Baird, Charles Hamilton

Lieutenant Charles Hamilton Baird

Lieutenant Charles Hamilton Baird was born 1 Sept 1859 at Paris, Ontario, only son of Andrew Hugh Baird (who at one time was mayor of Paris and a local businessman) and Cynthia Cole Capron.

Charles’ father, Andrew Baird, had served also in the militia, and had become the 3rd Captain of the Paris Rifle Company, assuming charge just as the Paris Rifle Company was gazetted into the 38th Brant Battalion in October 1866 at the time of the Fenian Raids.

Charles joined The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada as early as 1879 when pay lists show he was a private. By 1882 he was a Corporal and by 1885 had been promoted to Sergeant. He was commissioned on 24 April 1885 as a Second Lieutenant (Provisional), and shortly thereafter was headed out west as part of the Northwest Field Force.

He was promoted to Lieutenant 19 March 1886 and “retired” with rank 20 March 1891.

Baird, Charles Hamilton military promotion 2
Lieutenant Charles Hamilton Baird commission as a Lieutenant

Charles died in 17 October 1947 and is buried in Paris Cemetery, Paris, Ontario.

Compiled with information provided by Jennie Foley.

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