Mulrooney, Frank P. J.

Lieutenant-Colonel Frank P. J. Mulrooney CD, Ph.D.  was the 31st Commanding Officer of the Third Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, Toronto (from October 11, 1967 to October 8, 1969.) As Commanding Officer, he accepted the Freedom of the City of Toronto on behalf of the Regiment from then Mayor William Dennison in April, 1969. He was also for many years a member and Director of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto.

His professional career with the Ontario public service spanned three decades. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Ministry of Social Services Board of Review, the first of its kind in Canada. He was its first Executive Secretary, a position he held for well over a decade, retiring from the provincial civil service in 1988.

A graduate of St. Michael’s Choir School, Frank loved music and played piano daily into his 80s. He proudly attended St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, earning his B.A., and after retiring, an M.A. in English literature. Frank later completed his Ph.D. in English literature at the University of Florida in Tampa, where he maintained a retirement home for many years. He then returned to Belleville, Ontario to be near his sister, Joyce.

Frank was a lifelong runner, a sailor, a strong supporter of many charities and enjoyed having a beer with friends.  He died on December 20, 2012, shortly after his 81st birthday. In keeping with his lifetime of learning and public service, Frank donated his body to the University of Toronto Medical School.

4 thoughts on “Mulrooney, Frank P. J.”

  1. Worked with Frank at the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Province of Ontario. We were good friends and our paths crossed quite often during the course of our careers. He took me to the Military Officers club located on Ave. Road for dinner when my father died (Bugle Major Bob Wilson MM) in appreciation of his service to the Regiment and Country. I appreciated the jester very much. A nice co-worker over my 36th years with the Ontario Government.


    1. are you the gentleman that sold me your father’s peak cap and fairbairn-sykes knife from D-day? If so, please contact me. I still have them. I framed them up nicely and on my wall. I was wondering if you had more information about your dad. I can’t find much on the internet beyond the short bio on this page. Award citation on D-day, for example? Please contact me. I lived near Philadelphia at the time we made contact some 12 years ago, but now in Florida. if you recall, I was a QORC reenactor at the time (no longer).


  2. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Frank. He was very important to my dad, Lt. Col. Glenn McIver. He was my dad’s adjutant when he was CO. When my dad was in his 80’s, he started suffering from PTSD. When they were in Florida, all he had to do is say to Frank, I want to talk, and Frank would say, let’s go for a walk. He provided that comfort to my father as well as encouraging him to write. This was a tremendous gift. When my dad passed away in 2008, Frank attended the Celebration of Life even though he was recovering from surgery on his eye and had a huge bandage on his head and he got up and spoke. I thought that took some courage and I was very grateful. Many people will miss him.

    Ruth Brooks (nee McIver)


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