Embarkation List

Below is photos of the list of The QOR of C when each rifleman of the Regiment embarked from England to France. (Routine Order No. 30 15 Jul 1944)

Disembarking 1
QOR Museum


Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major C O Dalton (“B” Company)
  • Major H E Dalton (“A” Company)
  • Capt R W Sawyer (“D” Company)
  • Capt T A Staunton (Support Company)
  • A/Capt W D Stewart (“C” Company)
  • Lieut W G Herbert
  • Lieut D Hogarth (“HQ” Company Transport Officer)
  • Lieut J D McLean (“B” Company)
  • Lieut D D Owen (“A” Company)
  • Lieut J L Pond (“A” Company)
  • Lieut P C Rea (“A” Company)

Embarked 2 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major S M Lett (2IC)
  • Major O A Nickson (OC “C” Company)
  • Capt A Kirsch (RCAMC)
  • Capt T E Parkinson (BHQ)
  • Capt John Gentles Price (Support Company)
  • Capt W J Weir (Adj)
  • Lieut J C Arber (“C” Company)
  • Lieut J A C Auld (“C” Company)
  • Lieut J P Harris (“C” Company)

Embarked 3 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Major J N Gordon (OC “D” Company)
  • Capt R A Cottrill (OC Support Company)
  • Capt R D Medland (2IC “A” Company)
  • Capt J I Mills (“B” Company)
  • Capt R I O Stewart (“D” Company)
  • Lieut R W Barker (“D” Company)
  • Lieut H G W Bean (“D” Company)
  • Lieut S C Biggs (OC Carrier Platoon)
  • Lieut B Dunkleman (Mortar Platoon)
  • Lieut R Fleming (“D” Company)
  • Lieut J D Pickup (Pioneer Platoon)
  • Lieut I S Waldie

Embarked 4 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • Lt-Col J G Spragge (CO)
  • Lieut D M Philp (RCCS)
  • Lieut R C RAE (“A” Company I Officer)

Embarked 15 Jun 44 – Disembarked 16 Jun 44

  • Capt E F Adamson (RCAPC)

Embarked 1 Jul 44 – Disembarked 4 Jul 44

  • Supervisor T M Monahan (Cdn Aux Services)


Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • C120897 Rfn Adair H A
  • B138767 Rfn Adamson R K †
  • B42605 Rfn Adie R T
  • B143776 Rfn Agnew J
Disembarking 2
QOR Museum

Embarked 1 Jun 44 – Disembarked 6 Jun 44

  • C120366 Rfn Allair, J A
  • B107028 Rfn Alexander J A S
  • B114006 Rfn Allison L
  • B64286 Rfn Andrews G F
  • B143842 Rfn Angus M L D
  • B64046 Rfn Armitage R W
  • B59167 Rfn Armitage S E
  • B64773 Rfn Arthur G D
  • B64146 LSjt Ashby C T
  • B79723 Rfn Ashton E L
  • B63538 Rfn Attwater F M
  • A60002 Rfn Bailey D R
  • C103171 Rfn Bain D M
  • B64698 Rfn Bairstow D W
  • B135772 Rfn Baker A J
  • B137985 Rfn Barnard D M
  • B64703 LCpl Barnard F G
  • B66001 Rfn Barrett S A
  • B124715 Rfn Barron J
  • B79254 Rfn Barton P B
  • B61526 Rfn Barton R A
  • B65834 Rfn Beatty L E
  • B64131 Rfn Beaver A W
  • B74577 Rfn Benchorski T
  • B64685 Rfn Bennell P J
  • B64774 Rfn Bennett G E
  • B38176 Cpl Bennett J W
  • B74657 Rfn Bettridge W G
  • B64528 Rfn Bland J M
  • B63868 Rfn Blencoe R W
  • B66006 Rfn Blencowe G T
  • B127918 Rfn Bloomfield C M
  • M101126 Rfn Bodie R G
  • 120696 Rfn Bolster W J
  • B112617 Rfn Boucher R E
  • B43176 Rfn Boyd J M
  • B64772 Rfn Boynton D W
  • B67077 Rfn Bradley D
  • B64919 Rfn Bradley J R
  • B64668 A/Cpl Brasier H J
  • B135575 Rfn Briere G J
  • B126622 Rfn Brisebois F N
  • B64725 Rfn Brough R O
  • B63606 Rfn Brown H S
  • B74480 Cpl Brown W
  • B64303 Sjt Browne J S
  • C31460 Rfn Bruyere B
  • C100258 Rfn BruyereH J
  • B137218 Rfn Buchanan A W
  • C52757 Rfn Buchanan R A
  • B64444 Rfn Buchanan T B
  • B112509 Rfn Burling A G
  • B67918 Rfn Burnett R G
  • B131136 Rfn Burns J W
  • B10038 Rfn Butler E R
  • B66122 Rfn Calbert W C
  • B105007 LCpl Campbell
  • 63966 Rfn Carmichael J R P
  • B68046 Rfn Carr W H
  • B24397 Rfn Catling J R
  • B74355 Rfn Chalmers J D
  • B43115 Rfn Chambers W
  • B64353 Cpl Chapman A J
  • B64026 Rfn Charpentier B J
  • B64116 Rfn Chatten G L
  • B143426 Rfn Chicoski W
  • B88881 Rfn Clark G T
  • B143812 Rfn Clark J S
  • B64183 LCpl Clyne H B
  • B38171 Rfn Coates H J
  • B63965 Rfn Cole G
  • B63808 Rfn Comber R J G
  • B130825 LCpl Corrigan H T J
  • B149958 Rfn Corvec J M
  • B64471 LCpl Coulter A D
  • B63890 LCpl Craig L J
  • B113975 Rfn Crew A T
  • A55790 Rfn Cuff G W
  • B38183 LCpl Culbertson J C
  • B64756 Rfn Cunningham E A
  • B63746 Cpl Dainty J W
  • B66077 Rfn Dalrymple T
  • B66059 LCpl Dalzell G E
  • B63547 Cpl Darby J J
  • B64104 Rfn Davis J S
  • B114707 Rfn deBlois A A
  • B64795 Rfn deBlois E L
  • B64794 Rfn deBlois S
  • B64201 A/Cpl Dermody G E
  • B64751 Rfn Doner D G
  • B63748 Rfn Dowds J D N
  • C120189 Rfn Down K F
  • B88110 Cfn Driscoll P J (RCEME)
  • B64893 Rfn Duggan C A
  • C102988 Rfn Eaman F E
  • B64307 Rfn Easton T L
  • B146376 Rfn Ellis L R
  • B67929 Rfn Emlaw A A
Disembarking 3
QOR Museum
Disembarking 4
QOR Museum
Disembarking 5
QOR Museum
Disembarking 6
QOR Museum
Disembarking 7
QOR Museum
Disembarking 8
QOR Museum
Disembarking 9
QOR Museum

5 thoughts on “Embarkation List”

  1. My father was in the QOR of Canada. Charles T Ashby Lsjt B64146 company D.
    I was wondering how I go about getting copies of his medals since I no longer have access to them. I know there would be a cost but would like some information how I go about this. Thanks for any help.

  2. Looking for more information on my father, Watson, Garnet Edward Rfln.
    from Toronto, battled in Normandy, I believe landed at Bernieres sur mer


  3. Looking for more info on my grandfather, like what company he was in. He embarked 1 June disembarked 6 June.
    B124715 Barron, John Rfln.
    Any info appreciated.

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