June 6, 1944 Killed in Action

The following is the list of members of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada who died on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Rank Surname First/Middle Names Age Hometown
B138767 Rifleman Adamson Russell Kenneth 19 Midland, ON
C103118 Rifleman Atchison John Wallace 24 Cornwall, ON
C6002 Rifleman Bailey Donald Robert 23 Brantford, ON
B137985 Rifleman Barnard Donald Mckay 20 Toronto, ON
C120696 Rifleman Bolster William John 29 Brantford, ON
B112617 Rifleman Boucher Roland Ernest 28 Gravelbourg, SK
B64772 Rifleman Boynton David William 21 Collingwood, ON
C100258 Rifleman Bruyere Hector Joseph 21
B67918 Rifleman Burnett Robert Graham 25 Echo Bay, ON
B64737 Rifleman Butler Edgar Dawson 26
B66122 Rifleman Calbert William Cuthbertson 22 Locust Hill, ON
B24397 Rifleman Catling James Robert 26 Bar River, ON
B43115 Rifleman Chambers Walter 25 Toronto, ON
B88881 Rifleman Clark George Thomas 33 Toronto, ON
B38171 Rifleman Coates Harry James 25 Hamilton, ON
B149958 Rifleman Corvec Medrick Joseph 21 Rouyn, QC
B64471 Lance Corporal Coulter Alan Douglas 20 Toronto, ON
B63890 Lance Corporal Craig Leonard James 35 Toronto, ON
B64756 Rifleman Cunningham Ernest Arnold 21 Toronto, ON
B63746 Corporal Dainty John William 26 Barrie, ON
B66059 Lance Corporal Dalzell George Edward 38 Toronto, ON
B65612 Corporal Davidson Samuel 30 Toronto, ON
B64119 Corporal Drew Clifford Robert 28 Toronto, ON
C102988 Rifleman Eaman Fred Earl 32 Wales, ON
B112706 Rifleman Garrett Edward Kirk 28 Toronto, ON
B63615 Corporal Gibson John Cecil 31 Toronto, ON
B64462 Lance Corporal Gourlay Donald Ferguson 23 Toronto, ON
U1844 Rifleman Hall Samuel John 28 Brantford, ON
B63616 Sergeant Harris Frederick Bernard 23 Toronto, ON
B112940 Rifleman Higgins Charles Edward 20 Toronto, ON
B66008 Rifleman Hildreth Albert Edward 23 Toronto, ON
B64477 Rifleman Hodge John William 26 Toronto, ON
B38023 Rifleman Holmes Frank 31 Winnipeg, MB
B63608 Lance Corporal Jackson Clifford Irwin 23 Toronto, ON
B112565 Rifleman Kennedy Albert Wilson 23 Mimico. ON
B64926 Rifleman Kennedy William George 23 Craigmont, ON
B64008 Rifleman Kirkland John Frederick Belton 21 Toronto, ON
C65492 Rifleman Lawson Clarke Lynson 39 Brighton, ON
B143299 Rifleman Lizon John 30 Toronto, ON
B64089 Rifleman Martin John Gordon 21 Pickering, ON
B64328 Rifleman May William Gilbert 22 Toronto, ON
B66119 Rifleman McCallum Russell George 20 Toronto, ON
B65040 Lance Corporal McGuey Edelore Graham Dennis 23 Whitney, ON
B63677 Lance Corporal McKechnie Hamilton Arthur 26 Toronto, ON
B64213 Lance Sergeant Morrison George Wilfred 28 Toronto, ON
B110149 Rifleman Newman Charles George 25 Toronto, ON
B64006 Rifleman Newton Gordon 31 Toronto, ON
B147464 Rifleman Papple Robert P. 30 Seaforth, ON
B64225 Rifleman Pethick Donald Ross 24 Toronto, ON
B134577 Rifleman Pierce Thomas Joseph 23 Toronto, ON
B66090 Rifleman Reed Douglas Philip 26 Toronto, ON
B79124 Lance Corporal Reed Gordon 21 Toronto, ON
B74554 Corporal Rocks Hugh McCullum 40 Kirkland Lake, ON
B64309 Rifleman Ryan Sidney Stephen 27 Toronto, ON
D81532 Rifleman Showers John 26 Montreal, QC
B63935 Lance Sergeant Simpson John Montgomery 23 Toronto, ON
B64652 Rifleman Stock Herman 22 Gibson Reserve, ON
B64929 Rifleman Sturrock Albert 23 Toronto, ON
B110630 Rifleman Underwood Thomas Willis 22 Toronto, ON
B63753 Rifleman Westerby Edward 31 Toronto, ON
B63938 Rifleman Worthington Frederick William 36 Toronto, ON
Average age 25.9

3 thoughts on “June 6, 1944 Killed in Action”

  1. It should be mentioned that this list omits a possibly greater number of men seriously wounded on June 6 who died later. Also many were Missing In Action instead of KIA because identifiable bodies were never found. It possibly would be more informative to list the names of those who answered active duty roll call on June 5th versus June 7th.


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