Barnes, Jack

RSM Jack Barnes, EM (2)WO1 Jack Barnes was a veteran of the Second World War and Regimental Sergeant Major of the Queen’s Own from 1947 to 1951 after which time he became RSM of the Toronto Scottish.

He was Chief of Security at Toronto City Hall for many years and was Commander of the Toronto Civic Veterans Guard. When he finally retired a parade was held on the Nathan Philips Square, with almost all Metro Council and guards from the Metro Police, Toronto Fire Department, Civic Vets and others.

Timeline of Service:

  • 1947, 25 October – WOI Harry Fox, MBE retired as Regimental Sergeant Major and was succeeded by WOI J. Barnes (Regt Hist)
  • 1951, September 9 – Warrant Officer I D. Green, MM, CD replaces Warrant Officer I J. W. Barnes, EM as Regimental Sergeant Major.


Barnes, RSM 1947-1951
RSM Barnes 1949

6 thoughts on “Barnes, Jack”

  1. Further to my earlier comments, John (Jack) William Barnes also served in the Royal Marines Light Infantry in WW1 . . as ‘19162 – Pte John William Barnes’ . . having joined up on 18 Sep 1916 at the Royal Marines Depot in Deal, Kent, until discharged on 25 June 1922.

    I have a copy of his Royal Marines service record infant of me.

    And this is one of the reasons I joined the Royal Marines.



      1. Hi Cheryl, sorry I didn’t revisit this site sooner. My email is
        Would really appreciate hearing from you. I am one of 8 grandchildren, my father was Peter Barnes who was to my knowledge Grandpa’s oldest son. I only knew of him and my Uncle Mike, dad’s younger brother. My dad was born in 1931.


    1. Dear Harry

      Greetings from a long lost relative. My sister (Cheryl) has just posted me this link regarding your grandfather and ours: John (Jack) William Barnes . . born 3 September 1899 . . who served in the Royal Marines Light Infantry in WW1 . . and later in the Canadian Army. He is also our Grandfather

      I have a lot of information to pass over but for this point I shall keep it short.

      Personally I would really appreciate a ‘meet up’ at some point in the future to catch up with you . . my missing family. The last time I was in Granpops company was in 1975 when I was serving in 42 Commando Royal Marines which was embarked on HMS Hermes serving a 4 and a half months deployment with the Dutch, US and Canadian forces up and down the eastern seaboard of N. America. At this time I managed to get 4 days ships leave when I left Hermes in Montreal (remember ExPo 75?) and travelled down to Toronto where I met up with Granpop, his wife Mary (Strongitarm?) and a host of other relatives . .and rejoined the ship in Montreal . . courtesy of Granpop’s train ticket.

      I really look forward to your response.


      Kevin Barnes
      . . and former WO2 Royal Marines (1973-97)


      1. How Kevin, I am sorry I didn’t see this response sooner. I would really like to meet you and talk about our grandfather. Mary Strongitharm was my step grandmother also. I can be reached at 416 -712-2691. A text or call would be wonderful.




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