Nolan, David

63676 Regimental Sergeant Major David Nolan, DCM MSM was born 13 Dec 1889, in Dublin, Ireland. At the time of his enrollment into the 23rd Reserve Battalion (Westminster Rifles) on 3 Nov 1914 at Montreal he was a Porter. In May 1915 he was in France and transferred into the 3rd Battalion where by 3 March 1916 he was promoted to Sgt and 1 June to Company Sergeant Major of “D” Company. On 13 June he received a serious gunshot wound to his left thigh that he would need until November to recover from. On return from convalescing he was promoted to RSM replacing RSM Good who was promoted. In February 1917 he was mentioned in dispatches for “gallant and distinguished service in the field”. During the battle for Hill 70 in August 1917 he was gassed and wounded again which would take him away from the 3rd Bn for the rest of the war. While convalescing in England he would be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and get permission to and marry his wife Mary in December 1917. After his recovery he was posted to several units in England until finally he returned to Canada in September 1919 and was discharged from the army. In December of 1919 he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

Born: 13 Dec 1889, Dublin, Ireland

Former Svc: Nil

Religion: Roman Catholic

Trade: Porter

Date of attestation: 3 Nov 1914, Montreal

Married: yes (Dec 1917 Mary L Nolan)

Address: 76 St Emilie St, St Henri, Montreal

Regimental No. 63676


Timeline of service:

  • 1914, 3 Nov, volunteered for active service 23rd Reserve Bn (Westminster Rifles), Montreal;
  • 1915, 23 Feb, sailed from Halifax, SS Missanabie;
  • 1915, 3 May, transferred to 3rd Bn;
  • 1916, 20 Jan, promoted Cpl;
  • 1916, 3 Mar, promoted Sgt;
  • 1916, 1 June, promoted CSM D Coy;
  • 1916, 13 June Gun Shot Wound (GSW) left thigh severe;
  • 1916, Nov 7, appointed acting RSM (vice RSM Good promoted);
  • 1916, 12 Nov, returned to 3rd Bn;
  • 1916, Dec 29, promoted RSM;
  • 1917, 26 Feb, mentioned in dispatches for gallant and distinguished service in the field;
  • 1917, 30 May, sick to Hospital
  • 1917, 12 June, rejoined 3rd Bn;
  • 1917, 17 Aug, wounded (gassed) during the Battles for Hill 70 “whilst with a ration party at the front lines”;
  • 1917, 23 Aug, Invalided “wounded” (GSW R shoulder) and posted to 1st Central Ontario Regtl. Depot, Shorncliffe, remained in England for remainder of war convalescing then posted to various units;
  • 1917, 30 Sep, awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for actions at “Hill 70“;
  • 1917, 27 Dec, approved to marry;
  • 1919, 26 Sep, arrives Halifax;
  • 1919, 29 Sep, discharged;
  • 1919, 23 Dec, awarded Meritorious Service Medal

You can see his complete war records here



"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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