 June 1942

0001 The three rifle Coys were out on recce patrols in their respective areas of attack and “C” Coy still creating its disturbance on the Sea Front.

0500 All patrols & “C” Coy had ceased their night activity.

0900 Breakfast

1130 The QOR attacking force prepaired to move into attack positions.

1230 The Coys had moved out of the bivouac area and the “I” Section had left to take up a position on the Downs above Eastbourne where OP’s were to be established. A wide cross country detour was necessary in order to avoid enemy positions. A detachment of the Signals Platoon moved with the Intelligence personnel with two 18 sets. Unfortunately these sets were out of range and information gained could not be sent to the A/Comdr, Major J Pangman, who was operating between the attacking Coys in Eastbourne, until late in the afternoon when contact was finally made and orders received to move down to the Town Hall in Eastbourne. A route free of enemy, hitherto unknown, was given but in the descent a wrong turn taken with the result that the two 15 cwt trucks ran into an enemy positions. Shots were exchanged, the journey continued and the Town Hall reached. At that point BHQ was established & enemy fought off with the help of “C” Coy. The CH of O (MG) commanded by Lt H Gondor while the Coys converged on the centre of the town to attack a final strong point on the Parade. Before this strong point, an old MARTELLO towere known as WISH TOWER, could be reached control ended the scheme.


1900 The depressing news of the Fall of Tobruk was heard at this time when the Canadians were able only to play at fighting. Action is generally oped for.


2045 A Conference was called by the CO who had been on Control during the scheme. All Officers and visiting umpires as well as QOR Umpires attended. Verbal reports & opninions were given. The general conclusion reached seemed to be that the QOR suffered heavy casualties. Also that a concentrated drive into any given part of the defences with a fanning out movement once inside would take the town. The West side of the lower slopes of Beachy Head near the shore was considered the weakest part of the town defences.

Major FLJ Grout and Lt TE Parkinson left on privilege leave.

Willingdon, Sussex 22 June 1942

0830 Normal parades & duties. “B” Coy spent the morning with a section of the Mortar Platoon at SNAPHILL BARN Field Firing Range.

The weather continues to be perfect with sun & good visibility to make outside training & bivouacs anything but hard.

Willingdon, Sussex 23 June 1942

0700 Air Raid Alarm. It is not usual to hear the Sirens wailing in their eerie,, rising & falling note the alarm at this time of day. Two atmosphereic trails marking the passage of aircraft flying abreast at very great height, moving in an Easterly direction were seen against the blue of the sky. The planes were not visible but were probably German craft making a coastal reconnaisance. Possibly the passage of many convoys for the most part moving up channel towards the Straits of Dover and the movement along the coast in a Westerly direction of many small fleets of Armoured Landing Craft is causing the Enemy to feel uneasy. The more discomford he is made to feel the better!

0830 The CO left Willingdon to proceed on Privilege Leave, leaving Major JEC Pangman in Temporary Command. Training carried on by Coys.

Major TC Rymer and Capt AV Gillies of the Lincoln & Welland Regiment were attached to the Unit.

Willingdon, Sussex 24 June 1942

0615 “D”D Coy with all personnel available from BHQ left to march over the Downs to a Field Firing Range near JEVINGTON.

0710 A second morning visited from Enemy planes.

0800 The first Platoon moved into the assault on the first of two objectives on the Range using Battle Drill formations with 3” Mortar in support and one section of “C” Coy, The Cameron HIghlanders of Ottawa (MG) giving fire from the left flank.

1100 Brig K Blackader visited the Range while the last of the three practices was proceeding.

1230 “A” Coy moved in to carry out the same exercise while “D” Coy and BHQ were eating their mid day meal.

1945 All Officers met at “RATTON WOOD” BHQ Mess.

Willingdon, Sussex 25 June 1942

0830 Training & Duties.

Divisional Adminstration Inspection.

2Lt AR Brock of the British Intelligence Corps was attached to the Unit for all purposes.

1430 PC Huddleston of the Eastbourne Police called in connection with damage done to property in Eastbourne during HOME GUARD Training.

1730 The Officers & Sgts met on the football field to play soccer. The Sgts emerged victorious from an amusing if not scientific game. Capt Dalton having no shorts with him helped himself to a pair of pyjamas trousers from the IO’s trunk & played a hearty game.

Willingdon, Sussex 26 June 1942

0815 All available Officers left by truck to RV at a point near ALFRISTON for the purpose of a TEWT. This TEWT at which Brig K Blackader & other Bde Offrs were present was intended to practice Officers in Recconnaisance Groups & Order Groups.

Field Return of Officers Appendix 15

Field Return of Other Ranks Appendix 16

Willingdon, Sussex 27 June 1942

0830 Parades

0900 Sgt Eveimark of the FSP lectured “D” Coy and BHQ on “Security”.

1400 The Eastbourne Police telephoned the IO in connection with the property damaged in Eastbourne during street fighting practice with the 21st Sx HG. Three Coys were named as having taken part in this with their opposite number of the HG. Live ammunition & in some cases grenades were used in a street of houses ruined by enemy air raids. The HG denied all knowledge of this damage. It is to be hoped that the period of training which ended with mutual goodwill will not be spoiled by such a trivial damage claim on a property already damamged by the enemy.

The property owner claimed that felt covering his already bomb shatered windowns had been torn off, a window frame broken, a door panel knocked out and two rows of onions in his garden trodden down. The damage he assessed at 20 pounds. The gentleman would seem to be an opportunist!

Eastbourne Sussex, England 28 June 1942

Voluntary Church Parade

Major G Pangman was a guest at BHQ Officers Mess.

1430 A meeting of 8 Bde Sports and Auxiliary Officers was held at QOR BHQ.

2100 An Air raid alarm was rounded. This alert was of short duration. Gun fire was heard but no bombs were dropped.

The weather continued warm and sunny as it has been for many weeks. Rain fell in the early hours of the morning. This the ground badly needed after such a long spell without rain.

Eastbourne Sussex, England 29 June 1942

0830 Parades

1000 The 2ic called a meeting of the IO and two attached Officers, Major Rymer and 2Lt Brock to discuss a practice raid alarm to be known as “Practice Raid”. This was arranged in such a way as to test the speed at which the Bn could be stood to in the event of a genuine alarm and to find the time it would take to warn other units and sub units to whom the QOR passes on the warning. This would be the responsiblity of the Duty Officer and would be done by telephone. The time and date set for this test was 0300 hrs 30 June 1942.

1400 All available Officers, Warrants Officers, and Sargeants attended a lecture in the Winter Garden Theatre in Eastbourne on escaping captivity if taken prisoner. This was delivered by Mr. Butler and ex soldier of the First Great War.

1630 The 2ic and Adj attended a Bde “O” Gp at Bde HQ Upper Dicker.

2130 Enemy planes were close by. A convoy passing up the Channel probably aroused their curosity. The sound of bombs bursting and AA fire was heard but as the ships had become invisible in the haze nothing could be seen of the action. Our own planes flying at great height were over Beachy Head and the Radio Location Stations there.

Precis “Bn HQ in Bivouac and Assembly Areas” App 17

Duty Officer’s Orders App 18

Eastbourne Sussex, England 30 June 1942

0030 The practice raid was carried out. The time were very satisfactory. “C” Coy men were roused and ready with TPT in twenty minutes. #4 Platoon men and carriers were ready to move in 12 minutes.

0830 The 2ic called a meeting of Coy Comds, QM, Adj, A/Adj, IO, to discuss the plans for Exercise “Crump”.

0930 Captain Eady of the Winnipeg Rifles called to discuss the anti raid role which one Coy of that Regt will fill during the short absence of the QOR of C.

1000 The IO took Major Rymer, Captain Eady, and 2Lt Brock by Station Wagon to the CUCKMERE River, Friston RAF flying field, Burling Gap, Cow Gap, Holywell land mine field and finally to the QOR Battle Stations. There places with the exception of the Battle Stations are all in the anti raid area.

During this trip the IO liased with Capt Billings of the new 2 PR anti tank school opening at BURLING GAP. This visit was made with a view to co-operation in the event of a raid. The school is being opened to train infantry in the use of the 2 PR A/Tk gun which is to become an Infantry Weapon.

1330 A Bn Sports meeting was held on the Football Field of SOUTHDOWN COLLEGE, WILLINGDON.

1700 The 2ic called an “O” Gp. Preparations for movement early on 1 July 42 were being made.

1800 LCol JG Spragge returned from Privilege leave.

Trace of Exercise “KITTEN” App 19A

Trace of Exercise “KITTEN” App 19B

Training Syllabus for week ending 27 June 1942. App 20

Willingdon Sussex, England 1 July 1942

0800 The Bn moved off under command of Major TC Rymer (attached) for WARINGORE Wood near Lewes which was to be the Bivouac area for the duration of the Exercise. The Advance Party left by tpt at the same time. This consisted of the CO, 2ic, Adjt, IO, OC’s, 3 and 4 Platoons, all Coy Comds, one Regt Provost, 1 DR. The purpose of the Advance Party was to hear the narrative and cover the ground over which the Infantry & Tanks would advance and on which the Arty and MMG would register fire.

Umpires & all arms taking part were represented at this Conference which was held by Brig K Blackader, Brig J Plow of the Artillery was present.

Lewes, Sussex

0900 The Advance Party arrived at Bde HQ for Conference.

1600 The CO and IO attended a meeting to co-ordinate arms at the Grand Stand on the LEWES Racecourse which was Bde HQ.

The marching tps arrived at the BIVOUAC AREA.

1900 The CO called an “O” Group on the Downs at a point overlooking the ground over which the attack would move.

Part I Orders Appendix I

Part II Orders Appendix II

QOR Sports 30 June ’42 Appendix III

General Instructions Exercise “CRUMP” Appendix IV

Warningore Wood, Lewes Sussex 2 July 1942

0500 Reveille

0545 Breakfast

0630 Bn moved out of Bivouac Area for the Assembly area on the Downs.

For Reference see Apeendix V, Vol XXVI of this War Diary. This Appx is a map enlargement of No 4 Training Area: No 4 Training area is shown on especially printed copies of Ordnance Survey of England & Wales Sheet 134 1/63360. The Bn Bivouac area was the portion of WARNINGORE WOOD shown on sheet 134 square 8132. The Whole Wood was Bde Bivouac Area.

Training Area No 4

0745 The Bde was in position for the practice attack. This practise was ordered for the purpose of rehearsing Umpires, Comds, Safety Personnel & troops of all arms in order to co-ordinate fire & movement & eliminate unnecessary danger.

0800 The attack commenced with a 2 Bn front & one Bn in reserve moving in the immediate rear. The Queen’s Own Rifles was the Right flank Bn. – The North Shore Regiment the left with Le Regiment de la Chaudiere in reserve.

The 11th Canadian Army Tank Bn was assembled at Rectangle Wood and also in this vicinity the QOR Carrier Plt, MMG of “C” Coy The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa were on either flank. A/Tk 2 pdr guns of the 105 A/Tk Bty were in position giving flank & rear flank protection. AA guns of the 3rd Canadian A/A Regt were standing by to move forward to the objectives in order to give protection on re-organization. The 12th, 13th and 14th Canadian Field Regiments RCA were in position to the North below the Downs. “B” Coy of the 14th Field Ambulance were ready to deal with any casualties.

In the Bn the Coys were formed up in a two up & two in reserve formation. “B” Coy was formed on the right and “D” on the left. “A” Coy in reserve to the rear of “B” and “C” in the rear of “D”.

At the moment of Zero hour the advanced Coys moved forward. Owing to a misunderstanding on the part of a “D” Coy umpire the troops moved forward too fast & went into the assault ahead of the tanks. The same thing happened with the Bn on the left flank.

The 1st phase of the attack was completed by the attack on the first objective & subsequent reorganization on the captured ridge. The 2nd phase was carried out by the reserve Bn which moved through the two forward Bns on the word “LEAPFROG”. The QOR carriers gave right flank protection to the Tanks which moved forward diagonally from the right. The 3″ Mortars gave fire as required by the Infantry.

1200 A conference was held at Bde HQ in the Grandstand at the LEWES Race Course to discuss the attack & improve co/ordination.

1300 The Arty began registering on targets for the attack. The troops had not been under shell fire before & showed much interest at first but quickly became accustomed to it & returned to their rest in the shade.

1500 (ZERO HOUR) The full scale attack commenced in the same order as in the morning rehearsal. The advancing movement checked on reaching the first ridge which commanded a good view of the forward slope and ridge of the enemy position which was the Bn objective and the end of the first phase of the Bde attack.

1505 The Divisional Arty brought a concentration at normal rate on the forward slope of the enemy position.

1506 The Arty completed its concentrationg & the infantry continued the attack calling in 3″ mortar & arty for fire on oppurtunity targets. Meanwhile the CH of O (MMG) brought flanking fire onto targets. Resistance having been declared broken by the umpires the Arty ceased and the Tanks moved forward with Carrier support and smoke cover from the mortars. Upon reaching a given point on the objective SA fire ceased, the Tanks topped the ridge & the Infantry went in with the bayonet. The first phase was completed with good control throughout & re-organization. The MMG also moved forward in order to give flanking fire in the 2nd phase. The attack was a great improvement on the rehearsal.

1645 “LEAPFROG” 1645 was received & the Reserve Bn passed through the re-organised positions with tank & arty support. The use of smoke was popular in this phase.

1830 The Bn commenced the march back to the Bivouac.

1900 The Bn arrived back in Bivouac the exercise having been completed with no casualties in the Bde.

2200 The CO called a Bn “O” Group at which orders were issued for the march back to WILLINGDON.

Map enlargement of Training Area No 4 Appendix VA

Map enlargement of WARNINGORE WOOD Appendix VB

QOR on ex County of Sussex 7-10 July 1943 a
Exercise “CRUMP” – Archives Canada
QOR on ex County of Sussex 7-10 July 1943 b
Exercise “CRUMP” – Archives Canada
QOR on ex County of Sussex 7-10 July 1943
Exercise “CRUMP” – Archives Canada

Hamsey 835318 3 July 1942

0600 Reveille

0645 Breakfast

0800 A 1 Ech moved out of the Area

0830 The marching tps moved out.

0915 The Bde SP was passed.

1135 The column stopped for lunch.

1315 The Column moved on.

1415 Bde DP was passed.

Rd Junc 943254 Willingdon

1620 The Bn arrived back at the Billets.

Field Return of Officers Appendix VI

Field Return of Other Ranks Appendix VII

Field Return of Officers (SPECIAL INCREMENT) Appendix VIII

Field Return of Other Ranks (SPECIAL INCREMENT) Appendix IX

Willingdon Sussex, England 4 July 1942

0830 Coy Parades & Interior Economy.

Willingdon Sussex, England 5 July 1942

0925 Church Parade

0950 Service in St. Elizabeth’s Church, Old Town, Eastbourne Chaplain Hon Cap JC Clough. The Service was attended by Brig Blackader, Major Spankie BM & Lt W Fess, MCO of the QOR.

1900 A band of the Cdn Armoured Corps attached to the unit.

2000 The largest convoy yet seen during the Unit’s stay in WILLINGDON passed close to Beachy Head. The air raid alarm was heard & our fighter planes were active in numbers over FRISTON RAF Station, but no sound of combat was noticed.

Training Syllabus for Week Ending July 11 Appendix X

Willingdon Sussex, England 6 July 1942

0745 2 Coys & BHQ marched from WILLINGDON to Hampden Park to see a propoganda film entitles “NEXT OF KIN”. Apart from being the best of all the training films seen by the Bn it was excellent entertainment & likely to impress upon the minds of all ranks the vital need for better security. The Cdn Armoured Corps band played.

1000 The remainder of the Bn saw the same film.

1400 The Bn paraded on the sports field at Southdown College in rehearsal for the coming inspection by the Brigadier. The attached band took part in this rehearsal.

1600 The Officers played baseball against the Sergeants. The former were victorious for once and expect a challenge to meet a much stronger Sergeant’s team sometime in the future.

1930 The CO held an NCO selection meeting at Ratton Wood mess.

2000 Mr. Monohan of the Canadian Auxilliary Services showed a film at “Ratton Wood” Mess. The star is famous for her exotic glamour. The attendance was good!

Willingdon Sussex, England 7 July 1942

0830 Parades.

1000 The Bn fell in line on the Southdown College sports field.

1015 Brig K Blackader arrived with Maj DF Spankie, BM & Lt W Fess. The General Salute was given & the Bn inspected followed by the March Past. After many weeks of unbroken fine weather the change came and rain fell throughout the inspection. The band under Band Master P Murphy played during the inspection and March Past.

2145 the “Local Alert” was sounded and a plane passed overhead. Gun fire was heard from the top of the Downs and shortly afterwards a plane appeared for a brief spell under the clouds heading East. It was thought to be a German on reconnaissance.

Willingdon Sussex, England 8 July 1942

0830 Parades.

1330 The Bn marched off for the Bde sports at Polegate from which the North Shore Regiment emerged victorious.

1930 A Dance arranged by Mr. Monohan for OR’s was held at a Hall in Hampden Park.

Willingdon Sussex, England 9 July 1942

0605 The Local Alarm was heard followed shortly by two heavy explosions, machine gun fire & AA fire. The MO & stretcher bearers received an emergency call to go to the ALC School at CUCKMERE HAVEN. It was learned later that two enemy planes, ME 109’s had flown in at low level from the sea and attacked the RAF station at FRISTON where they dropped two bombs & raked tents & buildings with machine gun & cannon fire. One plane then turned West & attacked the ALC School at CUCKMERE. Seven casualties were sustained. Two of these, an Officer of the 16th FD Coy, RCE and a Private of the 14th Fd Ambulance RCAMC died very shortly after being taken away. At the RAF Station a bomb narrowly missed a machine gun pit & machine gun fire crashed into the side of a wireless truck in which a man was sleeping. It missed his head by three feet. No casualties were sustained. Two Squadrons of SPITFIRES left the airodome on 8 July.

0830 Parades & training – “B” Coy moved to a bivouac area near HELINGLY for training as a self contained unit.

1600 The IO & I Sgt visited the RAF at Friston to get information on the morning of the raid.

Willingdon Sussex, England 10 July 1942

0830 Parades and training. “B” Coy in bivouac near HELLINGLY. This Company carried out night & day tank hunting and destroying exercises etc.

Officers & men of the Special Increment carried on normal training with Bn.

Field Return of Officers Appendix XI

Field Return of Other Ranks Appendix XII

Field Return of Officers Special Increment Appendix XIII

Field Return of Other Ranks Special Increment Appendix XIV

Willingdon Sussex, England 11 July 1942

0800 The CO made a trip to 3 CIRU at CROOKHAM.

0830 Parades & training.

1400 A Bn Officers M/C school was held at FOLKINGTON.

2000 A Dance was held at “RATTONWOOD” Mess. Major McLean & Lt Bradshaw were visitors.

Special Increment trained with the Bn.

Willingdon Sussex, England 12 July 1942

0925 The Bn parade for Church.

0950 Church Service at St. Elizabeth’s Church – Eastbourne.

Willingdon Sussex, England 13 July 1942

0730 17 Officers & 40 NCO’s left by tpt for the Grandstand at the LEWES Race Course to act as Safety Personnel for Exercises “VALE” This Exercise was carried out by the 7th Bde. It was held in training Area No 4 on the South Downs & almost identical with the 8th Bde Exercise “CRUMP”.

0830 Bn Parades & training.

Special increment training normal

Instructions for Safety Personnel Exercise “VALE” Appendix XV

Willingdon Sussex, England 14 July 1942

0830 Parades & training.

0830 The Safety Personnel carried out a rehearsal and ground Recces on Area No 4 with the 7th Bde. With the exception of Personnel for “A” Company of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles all the QOR Safety Personnel were with the Regina Rifles.

Special Increment training normal.

Willingdon Sussex, England 15 July 1942

0830 Parades & training.

1400 The Safety Personnel went into the attack with the 7th Bde.

1800 The Safety Personnel arrived back from LEWES.

Special Increment training normal.

Willingdon Sussex, England 16 July 1942

0545 Enemy aircraft were over Eastbourne but there was no action.

0830 Parades & training.

1100 Civil Police visited the Bn in connection with an assault case in Eastbourne.

1345 the IO with 2Lt A R Brock of the British Intelligence Corps attached to the Bn left for 3rd Div HQ at HEATHFIELD to attend a meeting of 3rd Div Intelligence officers in connection with Exercise “KITTEN II” to be held on 17 July 1942.

1400 All available Officers left to attend a lecture on fighting in Lybia given at STATE HALL – HEATHFIELD.

1930 A meeting of all Officers was held at “RATTON WOOD” Mess. The new committee was nominated and Bn affairs discussed.

2100 Enemy planes were again overheard but there was still no action.

Willingdon Sussex, England 17 July 1942

0600 The CO with a skeleton BHQ Staff left WILLINGDON in three vehicles for the Bn RV at FRITH WOOD. Road Junction M/R 148510 Sheet 126 was the Bn Assembly area for Exercise “KITTEN II”

0720 Firth Wood 148510, BHQ was established at the Road Junction & the exercise commenced. “KITTEN II” was an exercise to practice Staffs, Intelligence and Signals. All movement of troops was in theory and BHQs made timed moves.

1200 Snape Farm 064490, BHQ had moved forward again to this third position where it became established.

1600 Mark Cross 021501, BHQ had moved forward again to this third position where a Bde Order Group was held.

1730 The Exercise ended and the party started its return journey.

1800 Willingdon, The party arrived back in WILLINGDON.

Field Return of Officers Appendix XVI

Field Return of Other Ranks Appendix XVII

Field Return of Officers (Special Increment) Appendix XVIII

Field Return of Other Ranks (Special Increment) Appendix XIX

Willingdon Sussex, England 18 July 1942

0830 Parades & Interior Economy carried out by Coys.

1130 Officers and Men from each Coy & BHQ marched from the area to the Sports Field at HAILSHAM where the Divisional Sports were held. Track & field events were held. The Bn had no great success in the events. Divisional Bands played in a “Mass Retreat” after prizes had been distributed by Lgen AL McNaughton. Personnel of the Special increment as usual took a part in normal Bn Parades duties and activities.

Willingdon Sussex, England 20 July 1942

0600 Reveille. The order for reveille half and hour earlier came into force.

0800 Inspection of Billets.

0830 Parades & training.

Personnel of the Special Increment are not being trained separately but carry on the normal Parades, training & Duties of the Bn.

QOR of C Offence reports (Field Service only) Appendix XX

Willingdon Sussex, England 21 July 1942

0800 The 2 ic – RQ & IO left by Tpt for HASSOCKS, Sussex where the Bn area of the PPCLI is located. A Recce was made of this Area.

0830 Bn Parades & Training.

“D” Coy fired on CRUMBLES Rifle range Sheet 134, MR 9819. During this training one C Coy man received a slight injury in the arm from a No 36 Grenade splinter. The CO went to SEAFORD to see a demonstration given by the ALC School. Lt W Weir arrived from 3 CDIRU to take up duties in the Bn.

Willingdon Sussex, England 22 July 1942

0800 Company Inspection as usual.

0830 Parades & training.

1600 Three Officers of the PPCLI visited the Bn area in connection with their take over.

1700 Lt JHK Booth returned to the unit.

1900 Formal Mess at BHQ mess.

Willingdon Sussex, England 23 July 1942

0800 The CO left for HASSOCKS to look at the area to be taken over by the QOR. Normal Bn Parades & training went on which included the Special Increment.

Willingdon Sussex, England 24 July 1942

0830 Parades, training & preparation for Exercise “HAROLD”, Lt AJ Greathed left the Bn with one Rfn for duty with 2nd Cdn General Pioneer Coy.

1300 Bn “O” Group.

Willingdon Sussex, England 25 July 1942

0930 Exercise “Harold”. Ordnance Survey of England & Wales Map Sheets 134-135 1/636360. The marchign tps moved from the Bn SP. The route was through Pevensey, Bexhill & Hastings. Tpt moved by a route which caried slightly from that of the marching tps.

1710 Bivouac Area 254326, The marching tps arrived in the area. Tpt having moved independantly had arrived earlier. Rain made the start of Exercise “Harold” unpleasant.

2130 Bde O Group.

2330 Bn O Group.

North Northiam, England 26 July 1942

0230 Reveille

0330 The CO with a small party left to recce a new area near NORTHIAM and at the same time the marching tps began marching out.

0600 The CO liaised with the RCE in the village of Northiam.

0900 the CO liaised with the FOO of the 12 Cdn Fd Arty. The Bn carried out normal bivouac duties and the carriers did recce work south of ROLVENDEN M/R 283497. A prisoner was taken & sent to Bde. This man was special “I” personnel whos object was to get captured in order to test the Intelligence in the 3rd Cdn Div.

1415 The Bn moved again for a new bivouac area. Tps and tpt moved together.

1515 Great Knelle 292442, BHQ was established & compnaies moved to their positions in the area.

1630 CO & IO attended Bde “O” Group.

1830 Bn O Group.

1915 The CO with IO and one “I” Section man went forward to recce the approached to the enemy territory along the R. Rother. The Bn had been given the task of crossing the river by assault boats during the night & attacking the ISLE OF OXNEY which was held by the enemy.

2230 Bde O Group. Orders for the river crossing were cancelled & fresh orders for a move were issued.

2400 Four Oaks 299426, The Tpt and marching tps, having met at this point, moved off for a faint at 272409 where the CO was to be met and fresh orders received.

Horns Cross 272409, England 27 July 1942

0130 The CO issued his orders and the tpt left followed immediately by the troops. The men had left GREAT KNELLE very lightly equipped for the river crossing and owing to the sudden change in orders it had not been possible for them to get to the tpt to get their haversacks and groundsheets. Steady rain fell all night during the march which soaked the men but owing to the hardness of their physical condition no ill effects were suffered except by the feet. Sodden boots & socks softeneed the hard skin of the feet which felt the wear & tear of the march. A large number of men from the units on the road ahead were passed asleep in the wet grass beside the road, rolled up in their ground sheets.

0715 The Bn halted for breakfast.

0815 Le RETTE 1736, The Tpt left with the troops to cover the final few miles to the new area.

1030 Brightling 1239, The new area was occupied by the Bn. The men were billeted in stables for a short time but later Coys occupied positions and patrols started which continued all day. A number of prisoners were brought in and it was found that the enemy on the immediate front were the GREEN HOWARDS.

1630 Bde “O” Group.

2130 Bde “O” Group.

Patrols continued active throughout the night but little was seen of the enemy.

Brightling, England 28 July 1942

0400 Reveille

0430 Stand to

0530 Stand down.

0545 Breakfast followed by a day of fighting patrols, prisoners taken, Intelligence work & repulsing the enemy’s attempts to break through “D” Coy which occupied a position on the road in the central section of the Bn front at M/R 123397.

1415 Bde O Group.

1600 Food.

1630 Bn O Group.

1730 The Bn was ready to move forward into the attack as reserve Bn with R de Chaud on the left flank forward & the NSR on the right forward. Forward progress was held up owing to the strong enemy resistance experienced by the forward Bns. The attack was east towards ROBERTSBRIDGE with the roads as the axis of advance. The R de Chaud & QOR were on the left road & NSR on the right. Enemy infiltration caused the road behind the QOR to be blocked but that trouble was removed & access to the rear re-established. In the absence of the CO the 2ic commanded during this attack.

2130 Bde “O” Group. Orders were received for an immediate withdrawal to the west. A recce party, present at this O Group, left at once for the new area.

2315 The Tpt moved out followed by the marching troops. The weather had cleared and was perfect with a three quarter moon to make night marching easier & pleasanter.

Nash Street, England 29 July 1942

0215 The Tpt arrived & was placed against the hedges of a large field.

0545 The troops arrived and were immediately given breakfast. Within a very short time nearly all were asleep.

0815 The CO & IO were called to a Bde “O” Group.

1000 Bn “O” Group at which orders were given for the tpt to move to a Battle position on the South Downs a distance of about eight miles. Orders called for the Infantry to follow.

1045 The Bn left the area.

1145 Road Junction 970315, Anti Tank guns attached to the Regt engaged enemy Recce vehicles two of which were put out of action. This delayed the march and caused the tail of the marching column to be late in crossing the line of the railway which was timed for not later than 1200 hrs.

1345 The CO was called to a meeting and the column came under command of Maj Grout.

1415 Bostal Hill South Downs 936229, BHQ was established.

1545 The 2 ic left on a recce of the Bn position with an “I” Sect Corporal. Coy positions were mapped. Patrols were sent out & remained active all night. From the high ground OP’s were able to command an excellent view of the ground over which the enemy attack would come. His recce patrols were seen & contacted and a few prisoners taken. In the evening an alarm of enemy air recce came through but before his planes arrived thick fog enveloped the Downs hiding all positions completely. The fog came suddenly from the Channel causing a perfect screen.

Bostal Hill, England 30 July 1942

0400 Reveille.

0430 Stand to.

0530 Stand down.

0545 Breakfast followed by a day of patrols and very active Intelligence work. Reports from patrols and observers all along the front showed signs of the enemy. Much of the information was incorrect and misleading and the accurate reports, while showing the enemy active on the right flank, failed to divulge information of his whereabouts infront. The conclusion reached was that his FUP must be a line well to the north of our positions and that his attack would come before or at about first light. The weather remained clear and fine with a good moon.

1930 Bde “O” Group.

2030 Bn “O” Group.

2215 Stand to.

2330 Stand down. The sound of gunfire was heard from NEWHAVEN a short distance to the South * brilliant flashes & searchlight beams were seen. This was found to have no connection with “HAROLD” & was discovered to be the Coast Defence Batteries engaged in target practice. An air raid alert was heard. Planes flying North passed overhear & were engaged by AA fire. The all clear went soon after.

Bostal Hill, England 31 July 1942

0400 Sounds of fighting came from the East in the direction of the NSR. Rifle fire & Thunder flashes were heard and brilliant flashes seen. It was evident that the enemy in this sector were attacking up a draw on the right at the rear of the NSR & in front of the R de Chaud which, if they got through would bring them directly onto BHQ of the QOR of C. This was his logical method & therefore expected. In consequence the Bn was stood to and very shortly afterwards BHQ was withdrawn to a position of greather safety further back in the Downs.

0430 Figures in some numbers were seen silhouetted against the lightening aky in the East, moving in towards BHQ. This ment either the first infiltration by the enemy or the R de Chaud withdrawing. It proved to be the latter and very soon after the enemy streamed up from the draw and the position of BHQ was overrun. There was an unaccountable lack of Umpires. No decisions were given therefore but for the purpose of completing this “Set Piece” it was assumed that the enemy had achieved success. The condition of the English troops was good. They had a long march to the point of Battle, some claimed 70 miles, and had marched 10 miles from their start line to the Downs. Yet when they finally came in to attack they did so on the double with yells and cheers. The Canadians knowing it to be a staged act blazed off the little blank they had. Tossed a few thunder flases & then resorted to obscene language by way of showing their disgust at having to submit, virtually without any real resistance.

0500 The attack ended and no definite news having been received men of both sides stood in groups talking & arguing. As it grew light the English troops disappeared over the side of the Downs & the Canadians got busy on breakfast. It was assumed, and hoped, this marked the end of the exercise. Soon after the message “HAROLD NEGATIVE” came in and BHQ repaired to its original position where it cleaned up or went to sleep.

1000 Brig Blackader drove up and gave warning to stand by for a warning order to march back to WILLINGDON.

1030 The warning order was received and orders were given for preparation to move.

1130 Tpt and the Advance party moved off followed by the marching troops. The MT moved across the R. Cuckmere and via EXCEAT and FRISTON to EASTBOURNE.

The marching troops crossed the Downs via JEVINGTON.

1245 Tpt arrived back in Willingdon and the Advance Party prepared to take over the billets.

1530 The marching tps arrived back. The remainder of the day was spent in settling in to billets.

Field Return of Officers Appednix XXV

Field Return of Other ranks Appendix XXVI

Field Return of Offrs (Special Increment) Appendix XXVII

Field Returns of OR’s (Special Increment) Appendix XXVIII

Willingdon Sussex, England 1 August 1942

0800 Inspection of Billets by Companies

Pt I Orders Appx 1

Pt II Orders Appx 2

The Bn settled into its Billets & carried on normal duties & training.

Field Returns Appx 3

Willingdon Sussex, England 2 August 1942

0800 Inspection

0830 Parades & Interior Economy.

1200 Half holiday.

Willingdon Sussex, England 3 August 1942

1045 The Church Parade scheduled for this time was cancelled owing to rain. The CO had decided to hold the Service in the open owing to the risk of a well directed bomb landing on the large, conspicious church in which Services had previousl been held. A wise move as such an event would have had a seriously damaging effect on the whole Bn.

1100 A meeting of all Officers was held at BHQ Officer’s Mess.

Willingdon Sussex, England 4 August 1942

0830 Parades & training normal with Special Increment playing a normal part in Bn activities.

Lt RCS Blue left the Bn for the 1 Cdn General reinforcement Unit at COVE. Lt RW Sawyer returned to the Unit.

Willingdon Sussex, England 5 August 1942

0830 The CO and Adj left for 3 CDIRU at CROOKHAM.

0945 The TO & IO left to make a recce of the route & new area for the coming move.

1900 Formal Mess Dinner at “RATTON WOOD”. Mess Maj G Pangman & Capt I Wilson were guest.

Willingdon Sussex, England 6 August 1942

0830 Preparations were being made throughout the Bn for the move to HASSOCKS.

0900 Trucks were loaded to move with the Advance party to the new camp. It was arranged that QOR trucks should return to WILLINGDON for further loads carrying PPCLI stores & vice versa.

1400 The Advance Party with trucks of both Units left for HASSOCKS.

Six new Officers – Lt RW Barker, DB Hamilton, PB Hiscott, JF Lake, JD Pickup, G Wishart joined the Bn.

Willingdon Sussex, England 7 August 1942

0830 Coy training & preparation for move. PPCLI Advance Party arrived and commenced taking over.

0830 Hassocks, The QOR Advanced Party loaded and unloaded trucks & performed various other duties.

Willingdon Sussex, England 8 August 1942

The Bn moved out of Billets and bivouaced in HAMPDEN PARK overnight ready for an early move on 9 Aug. The WILLINGDON Billets were left in a perfect condition of cleanliness.

1130 Hassocks, the QOR Take Over party arrived.

Hampden Park Sussex, England 9 August 1942

0500 Reveille

0600 Breakfast

0700 Parade

0710 the Bn Moved off on its march to HASSOCKS.

0935 Alliston, the Bn arrived at the Bde SP.

1005 The Bn crossed the Bde SP.

1200 Route March 861253, The Bn halted for lunch.

1625 Hassocks, The head of the column reached BHQ having covered a distance of 23.8 miles.

2250 The Air Raid sirens were heard.

2250 Aircraft was heard and the sound of bombs & AA fire at BRIGHTON. Incendiaries fell on the Downs near QOR C and D Coys. The brilliant flickering white light of searchlights & incendiaries was seen. Although from a distance it was spectacular and looked as if a great deal of damage was being done reports stated that no great harm was done.

Hassocks Sussex, England 10 August 1942

0545 An Air Raid alarm of short duration was sounded.

0830 An active day commenced in all departments.

1100 The CO called all Officers to a meeting at BHQ to discuss the Bn affairs in the new camp.

1330 Coys commenced bathing in the mobile bath in HASSOCKS.

2130 The Air Raid Alarm was heard.

2200 The All Clear was sounded no action having occurred.

Hassocks Sussex, England 11 August 1942

0830 Coy Parades

0930 CO & IO went to Battle Stations on a recce.

1430 CO with WT Officer IO & SO left for meeting at Bde.

1600 All Bde Officers were present at a recap by Brig K Blackader on Exercise “HAROLD”.

1800 An Air Raid Alarm was sounded.

1810 The All Clear was sounded.

Hassocks Sussex, England 12 August 1942

0530 Air raid warning.

0015 All clear. Some bombing and A/A fire heard.

0830 Training under Coy arrangements. Coys busy putting camp sites in order. Some new cinders laid on paths and camp facilities erected. General comment that the situation was reminiscent of many previous moves.

1330 Bn Recreational Trng. Sports.

Civilian reports that EASTBOURNE, HAMPDEN PK and WILLINGDON were bombed on Tuesday night. Some damage to Ry, Sta 5 PPCLI killed & 2 Fd Amb personel UNCONFIRMED.

Hassocks Sussex, England 13 August 1942

0800 Coys continued trng according to syllabus D Coy had Demonstration Field Firing squad practises.

0900 CO attended Demonstration of A/Tk Plt at A/Tk school morning and afternoon.

1300 Brig visited Battle Stations.

1500 Bn Bath parade to Mobile Baths. There was some improvement over Monday’s arrangments. Bn HQ being able to take their showers at 1715 instead of 1800 hrs.

Supper at 1700 hrs.

Rumours are still current regarding the raid at EASTBOURNE the damage and number of casualties having increased with the telling. Investigation proved there was a raid with some damage to the rly line and seven casualties soldiers or civilians unknown. Again the QOR of C have missed being in a raid by a narrow margin. Bn HQ Sgts have est their mess in a somewhat dilapidated green house; light and airy. The comments from Ors are that the Sgts are at last where they should be – in the Glass house.

Several men returned from FP today looking particularly soldierly, lean & healthy. It is worthy of note that these men received definite training while away, and that their attitude on return to the Unit is reasonable instead of bitter and vindictive as has been too often the case.

Hassocks Sussex, England 14 August 1942

0540 Air Raid alarm.

0615 All clear.

0830 Coys trng according to syllabus.

1000 OC attended meeting at R de Chaud to discuss the Anti-Raid role.

1030-1630 Pay Parades, all coys and attachments.

1245 Air raid warning.

1250 All clear.

1630 Meeting of NCO Selection Board. The regt being up to strength in NCOs the meeting was largely devoted to a discussion of the ANTI/RAID role. It was also decided that the DUTY Coy should also be STAND TO coy leaving the other coys free to carry on special trng as laid down in the syllabus.

Mjr DJ LeQuesne was granted powers of detachment comd for NORTH CAMP. Capt SM Lett for SOUTH CAMP and Mjr FLJ Grout for HQ Coy camp.

Hassocks Sussex, England 15 August 1942

0800 Coys carried on with trng according to syllabus.

0900 The CO and a number of officers left on a Recce to WOODINGDEAN, ROTTINGDEAN, BRIGHTON, PORTSLADE and CAMP. Posns were examined for the Anti-Raid role and location of A/A Pl visited.

Mjr FLJ Grout assumed temporary comd 1st Bn QOR of C during absence of LCol JG Spragge attending course from 15 Aug ’42 to 23 Aug ’42.

Mjr DJ LeQuesne assumed temporary duties as 2ic during the absence of Mjr JEC Pangman attached 8 CIB.

1630 Air Raid Alarm.

1700 All clear.

LCol B Matthews, Mjr JJ MacClain, Lt K Morden, Sq Leader G Morrow were guests at the offrs mess Sat evening and stayed overnight.

Hassocks Sussex, England 16 August 1942

No Parades. Heavy rain all morning.

1000 The CO left for Short (Officers) Battle Course at Rowlands Castle, Hants 17-23 Aug.

2100 Air Raid Alarm.

2114 All clear.

Many men took the opportunity this weekend of visiting BRIGHTON and other towns in this area. All towns appear to be very full of soldiers including many of the 5 Cdn Div and USA troops.

Hassocks Sussex, England 17 August 1942

0800 Coy carried out trng according to syllabus.

A Coy in Company Exercise (all day)

B Coy Battle Drill

C Coy Demonstration Plt

D Coy Duty and Stand to Coy.

1935 Air Raid Alarm.

1952 All clear.

2315 Cpl Marshall, G. killed in rd accident. B64376 Cpl Marshall was hit by a truck on London highway on his return to camp. Suffered fractured skull and died on his way to hospital.

Hassocks Sussex, England 18 August 1942

0800 Coy continued training according to syllabus.

A Coy Tactical exercise in town clearing under Major Rymer.

1100 Air raid alarm.

1115 All Clear.

Hassocks Sussex, England 19 August 1942

0600 Air Raid alarm.

0615 All clear.

0645 Air Raid Alarm.

0700 All clear.

1600 Visit Auxiliary Services. They have given movie shows every night except Sat. The appartus is taken to the Coy areas.

Air Raid Alarm.

2015 All clear.

Interest today has been centred on raid on French Coast. Few particulars so far except that the majority of the tps engaged are Canadians.

Hassocks Sussex, England 20 August 1942

0830 Normal Parades & training by Coys which included the Special Increment Personnel.

“C” Coy out on Bivouac Scheme.

During the day rumours of “Exercise JUBILEE” were persistent. This Exercise, so called probably in the interests of security, was an actual sea-borne raid on the French Coast at Dieppe in which the 4th and 6th Cdn Inf Bdes played the main part with detachments of English Commandos, Americans and Fighting French playing important but lesser roles. It was the largest scale Combined Operations Raid yet and staged by the Allied against the French Coast. The Navy & RAF in their own spheres took highly active parts. Out of the jumble of rumours and reports it is hard to gain clear cut picture. Enemy prisoners are alleged to have stated that they were aware of the exact time of our Raid three days before it took place. This is the type of report that inevitably drits in whether accurate or not. The Padre visited the 1st Canadian General Hospital at Horsham where he spoke with wounded Canadians. A nurse told him of one soldier who was admitted and proudly displayed a German ear and of another who refused to be parted from his souvenir – a German rifle. Mr. TW Monohan of the Auxiliary Services was at Shoreham when troops started to return. He reported that many of the men showed signs of the strain of their first fighting. Considering the violence of the fighting this is easily understood. The British Commandos who had been on several previous raids were less shaken.

2200 The Air Raid Alarms were heard.

During the Alert aircraft were heard but no bombing took place in the vicinity.

2310 A plane was heard moving South and a sharp burst of AA fire from guns in the neighbourhood followed.

2330 The All Clear Sounded.

Daily Express 20 Aug ’42 Appendix 4

Hassocks Sussex, England 21 August 1942

0830 Normal training by Coys and Special Increment.

1500 The burial of B64376 Cpl Marshall, G took place at Brookwood Cemetary. Hon Capt JC Clough CCS held the burial service with the funeral party comprised of Capt SC Heyes, Lt JG Alley, B63559 CSM S Score, B64373 Sgt AH Jones, six Corporal pall bearers, partying party of eight with a Cpl and two buglers.

Hassocks Sussex, England 22 August 1942

0830 Parades & Interior Economy. Half holiday.

1830 LCol JG Spragge Returned from Battle Course.

2130 Sgt Syine was knocked down by a truck in Hassocks and sustained injuries which necessitated his removal to hospital for examination & treatment. His injuries proved not to be serious.

Hassocks Sussex, England 23 August 1942

1000 Church Services was held for BHQ- HQ Coy, A and B Coys in the open at North Camp. A second service for C and D Coys was held afterwards at South Camp. Orders were received from Bde to investigate gliders reported active and ground in the district. The IO was a Cpl made the investigation. It proved to be the activities of the ATC Glider School at KEYMER. This school has three gliders with which elementary flying is taught the Air Cadets.

1830 The IO met PC Paviour of the Hassocks Police at Hassocks Police Station and received full information on the local plans to be put into effect in event of Invasion of England. It was evident much work had been done towards having a thorough and clear cut plan to act on with the results that the whole scheme should work smoothly in such an emergency. It is proposed to hold an Exercise to test the efficiency.

1940 Air Raid Alarm.

1950 All Clear sounded.

Hassocks Sussex, England 24 August 1942

0830 Parades and training by Coys and Special Increment. During the day a number of Alerts were sounded and several attacks were made by enemy aircraft both from high and low levels. Bombs were dropped at the Power Station at Shoreham but the damage was not serious. During the early part of the night numbers of our aircraft were heard overhead moving southward.

Hassocks Sussex, England 25 August 1942

0025 A report from Bde was received by the Duty Officer to the effect that a red light had been seen at a point on the Downs about two miles from “C” and “D” Coy lines at three separate times. This had been reported by 15 Bn Sussex Home Guard. The matter was investigated but nothing suspicious discovered. After daylight a second investigation was made which also proved negative. Air activity has been more noticeable on the coast during the last three weeks. The results is the Defences are alert and suspicious.

0830 The Co left for a meeting at Bde.

1400 The CO called a meeting of Company Commanders to give his first orders for a Bn Exercise to be held in #4 Training Area.

Hassocks Sussex, England 26 August 1942

0900 The CO took Major Grout, The Pioneer Officer and IO to the area in which the Bn Exercise is to be held for the purpose of showing them the ground. These three Officers with personnel of #2 and #5 and “I” Platoons will be the “Enemy” on the scheme.

1930 The enemy met at a RV and proceeded to its position on the Downs. At the same time Coys commenced movement into their Bivouac areas in Horseshoe Plantation MR 7830.

The “Enemy” Bivouac area was near Ditchling Beacon MR 773317. The 12 Cdn Fd Regt RCA were in Plumpton Plain Plantation MR 8031.

2340 A Fighting Patrol left to attack the Arty Bivouac position. Owing to a brilliant full moon and the open country, unobserved movement past the Bn positions was only possibly be keeping below the crest of the North side of the Downs. Progress over this relatively short distance was therefore slow. Patrols were out approximately three hours at a time. The first patrol encountered sentries at an awkward place and became split. One part continued to the objective and located what was thought to be the Arty position. It later transpired this was only one of their patrols in the Wood. The other part engaged the position at which the sentries were run into. After using blank and Thunderflashes freely it was discovered that these troops were part of the Westminister Regt with live rounds and not taking any part in the Exercise. The second patrol again engaged these troops. The third arrived at the Arty position and owing to the complete lack of any cover walked boldly into the Woods unseen by the guards, engaging them with blank and Thunderflashes.

Hassocks Sussex, England 27 August 1942

0630 Orders were given to move off the area as the Amd Bde were to commence live round practice at 0800 hrs.

0700 The troops started to move off under the NCOs and the CO gave his impressions of the ground and the attack to all the Officers. The intention was to finish the Exercise at a later date but orders received said it was to be considered ended. Although the Coys were unable to carry out the exercise the Patrolling taught some useful lessons.

Bn Exercise 26/27 Aug 42, Operation Order Appendix 5

Hassocks Sussex, England 28 August 1942

0800 Training by Coys and Special Increment carried on in the normal way with Coys.

Hassocks Sussex, England 29 August 1942

0800 Training and Interior Economy.

0900 The AA Platoon commenced AA Duty at the Gas and Power Plant at Portslade by Sea.

1500 Two enemy planes flew in at low level, dropped two bombs in the Brighton Area and machine gunned streets and buildings. One person was reported killed and damage was done to buildings. No bombs fell in the area defended by the QOR AA Platoon.

Hassocks Sussex, England 30 August 1942

1100 Voluntary Church Parade.

Hassocks Sussex, England 31 August 1942

0600 Bn HQ started a morning run.

0830 Parades and training.

0900 A Bde Intelligence Course to last one week was commenced.

1106 An Observation Post was started by the “I” Sect by order of Bde. This OP was established at the Gas and Power Plant at Portslade – by – Sea in the Watch Tower MR 694238. This is one of the points in which the AA Platoon has a Bren mounted and being right above and amongst the main buildings of the Plant is likely to become part of the enemy’s target during future Raids.

Hassocks Sussex, England 1 September 1942

0600 Morning run by BHQ.

0830 Parades & training.

0900 Bde “I” Course at 8 Cdn Inf Bde.

1730 IO with “I” Sgt & Cpl visited OP at Porstlade. This position was found to command a perfect view for miles in all directions.

2000 The CO, A/Adj & TO attended a Home Guard dance in Brighton.

Part I Orders Appendix 1

Part II Orders Appendix 2

Field Returns Appendix 3

Hassocks Sussex, England 2 September 1942

0600 Morning run.

0830 Parades & training.

2030 For the second time the War film “Next of Kin” was shown in the Bn.

8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Conference Syllabus Appendix 4

Hassocks Sussex, England 3 September 1942

0830 Training & Parades. The Special Increment continues to carry out its normal training & duties with Coys.

Since the Dieppe Raid all ranks seem to have become concious of the fact that the War is close at hand and that the Bn is no longer a Unit training in the ordinary way but one maintaining a state of fighting efficiency ready for its first fighting. It is realized fully now that this might come without warning. In the training the trend is towards Raids & Landing tactics. Lessons taught at Dieppe are being taken advantage of. Work has become more serious.

Hassocks Sussex, England 4 September 1942

0830 Bn Parades.

0900 The “I” Personnel attending the 8 Cdn Inf Bde “I” Course attended the final day’s lectures & discussions. Capt MacKenzie G3 (I) 3 Cdn Div and Lt Burr, IO 3 Cdn Div lectured and discussions were held at which many points were brought up to improve the Intelligence in the Division.

1930 The CO, Adj, HQ Coy Comdr, IO & Signals Sgt attended a TEWT on Combined Operations at 8 Cdn Inf Bde HQ.

Hassocks Sussex, England 5 September 1942

0600 Morning run as usual.

0830 Parades, training & Interior Economy by Coys and Special Increment with Coys.

0900 Bn Officers went out to NEWMARKET HILL, MR 8025 to overlook the ground for the Bn Exercise on 6 Sept.

1000 AA Plt and “I” Plt OP finished the week’s duty.

1400 Bn O Group for Bn Exercise.

Hassocks Sussex, England 6 September 1942

0500 Reveille

0545 Breakfast

0645 Coys marched out to the Forming Up Point at MR 811281.

1100 The Bn Exercise commenced. This was an attack by three coys on Newmarket Hill MR square 8026. There were two points of resistance on the spur running up to the objective at which forces of troops representing enemy Coys were in position.

1430 Brig Blackader who was present at the Exercise with the BM called all the Officers to a meeting and discussed the attack.

1500 The attack was finished and the objective captured.

1515 The Coys left for the march back to camp.

1650 The Air raid alarms were heard in Brighton followed by AA fire and one bomb. From the Downs our planes could be seen flying low along the coast but no enemy planes were seen. Our aircraft including some of the largest bombers were active during the afternoon. This activity included United States planes and was directed against the enemy.

1830 The Coys had all returned to their lines.

Hassocks Sussex, England 7 September 1942

0830 Normal parades.

0945 85 all ranks from the Bn attended a “Tank Circus” at which several types of British and German tanks were on view. Following a talk by an English Tank Officer the tanks were inspected. The enemy tanks had been captured in Lybia.

1030 Brig Blackader with the three Bn Commanders and a few Officers from each Bn went over the ground in which a Bde Combined Operations Exercise is shortly to be held.

Hassocks Sussex, England 8 September 1942

0830 Parades and training.

1430 The CO, 2ic, Adj and WTO attended a meeting at Bde at which Lord Lovatt of the Commandos talked about the Dieppe Raid.

Hassocks Sussex, England 9 September 1942

0800 The CO left for 3 CDIRU at Crookham.

0830 Coys including Special Increment continued training.

1900 All Officers were present at BHQ for a Mess Dinner followed by a meeting at which the CO talked about the work of the Bn and plans for future training. The new Officers were welcomed to the Mess.

Hassocks Sussex, England 10 September 1942

0830 Parades & training.

0900 Maj Grout, The QM & IO reported to Bde for instructions regarding a recce to be made of the Winter camp to be occupied by the Bn. This camp was visited & the necessary information gained.

1500 The CO called a meeting of Coy Comds.

Hassocks Sussex, England 11 September 1942

0830 Training continued.

1930 A dance was held in Hassocks for the men.

Hassocks Sussex, England 12 September 1942

0830 Parades & training by Coys including Special Increment.

0900 The IO went to Bde to discuss with the other IO’s a programme of training for “I” Platoons.

1330 All Officers went to a TEWT in the area of the Downs NW of Shoreham in which the Combined Operations Bde Exercise is to be held on 17-18 Spet.

Hassocks Sussex, England 13 September 1942

1000 BHQ – A,B and HQ Coy attended a Church Parade in the open at HQ Coy lines.

1100 C and D Coys at Church Parade in Pycombe Church.

Hassocks Sussex, England 14 September 1942

0830 Normal training. Lt DB Hamilton, Lt PB Hiscott, Lt JD Pickup and Lt RL Bickford returned to 3 CDIRU and it is thought they may have to go to the 2nd Canadian Division as replacements, after the heavy casualties suffered at Dieppe.

Hassocks Sussex, England 15 September 1942

0830 The CO and 2ic left to attend a lecture at East Grinstead.

0830 Parades and training.

Hassocks Sussex, England 16 September 1942

0800 Parades and training by Coys including Special Increment.

1230 Brigadier K Blackader lunched at BHQ Officers Mess.

1500 Officers of the Division attended a lecture on Dieppe at the Chinese Garden in Hurstpierpoint.

1900 Formal Mess Dinner at BHQ Mess.

Hassocks Sussex, England 17 September 1942

0830 Parades.

1100 The CO called a Bn “O” Group for Exercise “Seaborune”. In this Exercise which will be carried out by 8 CIB a seaborne attack will be made on an area of the Downs from the River Adur. This area is in a larger area to be known as “Downs Island”. Which is bounded by the Road Amberly MR Square 4632 Ordnance Survey of England and Wales Sheet 133, Bramber MR Square 6229 on the North, River Adur from Bramber to Shoreham-by-Sea on the East, the coast from Shoreham to Little Hampton on the South and Littlehampton to Amberly on the West side. The land on the North, East and West is imagination will be sea. In the Narrative for the exercise “Downs Island” will be held by the enemy and will be captured in order to establish RAF Fighter bases prior to invasion of the mainland.

The landing will be made on four “beaches” which will be known as C1, C2, D1 and D2. “Beach” C1 will be immediately South of Upper Beeding MR Square 6329. The remainder will extend in the same order to the Bridge at Shoreham MR 6425.

1320 The CO and IO left to attend a meeting of Officers called by the Brigadier on the scene of the landing at MR 634275 to discuss final details of the Exercise.

1400 The Bn marched out of the Camp area.

1645 Bivouac Area MR 650315, The CO returned to the Bn leaving the IO to select Coy positions in the Bn bivouac area and to guide Coys to their positions.

1735 The first Coy arrived at the RV at Tottington Farm MR 652307 and was led to its Bivouac position followed by the remaining Coys.

1800 Bn “O” Group and a meal given to the men. Following this a few hours’ sleep was had.

2359 Reveille.

Bivouac Area MR 650315, England 18 September 1942

0130 The Bn marched out of Bivouac for the imgainary embarkation.

0245 The Bn in position for the “landing”.

0320 The forward Coys having crossed the River by one of the bridges erected by the RCE “landed” and the attack on beach D1 commenced. C Coy on the left flank attacked and destroyed the imaginary Coast Defence Battery at MR 632250. “D” Coy on the right captured Applesham Farm MR 633263. “A” Coy captured Lanving Hill MR 6225 & reorganised. While “C” Coy held a protective position on the left flank “D” and “B” Coys attacked & captured Lancing Ring MR 615257 later pushing on and capturing Steep Down MR 6026.

1030 The Exercise was declared ended.

1200 Lancing Hill Hassocks, The Bn stated its march back to Camp.

1700 The Coys had arrived back in their areas.

Hassocks Sussex, England 19 September 1942

0830 Coy Parades. The Special Increment personnel became SOS to 3 CDIRU 15 Sept 42 and continue training with Coys.

1000 No 2 Plt took over AA Defence Duty at the Gas Works and Power Plant at Portslade-by-sea MR 6923. The “I” Plt established an OP in the same area. This OP is manned by two observers on each shift. The tour of duty, as for No. 2 Plt will be for one week.

2000 A dance was held at BHQ Officer’s Mess at Stonepound.

Hassocks Sussex, England 20 September 1942

Voluntary Church Parade.

2000 “D” Coy commenced night training for one week.

Hassocks Sussex, England 21 September 1942

0830 Parades & training.

1400 The CO attended a meeting at Bde.

1930 The CO called a meeting of Coy Comds at the Mess.

Hassocks Sussex, England 22 September 1942

0830 Parades & training. The CO left for a lecture at East Grinstead.

1630 The CO called a meeting of Coy Comds.

Hassocks Sussex, England 23 September 1942

0830 Parades & training.

1315 The CO with the IO and a Signaller with a No. 18 Set left for Bde where the new GOC Major General RFL Keller inspected the Bde Anti Raid Role.

The QOR role was done by “A” Coy.

1900 Formal Mess Dinner at BHQ Mess.

Hassocks Sussex, England 24 September 1942

0830 Coy Parades.

0900 The QM, TO & IO left to get information at the new Winter Camp at Strood Park. It was found to be a good hutted Camp and likely to be comfortable as Winter quarters for the Bn. Unforunately it was learned that plumbing, water heating for showers and electric light could not be ready, nor did it seem likely they would be installed for a considerable time.

1600 Officers of the Bde attended a lecture on Submarines & Convoys delivered by an English Naval Officer at Bde HQ.

2000 The CO held a meeting of Coy Comds at BHQ Mess to select twenty-one NCO’s for return to Canada as Instructors.

Hassocks Sussex, England 25 September 1942

0830 Parades.

1030 The Bn saw the film “Combined Operations” at the Studio Cinema in Hassocks. As the Coys marched to the theatre they were seen by The Hon WP Mulock, MP Postmaster General of Canada, Major General RFL Keller, GOC 3 Cdn Div and Brigadier K blackader. This was not an official inspection although it was known the event would take place. As a result the Bn saw the film in Battle Order.

1400 The CO left for London.

QOR march past 25 sept 1942
QOR march past to The Hon WP Mulock, MP Postmaster General of Canada, Major General RFL Keller, GOC 3 Cdn Div and Brigadier K blackader 25 sept 1942 – QOR Museum Photo

Hassocks Sussex, England 26 September 1942

0830 Parades

0900 Officers & NCOs of the Bn attended a lexture by Capt McKenzie, G.31 3 Cdn Div on Intelligence, Prisoners of War and the Importance of Information at a Hall in Hassocks.

1000 The AA Plt and “I” Plt Observers finished their week’s duty at Portslade-by-sea.

1330 Course in Demolitions started for Offrs & NCOs under WTO.

Hassocks Sussex, England 27 September 1942

0945 Church Parade & Harvest Festival Service in Keymer Parish Church for BHQ – HQ Coy, “A” & “B” Coys.

1100 Service for “C” & “D” Coys at Pyecombe Church.

1300 Major FLJ Grout & Capt HR Downie left the Bn for their return to Canada.

1330 Demolition Course continued. Having had instruction in the elementary handling of fuses, detonators & charges during the previous period, this period was devoted to Bangalore torpedoes, stick charges & destruction of land mines.

Hassocks Sussex, England 28 September 1942

0830 Parades

0945 IO made recce of route to be covered in a March Past in the near future.

1500 The CO held a meeting of Coy Comds at which the March Past was discussed & orders given.

Word was received that Brigadier Gibson ex-Colonel of the QOR would visit the Bn on 29th Sept.

Exercise “Seaborne” Intelligence Log Appendix 5

Observation Post Log Appendix 6

Hassocks Sussex, England 29 September 1942

0600 BHQ Officer usual morning run.

0630 Owing to the fact that it gets light later & the personnel in tents have no lighting Reveille was made half an hour later. Difficulty is being met with in drying boots & clothes in the Coys. The Coy areas are wet & muddy after a spell of bad weather.

0830 The CO called a meeting of Coy Comds. Orders were given for the Parade which was to be held in Adastra Park for Brig Gibson.

0900 Coys arrived in Adastra Park in the rain to rehearse for the Parade, but the arrival of a message to the effect that the Brigadier’s visit of a social nature caused the Parade to be cancelled and the Coys return to their lines.

1045 For the second time in the day the Air raid alarms were heard and heavy AA fire from the direction of the coast was heard.

1230 Brig KG Blackader was at the BHQ Mess for lunch and stayed for Brig Gibson’s visit.

1500 Brig Gibson arrived at BHQ and with Brig Blackader, the CO & 2ic visited Coy areas.

Hassocks Sussex, England 30 September 1942

0830 Coy parades and training.

1206 Heavy detonations were heard at some distance which shook BHQ followed immediately by Air Riad Alarms. A report was received later from Bde that one enemy plane, the type was not reported, had attacked Lancing and Worthing. One bomb was reported to have been dropped at Lancing damaging Souther Rly workshops and causing casualties whilst three more which an unconfirmed report gave as unexploded were said to have fallen on Worthing. Air Raid Alarms have been frequent lately though bombing has been practically nil in this area, with the exception of a hit on a school which caused 22 deaths. The activity is apparently normal air reconnasance. If the report of the three unexploded bombs in Worthing is true it seems that sabotage in enemy plants is not at a standstill. AA Defence on this part of the coast seems to be strong.

1430 The CO called a meeting of Coy Comds.

1900 Formal Mess at BHQ.

Hassocks Sussex, England 1 October 1942

0830 Coy Parades & training.

1430 Coy Comds meeting.

1500 Acting on LCol Spragge’s orders the IO, Lt R With, arranged with the owner of Wick Farm, Mr CO Selback who occupies a residence adjacent to the Farm on which the QOR Anti Raid RV is located, for his private phone to be used in the event of Police & Public phones at the RV failing during an emergency.

Hassocks Sussex, England 2 October 1942

0830 Coy Parades after the spell of wet weather the Coy lines were in poor condition. The wet ground was churned up into mud and all the tents & men’s equipment were very damp. The appearance of the sun was welcomed and advantage of it was quickly taken, blankets being hung on fences to dry & equipment laid out on the ground. Outside training became easier & more pleasant.

1400 LCol Spragge attended a Conference at Bde HQ – The A/Adj Lt HS McRae attended a meeting at 3 Cdn Div.

1900 The last period of Booby Traps & Demolition was held for Officers & NCO’s by the WTO Capt EA Dunlop. Uncharged Booby Traps were set by teams in the Officer’s Mess for other teams to find and neutralise. It was one of the few occasions when all the Officers are able to foregather. The time & place permitted access to refreshments with the result that the period was amusing as well as instructive. Owing to the great need for the conservation of petrol & rubber the use of Army vehicles is greatly restricted & allotments of petrol for each month are made to Coys and sub-units with orders for the use of vehicles to be kept to a minimum.

Part I Orders Appendix 1

Part II Orders Appendix 2

Field Returns Appendix 3

Petrol Allotment, Orders for October Appendix 4

Hassocks Sussex, England 3 October 1942

0800 LCol Spragge left for 3 CDIRU at Aldershot. The A/Adj Lt HS McRae left for 2nd Echelon.

0830 Coy Parades & the usual Saturday morning duties & Interior Economy.

1200 Half holiday.

Hassocks Sussex, England 4 October 1942

1100 Voluntary Church Parade.

1130 All the Officers gathered at BHQ Mess where a lively one & a half hours was spent with Capt Robertson & Capt Harris present as visitors to their Regiment.

Hassocks Sussex, England 5 October 1942

0810 LCol Spragge & Major LeQuesne, Capt Lett, Capt Heyes, Capt Dunlop, Lt Gordon the five Coy Comds with the Pioneer Officer Lt Parkinson and the IO Lt with left for a lecture on “Enemy Air Bombs & Land Mines” by an English Officer at the “Radio Centre” Cinema in East Grinstead. This Officer claimed to have lifted 100,000 Enemy land mines many of which had been re-planted in use against the enemy. He was decorated with the George Cross. It was generally agreed he deserved it.

1400 Capt Lett, Capt Heyes, Capt Dunlop and Lt Gordon attended a demonstration of 2 pr and 6 pr anti-tank guns at Birling Gap Anti Tank School.

A weekly inspection of each Coy commenced with the inspection of HQ Coy with BHQ and afterwards “B” Coy by the 2ic Major Pangman.

Hassocks Sussex, England 6 October 1942

0830 Parades & training Syllabus carried out by Coys.

Hassocks Sussex, England 7 October 1942

0830 Parades.

2000 LCol Spragge with the Coy Comds attended a meeting at Bde.

Hassocks Sussex, England 8 October 1942

0830 Parades.

1400 Lcol Spragge, the 2ic Maj Pangman, Lt Weir the RQ & Lt With the IO left for Wykehurst Park to look over the Winter Camp into which the Bn will soon move. This was the camp originally intended for the Bn until the plan was changed.

2000 A Meeting of the Officer’s Mess was held and a new committee selected. Capt Lett was elected President, Lt Gordon Vice President and Capt Sutherland, the Dental Officer, Lt Lake & Lt Hamilton Committee members.

Hassocks Sussex, England 9 October 1942

0830 Parades & training.

1330 “D” Coy carried out Field Firing with Carriers & Mortars from 3 and 4 Platoons, with 18 men from the “I” Plt to make up strength.

Hassocks Sussex, England 10 October 1942

0830 Parades & Interior Economy.

0900 Lcol Spragge with the Coy Comds left for a TEWT. This Exercise began for the Bn on Wolstonbury Hill MR Sheet 134 square 7233 and continued in a Northerly direction to HURSTPIERPOINT MR 7135.

2000 A dance was held at BHQ Mess in Stonepound House, HASSOCKS. Brig R Gibson & Lcol Gibson of the Winnipeg Rifles were guests. This dance which was named “Stinker 5” being the fifth in a series named after the fashion of Exercises was a great success.

Hassocks Sussex, England 11 October 1942

1100 Voluntary Church Parade.

Hassocks Sussex, England 12 October 1942

0830 The Bn prepared for the march which was to be inspected by the Hon JL Ralston Canadian Minister of National Defence. This inspection was quite informal although Lt Gen AG McNaughton, Maj Gen HD Crerar, Maj Gen RFL Keller, the new GOC 3 Cdn Div, Brig KG Blackader and various other high ranking Canadian Officers were to be present.

1100 The Bn had an early lunch.

1135 The Bn less “C” Coy which was on other duty left the Bn SP at STONEPOUND CROSS ROADS, MR Sheet 134 square 7334 and moved to HURSTPIERPOINT CROSS RDS, Sheet 134 square 7135 which was Bde SP.

1155 HURSTPIERPOINT, The Bn passed the Bde SP and continued the march via Road Junction MR Sheet 134, 703359 to a point at MR Sheet 133, 652366 where it awaited the signal to move past the point MR Sheet 133, 652357 where the Minister stood.

MR 695363Whilst marching a Riad Alarm was heard & bomb explosions.

1400, MR 652366, Followed by the R de Chaud and NSR the Bn moved forward in column at a brisk pace.

1420, MR 652357, After a short delay on the road the head of the Bde column passed the Minister and moved EAST at Henfield Road Junction to a point MR 653348 where the whole Bde moved off the Road for a rest.

1500, MR 653348, The Bn in its former order marched for home.

1700, HASSOCKS & CLAYTON, The Coys were back in the Bn area and moving to their lines. The bombs heard during the march fell on BRIGHTON causing some casualties near the Railway Station.

Hassocks Sussex, England 13 October 1942

0830 Parades. The Ass/Adj left for 2nd Echelon.

0930 Capt McKenzie G3 (I) 3 Cdn Div delivered a lecture on German Army Organization in the Sutdio Cinema, HASSOCKS. This was followed by a lecture on German Army Identification by Lt I Tucker Burr, IO 3 Cdn Div. These lectures were attended by Officers, NCOs and the Intelligence Plt.

1400 Lcol Spragge left for Bde.

Hassocks Sussex, England 14 October 1942

0830 Coy Trg according to Syllabus.

1030 Pay Parade. A & HQ Coy.

1030 CO weekly conference at Bde.

1500 Pay Parades for Bn HQ and attachments.

1600 CO & RSM visited new camp. “B” Coy moved to new area as Adv Guard.

1815 Alert.

1930 All clear.

Hassocks Sussex, England 15 October 1942

0830 Coy Trg according to syllabus.

0900 Security lecture by Div Security Sgt Bn HQ.

0940 “LADYBIRD” practice Anti-Raid SHOREHAM. C & D Coys moved to forward area.

1000 Security lecture by Div Security Sgt to HQ Coy.

1200 “LADYBIRLD” all clear.

1320 Air raid ALERT.

1410 Air Raid ALL CLEAR.

Hassocks Sussex, England 16 October 1942

0830 Coy trng according to Syllabus.

1400 Carrier Plt Demonstration for Offrs.

1600 CO O Group – Order of March to new camp.

1930 Regimental dance at Keymer Hall.

Hassocks Sussex, England 17 October 1942

0830 Preparations for Move.

Capts Dunlop, Malone, Lt McRae, Sgts Land and Watson made recce of new camp.

1000 The Bn commenced one week’s duty on AA Defence & Air Observation at PORTSLADE-BY-SEA Power Station.

Lt HS McRae became Adjutant. The new establishment became effective.

Hassocks Sussex, England 18 October 1942

0630 Reveille followed by preparations for move.

1250 Tpt passed Bn SP at STONEPOUND.

1315 The marching troops passed BN SP at STONEPOUND CROSS RDS MR Sheet 134, 735346 led by the “I” Plt which controlled the AA Defence for the column. This defence was provided by Bren gunners from Coys mounted on bicycles who moved forward in bounds in such a way as to provide an Air Sentry at about every 200 yds along the column throughout the march.

1325 Tpt passed Bde & Bn DP at WYKEHURST PARK.

1336 Bn passed Bde SP at HURSTPIERPOINT MR sheet 134, 717356.

1350 Bn passed Bde DP at WYKEHURST PARK.

2015 Wykehurst Park, Major JEC Pangman, 2ic held an “O” Group for the march to SALTDEAN for Exercise “HATTRICK”.

Movement talbe #1 Appendix 5

Wykehurst Park, England 19 October 1942

0600 Reveille. Preparations for march to SALTDEAN.

0830 The marching troops moved past Bn SP at the West gate of the Park. A Rear Party stayed behind to do Camp Guard and duties. Vehicles movement was independent of the marchign troops but followed the same route except between PATCHAM & STANMER where all the foot troops cut across country.

1200 Sheet 134 MR 732287, The column halted for haversack lunch. Tea was supplied by the Auxiliary Services truck.

1300 The column continued marching. AA Protection was supplied by Cyclist Bren Gunners throughout the march.

1415, SALTDEAN MR Sheet 134, 815209, The head of the column arrived at the Bn DP and Coys were led by guides to their billets having marched 22 miles.

1900 A meeting of Coy Comds and Umpires was held at BHQ billets in a house on the front called “PANTILES”. Major JEC Pangman was chief Umpire for the Bde assisted by two Coy. Umpires, Major Matthew of the R de Chaud and Major McNaughton of the NSR Plt Umpires were drawn from Bn Officers.

“B” Coy as Stand-to Coy was confined to billets.

Saltdean, England 20 October 1942

0700 Reveille.

0800 Breakfast.

0815 The Umpires left to look over the ground on which the Exercise was held. This area was in the valley running NORTH from HARVEY’S CROSS, MR Sheet 134, 819242 to NORTON FARM 814253.

0845 The four Coys marched out to HARVEY’s CROSS where C & D remained on the high ground overlooking the Valley as observers, while A and B rehearsed the attack. This rehearsal was repeated by C and D Coys. Food was served by the Cookers immediately afterwards.

1535 “B” Coy in the valley crossed the start line at MR 812240 with two Platoons up & one in reserve, attacking NORTH up the valley. “A” Coy assembled on the high ground at MR 818247 waited its turn to attack NORTON FARM under covering fire from “B” Coy after its capture of BALSDEAN FARM.

In support of the two Coy attack were two Sections of Carriers, three detachments of 3” Mortars and two 2 Pr A/Tk guns. The Carriers sections moved in pincer fashion to points 818248 and 810248 each supported by one A/Tk gun, these guns being drawn very successfully by their jeeps up and down the steep slopes of the Downs. From there approximate points dismounted Bren fire was brought to bear on the two Farm houses which were enemy positions, containing an eight gun battery and one Platoon of protective Infantry. Meanwhile, from a point approximately at MR 818247, the 3” Mortars waited to bring fire to bear on Balsdean Farm when called upon. The call for this fire came when the two B Coy Platoons came under enemy fire at a point about 300 yds South of Balsdean Farm. On the completion of this concentration being marked by one 3” Smoke Bomb, the right forward Platoon assaulted with bayonet and grenade under covering fire from the left Platoon on a spur above and South of the Farm. In this fashion the Farm was captured and a house on the north of the Farm buildings captured, from which point the reserve Platoon was able to give covering fire to “A” Coys assault on Norton Farm buildings 200 yds to the north, which followed a concentration of 3” Mortar fire. Boy Coys assaults were under cover of smoek from 2” & 3” Mortars. During the concentration of Mortar, rifle and Bren fire a small black and white dog which had attached itself to the Regiment, weeks before, in Hassocks and which had been on all its marches, dashed madly from one Freshly fallen smoke bomb to another, emerging quite unscathed by the flying metal and debris. After the action, very pleased with himself he trotted triumphantly back to billets with the troops. Unfortauntely when this action was repeated by “C” and “D” Coys he repeated his role and was hit in the stomach by a flying fragment. Directly after the action was over a bullet put him out of his misery.

1630 The coys marched back to billets, “C” Coy being “Stand To” Coy was confined to billets.

Saltdean, England 21 October 1942

0700 Reveille.

0800 Breakfast.

0830 Coys left billets for the Harveys Cross.

0935 “C” & “D” Coys repeated the exercise carried out by “A” and “B” Coys while the latter two coys observed from the high ground, East of the valley.

1030 The Exercise was completed and coys marched straight from the training area for the march home. A short cut was taken over the Downs to Newmarket Hill. (MR 8025).

1200 Haversack lunch was eaten and tea served by the cookers. Tpt took cover in a wood on the hill with the troops.

1330 The march was continued.

1830 Wykehurst Park, The head of the column reached the East Gate and the coys dispersed into their lines.

Wykehurst park, England 22 October 1942

0630 Reveille

0730 Breakfast

0830 Parades by Coys. The new establishment became active, upon the Bn arrival at Wykehurst park. Except for each Rifle Platoon advancing its number by one, Rifle coys remained the same, but HQ coy was disbanded and the personnel with BHQ personnel reformed into two sub-units, namely, BHQ Wing, and the Support coy. The former under command of Capt AV Malone and the latter under Capt EA Dunlop. The day was spent in organization and settling into the new camp. The new establishment and Commands appear in Pt I No. 118,17 Oct 42.

Wykehurst park, England 23 October 1942

0830 Parades, training and duties. Owing to the fact that at the present time there are NO training areas available in this camp it is proposed to carry out revision and individual training. In such a good hutted camp with the Bn once more concentrated, much benefit should be derived in training, and smartness from this policy. The huts are comfortable and good favilities exist for the men’s entertainment. This is very necessary as the camp is 7 miles west of Haywards Heath and the restrictions on transport and cutting down of civilian bus time tables make travel into the town in the evenings virtually impossible for a camp of approximately 1000 men. This figure includes the 11th Bty of the 12 Fd Regt RCA which is in aportion of the camp. The Officers are billeted with the QOR officers in the Castle on the estate.

1100 “A” & “B” Coys took over the NSR role at Shoreham-by-Sea. This role includes protecting the gas works and Power Plant on the Spit at Portslade-by-sea against enemy Seabourne raids. One Platoon each night is on duty on the Spit while the remainder on the mainland are prepared for immediate Stand To. This detachment is under command of Majpr DJ LeQuesne and will remain in position until the NSR have completed their Exercise at Saltdean.

1330 The “I” Sect made a recce of one of the two Rvs for the new Bn Anti-raid Role. When the Bde moved into Winter Camps the QOR exchanged its Anti-raid Role with the R de Chaud. Route, milage, time and telephone were checked and personnel made familiar with their duties in event of emergency.

LtCol JG Spragge left on Privilege Leave. In the absence of Maj JEC Pangman and Major DJ LeQuesne, Capt SM Lett commanded the Bn.

1630 Capt WR Taylor RCAPC late Paymaster and Major in the QOR of C arrived to celebrate the beginning of his 42nd year of continuous service with the Regment. Until May 1942, he was with the 1st Bn but being too old for the Field was sent to the 3 CDIRU as Paymaster where he continued working with the Regiment though not officially part of it.

1830 Dinner was served in the big dining room with Capt Taylor as guest of honour. Major JEC Pangman who was present for dinner gave up his seat as Officer Commanding in the absence of Lt Col JG Spragge in favour of Capt Taylor for the evening. After dinner Capt Taylor was re-attested for another years service with dure ceremony. As soon as his signature was written, buglers and drummers outside the Anti room played “The Buffs” Visiting Entertainers gave two performances in the Recreation Hut. The second one was attended by many of the Officers. The entertainers afterwards visited the Mess and a lively evening was spent in the Billiard Room. Capt C Bradshaw arrived with Capt Taylor for the night.

Ward Robertson Taylor’s Attestation. Appendix 6

Wykehurst park, England 24 October 1942

0830 Parades, Training and Interior Economy,

1000 The AA Platoon and “I” Section OP ended their week’s duty at Portslade.

1200 Half Holiday.

Wykehurst park, England 25 October 1942

1100 A Voluntary Church Service was held by Chaplain H/Capt JG Clough in the K of C Hut.

1700 “A” & “B” Coys returned from relief duty of the NSR at Shoreham.

Wykehurst park, England 26 October 1942

0830 Parades and training.

1120 An enemy plane, a Junkers 88, flying beneath the rain clouds at about 1000 ft passed over the Camp in a Northerly direction. Several enemy planes were reported in the vicinity. Exploding bombs, gunfire and machine gunning were heard in the distance but nothing active occurred near the Camp.

1400 Maj JEC Pangman and Lt RA With, with 4 Sigs, 2 Drs, 2 “I” men, 1 Cook, 1 Batman and 1 driver were ready to move off with 1 station wagon, one signals No.11 Set truck and 1-15 cwt truck to take part in a Div Skeleton Exercise known as “PLUM” which was to have been an overnight scheme.

2030 Orders were received that HQ of the Bns would be in position for the exercise by 0645 hrs 27 Oct ’42. In consiquence orders were issued for the same personnel less the cook to be ready to move at 0515 hrs. the change in orders was well received as the night was cold and wet.

Wykehurst park, England 27 October 1942

0400 Detachment, Reveille for all going on the exercise.

0430 Breakfast for the Detachment.

0515 The party left to take up its position at College Farm, Shoreham MR 633255.

0635 MR 633255, The Detachment in position.

0645 The exercise commenced. Its purpose was to practice Div and Bdes in movement and operation during action and was a TEWT which moved Northward towards Horsham.

8 Cdn Inf Bde was Reserve Bde.

0830 Wykehurst, Parades and training.

1800 The detachment returned from Exercise “PLUM”.

Wykehurst park, England 28 October 1942

0830 Coy Parades and training.

1230 Brig KG Blackader lunched at the Bn.

1330 Sports.

Wykehurst park, England 29 October 1942

0830 Coy Parades. The Adjutant and Quartermaster left for Rear Division.

1830 A short course was started for the training of Aircraft Recognition Instructors.This important subject will be included in Winter Training.

1915 All available officers left by tpt for a Bde Conference on Exercise “Hattrick” held recently at Saltdean. The criticisms of Umpires were discussed by Brig KG Blackader. The main criticism was the lack of fire control when covering fire was being brought to bear on targets. Battle Drill as applied to a Bn was discussed also the Bde training programme for November.

Wykehurst park, England 30 October 1942

0830 Parades and training.

1700 A meeting of Officers was called by Major J Pangman. The Medical Exercise “Sawbones” was discussed. This Exercise to take place between 2nd to 6th Nov including of those dates will be to practice RCAMC in the handling and evacuation of casualties. Casualties will be supplied by Bns. Points brought out in the Brigadier’s Conference 29 Oct were discussed where they concerned the Battalion. Lt Col JG Spragge returned from leave.

1930 A Dance was held for the men in the K of C Hut.

Wykehurst park, England 31 October 1942

0830 Parades and Interior Economy.

1200 Half Holiday.

The end of the month finds the Bn settled in the new Camp with routine running smoothly and the two months syllabus of Basic Training proceeding well. It is thought that the Bn will remain in this Camp until the beginning of the New Year when a move to Shoreham-by-sea to take over duties guarding the shore in the vicinity of the Gas Works and Power Plan is likely to take place.

Wykehurst park, England 1 November 1942

1100 RC Services was held in the NAAFI. This was a compulsory mass held by Chaplain Capt Hickey Protestant compulsory Service was held in the K of C Hut by Hon Capt JC Clough.

2000 A film was shown in the Officers’ Mess.

Capt C Sisson, QOR of C, now Staff Capt in 2 Bde, 4 Armd Div, visited the Mess after his recent return from Canada.

2030 Maj J Pangman left to take his part in Exercise “Sawbones” as A/GOC. Starting this date fires are allowed in the huts. This will add to men’s comfort and morale will benefit.

Wykehurst park, England 2 November 1942

0830 Parades & training according to syllabus.

1100 Exercise “Sawbones” commenced. This was a Corps Medical Exercise for which the Bn supplied “casualties”.

1400 BHQ Wing sports.

1930 A film was shown for the men in the K of C Hut by arrangments of Mr. T Monohan Canadian Auxiliary Services.

Exercise “Sawbones” Casualty Table Appx 4

Wykehurst park, England 3 November 1942

0830 Parades & training.

1345 Lt Col JG Spragge attended a Bde Conference. Major DJ LeQuesne acting 2ic in the absence of Major J Pangman called a meeting of Coy Comds in connection with two short Exercise known as “Finding” and “Looking”.

1700 Lt Col Spragge called a meeting of Coy Comds, Adjutant, Quartermaster & IO to discuss plans for the two exercise.

Wykehurst park, England 4 November 1942

0830 Parades & Training. Preparations were being made for Exercise “Finding”. This will be a Combined Operations Exercise primarily to practise Navy personnel in the handling of LCPs, but at the same time to instruct troops in embarking & disembarking from Landing Craft. The nature of the scheme presents a good opportunity to test Security. In consequence the utmost secrecy will be maintained before, during and after the Exercise. In the week following, hotels etc. will be tested for leakage of information on “Finding”. All who take part in the Bn will be warned that discussion & imparting of information in public will be looked for.

1700 Lt Col Spragge called a meeting of Officers taking part in the Exercise & orders were issued.

1900 Formal Mess Dinner.

2100 A film was shown by the Auxiliary Services in the Offciers Mess.

Wykehurst park, England 5 November 1942

0500 Reveille

0600 Breakfast

0645 Fall In

0725 Embussed

0815 Debussed

0840 HORSHAM STN 617502, Entrained

0845 Train moved off.

1040 STANWICK 953287, Arrived Stanwick Station.

1043 Stared march to RV at Warsash. Weather – drizzle, low ceiling. Planes heard, bombs & AA quite close. Air Raid Warning.

1137 WARSASH 928256, Arrived at RV HMS Tormentor.

This Exercise was undertaken by 300 men all ranks. The remainder remaining in camp. Dress – Battle Order plus 1 Blanket, Greatcoat and Anti-gas cape. The 300 were divided in three composite coys X, Y and Z with Orderly Room staff, I personnel, Sigs and 1st Aid men attached to Plts.

1200 Dinner.

1330 Fall in. Dress – skeleton web, A/Gas Cape amo Gloves and Life Belts issued.

1400 marched to LCPs at the two pts of embarkation. Lining of Boat Parties 20 All Ranks each. Talk on LCP procedure.

1430 Embarkation and Practice Exercise.

1620 Debarkation.

1700 Supper.

1800 Issued 2 Haversack lunches and Rum ration.

1930 Fall in. Dress-Battle Order, Haversacks containing 2 lunches, Toilet kit, extra socks, cardigan worn, water bottle on right side. Blanket rolled & carried on belt. Cape anti-gas rolled and carried above haversack. NO respirators. NO Greatcoast. Owing to Bad Weather, Provisional Exercise only to be undertaken.

Owing to the extreme darkness, heavy rain and the fact that coys were composite, some difficulty was experienced in lining up. During the afteroon the Bn had lined up in Plt formation but were now ordered into Boat Party Formation. This was changed back to Plt formation and order est. By now all were quite wet and capes were unrolled and worn.

2000 HMS Tormentor 928256 – 2045, Bn marched off to Embarkation pt Bot parties formed up. Rain was falling heavily and extremely dark but all were safely embarked by 2045.

The separate LCP detachment moved out into the river, formed up in convoy and moved down Southampton Water.

2300 Convoy arrived Stanswood Bay at approximately pt 903195. All tps were landed and attained their RV Men were given the opportunity to smoke.

2359 Stanswood Bay 903195, Tps commenced to re-embark.

Standwoods Bay, England 6 November 1942

0015 The rear party of three boats were to re-embark at this time but no LCP were left available. Two LCP were signalled for and the third boat party were taken off on three separate LCPs already loaded and the additional personnel transferred to two Mls. By the time this was done the tide had dropped and those not already wet through were given the opportunity to become so in the reembarkation.

0115 Convoy moved off to anchorage.

0200 Convoy anchored.

0700 Convoy prepared to move to harbour.

0705 Convoy moved.

0800 Convoy arrived in harbour Tps debarked.

Considering the nature of the exercise, bad weather conditions and the Bn’s first time out, the exercise could be considered successful.

One LCP became stranded on a sandbar and was towed off at 0700 hrs.

Two LCP were slightly damaged in collision. One of them had a hole stove in the side. A Steel Helmet was used to fill the gap.

There were no accidents to personnel reported. A few men suffered from sea-sickness.

0830 Tea & rum issued and remainder of haversack rations eaten. Orders to clean all weapons, wash & shave. Weather clear & sunny.

1030 Fall in Marching order.

Bn march to Golf House about 400 yds south of HMS Tormentor & billetted there.

1600 Fall in by platoons, no web or arms. Exercise to be carried out in full with smaller boatloads. These were detailed, life belts re-issued. Remainder to remain in camp area CB Dress as previous night plus Greatcoats.

1630 Supper.

1730 Issue of haversack rations.

1830 Fall in – no greatcoat. Full 20 hours scheme deferred owing to bad weather reports. Weather still clear. Short scheme as previous naight laid on with smaller boatloads. Air raid Warning.

2000 All LCP loaded and convoy moved off.

2030 Fire broke out in roof of Golf House Kitchen due to overheating of stove and pipe being close against wooden roof and beam which were ignited. Fire was quickly extinguished. B64595 Rfn Northfield ES, 4 Plt Support Coy reported the fire to HQ of the rear party who were at HMS Tormentor. His action carried out promptly and quickly and he returned again at the double with fire extinguisher, followed by Fire Party from HMS Tormentor. Fortunately the fire had been put by the men in the billets before it had made any appreciable advance.

2230 Tps landed from LCP at Pt Z believed to be in the vicinity of CHALSHOT. Searchlights were up and Anti-raid light on the reflection of which relieved the darkness to some extenet but sky was now clouded over and a slight rain falling.

2300 Tps re-embarked, convoy assembled and moved back to harbour as WARSASH.

Standwoods Bay “Golf House”, England 7 November 1942

0200 Tps landed and bedded down at Golf House billets for remainder of night.

0230 Rum ration issued.

Three men were reported injured on the exercise – Lt Blue – Leg, Lt Hiscott – Eye and CSM Hartnell – Leg. Also one Bren Gun lost in the Harbour.

0830 Tea served with Haversack ration already issued.

1000 Coy Inspection.

1200 Lunch, soup & tea. Pack, blanket & Greatcoat on truck.

1340 Movie show “The Great American Broadcast” at HMS Tormentor.

1600 Tea.

1700 Fall in.

1730 March to Stanwick Stn.

1910 Arrived Horsham Station.

2120 Embussed.

2200 Arrived Wykehurst Camp.

2230 Soup, Breat & Cocoa served.

An accident to a DR (not QOR personnel) was reported on the journey from Horsham. The DR was not seriously injured as far as preliminary examination showed. The Exercise “FINDING” was found very interesting by all ranks taking part and it appeared noteworthy in the application and observation of Security measures. Of course this can be realized in full only after a period of time has elapsed and possible leakages of security observed. During the actual exercise security was good. Some mention should be made of the hospitality, co-operation and goodwill of all ranks stationed at HMS Torment. The QOR were fortunate in operation from this station.

Exercise “Finding” Administration Instruction No 1, Appendix 5

Copy of 8 Cdn Inf Bde Operation Instruction No. 2 (Anti-raid Action). Appendix 6

Wykehurst park, England 8 November 1942

1015 Voluntary Church Service was held in the K of C Hut by Hon Capt JC Clough.

1100 Voluntary RC Service was held in the K of C by Chaplain Capt Hickey. Lt DB Hamilton, Bn Educational Officer, lt GM Paulin – Assistant Educational Officer, and Lt RA With – Intelligence Officer returned from a short ABCA Course from 6-8 Nov at The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, St. James Square, London. This Course for approximately 300 Canadian officers was arrnaged by the Cdn Army Educational Services and the Royal Institude of International Affaris. The opening address was given by Lt Gen AGL McNaughton, CG, CMG, DSO. The purpose of the Course was to assist Regimental Officers in Bn Education in International Affairs and the Use of Education Rooms in Bns Lectures were on USSR, China, Japan and the Use of Education Rooms.

Wykehurst park, England 9 November 1942

Parades and training.

Wykehurst park, England 10 November 1942

0830 Parades and training.

1000 Practice Gas Alarm. In order to keep the troops gas concious & familiar with wearing the respirator as well as to prolong the life of the respirator an alarm of half an hour’s duration is held every Tuesday at the same time.

2030 A US Army Training Film “Sex Hygiene” was shown in the Officer’s Mess.

Wykehurst park, England 11 November 1942

0830 Lt Col Spragge, Maj J Pangman and the RSM went to the Reinforcement Unit at Aldershot.

Parades & training.

1015 The Film “Sex Hygiene” was first shown to the men. The film was seen by all ranks in the Bn.

1900 Formal Mess Dinner.

ABCA Course Syllabus Appendix 7

Wykehurst park, England 12 November 1942

0830 parades & training.

Wykehurst park, England 13 November 1942

0830 Parades & training.

2000 An entertainment was given for the men in the K of C Hut.

Wykehurst park, England 14 November 1942

0800 Lt Col Spragge with the Coy Comds and IO attended a Bde TEWT. This Exercise was to give practice in Appreciation & Verbal Orders for Infantry attacking with “I” tanks and was the continuation of a previous TEWT. A reserve Bn having moved up through the two forward Bns was attacking an enemy force of equal strength situated on a line MR Sheet 134, 71238 to Rd Junct 724381. Brig KG Blackader gave the DS solution and brought out some instructive points in his summing up.

2000 A “Dance” was held in the Officer’s Mess at which Maj Gen RFL Keller, Brig KG Blackader and other Officers were guests.

Wykehurst park, England 15 November 1942

1000 Compulsory Church Parade. Hon Capt JC Clough took the Service.

1100 A second C of E Service was held owing to there being insufficient room for the whole Bn in the K of C Hut.

RC Service was taken by Hon Capt Hickey in the NAAFI Hut.

2030 A film was shown for the Officers in the mess.

Wykehurst park, England 16 November 1942

0830 Parades & Training.

BHQ Wing went through the Mobile Gas Chamber followed by the Coys. The Chamber was available for the one day only.

1600 A Demonstration was held for Officers & Sergeants.

1430 Coy Comds meeting.

2145 Lt Col Spragge went to Bde HQ.

Wykehurst park, England 17 November 1942

0830 Parades & training.

1900 A dance was held in the NAAFI Hut by arrangment of the Auxiliary Services Offciers.

ABCA Course Syllabus Appendix 7

Wykehurst park, England 18 November 1942

0830 Parades & training.

The Bde IO, Capt AI Matheson with the three Bn Ios – Lt R With, of QOR, R Ross of the NSR and G. Leroux of the R de Chaud visited the Bde Battle Stations and Anti-Riad positions including gun positions of the 13 Cdn Fd Reg in order to have the whole plan understood by all.

1900 Formal Mess Dinner.

1800 & 2015 A Concert Party gave an entertainment in the K of C Hut giving two shows.

Wykehurst park, England 19 November 1942

0830 Parades & training.

The IO Lt R With was informed that he would return to Canada. Lt GM Paulin was appointed to act as IO.

1400 Maj DJ LeQuesne proceeded on a recce of the QOR Anti Raid posns.

1800 A Concert Party entertained in the K of C hut at 1800 and at 2015.

2100 Sigs Practice Signal Alarms.

Wykehurst park, England 20 November 1942

0830 Parades and Trg.

Details of Educational Plan published in appendix to Pt 1 Orders – to commence next Thursday. School to be enrolled during this week. Work in Educational Room nearly completed.

1800 Film on Canada shown in K of C Hut enthusiastically received.

2359 A surprise roll call of the entire battalion took place; 3 men caught out of camp apart from those known to be AWL.

Wykehurst park, England 21 November 1942

0830 Parades and training.

A platoon of Lorne Scots 8 CIB arrived to be attached for Field Firing Exercise. No weekend passes allowed. Sunday trip to Brighton for those taking technical courses cancelled.

Wykehurst park, England 22 November 1942

A voluntary Church parade held in K of C Hut.

1400 Part of BHQ, S Coy, C & D Coy and attached troops parade to K of C Hut.

They were informed by Lt Col JG Spragge that the “Field Firing Exercise” was to be another exercise with LCP’s and received a lecture on boats and landings from Lt Murray, RNR. In the afternoon a further lecture on Security was given.

Organization of the Bn for the exercise was carried out in the afternoon. “X” Force, under command of Lt Col JG Spragge comprised A and B Coys, Pioneers and A/Tk Plt and part of BHQ. Attached was a platoon of Lorne Scots from 8 CIB. “Y” Force under Major Lett included C Coy, Mortar platoon, attached groups from RCAMC and a portion of BHQ.

“Z” Force under Major Pangman included D Coy, the Carrier platoon and a portion of BHQ.

Forces were organised in “boat parties” of 20 with an officer in charge and a sergeant to each boat. This organization was adhered to throughout and for the purpose was quite successful.

Officers attached from 8 CIB were Capt I Matheson – IO, 8 CIB, Lt Penoyer – RCCS, Lt Webster – Lorne Scots, from RCAMC Lt Col Gossage and from R de Chaud – Capt Morin in addition to all regular attached personnel.

Dress laid on – Greatcoats, FSMO (respirators slung)

Wykehurst park, England 23 November 1942

0500 Reveille

0600 Breakfast

0645 Y and Z forces fell in boat parties and embussed at the gate of Wykehurst Park, proceeding by TCV to the railway station at HORSHAM. X force fell in at 0800 entrained at 0815 arriving at the station at 0895 and entraining at 0955. Haversack lunches were eaten on the train.

SOUTHAMPTON, On arrival the forces went to their several boats. X Force operating from the Prince Albert. Y Force operating from the Prince Leopold in conjunction with “Z” Force from Princess J Charlotte.

1235 X Force (16 boat parties of approx 20 all ranks)

1400 Southampton 924224, X Force embarked on LSI, were alloted quarters and supplied with a haversack meal for the evening. Boat drill followed by practise landing consumed the afternoon. The ware was calm and landing was carried out over the sides of the LCP(L). This meant that several were wet up to the waist and no drying facilities were available. It was cold comfort that in action one would not hesitate to do this. Transfer from LSI and LCP(L) was carried out by use of rope and rack ladders which was a good deal easier than it looked at first.

Casualties – a sprained knee, a stiff neck and a rifle and helmet overboard.

1930-2030, 923166, In the evening a night landign was practised by all ranks. After reembarking, supper was served, hammocks and blankets drawn and everyone slept well tired after a busy but very interesting afternoon.

Copy of Pt I orders for X Force Appendix VIII

Copt of Ships Standing Orders of LSI HMS “Prince Albert” Appendix IX

1400-2230 “Y” Force EGYPTS POINT 120166 958153

Y force (10 boat parties of approx 18 all ranks) operated in two flights each of five boats. Practise landings in the afternoon and a night landing for the First Flight in the evening kept them busy. Y Force acted in conjunction with Z Force in the night landing and operating from LSI “Pricne Leopold” in a similar manner to Z Force.

Y Force Part I Orders Appendix X

HMS Prins Leopold Ships Standing Orders to troops Appendix XI

“Z” Force Approx 935170

“Z” Force (9 boat parties, each of approx 20 all ranks) operated in two flights owing to the lack of LCP(L)s with HQ boat operating in both flights. At 1330 they embarked in the LSI HMS “Princes J Charlotte” and were attached quarters and issued “Mae West” lifebelts.

1400 Egypts Point 920166, Practice landings began in the afternoon. On the second landing Rfn Baxter (RAP) jumped as instructed stragith ahead, result a weak knee and sprained ankle. The shock caused him to fall back in the water and swallow a good deal of salt water. (The writer followed him off the boat and helped him up) First aid was administered by the medical sergeant and he was taken back to the ship on a stretcher borrowed from a nearby LAA Battery. It is noticeable that jumping off is a poor way of disembarking; it is better to foll off quietly and quickly giving oneself a spring with one hand.

An “O” Group, organising the night landing took place aboard the Prinses J Charlette. Major JEC Pangman assumed irection of both Y & Z Forces, and Capt SC Heyes the executive diretion of Z force excluding HG Major Lett continued as OC Y Force.

2230, 953152, Objective was an “RDF Station” inland. Z force landed first and proceeded to execute a right flanking movement on the objective. Shortly thereafter, Y Force landed and executed a left flanking movement. Control was carried over Y Force by #18 Set. The #18 Set with Z Force could not send; consequently messaged were passed from Sunray through #38 Set. Capt SC Heyes reported that the #38 Set was invaluable in securing control over his fighting parties.

2345 Strength of approx 190 in 10 boats. Both returned to their respective ships. Cocoa was served on returning and the drying room opened for use.

2045 Owing to the strangeness of certain Nacy customs eg having Ships Rounds at night instead of in the morning as customary in the Army, there was some confusion the first night. This disappeared the following day.

Prinses J Charlotte 935170, 24 November 1942

“Y” Force

0630 Reveille

0730 Breakfast

0800 Weapon Inspection. Generally speaking the weapons were good but a few had not realised the full effect of salt sea air. Rust comes very quickly. Weapon Inspection laid on one half hour after each landing practice.

1000 Lecture by Bosun, a sub-leutenant RN on the Navy and its traditions. A ripe personality, his remarks were enjoyed by all.

1100 Lecture by Lt Comd of the Prinses J Charlotte borrowed two 38 Sets and experimented with them on LCP(L)s. They worked well with suppressors on the engine during passage by sea.

1200 Lunch.

1315 First flight practise landing. Ignition trouble delayed HQ boat. Reembarkation by rope ladders proved easier than it looked.

1430 Second flight landed. Landings becoming more successful and efficitient.

1830 O group organising night landing scheme for second flights. Y force second flight under Lt JC Arber, Z force under Capt mills – both under Maj JEF Pangman to make a landing on the Spit and capture enemy HQ by Night. Z Force to land first as bridgehead force; Y force to pass through and assault the enemy HQ.

2130 Boats hit the water, proceeded to destination arriving at Spit. The #38 Set with Force HQ failed to operate; the strain of the weight of the junction box on the soldier connection of the wire from the battery to the junction box was too great and the connection failed. The junction box is the weak point of the #38 Set. It was also notived that on this beach, which was quite stoney, that landings were not as easy. One sprained ankel was the only casualty.

2330 Returned to ship, inspected weapons, issued bedding and cocoa.

Prinses J Charlotte, 25 November 1942

“Y” Force

0600 Reveille

0645 Breakfast.

0800 All personnel not on fatigue on deck. Rolls checked. Mae West life belts recalled. Boat weighed anchor for SOUTHAMPTON docking at 0900 hrs.

0930 Debarked, entraining at 1000.

1330 Arrived EYKEHURST PARk.

Set of suggestions re syllabus of training made by Lt Col JG Spragge to Capt Anderson, MC Appendix XII

“Z” Force

0600 Reveille

0700 Breakfast

0800 Personnel not on fatigues on deck. Mae Wests turned in. Boat proceeded to SOUTHAMPTON docking at 0900 hrs.

0935 Entrained, arriving HORSHAM 1210 where embussed for WYKEHURST.

Remainder of day concerned largely with reorganisation after the scheme. Everyone felt they had valuable experience; all had enjoyed excellent food and the genuinely interesting programme. Finally everyone was happy in the promise of coming events in this type of training.

The platoon of Lorne Scots returned to camp with us.

9 Br & German tank models received. I Section received instructions – 4 PzKWs, 1 to 4, Covenanter, Crusader, Valentine, Matilda and Churchill.

Wykehurst park, England 26 November 1942

0830 Parades and training.

Tank modesl allotted to Support Coy for the day.

The GOC 3 Cdn Div, Major Gen FJL Keller visited the CO.

First day of Educational Programme. 12 students represented 2 of the 6 coys present.

Instrcution given in French and German (elementary) by the UEO.

1800 Motion Picture “Holiday Inn” at K o C with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.

Wykehurst park, England 27 November 1942

0830 Parades and training.

Hockey team lost 9 – 0 to N Shore R.

1800 Revue in K of C Hut – Five in Accord.

1700 Cos O Group – all officers. Programme for smartening up to get rid of the idea that the good soldier is dirty – the result of battle drill.

Two gunners of the local battery of RCA were killed, hit first by a jeep driven by an RCOC S/Sgt, then by a station wagon of the 7 Recce Regt. They had been left lying on the road. As the gunners had been walking with the traffic an order (see Appx II Do 132) went out that all pedestrians walk facing oncoming traffic.

Wykehurst park, England 28 November 1942

0830 Muster Parade.

1000 Cos parade and inspection of battalion. The Commando Dagger presented by the Major of Toronto to GOC MD2 and by him to the QOR as senior infantry unit of MD2 overseas, displayed and the addressed read to the battalion by companies.

In spite of a good deal of sheepiness and wise cracking the presentation was appreciated.

1330 Pay Parade.

1430 Football team won from N Shore R 3 – 0.

Wykehurst park, England 29 November 1942

1000 Church parade BHQ & Support Coys.

1100 Church parade Rifle Coys.

Another bunch off to 5 CTS (Battle) Wing(!)

“Holiday Inn” shown to Officers.

Wykehurst park, England 30 November 1942

0830 Parades & training.

The security on “Field Firing” Exercise appears to have been good as far as this unit was concerned. Small incidents indicate that some others have not done so well. A Signalman remarked to a Queen’s Own at a dance hall in Brighton on Saturday night, the 28th of November, that a Chaudiere had mentioned to him that his unit had just done ALC training and that the Queen’s Own had preceded them.

Major VA Gianelli, the QOR of C has been awarded the Canadian Efficiency Decoration.

Wykehurst park, England 1 December 1942

0830 Parades and training.

Film “Water Purification” shown.

German Paybook sent up from Bde to be circulated with translation to the Coys.

1330 Educational afternoon. Distinctly poor turn out. Generally 50% of enrolment in CLWS courses are seriously interested and they are genuinely so.

1700 CO’s meeting for all officers directed chiefly at a programme of smartening up to get rid of one idea resulting from battle Drill – “the good soldier is dirty”.

K of C Hut Film “Hurricane” shown to tps.

Wykehurst park, England 2 December 1942

0830 Parades and Training.

0945 Div Security Cpl called – not checked by guard – consequent order to all guard comdrs. Reported incident at Brighton which took place in YMCA, not in dance hall. To be investigated.

1000 Capt Castongais, RCR now LO welcomed.

Lt Motzfeld of the “I” Corps attached to QOR of C for a week – two days with I section, the rest with “C” Coy.

2000 Dance in K of C Hut. Film “Hurricane” shown in Offrs Mess.

2047 RED WORTHING (2022) and RED BRIGHTON (2016) received at this HQ Orders circulated that henceforth Air Raids will be reported from Coy lines where they can be heard to BHQ; the sirens being inaudible inside the Castle.

Wykehurst park, England 3 December 1942

0830 Parades and Training.

Rfn de Mercado (I Section) reported a story given him by an innkeeper in Hassocks that a Major has said that R de Chaud and N Shore R were exchanging places shortly that anyway very soon the district would be taken over by American tps.

1945 Meeting at Bde of all CO’s, and Coy Comdrs. Brig KG Blackader discussed Trg – Field Firing, ALC, Tk Co-op.

Wykehurst park, England 4 December 1942


Air raid siren tried out from in front of BHQ.

1330 Educational afternoon – about 32 present. On the whole a success.

1430 Visited from Lt Gen Crerar, comd 1 Cdn Corps.

1930 Concert Party “The Wizard of Instruments” in K of C Hut.

Wykehurst park, England 5 December 1942

0830 Parades and Training.

1000 Coy Comdrs meeting.

1830 Movie “My Life is Yours” in K of C Hut,

Wykehurst park, England 6 December 1942

0930 AA Plt went to SHOREHAM for a week’s duty.

1100 Voluntary Church service K of C Hut by Hon Capt JC Clough.

2030 Movie “My Life is Yours” in Offrs Mess.

2205 7 Cdn Inf Bde

2219 Worthing, Chichester

2220 RED WARNING Shoreham

2222 Hassocks

2255 7 Bde and Sea front WHITE.

Wykehurst park, England 7 December 1942

0830 Parades and Training. Films of JU88, Mustang, Typhoon and Beaufighter repeated at 0945 and 1330.

1000 Lt GM Paulin, IO attended a conference of all Bde Ios and Bn Ios at 3 Cdn Div HQ. Programme for lectures on German Army and for a short course for I personnel discussed.


1220 WHITE 8 CIB

1330 Educational afternoon. Settling down to a small number of fairly serious people, about 25 present.

Wykehurst park, England 8 December 1942

0830 Coy parades and trg.

0930 I Sgt attended Bde Recce with Bde IO and Bn IO’s on area to be used for tank exercise.

1500 HURSTPIERPOINT 715460, Lecture by Maj Gen RFL Keller, GOC 3 Cdn Div to all NCOs of 8 Bde. Held at Chinese Gardens Hall, Hurstpierpoint on the functions of the NCO.

2130 Concert in K of C Hut – all Canadian. Unusually well received; home grown humour is really appreciated.

Wykehurst park, England 9 December 1942

0830 Coy Parades.

1000 Bn Parade and DV March for visit of General Sir Bernard Paget, KCB, DSO, MCC in C Home Forces.

Itinerary of visit Appendix V

Route of March Appendix VI

1500 Return from DV Route March. Normal routine resumed.

Major VA Gianelli returned to the unit from 3 CDIRU and was posted to Bn HQ Wing.

Maj DJ LeQuesne SOS to 2 NETD to take up duties in Canada.

Capt WE Fess SOS to 3 Cdn Div HQ.

1800 Movie in K of C Hut “International Lady”

2015 Movie in K of C Hut “International Lady”

Wykehurst park, England 10 December 1942

0830 Coy Parades and Trg according to syllabus.

2130 Regt Dance in NAAFI.

1930 Coy Comds Meeting.

1000 CO to Bde Revision of commands – see Pt 1 Orders.

Wykehurst park, England 11 December 1942

0830 Coy parades and Trg according to syllabus.

1400 CO to Bde conference.

Wykehurst park, England 12 December 1942

0830 Coy Parades and Trg according to syllabus.

0900 CO, 2ic, Major Lett recce to Exercise Area.

1800 Movie show “International Lady”

2015 Movie show “International Lady”

1400 Football (soccer) at Bde QOR of C 8 Bde 1 This is the first goal scored against QOR of C this season (6 games).

Wykehurst park, England 13 December 1942

0930 Inspection of lines by 2ic.

1100 Church service K of C Hut (Voluntary). RC Church service in NAAFI.

Wykehurst park, England 14 December 1942

0830 Coy Parades and Trg according to syllabus.

1330 15 Plt “C” Coy moved to Shoreham to relieve R de Chaud. Remainder of “C” Coy and “D” Coy to move Wed 15 Dec.

1315 Fire Drill.

0830 I Sgt attended Recce with Bde Sgt, Bn Ios on Tk Exercise Area.

CSM Bray, JT and A/CSM Chivers, TJ were awarded Canadian Efficiency Medal (see appendix)

RQMS Wice, GA, CQMS Gale, SH Rfn Browne, F were awarded clasp to the Canadian Efficiency Medal (see apendix).

1800 Film K of C Hut “Strawberry Blonde”.

Wykehurst park, England 15 December 1942

0800 16 Plt “C” Coy and all of “D” Coy move to Shoreham to relieve R de Chaud while R de Chaud do Tk Trg.

0830 Parades and Trg by Coys.

1600 Film in K of C Hut “Underground”.

Wykehurst park, England 16 December 1942

0830 Parades and Trg.

1232 Red Hurstpierpoint 1240 White.

1330 Red Worthing, Horsham, Shoreham.

1500 “O” Group. Exercise Smokey to commence Saturday.

Narrative only Exercise Smokey distributed. Appendix IX

Bde TEWT Combined Ops details given out.

Wykehurst park, England 17 December 1942

0830 parades and Trg.

1230 A Coy QOR of C participated in 3rd Anniversary Celebration of Cdn Army marching past at the double. Low flying aircraft were engaged by A/A fire although friendly being below 1000 feet. One spitfire shot down apparently by Vickers gun A/A.

1800 Dance K of C Hut.

Wykehurst park, England 18 December 1942

0830 Parades and Trg. Preparations for Exercise “Smokey.”

1158 Air Raid Siren 1200 Red – Worthing, Shoreham, Hurstpierpoint, Horsham.

1235 White.

1530 3 RCAF Offrs and 6 RCAF Sgts arrived for a two week attachment.

1800 Move K of C Hut.

Wykehurst park, England 19 December 1942

0830, 702435, Head of column of marching tps of BHQ, A, B and Sup with a few from D Coy moved off from the gate to Wykehurst Park to billets near Trg Area 6. Appendix VII are the movement Order detailing the billets and moves of QOR of C during the exercise. The weather was dull and moderately cool – excellent for a route march.

1150, 647324, Arrived at chalk pit for lunch. After lunch the coys dispersed to there billets “A” Coy and BHQ “Horton Hall” B and Sup Coy to Limeworks. Attached for scheme “Smokey” are Lt Col Bererley Matthews 48th H of C, CMHQ, Lt Col Pocock, RCASC 1st Cdn Army and Capt RC Harris 1 Cdn Corps.

C and D Coy moved from Shoreham billets to a brewery in Portslade where they remained during the first phase of “Smokey”.

Wykehurst park, England 20 December 1942

0600, 645307, Reveille

0715 Breakfast

0800 BHQ moved from Horton Hall.

0815 A Coy moved from Horton Hall to Trg Area 6 for Exercise “Smokey” First phase.

Appendices dealing with this exercise are as follows.

Map Enlargement 5726, 6226, 6232, 5732 showing area for purpose of exercise regarded as sea and “German” positions. The exercise proceded for admin as a landing scheme. Appendix VII

Narrative Exercise “Smokey” Appendix IX

Exercise “Smokey” Operation Order #1 Appendix X

Exercise “Smokey” Landing table Appendix XI

588310, C Coy tpt instead of Rving with C Coy went with B Tpt consequently C Coy were without amn or wireless and could not “land”. A Coy having arrived on the spot was sent in to take the role of C Coy and the guns delayed 15 minutes in order to make this workable. This unfortunately would have been impossible on an Assautl Landing but the truck would not have taken a wrong turn.

The scheme continued until 1530 hours. Several faults were noticed more especailly among commanders. This was not surprising as all four Coy Comdrs were on their first scheme as such owing to recent changes in command and generally to the large turnover in Officers. In particular information passed back was insufficient.

1530, 595280, A haversack lunch as the end of the day’s work at the BHQ area for the final objective rounded off the day. Coys dispersed to billets.

The weather was all day clear and fresh, visibility excellent.

The #18 sets worked on the whole quite well altought control was off the air for about 20 mins. The new Sigs Offr Lt Clark, RCCS has more #18 Sets working now, however, than has been the case in months. The #38 Sets are showing signs of wear already and are perhaps not sturdy enough.

1700 Tea in billets. O Gp for the next day’s work.

Wykehurst park, England 21 December 1942

0600 Reveille

0700 Breakfast

0830, 645307, Officers RV at Horton Hall for move to Sand Table work at Lewes race track in “Smokey” phase II. 830300

656305, Head of column of marching tps passed startlinefor march to billets at Lewes, where they arrived at 1530. See Movement Order Appendix VII.

Exercise “Smokey” Phase II dealt with Infantry and Tk Cooperation.

Syllabus for three days training with Tanks. Appendix XII.

An enlargment of trg area used (929, 8129, 8131, 7932).

The Sand Table was a model of the strip running RW in this area and covering the valley from Bunkers Hill Plantation 8029 to the hill beyond Bucklands Band 7930 about 500x wide.

The programme of Cooperation Tks and Infantry Appendix XIII

The general lecture was given by Major Gordon – a squadron Comdr in the Reg de Trois Ribieres (12 CTR). Then officers organised in syndicates of 2 per Rifle Coys (augmented by odd members of BHQ and Support) and Lt Col McLellan (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) conducted Sand table Exercises in the morning on a plt and tp basis and in the afternoon on a coy sqn basis – stressing three phases – Starting Line Procedure, Tanks keeping the Infantry and Infantry keeping the Tanks.

1545, 795290, Coy Officers proceeded to Balmer Pond to look over the Tks while Col McLelland discussed the scheme with the “Enemy” on the ground. Having been kept nearly an hour behind schedule by the lateness of the organisers of the day when we arrived the tank men were leaving for supper and little was accomplished.

1730 Return to Billets in Lewes.

1955, 734354, CO, 2ic, Adj, Coy Comdrs, IO and Sigs Offr at 8 Cdn Inf Bde for a Combined Ops TEWT conducted by Brig KG Blackader and Maj FM Griffiths, the BM Brig Blackader continued by lectureing on aspects of combined ops in some detail.

Lewes, England 22 December 1942

0600 Reveille

0730 Breakfast

0800 Move off to Trg Area.

0830 Practice in Field by Plts. (See Syllabus) Appendix XIII

Each Coy worked by Plts and each Plt worked with a tp of tks to clear out an LMG post and an A/Tk gun post singly while the others watched.

The #38 Sets worked fairly well for liaison between infantry and tanks. The Coys worked NW from Bunkers Hill Plantation.

1430 Hot lunches; moved back to billets area in Lewes.

1630 O Gp covering day III and amending Movement Order back to Camp.

Lewes, England 23 December 1942

0600 Reveille

0715 Breakfast

0800 Move off to Trg Area.

0900 Arrive Trg Area. Tps examine tks with which they will work.

1015 Zero hour. A and D Coys moved off NW along the valley with a Sqn of tks from a start line by Bunkers Hill Plantation (see appendix XII) Clearing A Tk guns and MG posns through to the rise beyond Bucklands Bank. B and C Coy reversed the direction and worked back to the original start line from a Start line at the objective of A and D Coy.

On the whole #38 Sets worked well with the tks although defects in manufacture and design are shwon in the number out of action. About three per Coy were working on the average.

1330 Demonstration of Besa MG and 3” How firing both HE and Smoke. The Besa fired 1 in 3 traver and the moral effect of tracer, especially of the ricochets was noticeably strong. This is rather important and valuable although it does make the location of the gun much easier.

1400 Moved to Balmer Pond for a hot meal.

1600 Two Offrs, one WO and one Sgt from Royal Rifles of Canada arrived for a three months attachment.

Head of the column m oved off from Balmer Pond to Brighton-Lewes Road – Xroads North Mouslecombe – Stanmer – Patcham where the bn embussed for Camp, arriving at 1730. The weather was find and the exercise went fairly well. Brig KG Blackader was present from 1030 hours to 1300 hours.

Lewes, England 24 December 1942

0830 Coy Parades. Interior Economy and Pay Parade constituted the syllabus for the day. After the 5 days of scheme washing and arragnements for the holiday occupied everyone’s attention.

1000 Coy Comdrs meeting covering forecast of Trg for the coming month and seasonal matters.

1600 Offrs meeting covering criticism of the Exercise “Smokey” by Chief Umpire, Major Lett, covering the faults noticed and remedies suggested. The situation in January when offrs away in such large numbers touched on. 4 TWETs were laid on for the week ending Jan 2 to concentrate on tactical trng.

Christmas celebrations commence “Stench” preliminaries in the Bar (Stench is the code name for this Christmas celebration).

1815 Movie K of C Hut “Lady Hamilton”.

Lewes, England 25 December 1942

0700 Reveille

0730 Breakfast

0800 Communion Service by Padre in K of C Hut.

1000 Carol Service by Padre in K of C Hut.

1200 Men’s Christmas Dinner, Officers and Sergeants as waiters are not bad but not good. It took an hour and a half to feed the battalion probably because there were too many.

1430 Formal Mess Christmas Dinner.

1800 “Stench” in full swing.

1815 Movie in K of C Hut.

Lewes, England 26 December 1942

0700 Reveille (it didn’t blow)

0800 Breakfast.

0830 Coy parades. All Coys went on a 6 mile route march to work off the effects of too much Christmas.

1400 Party for children of Bolney and Warninglid district including ministrel show, highland and typical joke:

Ambrose (Major Lett) Yo mean mah fo children Eeny, Meeny, Miney, and Fohtescue.

Mo (Capt Dalton) Fohtescue, wha fo yo call him Fogtescue.

Amborse: Cause I didn’t want no MO.

Guests arrived for Reunion of QOR officers.

1800 Dinner, 70 Officers, Queen’s Own Rifles past and present were present and a good time was had by all.

Messages were read from Her Majesty Queen mary our Colonel-in-Chief, from Lt Col HC McKendrick, Lt Col Baptist Johnston comdg 2nd Bn and Major FLJ Grout comdg 3rd Bn QOR of C. The CO read out telegrams from the Assembly to Her Majesty Queen Mary, to Lt Gen ALG McNaughton, to 2nd Bn QOR of C and to Lt Col HC McKendrick.

A roll of officers present was taken and was forwarded to the 2nd Bn QOR of C for their edification and for purely Regimental records.

Attached as Appendix XIV is the letter received today from Lt Col HE McKendrick on the subject of dress in the QOR of C espeically as regards black pips, black chevrons and the black anklets worn by officers which were approved of by His Majesty King George VI when he inspected the Bn in 1942 then under command of Lt Col HC McKendrick.

1800 Guests arrived for the dance phase of “Stench”.

1800 Concert party K of C Hut – “Sophisticated Foursome”.

Lewes, England 27 December 1942

0700 Reveille

0930 Breakfast (Offrs)

Generally speaking all were recovering after a great night.

1100 Voluntary Church Parade.

Lewes, England 28 December 1942

0830 Training Film “Firing of Tracer Amn., Aircraft Recognition-Feischler Stork and Vigilent”

0900 Officers TEWT – The Encounter Battle conducted by the Commanding Officer and Capt JN Gordon.

Trg is being carried on by Sgts wherever possible and offrs are being given their TEWTs from offrs recently returned from Junior Leaders Course at Sheddingford.

The area under discussion is Wykehurts Part and Bolney.

1800 Movie “Stanta Fe Trail” K of C Hut.

Lewes, England 29 December 1942

0830 Parades and Trg.

0900 Offrs TEWT “Defence” all day.

A defensive position and problems arising there from were worke dout for the ground attacked the previous day.

1330 Educational afternoon.

1800 Bingo – K of C Hut.

2045 5 Officers and 100 Ors left for Combined Ops trg for Drivers in Scotland. One AWL turned up one hour late and asked for a Jeep to enable him to pick up the main body.

Lewes, England 30 December 1942

0830 parades and trg.

0900 Officers meeting forecasting trg for january. With so many officers away in January trg will concentrate on hardening, especially rope climbing.

0930 Officers TEWT “Withdrawal” – withdrawal from the positions of the previous day was considered.

Brig KG Blackader comdg 8 Cdn Inf Bde was present and spoke briefly on certain problems in the TEWT.

1800 Movie “Stand Fe Trail” – K of C Hut.

1700 Formal mess Dinner. Mess Meeting. Election of Officers.

Welcome to Lt Col Lamb and Capt Blackhouse – Royal Rifles of Canada, attached for three months.

Lewes, England 31 December 1942

0830 parades and Trg. Major JEC Pangman left for Chamberley to attend a staff course. Lt Col JG Spragge accompanied him and visited 3rd Canadian Division Infantry Reinforcement Unit.

2000 Dance in K of C Hut for the Men.

Officers are still recovering from Exercise “Stench” and a quiet New Years Eve is expected by all.


"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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