Young, RM

1907, Young (c)Sergeant Major RM Young is first seen as a Sergeant in F Company in 1903, he is first listed as Sergeant Major in the Staff Paylist of 1907. He must have be an avid baseball player as he and his brother are both in the photo of the winner’s of the 1907 Peuchen Cup Baseball tournament. He attended the 1908 Quebec Tercentenary as one of two Sergeants Major from the Queen’s Own along side Sergeant Major Brittain.

Timeline of Queen’s Own Service:

  • 1903, listed as Sergeant, F Coy paylist;
  • 1904, listed as Sergeant, F Coy paylist;
  • 1906, Apr-Nov, listed as Sergeant, 1 Coy paylist;
  • 1907, photo of winners of Peuchen Cup Baseball tournament;
  • 1907, Apr-Nov, listed as Sergeant Major, Staff paylist;
  • 1908, listed as Sergeant Major, Quebec Tercentenary Staff paylist.

"In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared"