166th Battalion QOR CEF

PLEASE NOTE If you are searching for information about the service of a relative, the complete First World War service records have been digitized and are available on the Library and Archives Canada website.

  • Inscription on Badge: 166 Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada – Overseas Battalion
  • Mobilization authorized: January 3, 1916
  • Trained:
    • January 3, 1916 to July 1, 1916 – Exhibition Camp
    • July 1, 1916 to October 10, 1916 – Camp Borden
  • 166th Bn CEF Nominal Roll
  • Embarked:
    • 1st Half Battalion – October 13, 1916 on S.S. Olympia
    • 2nd Half Battalion – October 18, 1916 on S.S. Cameronian
  • Disembarked:
    • 1st Half Battalion: October 19, 1916 at Liverpool
    • 2nd Half Battalion: October 28, 1916 at Liverpool
  • Training Camp: Shorncliffe, Seaford, England
  • Disposition: Principal drafts to 3rd, 38th, 75th and 124th Battalions
  • Disbanded: September 15, 1917
  • Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Mitchell, QOR of C
  • Strength on leaving Canada: 32 officers and 800 other ranks
  • Perpetuation: May 1, 1920 (GO 66/20)
166th Battalion CEF formed up at Exhibition Place May 31st 1916 – Library and Archives Canada photo
Unknown sergeant of the 166th Battalion QOR, CEF
Sergeant Lawrence D. Pridham of the 166th Battalion QOR, CEF

Find out more about Pridham and read some of his letters home and diaries.

166th Bn CEF Bugle Band
166th Battalion QOR CEF Bugle Band
166th Bn Officers October 1916
Officers of the 166th Battalion, CEF October 1916
166th Battalion recruiting sign at corner of Bay and Queen Street, Toronto, Ontario

18 thoughts on “166th Battalion QOR CEF”

  1. I am looking for information on my grandfather Fredrick Allan Bennett who was in the 166 Battalion. He received several decorations and promotions. Do you have advise on where I can find more information?


  2. Hello QOR
    I am currently working on a comic series that is based on the Queen’s Own Rifles, 166th Battalion during the First World War. I bought Sergeant Pridham’s book but is there any other readings I could research with?


  3. Hello,
    I am researching my Grandfather William H Tapper. Badge 66423. Would anyone be able to guide me to where I could obtain more information? I was unfortunately to young and naive to ask before he passed in the early 1990’s. I am fortunate enough to be in the company of his service helmut. Thank you in advance.


  4. I am in the early stages of researching my grandpa Elmo Mains from ww2. Also his Dad saint Elmo Murray Mains (71401) Born November 19th 1890 ww1. As well as his brother Stanley Jonson Gardner ww1 and ww2 who was in the 166. Any help in gathering information would be greatly appreciated!


  5. Looking for information on Charles Lewis Wilson who enlisted with 166th Overseas Battalion in 1916. Have looked at his Attestation Papers but would like to see service file.


  6. Hello, I am trying to research my Grandfather Victor Rex Hurlock who was part of the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary force of 166th o/s Battalion and fought in Vimy Ridge. He was born in London UK but was awarded land in Canada (Bad Heart, AB) upon returning from the war. Would you have any records with his position, rank or anything that would help me understand better what role he played in WW1?
    Much appreciated!


  7. Hi. I am researching my great grandfather Thomas Gray. He enlisted with the 166th Battalin in Toronto in July 1916. I have his soldiers diaries so I know where he was fighting. They are very interesting. I am trying to find out what units he served with. The believe it was the 12th Canadian Reserve – Engineers. Do you have a suggestion where I can find what units he served with?


    1. Linda – the service records for your grandfather are now online at the Library and Archives Canada but there are a lot of Thomas Grays who served in WWI. If you know his birthday, I can point you to his file. Also we’d be very interested in his diaries. We have transcribed a number of diaries from WWI and uploaded them to our website. Ideally we’d like to add the diaries to our collection but if that’s not something of interest at this point, I’m wondering if it might be possible to arrange for scans?


      1. Thank you for the reply. The only item I found at the Archives was his Attestation Paper. I was hoping for more. I just found another document in his belongings that says he was part of the 11th battalion – Canadian Engineers. I would like to know how I can find out all the units he was with. His regiment # is 670132. DOB is Jan 31 1881. I don’t think I’d be comfortable sending his diaries but I might be open to having them scanned. Thomas Gray was not a man of many words (as evidence in his diaries) but then again the diaries were so small there wasn’t much room to write for each day. It is interesting to see his entries for the days that we know big battles such as Aimens took place. Also his entry for Nov 11, 1918 in Mons Belgium on the day the war ended: “hostilities ceased, 11 am, great rejoicing” . I am also wondering if there are any photos of the 166th in July 1916. AND any photos of troops on Nov 11th, 1918 in Mons. I’ve been searching various sites but not quite finding what I am looking for. Also was there a recruiting brochure for the 166th in Toronto…..?


  8. I am researching my great grandfather Private Alexander William Dear who fought at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. I am travelling to Vimy Ridge for the 100th Anniversary in April along with my mother, aunts and daughter. It is my greatest hope to have a photo to take with me on our trip which will be undoubtedly profoundly emotional both as a Canadian and as a great grand daughter. Any information you may have with regards to him would be greatly appreciated.
    Mrs. Dale Mar


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