Haider, Leslie Frank

Corporal Leslie Frank Haider
Corporal Leslie Frank Haider

56202 Corporal Leslie Frank Haider was born 11 October 1894 in All Saints Parrish, Brunswick Ward  Hove, Sussex England.  The youngest son of Max George Charles Haider and Emily Madeline Sewart and lived at 23 Holland Rd with his siblings.  He sailed from Liverpool in 1912 and landed at Halifax.

He was single and employed as a clerk, presumably in Toronto when he enlisted in the 19th Battalion, Central Ontario Regiment in 1914 and was accepted for overseas duty on 9 April 1915 as attested to by Major Reginald Pellatt. He is described as of fair complexion, grey eyes, red hair 5 foot 11 in chest with a ½ inch scar below his right nipple.   Much training was done at High Park, Don Valley and Niagara before leaving for the European Theatre aboard the USS Scandinavia on 23 May 1915.  Upon landing in England her proceed to further training at Sandling Camp at Shorncliffe, west of Kent.

Next stop France.  He sailed on board “Queen” to Boulonge France and fought at Vimy, Trasloy and Passchendale being wounded in 1916. 

19th Battalion A Company Niagara

The 19th Battalion was in trenches on 10 May 1916 and moved to the Vierstraat sector Ypres on the 15 August 1916 and in the divisional reserve at La Clytte.  He served under Lieutenant Colonels  Millen and Hatch, Major Morrison, Lieutenant Colonels Turnbull and McLaren. He served in a Company under  Captains C.F. Morrison and Roberts.

Haider, Leslie Frank Casualty reportHaider died on 8 August 1918 at the age of 24 and is buried in Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme, France Grave Reference: I. B. 5.

Corporal Haider’s Coin of Remembrance is carried by William (Garry) Muir and Cpl Ryan Dunlop.

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