Beny-Sur-Mer Cemetery

Simpson, John Montgomery

Lance Sergeant John “Jack” Simpson

B63935 Lance Sergeant John “Jack” Montgomery Simpson was born December 9, 1920,  the son of William John and Helen May Ormenta Lumley, of Toronto, Ontario. Shortly before going overseas, he married Mary Jean Davey, of Toronto.

His younger brother William Jr also served with The Queen’s Own Rifles and landed on D-Day.  He survived to become a firefighter but later died while in the line of duty.

Before the war, Jack was working as a jewelry polisher.

He joined the Canadian active Army on 18th June 1940. Serving with the Regiment up until his death on D-Day. L/Sgt Simpson was serving with Able Company on D-Day.

A company CSM, WO2 CSM Charlie Martin wrote:

“The order rang out: “Down ramp.” The moment the ramp came down, heavy machine-gun fire broke out from somewhere back of the seawall. Mortars were dropping all over the beach. Possibly No. 1 boat on the right took more fire.

The men rose, starboard line turning right, port turning left. I said to Jack, across from me, and to everyone; “Move! Fast! Don’t stop for anything. Go! Go! Go!” We raced down the ramp, Jack and I side by side, the men closely following. We fanned out as fast as we could, heading for the sea wall………

Of the men from our boat, Jack Simpson was killed on the beach and Jack Culbertson was wounded. Jamie McKechnie, who only hours earlier had helped grab me into the LCA and doubtless saved my life, was killed and so was Ernie Cunningham and Sammy Hall.”

Battle Diary

L/Sgt Simpson is buried at Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery (V. B. 15.) which is just a couple kilometres from where he was killed.

Obituary from a Toronto Paper
Grave visit
MCpl Graham Humphrey visiting Jack Simpsons grave 2009
Remembrance Coin

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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