Budden, Brian W.

CWO Brian W. Budden, CD
CWO Brian W. Budden, CD

CWO (RSM) Brian W. Budden, CD was born and raised in the Toronto area. He joined The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada on 6 July 1970 on the Summer Student Training Program at Moss Park Armoury. He is a graduate of Central Technical High School.

In 1971 CWO Budden served with 3 Mech CDO in Germany, participating in NATO Exercises.  In 1972 he qualified as a Junior NCO and was a member of the Regiment when they won the COFFIN Trophy as the most outstanding Regiment at MILCON 72 in Petawawa. He qualified as a Senior NCO in 1973 and was promoted to Sergeant that same year.

He has held various senior positions within the Pioneers and Skirmishers, noticeable as Pioneer Sergeant and obtained the rank of Colour Sergeant.

CWO Budden served as Training NCO, Platoon Warrant, C.Q.M.S., R.Q.M.S., and Company Sergeant-Major in the Support, training and Rifle Companies, before taking over as Drill Sergeant-Major. He qualified Master Warrant Officer at Combat Arms School in CFB Gagetown, N.B. in 1979.

CWO Budden held various SNR NCO positions at Summer camps and Milcons, and Parade Sergeant-Major at Ceremonial Parades. He qualified as a Demolition Instructor in 1980 at CFB Chilliwack, B.C. He attended the CMA Senior Warrant Officer Course at RMC Kingston in 1984 and was on the winning team of the Pace Stick Competition. He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration in 1982.

CWO Budden was appointed Regimental Sergeant-Major on 22 February 1987. After his appointment as RSM he has attended the Senior Warrant-Officer Tactical and Training Course in 1987. He served as RSM at Milcon 88 at CFB Borden and was RSM of the 3 Mech Infantry Battalion at “ONGUARD 90”, at CFTA Meaford. This was one of the first of Exercise with Regular and Reserve soldiers working together.

CWO Budden conducted numerous Ceremonial Parades within the Regiment, District and Area. After leaving the Regiment as RSM he moved to Toronto Militia District Headquarters in the Standard Section and conducted Senior Leaders Courses within the Central Militia Area.

He became very involved with The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Association and became President in 1995. Brian has also conducted numerous tours to Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

CWO Budden has been employed with IBM Canada since 1978. He enjoys skating, camping, travelling, Military History and Cross-Country Skiing with his family.

In 2023 Brian was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Regiment Senate.

2 thoughts on “Budden, Brian W.”

  1. It is with sadness I have to inform you of the early passing of a long-time member of the “Rifles” , Maj RA Descotes, CD. Ray died 17 Aug at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver after a lengthy stay. I have no further information
    LCol J Burns, CD, former CO GGHG and a long-time friend of RAy for over 40 years..
    RIP Ray!!!


  2. My step-father, Jim Antrobus had lost his drill cane following the Warrior’s Day Parade. Does anyone know where it went. It was Fort York Armoury, washroom area. 705-653-5902. He is leaving for the UK on Tuesday and would really like to take it with him.Thank you, Carole Jones. 905-874-1405.


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