Regimental Memorials

Commensurate with the age and history of the Regiment,  there are memorials to The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada throughout the world, primarily in Canada and North West Europe. The oldest is the Ridgeway Memorial, on the University of Toronto grounds, dedicated 1 July 1870.

The exact number of memorials is unknown. Known memorials are as listed below, and unless otherwise noted, the memorial is located in the geographic area for which it is named.

The Memorial Committee is working to complete this listing while also continuing to identify worthy areas to install and dedicate new memorials. If you would like to support the installation and maintenance of our memorials, you can make an online donation to the Regimental Trust Fund by selecting “Memorials” from the drop down of funds.

Fenian Raid, 1866
North West Field Force, 1885
South African War, 1899-1902
The First World War, 1914-1919
The Second World War, 1939-1945
United Nations Operations – Korea, 1950-1953

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"