Lewis, Samuel

Private Samuel Lewis was born in Toronto on 7 August 1889, son of Samuel Francis Lewis and Emily Louisa Chase.  His father had been a sergeant in the British army in India and had served in the Second Afghan war before retiring and immigrating to Toronto with his family.

When the First World War broke out, Samuel had been serving with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada for three years, and was one of the earlier to enlist, signing his attestation papers on September 12, 1914 and joining the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. At the time he as single and working as an engine driver. His older brother Arthur Walter enlisted a few weeks later (September 24) and rose to the rank of Sergeant.

On May 4, 1915, Samuel Lewis was killed in action in the trenches in the vicinity of Hooge, Belgium. His body was never found and so his name is commemorated on the Menin Gate (panel 0-58.)

Private Samuel Lewis' name engraved on the Menin Gate, Belgium
Private Samuel Lewis’ name engraved on the Menin Gate, Belgium
Lewis, Samuel gravestone
Lewis is also commemorated on his mother’s gravestone at Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto.

3 thoughts on “Lewis, Samuel”

  1. Pte Sam Lewis was my great uncle. His nephew, my father’s brother and namesake, Sam Girdler became an officer in the Toronto Scottish regiment and fought in WW2. My grandmother adored her older brother and was devastated by his death.
    My father, Eric, also became an officer in the Toronto Scottish Regiment.


    1. Hello Diana! I would love to chat with you more about Sam. I have other family details I can share. Please contact me: cc-otherATbell.net.
      Thanks, Christine


  2. Our family is deeply touched that you have included Sam Lewis’ brief biography on your website. Sam’s grandfather, as well as his father, had served in the Royal Sappers & Miners/Royal Engineers. Pte Lewis is also commemorated on his mother’s gravestone in Mt Hope Cemetery, Toronto. Lest we forget. Thank you.


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