Blanchard, George Percy

18155 Regimental Sergeant Major George Percy Blanchard, DCM was born 6 Dec 1880 in Brighton, Sussex, England. At the time of his enrollment into the 9th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force at Valcartier on 23 Sep 1914 he was a Horseman and Lumberman and had prior service in the Royal Garrison Artillery. He was transferred to the 3rd Battalion in May 1915 and promoted to Sergeant by December of that year. In July 1916 he was promoted to Company Sergeant Major. In June 1917 he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallantry in the field shortly before being appointed as Acting Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) in August, taking over from RSM D. Nolan who was wounded. In December of 1917 he was granted permission to marry his future wife Lydia and was promoted to substantive rank of RSM (WO1). Blanchard was wounded on August 8th 1918 during the fierce fighting of the Battle of Amiens. He was sent to hospital suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg and shoulder, he did not return to the Battalion but was retained in England until discharged in June of 1920.

Born: 6 Dec 1880, Brighton, Sussex, England

Died: 22 Feb 1937

Former Svc: Royal Garrison Artillery

Religion: Church of England

Trade: Horseman and lumberman

Date of attestation: 23 Sep 1914, Valcartier

Married: Lydia Blanchard (Dec 1917)


Timeline of service:

  • 1914, 23 Sep, enrolled active service 9th Bn;
  • 1914, 4 Oct sailed from Quebec on SS Zealand;
  • 1915, 26 April, transferred to France on Draft;
  • 1915, 15 May, TOS 3rd Bn;
  • 1915, 10 Dec, promoted Sgt;
  • 1916, 13 July, promoted Company Sergeant Major
  • 1917, 4 June, Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallant service in the field;
  • 1917, 27 Aug, appointed Acting RSM with pay from 23.8.17 (vice 63676 RSM Nolan D. wounded to England)
  • 1917, 29 Dec, granted permission to marry;
  • 1917, 31 Dec, promoted Regimental Sergeant Major (WO1);
  • 1918, 8 Aug, wounded to hospital, (GSW leg and shoulder);
  • 1918, 19 Aug, SOS 3rd Bn (retained in England)
  • 1920, 24 Jun discharged

You can see his complete war records: here


"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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