Embarkation List

Below are photos of the list of The QOR of C when each rifleman of the Regiment embarked from England to France. (Routine Order No. 30 15 Jul 1944) 

Disembarking 1
QOR Museum


Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major C O Dalton (“B” Company)
  • Major H E Dalton (“A” Company)
  • Capt R W Sawyer (“D” Company)
  • Capt T A Staunton (Support Company)
  • A/Capt W D Stewart (“C” Company)
  • Lieut W G Herbert
  • Lieut D Hogarth (“HQ” Company Transport Officer)
  • Lieut J D McLean (“B” Company)
  • Lieut D D Owen (“A” Company)
  • Lieut J L Pond (“A” Company)
  • Lieut P C Rea (“A” Company)

Embarked 2 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major S M Lett (2IC)
  • Major O A Nickson (OC “C” Company)
  • Capt A Kirsch (RCAMC)
  • Capt T E Parkinson (BHQ)
  • Capt John Gentles Price (Support Company)
  • Capt W J Weir (Adj)
  • Lieut J C Arber (“C” Company)
  • Lieut J A C Auld (“C” Company)
  • Lieut J P Harris (“C” Company)

Embarked 3 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major J N Gordon (OC “D” Company)
  • Capt R A Cottrill (OC Support Company)
  • Capt R D Medland (2IC “A” Company)
  • Capt J I Mills (“B” Company)
  • Capt R I O Stewart (“D” Company)
  • Lieut R W Barker (“D” Company)
  • Lieut H G W Bean (“D” Company)
  • Lieut S C Biggs (OC Carrier Platoon)
  • Lieut B Dunkleman (Mortar Platoon)
  • Lieut R Fleming (“D” Company)
  • Lieut J D Pickup (Pioneer Platoon)
  • Lieut I S Waldie

Embarked 4 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Lt-Col J G Spragge (CO)
  • Lieut D M Philp (RCCS)
  • Lieut R C Rae (“A” Company I Officer)

Embarked 15 Jun 44 – Disembarked 16 Jun 44

  • Capt E F Adamson (RCAPC)

Embarked 1 Jul 44 – Disembarked 4 Jul 44

  • Supervisor T M Monahan (Cdn Aux Services)


Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

Disembarking 2
QOR Museum

Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • C120366 Rfn Allair, J A
  • B107028 Rfn Alexander J A S
  • B114006 Rfn Allison L
  • B64286 Rfn Andrews G F
  • B143842 Rfn Angus M L D
  • B64046 Rfn Armitage R W
  • B59167 Rfn Armitage S E
  • B64773 Rfn Arthur G D
  • B64146 LSjt Ashby C T
  • B79723 Rfn Ashton E L
  • B63538 Rfn Attwater F M
  • A60002 Rfn Bailey D R
  • C103171 Rfn Bain D M
  • B64698 Rfn Bairstow D W
  • B135772 Rfn Baker A J
  • B137985 Rfn Barnard D M
  • B64703 LCpl Barnard F G
  • B66001 Rfn Barrett S A
  • B124715 Rfn Barron J
  • B79254 Rfn Barton P B
  • B61526 Rfn Barton R A
  • B65834 Rfn Beatty L E
  • B64131 Rfn Beaver A W
  • B74577 Rfn Benchorski T
  • B64685 Rfn Bennell P J
  • B64774 Rfn Bennett G E
  • B38176 Cpl Bennett J W
  • B74657 Rfn Bettridge W G
  • B64528 Rfn Bland J M
  • B63868 Rfn Blencoe R W
  • B66006 Rfn Blencowe G T
  • B127918 Rfn Bloomfield C M
  • M101126 Rfn Bodie R G
  • 120696 Rfn Bolster W J
  • B112617 Rfn Boucher R E
  • B43176 Rfn Boyd J M
  • B64772 Rfn Boynton D W
  • B67077 Rfn Bradley D
  • B64919 Rfn Bradley J R
  • B64668 A/Cpl Brasier H J
  • B135575 Rfn Briere G J
  • B126622 Rfn Brisebois F N
  • B64725 Rfn Brough R O
  • B63606 Rfn Brown H S
  • B74480 Cpl Brown W
  • B64303 Sjt Browne J S
  • C31460 Rfn Bruyere B
  • C100258 Rfn Bruyere H J
  • B137218 Rfn Buchanan A W
  • C52757 Rfn Buchanan R A
  • B64444 Rfn Buchanan T B
  • B112509 Rfn Burling A G
  • B67918 Rfn Burnett R G
  • B131136 Rfn Burns J W
  • B10038 Rfn Butler E R
  • B66122 Rfn Calbert W C
  • B105007 LCpl Campbell
  • 63966 Rfn Carmichael J R P
  • B68046 Rfn Carr W H
  • B24397 Rfn Catling J R
  • B74355 Rfn Chalmers J D
  • B43115 Rfn Chambers W
  • B64353 Cpl Chapman A J
  • B64026 Rfn Charpentier B J
  • B64116 Rfn Chatten G L
  • B143426 Rfn Chicoski W
  • B88881 Rfn Clark G T
  • B143812 Rfn Clark J S
  • B64183 LCpl Clyne H B
  • B38171 Rfn Coates H J
  • B63965 Rfn Cole G
  • B63808 Rfn Comber R J G
  • B130825 LCpl Corrigan H T J
  • B149958 Rfn Corvec J M
  • B64471 LCpl Coulter A D
  • B63890 LCpl Craig L J 
  • B113975 Rfn Crew A T
  • A55790 Rfn Cuff G W
  • B38183 LCpl Culbertson J C
  • B64756 Rfn Cunningham E A 
  • B63746 Cpl Dainty J W 
  • B66077 Rfn Dalrymple T
  • B66059 LCpl Dalzell G E † 
  • B63547 Cpl Darby J J
  • B64104 Rfn Davis J S
  • B114707 Rfn deBlois A A
  • B64795 Rfn deBlois E L
  • B64794 Rfn deBlois S
  • B64201 A/Cpl Dermody G E
  • B64751 Rfn Doner D G
  • B63748 Rfn Dowds J D N
  • C120189 Rfn Down K F
  • B88110 Cfn Driscoll P J (RCEME)
  • B64893 Rfn Duggan C A
  • C102988 Rfn Eaman F E
  • B64307 Rfn Easton T L
  • B146376 Rfn Ellis L R
  • B67929 Rfn Emlaw A A
Disembarking 3
QOR Museum
Disembarking 4
QOR Museum
Disembarking 5
QOR Museum
Disembarking 6
QOR Museum
Disembarking 7
QOR Museum
Disembarking 8
QOR Museum
Disembarking 9
QOR Museum

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  1. Looking for information on my grandfather, Charles Edward Jenkins, who was English and took part of the Juno battle in Saint Aubin with the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.


  2. My father was in the QOR of Canada. Charles T Ashby Lsjt B64146 company D.
    I was wondering how I go about getting copies of his medals since I no longer have access to them. I know there would be a cost but would like some information how I go about this. Thanks for any help.


  3. Looking for more information on my father, Watson, Garnet Edward Rfln.
    from Toronto, battled in Normandy, I believe landed at Bernieres sur mer



  4. Looking for more info on my grandfather, like what company he was in. He embarked 1 June disembarked 6 June.
    B124715 Barron, John Rfln.
    Any info appreciated.


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