QOR Who Served in the North West Field Force

Excerpt from “Our Volunteers in the North-West: A Ready Reference Handbook” compiled by Horace G. Dunlevie, in 1885. It appears to have some omissions which we’ve added.

2nd Battalion “Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada”


Lieutenant Colonel A.A. Miller
Major D.H. Allan
Major R.B. Hamilton
Captain Delamere, Adjutant
Dr. Lesslie, Surgeon
Dr. Nattress, Assistant Surgeon
Captain Blain, Paymaster
Captain J.R.  Heakes, Acting Quartermaster
Sergeant-Major Patrick Cunningham
Lt. Col. Lamontagne, Supply Officer [not QOR?]

“A” Company

Captain Thomas Brown
[Not mentioned in Dunlevie’s list but in Chambers 1901 History of the QOR he states Brown commanded the QOR at the Battle of Cut Knife Creek, and he was award a NWR Medal as per Library and Archives Canada.]
Sergeant F. Kennedy
Sergeant W.W.S. Howard
Corporal C. Aldridge
Corporal J.A. McMaster
Private J.C. Scott
Private A. R. Wickett
Private W.J. Royall
Private Wm. Sawyer
Private J. O’Brien
Private J.W. Williams
Private W. Tilley
Private J. Connell
Private J.H. Pirie
Private T. Cavanagh
Private E.J. Lye
Private J. Richards
Private P. Seer
Private F. Bartlett
Private T. Agnew
Private T. Gardiner

“B” Company

Lieutenant A.W. Scott
Colour-Sergeant G.E. Cooper
Sergeant L.D. Merrick
Corporal Dinsmore
Private Lumbers
Private Campbell
Private R. Pierce
Private Howard
Private Hurst
Private Space
Private Beekman
Private Sharp
Private Kerr
Private Howell
Private Letts
Private G. M. Creighton
Private Watts
Private Warr
Private Swait
Private Slean
Private Peters

“C” Company

Captain Hughes
Col.-Sergeant Warrington
Sergeant Chator
Corporal Thompson
Corporal Staton
Corporal Lee
Private McLellan
Private Merriday
Private F. Brodie
Private Graham
Private Pollard
Private Staton
Private W.G. Dunford
Private Bacon
Private Hutchinson
Private W.J. Massey
Private Pangburn
Private Warren
Private Plunkett

“D” Company

Captain William Campbell Macdonald
Colour-Sergeant S.C. McKell
Sergeant Strachan
Corporal Dingwall
Corporal Smith
Private A.E. Rowland
Private H. Rowland
Private F.W. Winter
Private C.C. Winter
Private Gilpin
Private Harris
Private Cunningham
Private Wright
Private Alexander
Private Whiteacre
Private Duncan
Private Kenner
Private Simpson
Private Turner
private Musson
Private Damer
Private Hunt
Private Thompson
Private Stuart
Private Bunton
Private Lamb
Private Porter
Private Bingham
Private D.J. Thompson

“E” Company

Captain Kersteman
Lieutenant Mutton
Colour Sergeant P.W. Hewgill [Not mentioned in Dunlevie’s list but issued North West Canada Medal as per Library and Archives Canada.]
Sergeant A. Robertson
Sergeant F. Robertson
Corporal Hector
Corporal McPherson
Private Price
Private Guly
Private S.D. Rogers
Private Piggott
Private Caming
Private Mitchell
Private Bailey
Private Wm. Vennor
Private Hunter
Private Harris
Private Despard
Private Good
Private Lowe
Private Dickson
Private Tilley
Private Gates
Private Bowden
Private Cauldwell

“F” Company

Captain J.C. McGee
Lieutenant Lee
Sergeant McLaren
Sergeant C.H. Baird
Corporal Robinson
Corporal McIntosh
Corporal Gibson
Corporal Douglass
Private Fraser
Private N.B. Ham
Private McKenzie
Private Agnew
Private McMaster
Private Bailey
Private A.J. Boyd
Private J.L. Boyd
Private Dewar
Private Freeland
Private F. Laidlaw
Private A.D. Langmuir
Private W. Langmuir
Private A.E. Phillips
Private Boulton
Private Scott
Private McLachlan
Private Harrison

“G” Company

Lieutenant Henry T. Brock
Lieutenant George
Sergeant Charles Jarvis Townsend
Sergeant Langtry
Corporal McKay
Private Eddis
Private Flint
Private Fletcher
Private Pike
Private Gilmore
Private McMillau
Private Macdonald
Private J. Sanson
Private N.B. Sanson
Private Starke
Private Wade
Private Mahaffy
Private Nelson
Private A. Acheson

“H” Company

Captain Villiers Sankey
Lieutenant R.S. Cassels
Sergeant World
Corporal Fuller
Corporal Green
Private [Deric] Broughall
Private Forin
Private Auldjo
Private S. Birchall
Private Esten Williams
Private Knyvett
Private Grierson
Private Douglas
Private R. Baldwin
Private Geddes
Private Cliff
Private Fraser
Private Preston
Private Castleton
Private Wallace
Private Halkett
Private Beaumont
Private McGee

Private J.F. Edgar   [Not mentioned in Dunlevie’s list but issued North West Canada Medal as per Library and Archives Canada.]

“I” Company

Col.-Sergeant J. Crean
Corporal W. G, Kennedy
Corporal Higginbotham
Private Allan
Private J. Spink
Private Anderson
Private Taylor
Private J. Drynan
Private W.C. Lee
Private W. Donaldson
Private J. Garvin
Private C. Gray
Private W. Haight
Private H.J. Hamilton
Private Lugsdin
Private Hunter
Private Mack
Private Matthews
Private Wigles
Privates H. McIntosh
Private C. McHenry
Private McLean
Private A. Pearson
Private Postlethwaite
Private Perry
Private Rogers
Private John Henry Davies [not in Dunlevie’s list but reported in Davie’s 1941 Toronto Star obituary.]

“K” Company

Lieutenant E. Gunther
Sergeant H.W. Mickle
Corporal H.B. Cronyn
Corporal G.H. Needler
Corporal A.B. Thompson
Private R.P. Dougan
Private R. Crystal
Private P.W.H. McKeown
Private C.C. Owen
Private A.G. Morphy
Private A. Bowman
Private T. Marshall
Private A.G. Smith
Private J.A. Duff
Private W. Nesbitt
Private E.C. Acheson
Private Geo. Patterson
Private Jas. C. Patterson
Private A.D. Crooks
Private F.A.C. Redden
Private H.B. Bruce
Private J.A. Creasor
Private F. Blakely
Private G. Lloyd
Private R. Ross


Bugle Major C. Swift
Sergeant J. McEvoy
Corporal Wm. Bryden
Corporal F. Elliott
Bugler Geo. Brown
Bugler J. Hill
Bugler J. Wadds
Bugler W. Smith
Private D. Colin Ross
Private J. Brown
Private Geo. Fraser
Private Geo. Bruckshaw
Private J. Davidson
Private H. Swift
Private Geo. Brydon
Private John Green

Bugle Major Swift with musicians who served in the North West Field Force.

Ambulance Corps

Dr. Lesslie, Surgeon
Hospital Sergeant Pringle
Hospital Corporal Fere
Private Robarts
Private Torrance
Private Bell
Private Boyd
Private Batting
Private Bain
Private Thompson

Pioneer Corps

Pioneer Sergeant Wm. Harp
Pioneer Bateson
Pioneer James Brash
Pioneer J. Bromley
Pioneer J. Cameron
Pioneer S. E. Cunningham
Pioneers George Doctor

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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