2554 (Calgary) Army Cadet Corps

This Corps was formed in Calgary in 1955 as the Queen’s Own Rifles Cadet Corps when the regiment was a regular army unit posted in Calgary.

  • Most efficient corps in Southern Alberta 1961-62
  • Won the Lieutenant Colonel Mooney Challenge Trophy for the best shooting team in Southern Alberta 1964.

Chief Instructors (while with QOR):

  • September 1955 – Captain H.W. Cooke, DEM, CD
  • March 1957 – Major M.R. Butterfield, CD
  • September? 1960 – Lieutenant F.M.A. Mascaro
  • 1964 – ?
  • 1968 – Captain Peter E.W. Bacon, CD

When the 2nd Battalion stood down in 1968, the PPCLI assumed the Corps’ affiliation. 2554 remains a very active Corps, and full information can be found at its website (www.ppclicadets.com).

1960 Spring trip to Banff, top of Sulpher Mountain (Photo from Capt M. Ray Butterfield )
2554 QOR Cadet Corps Annual Inspection 1960 Captain Ray Butterfield presenting trophy. MWO R.E. Ritchie CD (1st from left) Maj Fred Swan CD (2nd from left) (Photo from Capt M. Ray Butterfield)
2554 QOR Cadet Corps at HMCS Techumseh 1960. (L-R) c/Lt Les Bird, ?, c/Cpl Pat Keogan, c/Cpl John Bacon, c/Cpl Al Price, ?, Capt Ray Butterfield. (Photo from Capt M. Ray Butterfield)
MWO R.E. Ritchie, Capt M. Ray Butterfield and unidentified WO 1960, (Photo from Capt M. Ray Butterfield )

From the 1960 issue of “The Powder Horn”
4th row: Ken Peterson (2), Ernie Wallace (6)
3rd row: Osbourne (5), Butch Cooper (7)
2nd row: Steve Bacon (9)
1st row: Pat Keoghan (1) (sp), JohnBacon (2), Al Price (3), Jim Lang (4), Maj Fred Swan (5), LCol Dan Osbourne (6), Capt Frank Mascaro (8), Les Bird (9), Jim O’Brien (10) (courtesy John Bacon)

Cadet John Bacon receiving best NCO trophy from Major Ray Butterfield, background Colonel J.G.K. Strathy QOR Colonel of the Regiment; and Captain Frank Mascaro (courtesy John Bacon)

1963 Annual Inspection program
LCol John Mooney CD (middle in suit) presenting the LCol Mooney trophy to 2554 QOR the winning team in the annual competition, 1964. Standing Tony Hargrave (1), ?, Eldon ‘Butch’ Cooper (3). Kneeling Ernie Wallace (2) (DND)
Alberta United Services Institute Military Ball, Guard of Honour, Nov 1964. Left 1 c/Maj S Bacon, Left 2 c/Capt. J Senft, Right 1 c/Capt. D Cook (photo courtesy Steve Bacon)
1965 Annual Inspection – Double Past
LCol Dan Osbourne CO QOR – 1965 (John Bacon coll.)
Major Fred Swan QOR and Captain Peter Bacon Cadet Service of Canada – 1965 (John Bacon coll.)
Lieutenant Colonel Steve Andrynuk presenting to Cadet Jim Senft in 1965 (John Bacon coll.)
1966 – Cadet Kevin Rowe being congratulated by Captain Fred Swan, Captain Peter Bacon in centre (courtesy 2554 Cadet Corps)
Picture taken in 1967 in Vernon prior moving to Banff 1st row: C/B/Maj P Geraghty (1), Cdt.R Beattie (2), C/Cpl. W Bateman (3), C/BSM S Degenstien (4), C/Cpl. C Leversuch (5), Cdt.T Rixon (6), C/Sgt.M Simon (7), Cdt.J Beatty (8), Lt. S Bacon CSofC (9) 2nd row: C/Sgt. L England (1), Cdt. D Dunbar (2), C/Sgt. CA Carlson (3), C/Cpl G Richardson (4), C/Cpl.G Upton (5), C/Cpl. N Murray (6), 3rd row: Cdt. R Phillips (1), Cdt. L Sutherland (2), Cdt. J Wright (3), Cdt.Halverson (4), Cdt. L Dunford (5), Cdt. D Reilly (6), Cdt.G Burnett (7) For many years, the band attended Banff NACC was chosen as a complete band from one of the corps across Canada. The standards required in order to be chosen were very high, it was a privilege for a corps band to be chosen.

Most of the information on this Corps comes from the Army Cadet History website (www.armycadethistory.com), an excellent volunteer effort to preserve the history of Canada’s Cadets.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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