Timpson, George Joseph

Bandmaster George Timpson Aldershot, England, 1910 QOR Museum photo

Warrant Officer Bandmaster George J. Timpson was born 10 December 1846 in Toronto, Ontario to Thomas Brown Timpson and Mary Ann Walker.

In I901 Bandmaster John Bayley of the Queen’s Own was succeeded by George J. Timpson, who worthily carried on the good work of his predecessor, keeping the band up to a very high standard, conducting them during their tour to England in I910, during which they received a great reception everywhere they performed. He left in 1914, and Mr. B. H. Barrow, took over.

George married Isabella Rome in 1869, they had ten children together six daughters and four sons. He was a musician and music teacher by trade. He died in 1918 and is buried in St James Cemetery. Toronto.

Warrant Officer George Timpson, 1904, second from right seated
QOR Museum photo

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"

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