Embarkation List

Below is photos of the list of The QOR of C when each rifleman of the Regiment embarked from England to France. (Routine Order No. 30 15 Jul 1944)

Disembarking 1
QOR Museum


Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major C O Dalton (“B” Company)
  • Major H E Dalton (“A” Company)
  • Capt R W Sawyer (“D” Company)
  • Capt T A Staunton (Support Company)
  • A/Capt W D Stewart (“C” Company)
  • Lieut W G Herbert
  • Lieut D Hogarth (“HQ” Company Transport Officer)
  • Lieut J D McLean (“B” Company)
  • Lieut D D Owen (“A” Company)
  • Lieut J L Pond (“A” Company)
  • Lieut P C Rea (“A” Company)

Embarked 2 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major S M Lett (2IC)
  • Major O A Nickson (OC “C” Company)
  • Capt A Kirsch (RCAMC)
  • Capt T E Parkinson (BHQ)
  • Capt John Gentles Price (Support Company)
  • Capt W J Weir (Adj)
  • Lieut J C Arber (“C” Company)
  • Lieut J A C Auld (“C” Company)
  • Lieut J P Harris (“C” Company)

Embarked 3 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major J N Gordon (OC “D” Company)
  • Capt R A Cottrill (OC Support Company)
  • Capt R D Medland (2IC “A” Company)
  • Capt J I Mills (“B” Company)
  • Capt R I O Stewart (“D” Company)
  • Lieut R W Barker (“D” Company)
  • Lieut H G W Bean (“D” Company)
  • Lieut S C Biggs (OC Carrier Platoon)
  • Lieut B Dunkleman (Mortar Platoon)
  • Lieut R Fleming (“D” Company)
  • Lieut J D Pickup (Pioneer Platoon)
  • Lieut I S Waldie

Embarked 4 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Lt-Col J G Spragge (CO)
  • Lieut D M Philp (RCCS)
  • Lieut R C RAE (“A” Company I Officer)

Embarked 15 Jun 44 – Disembarked 16 Jun 44

  • Capt E F Adamson (RCAPC)

Embarked 1 Jul 44 – Disembarked 4 Jul 44

  • Supervisor T M Monahan (Cdn Aux Services)


Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • C120897 Rfn Adair H A
  • B138767 Rfn Adamson R K †
  • B42605 Rfn Adie R T
  • B143776 Rfn Agnew J
Disembarking 2
QOR Museum



Disembarking 3
QOR Museum
Disembarking 4
QOR Museum
Disembarking 5
QOR Museum
Disembarking 6
QOR Museum
Disembarking 7
QOR Museum
Disembarking 8
QOR Museum
Disembarking 9
QOR Museum

One thought on “Embarkation List”

  1. Looking for more info on my grandfather, like what company he was in. He embarked 1 June disembarked 6 June.
    B124715 Barron, John Rfln.
    Any info appreciated.

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