Ingles, George Leycester

Honorary Captain George L. Ingles who served with the Queen’s Own Rifles before becoming a chaplain with the 3rd Battalion, CEF and No. 1 General Hospital.

Honorary Captain Reverend George Leycester Ingles was born in Toronto on April 23, 1886, son of the Venerable Archdeacon Charles L. Ingles. He attended Trinity College School and Trinity College (where he played rugby and cricket).  For two years he was a master at Trinity College School then attended the General Theological Seminary in New York for three years.

Ingles joined the Anglican ministry as deacon in 1913 and ordained a priest a year later. He served at Coldwater before becoming the curate at St. George’s Anglican Church in Toronto.

For six years he had served in the Queen’s Own Rifles where he reached the rank of Sergeant. On September 24, 1914 he was attested at Valcartier and attached to the 3rd Battalion as clergyman. He traveled with them to England and November 10, while on training on the Salisbury Plain, was transferred for duty to the No. 1 General Hospital, intending to return to the battalion when it should cross to France. On the outbreak of spinal meningitis in the camp, he worked unremittingly in attendance on the sick, until he incurred the disease himself and succumbed after several days, at the age of 28.

He was buried with full military honours at the Bulford Church where there is a plaque in his honour.

You can see his full military records here.

Bulford Church, Salisbury Plain, England where Hon Captain George L. Ingles was buried after dying of meningitis January 1, 1915.
Gravestone of Honorary Captain George L. Ingles, Bulford Church, England

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