Trinity College School Old Boys Who Served With The Queen’s Own Rifles

The following is the start of a list of Trinity College School Old Boys who served with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.

† indicates killed in action or died of wounds or disease on active service.

  1. Deric Broughall (WWI) †
  2. G.M.D. Foster (WWII)
  3. F.L.J. Grout (WWII)
  4. John Denison Jackson (WWII) †
  5. George Leycester Ingles (WWI) †
  6. John William Langmuir (WWI)
  7. D.E. MacKendrick (WWI, WWII)
  8. P.C. Osler (WWII)
  9. S.R. Robertson (WWII)
  10. R.D. Seagram (WWII)
  11. John “Jock” Godfrey Spragge (WWII)
  12. Thomas Alan Staunton (WWII)
  13. Colin Morris Ardagh Strathy (WWII)
  14. Gerard Brackenridge Strathy (WWI)
  15. James (Jim) G. K. Strathy (WWII)
  16. John Gerard Brackenridge Strathy (Post WWII QOR CO)
  17. C.J.S. Stuart (WWII)
  18. J.M. Trow (WWII)
  19. Ian Scott Waldie (WWII)

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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