Kennedy, Warring Greene

1894 Sgt Major Warring Kennedy (b)
Sergeant Major W G Kennedy

Sergeant-Major Warring Greene Kennedy was born 25 February 1864 in Toronto, the son of Warring and Jane Kennedy. His father was a merchant and became the 28th Mayor of Toronto from 1894-95.

Warring G Kennedy is first listed in 1882 as a Private in “I” Company on the Pay List.  He served as a Corporal as part of the North West Field Force during the North West Rebellion. In 1886 he can be found in the photo taken of the Sergeants’ Mess as Sergeant. Kennedy is listed as Sergeant Major on the 1891-92 Nominal Roll after Sergeant Major McKell’s untimely death in 1890 after only a short time in the position.

Warring is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.

Born: 25 February 1864
Died: 2 October 1940
Former Service: nil
Religion: Weslyan Methodist
Trade: Commercial Traveler
Date of attestation: before 1882

Timeline of service:

  • 1882, listed as a Private in number 9 or I Company, pay list;
  • 1885, listed as Corporal and having served in I Company QOR (Col Sgt Crean’s) as part of the NW Field Force, document of military honours and awards;
  • 1886, listed as Sergeant, photo of Sergeants’ Mess;
  • 1887 4 May, promoted Color Sergeant, regimental orders;
  • 1891 10 Feb, promoted Sergeant Major, regimental orders;
  • 1891, listed as Sergeant Major, Globe article of 1897;
  • 1891-92, listed as Sgt Major, I Company Nominal Roll Annual Drill;
  • 1892, listed as Sergeant Major, Globe article of 1897;
  • 1892 5 Oct, placed on supernumerary list of Sgts’.
1. 1886 Kennedy
Sergeant Major Warring G. Kennedy 1886 (then Sergeant)

As sword and scabbard 1952X.91.5.02 presented to him in 1891 by Members of I Company is in the collection of the Wellington County Museum and Archives

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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