Williams, Frederick

9066 Regimental Sergeant Major Frederick Williams, MC DCM was born 15 May 1888 in London England. At the time of his enrollment into the 3rd Battalion CEF on 22 September 1914 at Valcartier he was single, a labourer, and lived at 177 Brunswick Ave Toronto. On 18 February 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross.

Born: 15 May 1888 in London England

Former Svc: 2 years 9 months Somerset Engineers England, 2 years 10th Royal Grenadiers Toronto

Religion: Presbyterian

Trade: Labourer

Date of attestation: 22 Sep 1914, Valcartier

Married: yes, after Sep 1914 and before Dec 1918, Martha Florence Williams

Address: 177 Brunswick Ave Toronto, Ontario

Regimental No. 9066


Timeline of service:

  • 1918, 18 Feb, awarded Military Cross, Library and Archive Canada;
  • 1918, Aug, he would have been promoted to RSM and replaced RSM GP Blanchard who was wounded on 8th of Aug 1918;
  • 1918, 5 Dec, reported back from leave. While on leave he became the proud father of a bouncing baby girl, and appears more than pleased;
  • 1919, 24 Feb, 41 men, including the R.S.M. and Bandmaster, proceeded to England today for the purpose of proceeding to Canada with their dependents.

You can see his partial documents here

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"