Hewgill, Percy William

1886 Sgt's Mess (c2)
(Then) Color Sergeant Hewgill 1886

Colour Sergeant Percy William Hewgill joined the Queen’s Own on or before the Annual Camp for 1876. He took part in the response to the Bellville Riots in January of 1877 and earned his Corporal’s certificate and was promoted to Corporal that same year. In 1878 he was promoted to Sergeant and by 1881 he was appointed as Colour Sergeant to E Company. In 1885 he took part in quelling the North West Rebellion. On 23 May 1887 he is appointed Acting Sergeant Major and is discharged later that year on 19 Oct.

Timeline of Service:

  • 1876-77, listed as Pte, E Company (Coy), Nominal Roll (NR);
  • 1877, Jan, (Bellville Riots), Listed as Pte, E Coy, NR;
  • 1877, 27 July, granted Corporal’s Certificate, Regimental Orders (RO’s);
  • 1877, 15 August, promoted Corporal, RO’s;
  • 1877, 10 October, listed as E Coy best shot, RO’s;
  • 1877, Nov, listed as Cpl, E Coy, NR;
  • 1877-78 listed as Cpl, E Coy, NR;
  • 1878-79 listed as Sgt, E Coy, NR;
  • 1879-80 listed as Sgt, E Coy, NR;
  • 1880-81 listed as Sgt, E Coy, NR;
  • 1881-82 listed as Color-Sergeant (Col-Sgt) to E Coy, NR;
  • 1882-83 listed as Col-Sgt to E Coy, NR;
  • 1885, listed as Col-Sgt part of the NW Rebellion, Public Archives Canada;
  • 1886-87 Ann Drill listed as Col-Sgt to E Coy, NR;
  • 1887 23 May, appointed Acting Sergeant Major;
  • 1887 19 Oct, discharged.


"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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