Ross, Donald Colin

D Ross 1903
Quartermaster Sergeant Ross 1903

Captain Donald Colin Ross was born in 1868  in Toronto, son of David Ross and Myner Copping.

Ross joined the Bugle Band in 1883 around the time he was 15. In 1885 he served as a Bugler during the North West Canada Campaign in Saskatchewan under Bugle Major Charles Swift. At some point before 1897 he was promoted to Sergeant, he spent time as Quartermaster Sergeant and a number of years as Paymaster Sergeant attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant.

He likely didn’t serve overseas in the First World War but he was promoted to Captain before his death in 1926 at which time he was buried with full military honours at St James Cemetery in Toronto.

In his civilian life Ross was a Director of pageants at the [Canadian National] Exhibition in Toronto.

Timeline of Service:

  • 1883 Sep – Listed as Bugler C Ross
  • 1885 – Served as part of the North West Field Force as Bugler
  • 1890 – Listed as Bugle Corporal
  • 1897 – Listed as Sergeant
  • 1900 – Listed as Quartermaster Sergeant
  • 1905-06 – Listed as Paymaster Clerk, Staff Sergeant DC Ross
  • 1914 – Listed as Pay Sgt Ross
  • 1926 9 Sep – Buried with full military honours, listed as Captain
Bugle Band during North West Canada Campaign 1885
Capt D Colin Ross 1926
Capt D Colin Ross’s grave market St James Cemetery Toronto

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